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June 30, 2009



How does his butt look..?

LOL! I almost spit out my toothpaste :)


Congrats to "our" new arrival!! Love the name too, so sweet!

Versus is repeating the retro shows--I think I saw on the schedule for Thur night so if you've missed some of them go check the schedule. Great stuff. Only 2 days, 22 hours to go!!!


Oh I forgot, didn't see any comments about Michael Jackson's death so maybe no one here is a fan, but I grew up with the Jackson 5 playing constantly on my portable record player, played in the backseat of my parent's car no less! (Don't know how they put up with that!) And of course he lived here in my valley for a long time. Both of my kids, plus myself as a chaperone, have visited his ranch in all its glory years ago--probably the coolest, most fun day a kid could ever have--it was fabulous! Anyway, a gf and me are thinking about going to the public funeral on Friday. Waiting to see how organized it seems to be, then will decide if we can dedicate a day to it. For all his weirdo ways in the last 10 years, he sure put out some fine music and it was always a joy to watch him dance. RIP MJ.


Oh my, the new Cervelo kit shorts certainly remind me of those previously worn by Saunier Duval that had the little "thingy" in the front!!!


I know it's sure to be mayhem thurs and fri up here in Santa Maria (remember the MJ trials? they were held here). All our hotels are getting booked up for MJ...I have felt rather sorry for him for a number of years. He was never afforded a childhood..and his dad really did a number on him (thats why I think he was so whacked out in recent years). I recall the early 70's...and the days of the Jackson 5 with little Michael and the Osmonds with little Donny...both obvious stars even at their YOUNG ages. I was never a big MJ fan personally...but I do own a nearly new condition vinyl album of Thriller in my collection from 'back then' in the pre-CD days. And like him or not, you can't deny that he was one of the most famous entertainers on the planet. Too bad he didn't get the help he obviously needed. Dead at 50...what a sad ending to his story. When we road-ride the Figureora Mt. loop down in the Los Ovivos area, we can see Neverland at one point. Pretty intense back there right about now I bet...crazy stuff indeed.


I was never a big MJ fan, but since being bombarded with his music over the last week, I do admit that the early albums had some great songs.

Interesting news about Thomas Dekker - poor old Cadel, he just doesn't seem to have any luck with domestiques.

(Incidentally, the reason the Brit commentators pronounce his name to rhyme with cattle, is because 'Cadel' is a Welsh name and in Welsh all syllables are pronounced with the same amount of emphasis. So Ca-DEL is incorrect, though I am pretty sure that even he says it that way. Also interesting is that Cadel means 'battle' which is kinda amusing as Cadel has never attacked anyone in his life...)

Only three more sleeps until the tour and I am getting so excited. Hubby and I have been talking of nothing else for the last few days.

Live coverage here is from 1am, so I guess I won't be getting much sleep for the next few weeks.

Luckily the tour co-incides with the school winter holidays, so I have told my boss that I want to work different hours during the holidays (start later, finish later). He definitely would not have understood if I had said I wanted to work diff hours during the Tour.


Nakigrl, I had to read the "winter holidays" part a couple of times... a reminder of what fun it is that the IA is GLOBAL!

After years of wokring from home with a TV in my office, and just letting the Tour roll all day, I went through serious withdrawal last year, but I did manage to see most of it at night. My boss thought I was JOKING when I told her I needed to work from home the 1st 3 weeks of July. Ha, ha, she said.

I keep thinking it's Friday and I know it's just because I am so excited for Saturday...

susie b

NOT directed at anyone here. Just PUSHED OVER THE EDGE thinking about the COUNTLESS MEDIA HOURS yet to come over Michael Jackson; his sordid life, his sordid death, & his sordid financial affairs.

Feel sorry for a pedophile? Uh, no.

Donny Osmond was just as big of a child star as MJ & worked as much. And his brothers all had the same father & yet none of them became a freak. (At least that we know).

I could probably get past the nutty behavior he started 20 years ago (Bubbles, hyperbaric chamber, the goofy clothes, etc, etc), & even the fact that he voluntarily had so many plastic surgeries that he no longer looked human. I could also MAYBE get past the fact that he was a DEADBEAT the last 10 years. He owed money everywhere & was being sued by MANY. WHY anyone or any company would loan him money is beyond me as his only 'assets' were already largely owned by someone else.

