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June 25, 2009



Disappointing for Lance? Heck yeah,but I REALLY feel sorry for Chris -- I haven't seen the news stories yet, this is the first I heard it, but I thought he felt ready to go.

Heck, I am devastated too, he is one of my all-time favs. I agree, VeloNews or Versus will be missing a golden opp if they don't snag him for commentary.


Oh man...I hadn't heard. (working too much to even log on at work). That STINKS! Horner is THE MAN! (my 2nd fav cyclist, just ever-so-slightly behind George H). Crap...that's just bad news. He must be beside himself. What a loss for EVERYBODY!


And HEY HEY HEY! I just went back and checked yesterdays comments for new ones...SUSIE!! Holy cats! You are on a ROLL girl!!! (I spewed my beer again just moments ago at your 2nd paragraph!) I spewed it a few minutes ago over at Fattys...reading his comments...some pretty good stuff all around lately!! (in particluar: Clydesteves...about Lemond busting in on the Jenga party...(you have to read the entire post for this to make sense) that is one funny image now stuck in my mind!

I think it's gonna be a GREAT many contenders, strong teams (don't count out Andy Schleck!) Sastre looking to prove it wasn't a fluke. I'd love to see CVV do really well. And for old times sake, I REALLY want Rocket Robbie to pull off a win or 2 in the sprints..Cav CAN'T have them all!


And last but not least, JD, good luck...hoping all comes out all right (literally and figuratively)!

susie b

Thanks, Matt! I'm SO READY for this Tour, it just spills out. I am, however, still so very bummed about Horner. And you've been so busy that you didn't hear - Robbie had a bad crash a few weeks back (broke leg or knee I think) & he won't be at the Tour either. If Boonen can't fight his way in, the sprints will be left to Cav, BEAU-ti-ful Bennati, Thor, maybe Oscar Freire, & HOPEFULLY, Tyler Farrar. I SO want him to win one! That would be FABULOUS! You know, I was looking at all the stages in my Velonews TDF Guide I picked up last Saturday (at SAFEWAY of all places!, usually I have to order it direct from Velo or go to B&N) & the course this year is definitely making up for shortchanging the sprinters last year. Cav could win even more than last year, something that I wouldn't actually like to see - I want competition!

Anyway, I'm also sad about Jon & Kate. I've loved that show from the beginning although I have missed some episodes, especially the ones at the end of last season. If any of you watch, did you notice tension then? I was so shocked when all this tabloid stuff started & then when stories appeared on CNN's MAIN page day after day, I couldn't believe it! That show was so sweet. I actually like Kate even though many people seem to think she's a bitch. She's just a strong, take-charge type. I couldn't live in the same house with her (;), but she could be a bud. Now, Jon, on the other hand, I thought was a WUS from day one. He's the type of guy who WANTS to be dominated by a woman & then goes around begging for sympathy from his buds. "Poor me, look what I have to endure". YUCK! Still, I thought they seemed to click together, so what a sad story.

And then the other news that is dominating the air & internet 'waves' since yesterday. I may sound like a bitch myself but I feel very little sadness over Michael Jackson's death. No, for me, the Michael Jackson I LOVED as a kid & in my 20s & whose dancing thrilled me & whose music I sang along to & played during countless workouts, DIED 15 YEARS AGO & I mourned him THEN. The freak show that has been using his name since, well, he was ironically like one of those zombies in the Thriller video. The fact that the mainstream media is now elevating him to some kind of celebrity saint is the HEIGHT of hypocrisy & it makes me want to vomit. (Just one example - the radio station I listen to at work has talked NOTHING but trash about him for the last decade & NOW they're playing nothing but his songs. All. Day. Long.)

Anyway, I did love the Jackson 5 & especially little Michael who was close to my age & I wore out both the 'Off The Wall' & 'Thriller' albums with repeated playing so that I had to get replacements. Of all the albums I've had, that only happened to a handful. HE was really something & when he started to morph into what he eventually became, I was shocked & saddened. I don't know, maybe talent like that just can't exist in a 'normal' life. Look at all the wackjob artists & writers there have been over the centuries. When I was a kid, every June we ran around catching fireflies in a jar. Even with punched holes in the lid for air, they eventually stopped "lighting" & were dead within a few days. I guess some creatures just can't live in 'a jar'.

For any hardcore MJ fan here, I do not mean to offend you, the hypocrisy is just getting to me & I felt the need to vent. I do feel sorry for any pain you feel today. Peace.


Dumb question...who's Jon n Kate? Guess I'm living under a rock or something. And no Susie, I didn't know that Robbie was out (CRAP!) That stinks too...he's gettin' a bit long in the tooth (kind'a like George). Gotta wonder if they will make one more.

As to MJ, I wholeheartedly agree Susie...I recall watching the Jacksons w/ little Michael (and the Osmonds with little Donny). It was obvious from the get-go they both were amazing talents even at what, 10 years old? I have a LOT of albums (vinyl type) boxed for posterity in my attic, and my ONLY MJ album is Thriller...(it's in pristine shape are most of my albums). No matter what your thoughts about his last 15 years or so, there's no deny'in that he was one of the most well known and popular (for a while anyway) artists in the world. Certainly had HUGE impact. We have guys here today (at work) walking around w/ one glove on in tribute (partly kidding, partly not I think). But DEAT at Fifty? Crum...I'm right behind that...the age where it starts gettin' scary watching people as old as you die. But as the sayin goes, I don't plan to go out easy and quiet..I plan to go out sliding in sideways across the line, all broken up and worn out....Livin' it to the max. OK..back to work (hmmm..not exactly 'livin it to the max just this moment). Later gaters! It's almost TDF TIME!!!!!!!!!


I must admit I didn't think Chris would be at TdF. Bummer. I really adore him, always thoughtful and interesting. Generous too. Remember when he carried that other rider on his bike up a hill? It really won't be the same without him. Hope they drag his ass over there anyway to talk aobut the stages. Maybe the begining of his next career!!

susieb, though I can't use language as stong as your's, I agree. I also can't reconcile the inappropriate (at the very least) behavior with young boys.


I just left the gym (still at work, waiting for Delaware Friday afternoon traffic to clear) and the evening newscast was - no exaggeration - 20 minutes of MJ and 10 minutes of, here's a concept, news! Interviewing a local person with a "local connection" to MJ... and on and on. I suspect this will go on for a while. I'm with you, Susie. Loved Off the Wall and Thriller. I think he just got so weird that the only thing left for him was to die. Very sad story, in all.

And he pushed Farrah Fawcett right off the front pages!

Everyone, go read Fatty today - TdF predictions - and read the comments, too. ROTFL!


I was pissed that he pushed Farrah off the front page!! She deserved all the acololades!
I'm lukewarm about MJ.
I'm more upset about one of my classmates dying from a stroke yesterday. I got to see him at the reunion, but he is such a special guy. 57 yrs old.

Now what am I missing about Chris??? He's been training with L&L in Colorado, is he still rehabing??? And Robbie is still a mess after that crash. I think Cav has taken his torch. Read the article in Velo News abour Cav, it's really good.

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