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June 26, 2009


Matt's one thing to get left off the team due to either not performing or being hurt... but being left off like that, just plain stinks to high heaven. Astana is sliding quickly down my list..though I like and respect many of the team (including Johan)...until they get away from this type of thing...and the BEST riders make the squad. All very sad. Sure I'll be rooting for Levi and Lance (and surely don't want to see Conti fail or get hurt, but I'm quickly losing respect for him!) Horner IS INDEED one of THE class acts in cycling. This is a travesty. Be interesting to see if any of the 'politics' gets discussed by Phil/Paul/Bobke....I am thinking it WILL get mentioned. And it's GOOD to have you back Sara!!!


I tried for 10 minutes to post a comment at Chris Horner's blog and my dumb ass computer wouldn't respond to my attempts! Ever wsince I bought Bit Defender it's been like this.

I am so terribly bummed not that I read his post. How could a punk friend/rider of Contador's be better than Chris? Who is more mature, works harder, gets the strategy, is a better friggin Domestique than Chris? No one that I have seen. Except maybe one of the Schreck's? Chris is the Zen master. I'll try later today, then I might have to bitch out Bit Finder.


There are many factors that go into selecting a team for the tour, including how the rider has performed throughout the season and how many racing miles he has in his legs. While it's certainly disappointing that Chris didn't get selected, the reality of that is that neither did a bunch of other great riders on the team, too--it's just that Chris is American and we love him to death and think so highly of him that we feel he should be there. But what about Noval (just as another example)? He's one of Alberto's best friends and has been riding the tour since 2004 or so...he's not on the team either. The talent is so sky high that Johan had to put together the best riders he felt would work together best overall and he feels he's done that. I will certainly miss Horner and all that he adds to the mix, he's a journalists best friend with all those quotes! But I like the composition of the team--I think it's set up to WIN the Tour, not just make the fans happy.

Did others catch the retro stages on Versus yesterday? Great stuff! I've only watched the first two, but wow, I watch them now knowing so much more than I knew in 2001 and it's quite thrilling to see guys I now know riding those historic stages. And so crazy to see them ride uphill with no helmets so you can actually see their faces! To see Jan ride again, and Beloki--so great! And to see Kivelev (sp?) who is no longer with us....amazing programming, I hope everyone saw it.

susie b

I had NO IDEA Versus was going to be showing all that footage & LUCKILY found it when I was clicking around at 2:00. I don't know when the shows started, but at least I saw all the hours from then through the TDF Preview show at 7:00. IT WAS ALL GREAT! The PERFECT appetitizer for the Tour. Plus, I hadn't been able to get OLN til 2003, so much of that stage footage I'd never seen in its entirety before. OK, what was YOUR fave Lance stage? Stage 10 in 2001; of the now infamous fake-out & The Look & the triumph up Alpe D'Huez? Or the Stage in 2003, when LA snagged the bag, crashed, followed up that drama with the 'assault to his manhood' (don't P2 just CRACK YOU UP?! :), which was then ultimately followed by the win on THAT mt-top stage! Man, I just LOVED seeing Lance leave them all in the dust. And I want him to DO IT AGAIN!

Anyway, you're right Cathy - we all just love Horner & want him on the Team no matter what. And it IS extremly difficult to pick a TDF squad when you're bursting with possibilities. However, I've been thinking all weekend about this, & I just don't know if this is the best TDF team that could have been assembled. It may surprise some here that I actually don't begrudge Senor Hissyfits from having at least one of his 'boys' on the team. He is a 3x GT champion after all! However, if his guy fails him in the mts, he can point no fingers. I also don't TOTALLY begrudge the sponsors from having a Kazakh on there. That team was originally started for Vino & to bring "greater glory to Kazahkstan", something they didn't apparently believe Borat was, ahem, achieving for them. ;) Plus, they ARE paying the bills, even if it did take WORLDWIDE public humiliation, legal threats, & the probability that an American company would waltz away with "their" team that made them FINALLY cough up the dough. And now that I'm over the shock (but not the disappointment) that our boy Chris won't be there, I also think Rast was needed - you NEED a big guy to break the wind on the flats, etc.

So, who do I think should have been left off to make room for Horner? Well, considering that *I* would have made Horner MY 4th pick, that means Zubeldia, Popo, AND Kloden, should have been left home before Horner, if Chris was even 90% recovered. None of those guys have impressed THIS season as much as Chris. Plus, I'm shocked Kloden is even considered since he is up to his NECK in past doping allegations. And how can you forget, HE was on the Astana team that had TWO dopers in the 2007 TDF, which was the reason the NEW Astana team was kept out of last year's race! As for Popo - I like the guy, but how can anyone forget LAST YEAR? He was NOWHERE to be found on the mts & was basically of no use to his GC man.

All I have to say is that Kloden, Zubeldia, Popo, & Paulinho better leave their BLOOD on the roads & do EVERY & ANY thing short of carrying AC, Lance, & Levi on their literal freakin backs up the slopes. 'Cause as any cycling fan knows - Chris has done that PLUS carry the guy's bike. :)


Thanks for the perspective, Cathy! We're so lucky to have an "insider" in our IA!

I did watch most of the retros yesterday - quite fun! Very interesting to see some of those incidents that have become legend as they were happening and hear the on-the-spot commentary. Like the musette bag - I was not watching daily in those days and didn't know that they initially thought Lance was having a mechanical problem with his pedals. Loved the "assault to his manhood" comment! Love P2!

Hummer was on the preview show, so I guess we get him for another year. I will have the pleasure of introducing the Tour to a friend/biking buddy this year. Took her to the bike race in Philly and now she's all psyched! Always fun to see it through fresh eyes. 5 more days!


Hey everyone - we're back home from the hospital with a little boy! Liam Paul was 8 lbs. 4 oz. and is doing well. Thanks for all of the happy wishes - you all are the best! Just wanted to let you know that we're back home, but I haven't had much computer time :)

Can't wait for the Tour though!!!


Congratulations Janann!


Congrats JD! Wow...8lbs4oz...thats a HEALTHY little boy there! Do you have a little cycling suit yet for him? (they do make them for infants btw...Greg got one for his granddaugher outof one of the schwag tents after the Solvang Century...cutest thing I've ever seen!)


Congratulations, Janann - and welcome home to little Liam Paul! Wonderful name - I have a virtual grandson (I used to babysit his father) named Liam Paul.

susie b


Will Liam be the 1st Iowan to compete in the TDF? :)

Alrighty. FOUR DAYS AWAY! Does anybody else ever feel 'torn' on the lead-up to the Tour? Ever since I started watching/reading the Tour 24/7 thanks to Versus & the internet, I get so hyped up on one hand but on the other, I can't help thinking that as soon as we get to Paris, the cycling season is pretty much over (for me) & I get SO bummed. If Versus would continue to have the Cyclysm Sundays for the ToM & Vuelta, I'd be able to stay psyched, but it's difficult to follow a sport when ALL you can do is read the results.

Anyway, at least for now, it's like the week before Xmas & I can't WAIT to 'see what I got'!

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