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July 07, 2009



Here are some quotes from the guys today--I think you'll like them:

Expressing his delight in winning the stage, Contador said, " I am more than happy. We did a superb race. A lot of contenders for the GC are at a big distance now. I think this is an answer to yesterday. We proved that we are a team. A lot of the speculation yesterday was because (of people) misunderstanding. I really regret Lance just missed the yellow jersey. Now recuperation. Tomorrow another dangerous day with the wind. "

Armstrong checked in too, saying, "The team was simply awesome today. Condistent, fluid, mistake-free. We love this event and are stoked to win." He continued with "Popo and Klodi were on fire. And they might need to repair the pavement on the sections where Alberto was pulling." Leipheimer also savoured the victory, saying "I'm honestly lost for words! That was an incredible lifetime experience. I have to say it was a mixture of excitement, aggression, fear and elation. You couldn't do what we did without a unified and comitted team. It's been a dream to win the team time trial in the Tour de France."


Thanks for sharing those, Cathy! I'm so glad to hear that they were all stoked about the win and excited about the way the team worked together. It was great to watch!

Cathy and Sara, thanks for the input on the older sibling adjustment. I know that its something that she'll get over, but I got the tearful "I think that you love Liam more than you love me" last night and it broke my heart. I've been sneaking out with her to do things with just the two of us between feedings and I'm sure she'll get used to the new routine here soon.

Sounds like a good plan to have people refrain from reading the comments for the day until they've seen the race IMO. :)

I thought that Garmin did a great job today, too!! What happened to Danny Pate? Did anyone see? When I saw them down to 5 guys I assumed it was the
TT specialists left, but Ryder was hanging tough and Danny was gone. I'm sure that they're disappointed that their time didn't hold, but that Astana team was FLYING -- it would have taken a HUGE effort to top them today.

I was surprised that Saxo Bank didn't do a little better. But did you see Cancellara basically pulling their entire line through half of the event today. That guy amazes me! Talk about determination!


Yes - that makes sense, Thank You so much for the huge gear explanation Cat & Rae!! Finally, it will stick in the brain.

Provided we're not all beat senseless with the "did Contador look askance at Lance; did Levi take the middle ground in answering that question", yadda yadda yadda. Did they actually create a commercial since yesterday that said Alberto vs Lance or was I seeing things?

Best Part: Did anyone else enjoy the Bobke birthday footage? OMG he was a trouble maker and a cute one to boot.

Worst Part: Seeing Zabriskie (or anyone) going down during the last team trial. Shudder. Made me queasy then and now.

Congrats Astana! What fun to watch.


Sorry, I went back to read the other comments in the previous post and started writing a comment... an hour and a half ago!!

Please forgive me for reposting my blatherings:

OMG OMG!!! I am soooooo glad they added TTT this year. I forgot how much damn excitement it can generate. And Cathy, I am with you, the long line of guys in lycra is like ballet *sigh* sumthin' to watch.

I had to take notes 'cause I knew I would forget my favorite parts:

First I got home 45 minutes after it started (uh, no I haven't bought Tivo), so I missed the first bit. Thank god I didn't miss teams I had to see.

Since I watched the evening's "extended version" (which seems to only include more yakking not more of the race), I missed some stuff like, what happened to four of the Garmin riders? Why did they feel like it was good to have 5 men (more maneuverability) even though they had fewer guys to trade off in the later part of the race when it was flat and windy?

I felt so horrible for Bbox. I imagine the crueler amongst cycling would say they didn't properly prepare, but gosh, that had to have been awful. It certainly was awful to watch.

As bad as Van den Broeck's fall was, did you see how he tucked out of the way of the rider behind him? That to me was really amazing. Had he remained extended, or tumbled more slowly, he would have taken the guy behind him out.

Why did Silence Lotto feel differently than Garmin about losing guys and wait for Vansummeren to keep the team at 6 because "finishing the ride with six men was much too risky?" Does it have to do with the strength (or lack) of the remaining riders?

And I want to know why Cadel Evans can't seem to catch a break. Does it have something to do with how he manages as a team leader or the men his sponsors can attract?

