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May 27, 2009



This is crazy. They crucified Floyd, and everyone else gets a story on page 3!!

I hadn't paid any attention to what Kohl has been saying. Now, when they test positive, they are gone out of my mind. And to think I wanted Kohl to get his teeth fixed!!

Okay, UCI is doing nothing for Boonen....but is Belgium going to file criminal charges against him???


Oh, Sara, I don't know how to act with all these new posts!lol


Good thing they're keeping things "on the down low" about this ;) We all know that they'd never deal with things in a public matter that are more appropriately dealt with in a private setting.

Hey, I thought that Lance did pretty darn well today in the stage! Though he wasn't able to make it up to Pellizotti, he stuck in there with Carlos and some of the others. I think he's getting stronger as the race progresses. Menchov AGAIN looked really tough to beat and held onto DiLuca's wheel until the last few meters today. I continue to be very impressed with him!

I was wondering that about Boonen, too, T. Oh, and thanks for the other link Nakigirl. I hadn't read the "mamma's boy" article LOL:)


Well, he should still get his teeth fixed....I mean, he does need all the help he can get since he's an admitted freaking doper and how many babes are going to wanna date him NOW???!!! And didn't he originally say he only doped for the Tour after his crash? And now he's been doping since he was a neo-pro? Maybe that's what has been wrong with his teeth all along......


Oh, and about Boonen...he just needs to check into Rehab. All the stars do it!! He could spend July in Malibu instead of France...30 days later, all better!


......AND with the way he is famous in Belgium......they could make a reality show about his stint in rehab ;)

I just read today that Robbie McEwen won't be able to start the Tour because of a serious leg injury! He is getting to the stage in his life where he may not have many Tours left in him and I was truly hoping to see him there this year in good form to ride against Cavendish. I hope he heals well.

Hooray for Danny Pate today! I know he is bummed to have lost the stage, but he looked really good.

susie b

"There's a stage
That was on my mind
All the time
Now, it didn't know the rider's names
But I think Sastre liked it just the same
Ve-Su-Su-SUVIO, oh, oh"

Hey - who DIDN'T hum 'Su-Su-SUDIO' when they saw that stage on the Giro lineup? :) :)

Man, even though it would take a MIRACLE for The Killer to win this thing, this race has certainly been HIS this year. Almost every damn stage! Do they have an aggressive rider award for the whole race in the Giro? I do giggle though when I see how desperately he's tried to shed Menchov on countless climbs & it's like he's got himself mixed up with flypaper & as hard as he tries to flick it off, he just ends up with it wrapped all over!

My problem with DiLuca is his history with DOPING. What kind of SUSPENSION did he get exactly for the TAPED phone call where he DISCUSSED his doping with his doctor? Arrrrrgh! Plus, unlike last year, the guy did not have a bad stage this entire Giro. Hmmmmmmm....

BTW, how many guys were tested each stage in this race? They SHOULD be testing the top 10 EVERY DAY. And have tested ALL the probable GC contenders for TWO STRAIGHT WEEKS leading up to the start. Like that would happen - have they even tested last year's stage winners' samples for Cera when Ricco & Sella have both CONFESSED? This crap is what drives me freakin crazy with this sport - NO CONSISTENCY!

I think Levi has done pretty good since he had not been targeting the Giro & suddenly found himself the designated leader a month before. Plus, I think the Giro mt stages are the worst for his abilities : the 15-16% (!) inclines where only those with freaky-quick acceleration skills shine. Levi is more of a chugger; usually doesn't lose much time to the accelerators & then makes up the time on the TTs & that he's consistent. I think all the stages with those VERY steep pitches revealed his one true weakness. I know the team & fans were hoping for at least the podium but when many of the competitors have been targeting THIS race only, it actually would have been a HUGE upset if he had won.

And I think Lance has been doing great! The 1st Grand Tour in FOUR years, a mere 5-6 weeks after that bad collarbone break, only his 3rd REAL Pro-peloton race since his retirement, AND he's an "old dog". ;) What other mortal could have even STARTED this race let alone finish (maybe) in the Top Ten! I CAN'T WAIT TIL THE TOUR!!!!


Susie, they do have a Most Combative classification but Garzelli is leading that by 2 points. I think because of the day he was off solo all day....but Di Lu has thrown everything he has at Menchov and that quiet Russian just keeps responding. Every day on the podium Di Lu looks pretty disappointed while the crowds go wild and scream as loud as possible for him! He sure isn't a quitter tho--wouldn't be surprised if he flew off the front tomorrow on some of the rollers.

