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May 22, 2009



YAY!!! Sara's BACK!!!

I'm hopeful that Levi is just lying in the weeks, awaiting the perfect moment to attack! I know in previous years he seemed to play it safe right OUT of first place over and over..but he has had some success this year being bold, and I'm hoping he comes alive in the big mtns and goes for broke! But alas, I'm not getting to watch it at all either (that SUCKS!!!) And the loss of Horner is a big hurt for sure...but not a gamebreaker I believe. he's still got a powerful team behind him. RIDE LEVI, RIDE!! You want that top podium spot, you've got to TAKE IT BY FORCE!


LA, Popo and Jani will work really well for him I think....Horner is a big loss but def not a deal breaker. And LL will have to go for it in the next few days and not leave all for the Rome TT--40 seconds is quite a bit and Menchov is on form! And your fave King Cav is just winning and winning. That kid is amazing!


Wow, Cav has been SO impressive! His team is giving him great leadouts and once he gets in front, nobody can beat him. Do you think he'll abandon now that the sprints are over? Save himself for LeTour?

This last week has to be Levi's.

Welcome back, Sara! Thanks for letting us know you're still here, and for giving us a new page to write on! I totally understand not wanting to be in the basement in this beautiful spring weather... but there were at least 2 weeks of rain in there!

Happy long weekend, everyone!


Yeah Sara!!!! SO happy to have you back!!! (An added bonus is not having to click through 4 pages of comments to add one ;) Thanks

I'm hoping the same thing about Levi, Matt. He insists that he is going to attack and I can't wait to see it (or at least read about it - LOL). I've managed to watch a little bit of the "on-demand" coverage at Universal, but like Sara, its difficult for me to hole up by the computer when there is wonderful spring weather and SO very much to do!

I think that Menchov looks really tough to beat here. He's been right in there all the way through. I had been awfully impressed with Mick Rogers up until the TT - I wonder if he just had a bad day at a terrible time in the race. I'd love to see Levi in there fighting to take this one.

Lance's videos have indeed been entertaining and I enjoy seeing how relaxed (though TIRED) he and the other guys seem. I saw on Twitter this evening that DZ will make a guest appearance on the video tomorrow. That should be good :)

I read that Cav is leaving today to prepare for the Tour. 3 wins at the Giro is not to shabby. That is probably a wise decision and I can't wait to see him really fight for the green jersey this year and make it through the Tour. We could really see some AMAZING sprints there. Has anyone else thought that Tyler Farrar has really looked great during the Giro, too? He hasn't actually won a stage yet, but has been right up in the fight and seems to be improving his timing this year.

Hooray to have Sara back!

Happy holiday weekend all!


Ahhhhhhh. Space to stretch our legs! Thank you Sara!!!

BTW, T and I were talking about her lack of travel and I suggested Toronto and mentioned visiting you! I just sent her a AAA link on travel to the lovely city. She's thinking of tryin gto go somewhere next year. Since I should be done paying the college bills by then and ready to have some fun....barring any economic disaster. They seem to be a reality of life these days, no? I spose they always were, but the veneer is certainly thinner.

So, how far along on the second draft are you, Sara? How is it going? I check in at the other site, but haven't been this week to see if you wrote about that. Glad you are enjoying the weather. I periodically check into daily dose of imagery to see how Toronto is doing. It's nice to see pics without snow.

I have hardly been on the computer lately, so I haven't searched for any cycling stuff, and certainly not "live" coverage. The video updates I get in the email from Livestrong are pretty fun! Sad to hear about the loss of one of their drivers. And you are right, they look really, really tired!

Sara Best

Yes, Cat, you guys should absolutely come up to T.O. for a visit. Come in the summer though. I love Toronto but it's no place for humans in the winter.

If you come I'll be your happy tour guide during your stay!

Work on the second draft is going well. I have a million notes that have come out of my last read of the manuscript so I'm working through those now. I hope to have a second draft ready in a month or two.

And thanks for popping by the other blog too. It's great to read comments from a friendly face (name?) when I open it up.


Anything to increase traffic me'dear!
(but also to give support, chance to talk to you, and I find the topics interesting!)

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