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July 08, 2009



Thank you Sara! I bet that curlish behavior by Piet goes on inside the peloton all the time! What a jerk.

I'm just sitting down with a glass of vino to watch to days stage!


i tried to comment yesterday, but everytime i clicked "post" i got a strange message saying they couldn't accept my data!(?) nehoo, i'll try again. can't really remember what i said except that i LOVED the TTT. and i only realise now how much i've missed LA in the peloton. and by the looks of things, so have the french cameramen! can you believe how much of LA we saw in the ITT. i'm certain novice TdF viewers thought he was the only rider in the world.
and i heard phil and paul commenting yesterday about the LA vs AC thing. paul mentioned that in a conversation with johan bruyneel re "who's the leader of astana" issue, johan calmly replied, "i know exactly who the leader is. . . . me" ! tee hee, give it to them, johan.

cat - tri-nations is a rugby tournament amongs the all blacks (new zealand), the springboks (south africa) and the wallabies (australia) which starts on 18 july. first up all blacks vs wallabies. it's usually exceptionally good rugby.

nakigrl - hmmmm, i think smart money says the wallabies. i don't think the springboks deserve to win, they've got a moron for a coach, and are way too undisciplined. and the all blacks aren't the same without rodney! where's he, btw?
did you watch any of the IPL? we went to a few games, it was too much fun.

onward, to the mountains!


sara, last year on VeloNews, andrew hood posted stage stats, giving a medical report, jury decisions, who DNS, DNF, etc. etc. am i too dumb to find it this year, or is it not there? if not there, is anyone else doing something similar? it was so informative of 'behind the scenes'.


Debi, that information is available at the back of the official results each day, so it might be on the Tour's site--I haven't looked for it, but I will today and let you know.

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