And Sastre has just looked great. Talk about a guy who just goes about his business...two great stage wins by him. Bet Alberto is paying attention!


Great stage to watch today! You're right Susie, DiLuca seemed almost in disbelief that EVERY time he accelerated and then looked around, Menchov was STILL attached to his rear wheel.

My husband and I were talking tonight about how these stages weren't the best in the world Levi, too. Levi just keeps plugging away at the climb rather than being able to accelerate away like some of the others. Oh, and that we don't really like the time bonuses at all. I'd like to see the GC, especially when its this close, depend on the total time for the stages rather than having time bonuses make a real difference in the outcome. I know, I know, that its all part of the game -- and I really wasn't sure I'd like the Tour without time bonuses when they decided to try that -- but I found that I really do like it better that way.

Sastre certainly did look good, Cathy. I couldn't believe how *quickly* he was able to catch Basso when he attacked today. He was really flying. Lance also looks like he's improving each and every day & Menchov continues to impress me a lot. The Tour should be GREAT!!!


OMG - I just finished watching the TT from today! WOW. That was a nail-biter to the end -- who would've thought that the last K would be so exciting?? Menchov was awesome and it was great to see how emotional he was about the win - he usually seems so reserved. I'm glad that Levi and Lance took it easy in the rain. It would've been awful to have some type of serious injury at this point. I'm so happy that Universal had such excellent coverage (even if we couldn't get it on TV ;). We're usually unable to get anything like that for the Giro. I'm much more excited for the Tour to begin now!!


Menchov hitting the deck could have caused a heart attack. I got up early and watched the guys before the rain started. Then I got sleepy, and feel asleep. When I woke up I was listening to hear what was going on, and I heard the word "crash" ; taking more time to make sure Menchov was ready for the podium....I was up like a shot! I CANNOT believe I missed it!! And the only video I saw was from the helicopter. I want to see it from the Moto! That mechanic deserves an award of his own!!!
And Di Luca was really happy for Denis, you could see it on the podium. I've never seen that man show so much emotion!!!


The video that Racejunkie posted of the Rabobank guys' reaction in the bus to Menchov's fall is worth a watch!


That video clip is priceless! I watched it three times just to learn some new swear words in Dutch!!


Sh*t JD, I forgot how irreverent and sinfully delightful the Race Junkie can be. Psssstttt, yowza what a stinging tongue RJ has!

susieb, you keep wondering who will start another blog....well, you can match RJ in the "psssssstttting" category!!!!

Sara, it is such a gas to come back and see not one, not two but three new posts!! loved the ducks (made me tear up a little, prob 'cause I'm an emotional wreck coming to the end of an era with Number One Son...or maybe it's the prospect of him home, no job, the bad economy, and his hoping to go to Europe. Uh, yeah, we'd all like to go; are you buying?), the monkey, wow she's back in form, then came the coupe de grace - "and he's fat too."

*sigh* I am so happy y'all are back.

PS T, here's a link to a you tube video of Menchov at ground zero:
;-) love ya sweetie!


Oh, and Fatty is at it again with a unique fund-raising idea.
I don't know how he maintains such an amazing focus and drive with what is going on in his life. Of course, it is undoubtedly BECAUSE of what is going on in his life....

susie b

Ok, this COULD just be a coinkydink, but RIMM (Research in Motion - the maker of the Blackberry & one of my investments since last Nov) is coming out with a couple new models & ONE of them will be called...wait for it... TOUR.

HELLO! Who is addicted to his Crackberry? Who is on that thing when not on his bike? Tweet-Tweet-Tweeting? Hmmmmmm? And who rides for a team whose current sponsors are not living up to their contractual obligations? I don't know but a bus & jerseys plastered with "Blackberry TOUR" sounds mighty damn fine to me! :) :)

And BTW, I wasn't able to see the final Giro stage on Sunday, but when I got to work the next day, I glanced at a couple of the website articles & they all mentioned Menchov's "fall". I didn't get to see it myself til the end of the day when I went to Universal to watch parts of the TT. Fall? FALL?!! The guy was BAMBI ON THE ICE POND! Legs & arms out splat, skidding down the street at LEAST 30 feet! That team mechanic should be nicknamed Thumper! Of course, it's no surprise that Rabobank mechanics are fast with the TT bike/tire changes - they had PLENTY of practice when Chicken was on the team... ;)

One more thing today - I don't know how many of you here still read the 'Mother blog', but you will NEVER guess who is now into So You Think You Can Dance. I almost FELL OFF MY FREAKIN CHAIR this morning when I read it. This is bigger than that Senator going from Republican to Democrat! And twice as shocking. ;) And BTW, it looks like he'll be going back to cover the Tour this year & I can't wait. I really missed it last year.