(am I boring you yet with the questions? I won't be offended if you skip...)

I didn't see Denis Menchov fall til the recap at the end. I thought Rabobank did OK, did Menchov finish?

I loved it when Bob Roll commented on "there's DZ (my abbreviation) driving the train!" I wish he had a stage interview this year. He is such a gas. His comment about Cavendish's trash talk was hilarious.

Garmin comes in and DAMN they made good time. Next I see SAxo fishtailing all over the place. Thought for sure someone would go down.

Later, I left the room for a minute to see number one son come home and chat about his weekend in MI, come back and ...HUH? What the heck is Ben Stiller doing on the set. Oh yeah, forgot he was there this morning making Astana late (I can't imagine LA allowing anyone to make him late). But what a minute, what's with that weird hair? For a role perhaps or just to look more Euro (not). He yaks for a while then keeps interrupting our hosts, especially what's his name that drives us all crazy (I worked 12 hours today and can hardly remember MY name!). Then Ben proceeds to share a pretty unbelievable story- Lance tells him to get on his bike as a joke...right before the race...the chain falls/breaks off? Oooopsy. No one freaks? Gets mad? Throws things (like Bob did in that Happy Birthday remembrance video when he his a cobble stone and lost his sprint to the line-what a gas)? Ho-ho-ho, that Lance, he really has a sense of humor.

In the end, I was sitting on the edge of my seat. I honestly wasn't sure they could pull it off, though they looked incredible all through the race! Then when they did, I thought, "is Lance trying to win number eight?" He certainly has been acting and talking like he wants to be team leader. I agree Sara, the press has been running with this enough to create a story where there is none, but somehow the answers that he gives don't seem to support the "I'm just happy to be here and support the team, besides I'm really here to Livestrong and those fighting cancer." Sorry, I can never quite believe him the way I could Floyd. That being said, Lance is a competitor through and through. And Bob Roll is really right on in saying he can change a Tour, creating excitement and inspiration to do more than you think you can.

In the last shots on the Podium, Stiller tried to reach high enough to get the jersey on Cancellara, shakes his hand, Cancellara turns to kiss the podium girl then turning back to Ben I thought for a moment he might kiss him too but Ben sticks out his hand again. Could anyone look more disappointed on a podium than Ben did? What a putz! Is it 'cause Lance, his good bud, wasn't the one he got to dress? Sorry, I just sat there laughing. And I like Ben as an actor, if not all his choices in film.

Is it just me or do movie stars seem really stupid when you put the in the middle of the Tour de France?

PS while I was sitting and typing, Versus was in the back of my screen playing Lance's interview from yesterday. Well Ill be darned, Lance did say "it doesn't take a genius to know you better be there."

Sorry Sara!!!!! You were right honey! We were wrong.

And, and, so many of our favorite guys are moving up in the field. CVV is 12! AC is what 19 seconds behind? Lance ZERO? This is what I call GOOD TV.

nakigrl, what is the tri-nations?

Where's Matt? I thought he was done working. And where's susieb? I thought Nikki might join us too. Heck if JD can get off her delivery table to post, you guys better have a damn good reason for sitting out ;-)


Jes, I'm glad I missed DZ spill. He is so adorable and inspires the mom in me.

Somehow I missed all the Astana comments, probably because of when I watch. I haven't seen ANY interviews with AC. Wish I would, I always like him. He is so sweet and sincere. Can you imagine being that age and having to lead Lance, Levi and Kloeden? These are men with big cojones!


I think what happened to Danny Pate was that when he was taking his turn at the front, one of the other guys was dropped off the back. So when he dropped back to go to the end of the line, there was one less person than he expected, and he hesitated just long enough that he missed the wheel of the last guy in the line and couldn't catch up. Did you see the interview with CVV? When asked if it was the plan to go with the just the 5 strongest time trialers, he laughed and said "no!" :) At the end, only 4 of them were pulling through, so it was even harder, and made their great time even more impressive. So for today, are all the guys who got dropped in the TTT out of the race? That would suck.


No, as long as they finished the race within the allowed time cut they are still in the race. But they did have to complete the stage.