But, BUT, the guy was sexually attracted to preadolescent boys. Whether he actually completed the sex act with them or 'just' molested them is unclear but the guy was a pedophile, no way around it. For crap sake, he thought it was hunky dory that boys unrelated to him slept in HIS bed with him in it. And don't even get me started on the so-called 'parents' that LET their sons stay there, especially after 1993 when the 1st case became public. BTW, he paid that family off with $20 million. Do you really think that boy was the ONLY one?

I was NAUSEATED this past weekend, clicking around the TV. And I truly apologize for offending anyone here, but those people who have been bawling on TV, standing 'vigil' have pushed me over the frickin edge. The guy we all loved for his music & dance (even IF his dance moves were REPETITIVE after 'BAD'. I ask you - did you EVER see him dance without the crotch grab/leg waggle after that?!) NO LONGER EXISTED. The creature who lived on his name was NOT a "superstar" but a superFREAK. That, & a criminal. That he was still a celebrity & was THOUGHT to have a lot of money, disgustingly led people to ENABLE him. And THEY are at least partly responsible for his twisted final years AND probably his death.

Power may corrupt but FAME corrupts, twists & mutilates.


Rants are good....but you shouldn't believe everything you read in the press. I can't emphasize that enough, whether it's about cycling or some entertainment figure (and I used to work for an entertainment figure). Since I've started working for a team I am astounded how many things are printed that I know are NOT TRUE, yet they make the rounds, people believe them and in many ways they BECOME true just because people read them in various places over and over. The court in Santa Maria found him not guilty in 2005 (I think that's the year) after a lengthy trial, so whether justice was served or not I can't say, I wasn't on the jury. A DA in Santa Barbara made it a personal vendetta to try to get MJ and could never get very far...fair? People paid off? Who knows, but it's still the system of rules we had to judge him. Maybe it's a little like "I've never tested positive" but I'm okay with that. He had his days in court and he won.

I can only speak to the fun we had on a day at Neverland Valley in 2003, the great songs and dancing from the 70s and 80s (songs I still love to listen to). MJ's generosity in opening up his ranch year after year to zillions of groups here was a big deal to kids in the schools, charity groups, etc. You can make what you want of that, but I see it as a displaced soul trying to please everyone and let them enjoy a perfect day. And it was a magical day, I will never forget it.

And diversity is valuable to me, so while I think he ended up looking like a weirdo instead of the good looking boy/man that used to look normal, that's not my business nor my concern NOR my call to judgment.

And no funeral here afterall, which is just as well. The little town is only two blocks long--it can't handle a visit from the world!


Well done Janann! Congrats! Oh-little babies are such fun, enjoy every moment. I still lurk around here and am SO ready for some cycling! Anyone know if Univrsal Sports will cover any of the Tour?


JD! What wonderful news. Even though we all knew it was coming here he is!!! And what luck, Liam Paul gets to have sparklers and fireworks on his BD without having to actually have it over shadowed by the day itself. Very considerate planning on your part, Janann!

I loved the last line, 'how does his butt look?' Excellent Ms Best, excellent.

Janann, now you get to lie on the couch and breast feed the tour away, dearie!


Sara, I've been meaning to ask you, why don't you link your other site here? I am sure there are writers or readers married to writers, or aspiring writers, or simply interested parties herein who would love to know about it....

By the way, remember when I wrote a while back about how your Google search came up ahead of that other Sara Best> Well even your newest addition is at the top now; it's #2! Yay, you!!

Sara Best

That's so cool, thanks Cat! And you're right about linking to the other site from here, that's a great idea.


Two days to go!!!

I can't believe Janann isn't here writing all the time--I mean really, she must have tons of free time on her hands about now! ;-)


Vino will be the downfall of Astana as we know it.

susie b

One of the BEST things about entering the Tour Tomb this year is that I will be SPARED the media's obsession with MJackson for the next three weeks. It's true you can't believe ANYthing in the media at face value. (IRONIC when discussing MJ...) However, it's a fact he paid over $20 million to the family of the boy in 1993. Ten years later, in the case that went to trial about ANOTHER boy, from everything I read & viewed about the case then & since, it fell apart largely due to the Mother's conflicting statements. It seems THAT family had been 'involved' with MJ from the beginning hoping for a big payday & that disgusting 'goal' fell apart under the scrutiny & insanity that ensued when the case actually got prosecuted. And just because a jury finds a defendent 'not guilty' does NOT mean he is not guilty of the crime. Isn't that right, OJ......?

