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July 29, 2009



Great interview with
Horner!! He is just soooo coool.

Have fun Sara, and Cathy on your vacations!


Sara and the entire IA - Thanks for the fun conversation during the Tour. Sara, thanks for providing us a place to check in and come home to.

Loved the Horner interview and the Lance ESPN interview.

And hey, we get to watch the Tour of IRELAND this year!

Sara & Cathy, enjoy your well-deserved vacations! I am also heading out to the Canadian Rockies (biking, hiking, rafting, and hopefully getting a massage or two!) for the next week. Pictures when I return!


Have a great vacation Sara, Cathy, and Barbara! (I LOVE the Rockies - can't wait for the pics).

Thanks for the Horner link, Sara. His interviews are so super - never any guessing where he stands or what he thinks and yet he manages to be so positive and have a great attitude most of the time.

SO happy to hear that the Vuelta is on Universal! I enjoyed the Giro that way.

It would be cool if you could make it to MO, Amy! We'll have to all keep connected:)

BTW.....typing around the baby in one of these front carriers is no simple accomplishment ;)


Have you guys seen the "video postcard" from Jens?
He definitely gets the OTB award for this Tour!
LOVE him and REALLY hope that he'll indeed be at the Tour of MO!

I miss everyone :(


JD, I can't get the darned thing to play!!!

(miss everyone too...can ya believe how we all fell off the face of the earth?)


Can't believe I've been away so long! Got back to CA after 4 months in CO and just caught up on all of your brilliant (as usual!) Tour coverage. Sorry I missed all the gossip!

Glad you are well and writing up a storm!


In case you haven't been over there and seen the news:


Nakigirl...just saw it...can't type much right now...defies words.


Each day I went to Fatty's I took a deep breath. Some days I couldn't go at all. I took a hiatus from the computer on the 4th and didn't come back til tonight. I felt the way I used to when I worked at the for three days and the favorite patient you'd been tending to for weeks is gone. Passed away and you didn't know.

Whenever he would talk about her becoming lucid or perking up to drink or eat, I worried it was the last hurrah. Don't know why that happens, but often a person will have a day or so of clarity, lucidity and calm not too long before they die. Haven't you seen that Jessie?

How FC manages to write so clearly and without blubbering his way across the page is beyond me. I am glad she is at peace. What a woman.


I think it is remarkable that FC has managed to share his and Susan's story with the world....they are one amazing family and Susan was very lucky to have the love and support of such incredible people. Rest in peace, Susan. You certainly deserve it. LiveSTRONG.


Thanks nakigirl......hadn't seen that. My admiration and respect for both Fatty and Susan are boundless. What truly inspirational people! They have both inspired countless others to contribute to the great cancer fight in so many ways. Peace to Susan and Fatty's family -- i'm sending so many thoughts and prayers their way.


Those of you that have read Fatty and Susan's journey are stronger than me. I picked up stuff from the things you commented on, but I do not have the strength to read him daily during this fight.
That's one reason I'm a pharmacist and not a nurse....and I'm serious.


Fatty (and Susan) really is an example to be followed and admired. His phrase, "Don't say she lost" struck me so. I used in in talking with the husband of a patient on Friday, whose 41 year old wife was dying from lymphoma. It was a recent diagnosis, and she had only had 2 rounds of chemo. I think it helped him, too, as he was sorting out what to do about continuing life support -- to help him feel that he wasn't giving up on her fight,or giving in to defeat, that the outcome doesn't make the effort any less meaningful. I hope that makes sense. Anyhow, it seemed to comfort him.


That is a wonderful story, Rae. Elden and Susan have touched many, many people.


That is a great story Rae...FC and Susan already helped someone else! (you and the husband you helped!)

Got the word today that I'm going to the ToM! Yahoo!!!


Well, today I turned in my schedule request to have that Tuesday through Friday off--so keep your fingers crossed for me, I may be going too!


Okay, I just read that Geo. Hincapie may be moving to BMC! There have been other rumors reported about him leaving ColumbiaHTC too -- like maybe to Radio Shack--but on the other hand, I heard him say that Columbia is the BEST team he's ever been on. And he certainly seems to have great rapport with other team members. Hmm.


Fatty is racing Leadville! And his latest blog sounds so good--he and his wonderful family are going to be just fine--they have shared so much of themselves with the cycling/internet community that they will never be alone....but I still cried even at today's post....


Awesome news Rae and Cathy -- maybe we can meet up somewhere in MO :)

Thanks for sending me back to Fatty's, Cathy. I didn't expect another post so soon. I cried too......
What a precious family.


It's awfully quiet over here...I think I hear crickets chirping...gosh, is cycling season over already?? Hellooooooooooo...


Oh thank Gah!!! I thought I was all alone. And lost! And....did you bring Sara...and some food? I'm starving!! What?! Just a Team Fatty kit???

(just how damned long is this vacation anyway? I think she's been home and is hiding)


Vuelta - Vino riding as the 'protected' rider for Astana?! Is there no justice. Horner gets screwed again (although Vino will likely be less strong - hopefully early in the Vuelta it will be clear that Vino isn't in the proper condition to place on the podium). Is it possible to cheer for a team but not one of their riders??


Astana can have Vino all they want..but I can bet they won't be invited to TDF next year...Contador or not. I'm pretty sure the ASO will hold a grudge longer than 2 years...but we will see.

Anybody interested in getting Team Fatty gear, peek in at his site...the pre-order window for 2010 is now open till sept 5th. He made them mostly WHITE this year thankfully! I nearly melted the last 2 times I wore my black one! Looks great but will only be for cool riding.

And Sorry I didn't bring Sara...she's busy with Georgia...(I peek in at the other page now and then)...thats great tho...soon she will be a famous author!
OK...bed time..still on work-travel. Gettin up at 4:30 every single day...whew...only 6more travel days left...ahhh! Home...home..


There hasn't been any activity on the other site either; she must be really busy with the book.

I thought about buying a new Team FAtty for my husband. Even though I love the Pink (and all it represents) I don't know if hubby would like it. He does wear pink shirts...and looks great BTW. So glad he changed to white. Smart move.

I guess everyone has moved on to other stuff....


I'm here!! I'm looking forward to the ToM in a couple of weeks. We're going for the first two stages, and I'm excited to meet Theresa, Nicki and Cathy in person. Janaan is coming later, so she and I will just miss each other. Anybody else coming?

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