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June 22, 2009


susie b

Darn it! I meant to get here before the end of the day & now I have to get home! Janann - what is up with your baby?! Does she/he not want to be a Gemini THAT badly?! :) :)

Ok, anyone watching SYTYCD? Any favorites?

And Cat, MD wrote two weeks ago that he WAS going to the Tour but he hasn't posted anything since & now I'm hyperventilating something has derailed the plan. I will be SO disappointed if he's not over there to chronicle not just Lance 3.0, but the Tour itself. Where else can we read a dispatch like "The Waiting'?! It still makes me verklempt. HE HAS TO BE THERE! HAS TO! HAS TO! HAS TO!

Breathe into the bag....

Matt - where are you?! We need to CRANK IT UP IN HERE!

And thanks Barbara & Amy! Anything you two want to chat about?

And you know, I did like seeing Fabian win yesterday, & boy did he give it his ALL with those Swiss flags a wavin', but it just seems a bit weird to have the Tour of SWITZERLAND feature so few mountains! And P2 cracked me up yesterday - 'not make it so hard because the Tour is so close'? Guess the Dauphine organizers didn't get that memo. ;)


Oh Sara, though the last babe was a "Tour baby" -- this one had BETTER NOT wait until July!!!! I don't know what the hang-up is Susie -- must just be too darn comfy in there ;)

You can't NOT be excited as the Tour approaches! Seeing Lance win in NV and even seeing Fabian win in Switzerland lit up the anticipation. It's ALMOST here!

Though I won't be commenting over "there", it would be nice if MD would get his rear over there and give us some good old fashioned Tour posts that got us all together in the first place, no?

I think that Matt must be out going door-to-door getting sponsors for his ride!


Susie, I've been watching SYTYCD, and WOW what a talented bunch this year! I don't quite have all the names down yet, but I think it's going to be really hard to cut ANYONE from now on. The first guy to go was definitely the right decision, but the others...not sure. I usually watch it after work, when I'm totally starving and shoveling food in my mouth...all those young, fit dancers' bodies, and Jabba the Hut watching from Indianapolis. Sigh.

susie b

I agree Amy - SO many of the dancers are great this year! Usually, I have already picked out my 3-4 faves by the 2nd Top 20 show, but not this time! However, because most of the dancers are so close in talent, the choreography is PARAMOUNT this season & if the couple are given a 'bad' piece, they might be going home, when it's not REALLY their fault.

Didn't you love the group dance number that started last week's Results show? Mia Michaels choregraphed that & she has done some of my fave pieces on that show. However, I think she was wrong in her opinion of Brandon. If I HAD to pick a fave guy at this point, I think he would definitely be in my top 2. I think he's great!

And I really hope ya'll do read MD's Tour blog AND comment! Bring the life back to it! And btw, when he stunningly wrote of his newfound admiration for SYTYCD (I'm STILL not over the shock ;) the other week, he also mentioned he had reformed his opinion of 'mediocrity'. I have to say I was stunned about that too as after the last three years, I thought he was one of those people who would NEVER be open enough to REVISE a long-held belief. (Shame on me). And on another post, he wrote a couple paragraphs on how & why doping detracts from sports & I have to say it was one of the most elegant albeit brief pieces on that subject I've yet read.

Anyway, I think everyone here really enjoyed his past Tour blogs & would hate for you to miss this one as I think it will be even better not just because of Lance & the EPICness of this particular Tour (thanks, Versus! :), but because his absence last year will probably make him appreciate it all even more. And he'll maybe notice things he either took for granted before or never saw & this will make things fresh & exciting not just for him but for all his readers. Plus, did you read even ONE article last year from someone AT the race that came even close?! It's like comparing NOT Diamonique to diamonds but cut freakin glass!

And Janann, tell that baby the water's FINE outside! It's JUNE! :) :)


Don't you think Nike should be doing some Tour puppets like they did for the NBA finals? Let's see, a Lance puppet and an Alberto puppet, and sometimes Levi and Cadel could come over to visit them....funny!