Oh & I keep forgetting to mention it - I didn't watch all of AI this year but did try to catch whenever Adam & Danny sang. They were my 2 faves from the Hollywood phase & I thought they were the best til the end. That Danny was not in the Final shocked me ALMOST as much as the eventual winner! Kris is a good singer but he just didn't thrill me. One thing you can say about Adam is that he ENTERTAINED! Well, except for his massacre of 'Ring of Fire'. OMG. Johnny & June were rolling over....


Anyone going to see the race in Phillie tomorrow? I had seriously thought about it but can't. It looks like a great field for this race. Wonder if there will be any TV coverage anywhere?

I kind of liked that "Ring of Fire"...but I have odd tastes, I'll admit!

I missed the last 2 weeks of the Giro, but (thank heavens for Universal Sports!) yesterday got to see Menchov's fall and the climb of Vesuvio.

Taking care of elderly parent issues right now & haven't been able to go ride for weeks. The garden needs weeding, the lawn needs mowing...better get busy!


So susieb, your most recent posts make me want to ask again: when are you going to start your blog? Hmmmm? You have a great memory (like an elephant) make quirky and interesting connections, and when appropriate, have a wonderfully wicked tongue. If you want to keep the rif-raf out you can set it up to not post til you review a comment, or you can even close the comment section (Dooce does that quite often).

How about the Crackberry Tour? (I'm sure that would make the anti-doping leagues cringe!) It would be very timely with our esteemed President bringing the technology to the White House. Too bad the Dubai race is so far off, good tie in with the recent speech in Egypt...sorry my mind is skittering all over the place today!

I will admit, I am looking forward to seeing what Mr D has to say when the tour starts. Nothing he has written in the last couple of years has inspired me, so it will be interesting to see how he does this time.

Oh Rae, I do feel for you. Getting to the point where our parents reach a certain age is very challenging in so many ways. When my dear mother remarried, she wisely chose a suitor 13 years younger! WooHoo!


Susie, LOL on your comment about Rabobank's mechanics having great experience with TT bike replacements. The Chicken would have been better off to do that TT with a road bike.

I had a great ride this morning (in Philly) and passed about 5 or 6 pro teams out training for tomorrow's race. Um... actually, they passed us! I was keeping my eye out for Floyd, but didn't see him or his team. We got passed in both directions by Columbia High Road. They were even friendly.

I am going to the Philly race tomorrow... our bike club is having our annual picnic - last year it was so unbearably hot and humid I didn't even go, but tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful.

Local TV station is doing a half-hour of coverage. Whoopee.


I agree, SusieB, it would be a fine thing if you had your own blog (not that we don't love this one, Sara!); you are a talented and entertaining writer!

Just the name "Research in Motion" is so apt for a bike team, isn't it? Crackberry, hmm, I don't know..

Yes, Cat, I am lucky that my father also married a younger woman who is an angel taking care of him in his dementia. Now my mother has also had a stroke and acutely become confused and prone to fall--after being in the hospital she is in a SNF for rehab & I must say, so far I am not impressed-- Although I am very aware of the challenges involved in caring for confused folk, they seem to be not so attentive in basic ways. (I am a critical care nurse & so used to being detail oriented). Have to wonder how this for-profit facility would compare to a not-for-profit.


Rae, I can sympathize with your dilemma. Unfortunately, once the Prospective Payment System (PPS) for Medicare was put in place in 1998, Managed Care companies decreased their reimbursement for subacute care, and Independent Living Facilities sprouted as fast as Starbucks (funneling off the lucrative and healthy private pay retirees), SNFs began to have a seriously hard time. They never could quite afford to provide the level of attention we all need, but those with a balance of well to do, healthy residents and those run/subsidized by religious organizations (usually the Sisters of this or that) managed to be far better at it than the ones with a lot of Medicaid and very sick residents. They had poorly paid religious members providing running the places, and some tax relief.