And you know, if I was a DA & thought some celebrity with money was EGREGIOUSLY getting away with molesting children, I would have done ANYTHING within my legal powers to bring the creep to justice.

Anyway, on to more exciting things - TWO DAYS AWAY!

And JoeB, I agree 100%!! Hopefully, Johan already has his exit strategy in place & it's just a matter of months before Livestrong-Nike comes into existence. Just the IDEA of Lance, Levi, & Horner on the same team as Vino makes me want to throw up. Do I believe in 2nd chances? Usually. But, for me, Vino symbolizes everything I hate about this sport & I blame HIM for what happened to the Astana team last year. Could AC & Levi possibly ride with him on the same team?! When they were cheated of a probable TDF podium repeat last year because of what HE did? I guess anything is possible in this sport. I do know that my current unhappiness with AC pales in comparison with what I feel about Vino.


I wish I could pass on some comment about Vino but I truthfully know absolutely nothing about this issue....except I do know that JB doesn't take well to being told what to do! I DO however know two things:

1. We revamped our opening pages of the website especially for the Tour so be sure to check us out:

2. Only 41 hours, 56 minutes and 20 seconds until the Tour!!

SusieB, can you give us what's his names links so we can follow him too? I didn't save it after the episode!!


What a topsy turvy emotional read - I've just caught up & read the last few posts. One minute it sounded like Robbie was "in" the Tour and the earlier impression I had that he was hurt was wrong...and now wait, he IS out of the tour. =(

Then Horner gone? And what is this sordid potential team of Lance,
Levi, Horner & VINO??? I think I just threw up a little. Is this just a theory or have heavy hints been thrown out in an interview?

But I do feel less silly for having run into Barnes & Noble and scooping up every bit of cycling info so I could inoculate myself for Saturday. You all sound so excited too! Whoo Hooo!

CONGRATS to you Janann - such a lovely name you chose. Hopefully that
wee one understands that the early hours you'll be keeping for
watching the Tour live is just for the first month... =) Or Liam will
grow up to be a "morning person".


Okay, Fab Fabian won the ITT!!! Of course, but I really wanted DZ to win.

My Tour fever has been tempered by the news this week that my company is doing wage cuts and wage freezes. So I so glad I decided only to do the ToM this yr!

Regarding Vino, he has a point; I didn't say I liked it; but this would be a great time for Lance and Johan to start the pro Livestrong-Trek! If Astana can fund themselves on their own, Then the former Discovery team can move on again!!

Vino disappointed me. I imagine he doesn't care. But has anyone less noticed that all suspensions are shorter that FLOYD'S!!!


Cathy, I was a big fan of MJ and the Jackson 5. After I got over the shock of his death, I put some of his 80's and 90's music on my ipod. He really was the huge talent of our generation.
Elvis, belongs to the generation before us. It's so sad how their lives are no longer their own. Michael can rest in peace and hang out with all the other music greats that died early, due to drugs, money and being taken advantaged of by blood-suckers using them as a way to get rich.

Sorry Susieb, I think his life just became fodder for other people.

Oh, my attitude is colored by the fact I watched "Cadillac Records" last weekend. All those wonderful artist that got screwed out of their money, because they didn't understand business.


Sorry guys, also because they were black back in Jim Crow days!
I think I'm done now.....


Oh Sara -- I just got a chance to check the computer again and about fell off my chair laughing at "how does his butt look" ;)

Thanks for the warm welcome for Liam everyone!!

You're right, Jessica. I'll definitely have to make it clear that this early morning thing is strictly for the month of July! P & P seem to lull him back to sleep, though. My husband is definitely pleased that I held off on having him until the Tour was upon us so that he'd be able to watch the live coverage during some of his leave time.

I'm SOOOOOO pleased to have everyone here and rarin' to go for the Tour!! Yippeeee! I'll try my best to get some computer time every day :)

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