I am loving SYTYCD but haven't got all the names down either. I thought the two Shane Sparks routines stunk last week and sure enough, his people went home. You are so right Susie, the choreography will be super, super important this time. Great group of dancers....and another show in the fall!!

I look forward to MD's posts too--hope he's over there eating cheese and cheering for boys in lycra!


Hey Ya'll..I'm still here...sort of (peeking in when I can). I'm back up in Sunnyvale on travel..working 7 days a week...this week is my last (whew!) Relly putting a damper on my fundraising AND ride time...(I did get fathers day off, went for a nice 72 mile ride to Santa Cruz and back, thru redwoods, rolling hills, 2 good climbs...was a really nice day).

Ahhh Susie...hangin' out at 'he who must not be named'...I'll admit that it was 'he' who got 'us' hey...IF he goes over and reports again, I'll break my vow and look in. But I WON'T comment. That would be a bridge too far.

Sara..glad to hear you are also alive and kicking..we all figured you were QUITE busy...good luck and all that...I'm sure it will be fine. We all have great faith in you! JD, you need to go for a ride in an old car/pickup on a bumpy dirt road...I hear that ALWAYS works! Drop that kid and get READY FOR THE CYCLISM!!! Man it's going to be friggi' GREAT!!!

OK...gotta run...apparently the world is low on salt (I'm here at the SALT MINE, and we just can't seem to make enough salt!)

later gaters!

susie b

Yeah, Matt's home! :)

What did ya'll think about Joe Lindsey's revelation - that it was thisclose the Astana sponsors wouldn't come up with the money, that the team would get a NEW sponsor (Livestrong-Nike) & MOST of all, that AC would leave & go to, of ALL teams, Garmin. The only thing that shocked me is the latter. Garmin? Squeaky-clean Garmin whose team motto is "winning isn't everything"? Take two guys that were & by some, STILL are linked to OP? Hmmmm, apparently Garmin - the sponsor, may not be so onboard with the team motto...

And by the way, anyone notice some similarities in his final paragraphs to what *I* wrote HERE last Saturday? Just sayin... Anyway, I'm actually more concerned now than before. Even with the alliances, I had thought the Astana guys would EVENTUALLY all work for the guy highest on GC, at least by the end of the 2nd week. Now, with the news of Contador's almost DEFECTION at the LAST FRIGGIN MINUTE, ehhhh, not so much.

On the other hand, this crap could motivate Lance & Levi even MORE. So, THANKS, Alberto!

And even though I like Team Garmin a lot, I do NOT think Contador would have been a good fit at ALL! And if they really approached him, it makes a MOCKERY of pretty much everything out of Vaughter's mouth last year.

Anyway - about the actual Garmin team of riders going to the Tour - I feel sorry but not surprised that Tom Danielson will once again not be coming down the Grand Depart Start ramp. I guess it's possible he hadn't planned on the Tour this year & has instead targeted the Vuelta, but otherwise, I think his not-great performance in the Giro took him off the shortlist. And I'll miss Friskorn as I so loved his Rider Diary last year & just really enjoyed watching that Tour rookie take it all in. And YEAH, I'm so very glad CVV is able to be at the Tour after all, but I think it's just too much to expect him to do ANYthing like he did last year. His crash & injuries at the Giro were terrible! And I'm just so disappointed for him. And for myself - as I was couldn't wait for him to prove to everyone that last year was no fluke! And seriously, can there be a nicer guy in the peloton?! Well, whatever he's able to do, I'll be cheering him on the whole way. Along with the Three Amigos (Lance, Levi & Horner).

And speaking of Tour selection - I am crossing ALL fingers & toes that Horner will be on Astana's team! He has been riding so great this year but his repeated injuries keep interfering! Did he break a mirror lately?!

Ya know, I keep telling myself I'll keep my Tour talk for next week, but I CAN'T HELP MYSELF! After last year's depressing lead-up, I am PSYCHED witha capital 'P' & that rhymes with 'T' & that stands for da TOUR, BABY!


Susie, (a) don't believe everything you read and (b)we're announcing the team selection tomorrow. The guys riding will work for the strongest rider--it is just not predetermined who that is...the race will make it quite clear at some point.