It costs a lot of money to take care of people, and our government doesn't adequately subsidize the care of the very ill, nor provide payment for those who simply need to be cared for. If you are old and dependent, you have to be rich enough to afford $70-150K/year to cover the cost or very poor to get nursing home coverage under Medicaid. I suppose the best one can hope for is to have enough money to get into a good one for a year or two, then they will keep you once you qualify for Medicaid (state funding).

As for profit versus not for profit, it all depends. Certainly a "for profit" that is driven by the shareholders earnings can be a bad thing, but then even "not-for-profit" can look much the same (see JOHN CARREYROU & BARBARA MARTINEZ / Wall Street Journal 4apr2008). I work for a not-for-profit hospital, but it still has a billion or so in savings/investment to support it's growth, malpractice suits and capital upgrades.

What I have found helps the most with healthcare in general and SNFs in particular is family presence. When families are around a lot, monitor their loved one's health, get to know the staff by name, bring treats, keep informed, in other words create personal relationships to garner personal investment on the part of the staff, the care your loved one receives improves.


That last paragraph was bang-on Cat.

Does anyone else feel like they have a timer inside them, when we hit early June and a bell goes off, counting down to the beginning of July? Wheeeee - so excited!

It's been nice to check in regularly; I'm glad you still have the site Sara.


Me too, Sara!

Jessica - I'm the same way~! CANT WAIT!!!

Susie your references to Menchov skidding on the ice like Bambi and his support team having lots of practice with The Chicken had me absolutely laughing out loud! That is EXACTLY what Menchov reminded me of! Definite kudos to his team for sure, as that was expertly done to minimize his time loss.

It was great to have P&P back yesterday (even if it was just a TT opening) wasn't it? Cadel looks like he's getting SERIOUS fo the Tour and Contador's new TT skills are super-impressive this year. He is going to be one tough amigo to best in the Tour.

Did anyone else look at Lance's new baby photos from his Twitter page and notice how his oldest son is a CARBON COPY of what he looked like as a child (in pics from his book)??? It was almost a little creepy!

Baby update for those who have asked:
baby has dropped and I'm 2cm dilated. Due date is 6/16 but I'm VERY uncomfortable and not sure I'll make it that long. If I had any good prizes, I'd have a contest for the date/time ;)

Matt - where the heck are you? Launching secret rockets? Too tired to type after riding 5 hrs a night in prep for your big LIvestrong ride? On a trip causing cosmic disturbances? Do tell.


A lot could have happened in the hours since you posted Janann - I hope you are feeling more comfortable today! Is this the first IA baby? I'm sorry if I've forgotten; things seem to slip the mind more lately.

Speaking of which, look what accidentally happened when blogspot was exchanged for typepad.....who knew Sara had been living in Asia.


Hey all...JD, I'm still here...just pretty busy. Work has been off the charts (which is abby-normal for me) but we just hit some slack finally this week. Between work and Fatty luring me into being co-Capt for his San Jose team, well...I'm a one-armed-man hanging wallpaper (or how about a 1 legged man at a butt-kicking contest?) Fundraising isn't one of my strong suits...I am SO not that kind of a person (obviously a sales type job would leave me destitute and living on the street). Trying to gently crack the whip on the team...we have so many at or near zero $ still...and we're almost down to 4 hopefully everybody gets on the stick real soon.

So never fear...I'm lurking near.

I did watch the TT for the Dauphine on Sunday...Jeannie comes into the room groaning at the sounds of P&P on the airwaves again...ahhhh....all is (mostly) right with the world...just missing Bobke...hopefully he is a fully-fledged broadcaster again this year and not the guy in the field like in the ToC. Anybody know who will be Bobke's partner in crime this year? Hummer again? I was kind'a hoping he'd be busy with bullriding or something. Almost makes me miss Troutface. Almost. I'm just sayin.

The countdown is ON. And I think Cadel is going to be in BIG trouble now that he can't put much time on Alberto in the TT's...cuz I don't think he will stay with him on the big climbing days. Just my 2 cents. Sastre? Not sure...he will be a force I'm show it wasn't a fluke last year. But Andy Schleck: once he develops a big TT ride, I think he will truly be the next big thing. I believe he and Alberto will be dooking out future TdF's mano a' mano. It's gonna be GREAT!!!

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