Just checked the results from yesterday and looks like 179 still in the race as of last night. Doesn't mean they all started today.


Hey - ummm, errhh Sara, (shuffle my feet, feeling sheepish). Did you remove your links to your writing in various publications? It used to run down the left-side, didn't it?

Darn shoot phooey! I got to check out a few links but always planned to make a nice cup of tea and have a solid reading time. Maybe you'll add them to your writing site?

P.S. CAT - you'll be glad to know it was a replay of DZ hitting the pavement, from back in 2004. But I hate to see it too; makes me want to hug him. And I realllly feel for Cadel; you are right, he can't catch a break.


Hey everybody...I'm back (was on personal travel since reunion up in North Dakota). Man you just can't squeeze much more into a 4 day period..I'm beat! Just got back last night...still digging thru the rubble as I've been gone for most of the last 3 plus weeks. And our LiveStrong ride (Team Fat Cyclist) goes off THIS weekend...and I"m Fattys Co-Capt for our much to do, so LITTLE time! Thanks to everybody who contributed btw! I did pretty good....better than I thought I would. The final tally for the team awards and such is tomorrow morning, and then we will find out if our Team won. If we do then I will get to go to the LAF awards banquet and probably give a speech on Saturday night. YIKES!

Anyway, WOW WOW WOW! I got to watch the TT last night...always my fav event! And Astana didn't disappoint either! It was a nailbiter down to the line! But you HAVE to love Fabulous Fabian! I can't think of too many others that I am THRILLED to see in yellow. Though it would be cool if somehow George could get a day or 2. CVV in yellow for a few days would ALSO be most incredible (they did a GREAT TT..what a fight!) I think the whole Lance vs Alberto thing is pure media hype. Sure Lance is there to win if he gets the chance. But if not I have no doubt that he WIL work his butt off for Alberto! No doubt! It's gonna be a GREAT RACE, thats for sure!! But I also don't see him GIVING it to Alberto if he has a shot to win. Why would he? More incentive for Alberto to step up and SHOW the world he IS the man! I look forward to seeing what Andy Schleck has in store for us...him vs Alberto on the mt-top finishes is what I see...a real shootout. I think Cadels boat has sailed a few years back..last year was his best shot for victory, but he just didn't (and still doesn't) have the firepower to do it (I'm talking team firepower here, not personal). This year he will be LUCKY to even make the podium I'm afraid. And I think Carlos Sastre might be in the same boat...but I will be thrilled if he unleashes some mighty climbs and shows me I'm wrong. Hang onto your hats, it's TOUR TIME! Woo-HOO!!!


WOW I am so happy for the stage winner today! I was jumping up and down and cheering as he crossed the line!

Yep, I'm an equal-opportunity fan. I would be happy to see several of the contenders win--cause so many are great athletes and put in great efforts.

Always have a soft spot in my heart for Rabobank--because of my memories of bike touring in Holland--but truthfully, Menchov has never generated any excitement for me. Very interested in Gesink--glad he finished today.

CSC (Saxo) was my first fave--due to Julich, DZ, CVV, and Jens, and is still interesting (to say the least!)

Of course loved to see USPostal and Discovery carry the flag--and LA's competitiveness, still do, and now always want to see Levi, AC, (and CHorner) show their stuff. They are absolutely thrilling in the TTT.

How could I not like Garmin? glad VS is featuring them more in their broadcasts.

Same with Columbia--their teamwork and talent is awesome, but they let me down yesterday!! I went with their riders instead of Saxo for my team for the TTT--mistake! Too tired from stage 3, I suppose. (yep I had plenty of Astanas, and realized that I still don't understand the scoring for that game!)

I do feel bad for Cadel, hope he at least pulls some time back.

Cervelo has caught my interest too--cause they hired Rollin, and have made such a good start! I'll bet Sastre gets a few stage wins at the least, just like in the Giro.

And euskaltel--just because.

The more I see, and think about it, I think the whole LA vs. AC thing is being played very smartly by Astana. At least, it is keeping attention off Vino!!

Hey Cathy, is it LEEPheimer or LIPEheimer--I've heard it pronounced each way so many times, even by people who I assume would know!

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