AND I'm headed for Missouri for a family reunion--hi Theresa!! Why is it so freaking hot and humid there??!!!


Great to hear from Matt and Cathy too!! Oh Cathy - what a time to visit us in the midwest. Humidity doesn't even begin to describe it right now!

Susie - I loved your post as it got me all psyched for the Tour to begin! I haven't been keeping up with things lately so I'll search the net tonight to see what info I can find :) The DRAMA of it all!

Oh - and tomorrow is D-Day folks! Not letting that lazy babe hang out in comfort and ease any longer. I'm headed to the hospital at 6 AM. Wish me luck :)


Had to come back and share one of my favorite articles about the whole thing :)

susie b

I just went to Astana's site & saw the entire 5 minute TOUR TEAM announcement. On one hand, it BLOWS AWAY every other team's reveal. VERY impressive! Dramatic music & graphics. HOWEVER, I am VERY disappointed that Horner is left off! Sure, I guess they HAD to throw in a Kazahk but Rast? I think he's cute but he's no Horner! Plus, once again we won't be able to see/hear Chris on Velonews Rider VideoDiary! BOOOOOOO-HISSSSS!

Also, two more things about the Senor Hissyfits-Garmin 'deal' that I MEANT to type last night. Herbalife? HERBALIFE? With squeaky-clean Garmin? Are you fuckin KIDDING ME?! And oh yeah, if any of this is true, you just KNOW it is Vaughter's PAYBACK to Lance for the 'theft' of his wonderboy Minnie-Phinney. No love lost between those two (JV & LA,that is). If JV had a chance to screw with Lance or his team, you bet your ass he'd JUMP.

And then when I got home last night, I read the rumor that Millar may be leaving Garmin after this year to go to the Brit team. I'm not TOTALLY shocked at this although the way David & Vaughters talked last year, I thought Slipstream was his final cycling 'home'. On the other hand, the way Vaughters answered the interviewer's question about it - whooaaaa, think maybe not all is so hunky-dory anymore between David & JV. Verrry in-ter-essss-ting!

And then there's CVV. Not exactly an overwhelming vote of confidence by JV for his team 'captain'. Because as ANY cycling fan who hasn't been in a coma the last 9 months knows by now - Contador is the ONE & ONLY team 'leader'.

And Cathy, you are such a loyal person & of course would never say anything bad about your team. And I respect that immensely. But Contador has done nothing but FORCE me to think LESS & LESS of him almost every single day since the rumor of Lance's un-retirement 1st surfaced. And the way he whined & complained about Levi last year after the Vuelta? Screw that! I think the guy is an arrogant, whiny brat who doesn't have the stones to actually be able to COMMAND respect within his own team, let alone in the entire peloton. A strong man doesn't have to constantly keep mouthing off to the media that "HE" is the 'team leader'. A STRONG leader gets respect by his ACTIONS. He certainly doesn't have to whine & throw tantrums about it. No, it's a WEAK man who tries to leave a team at the very last minute - because he worries deep down that he can NOT MEASURE UP.

You know, even though I have become bitterly disapointed in a rider I once admired & cheered, I was STILL going to root for him & Team Astana at the Tour. Now, even IF the guys all somehow bond into ONE real team on the road, *I* will not be falling off my sofa, screaming in ecstasy or in empathetic agony for ALL.

Go LANCE! Go LEVI! GO CVV! Go 'CATTLE'! And I say this ONLY for the about-to-be mother for a 2nd time - Go SASTRE! :)


Okay, Cathy, enjoy MO weather...had you forgotten how bad it can be??? But it's STILL June. The heat wave is supposed break tomorrow (sat.)night. And of course I have to be on call Sunday.

Now, ya'll know how I love our Garmin riders; but Columbia-HighRoad has my attention!! Love 'em!!! And I'm impressed with Cervelo Test team too. Thor trying to bet the Manxster! then Saxo and Astana. Love Levi, but Love Christian more...and I still like Sastre. I'm SICK that Horner is not going--CATHY MEHL ARE YOU LISTENING????? We want Horner!

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