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May 25, 2009



I go away for a week and when I get back, I discover that Sara has not only posted, but posted TWICE!!! Welcome back Sara!!

That pic is very cute.

Regarding Levi - um, I think he might now have missed his chance. Unless he can pull of something dramatic on Vesuvio...

We climbed Mt Vesuvius in November last year. It is a very dramatic landscape - very brown and barren. The road is amazing - very winding and narrow. The path to the top (after the road finishes) is incredibly steep. When we finally straggled to the top I was slightly disturbed to see smoke coming from the crater. Also disturbed that there are souvenir shops right at the top!

Sara Best

Hi Nakigrl, yeah, I figured I better start talking again before I was left all by myself.

And I think you're right about Levi. I was just reading Lance's tweets on Twitter and even he is predicting the Menchov will likely hold onto the jersey until the end now.


Awwww, noooo! don't tell me those little ducklings fell in the holes!!!! You are a mean lady, Sara, to post such things.

I'm glad you were afraid you might be "left all by myself." I started to think you were hoping we'd go away cause you were too busy doing other things like beingaparentandwritingabookandkeepingyourjob.
You know, boring stuff like that. (I almost sent you an email to ask if you wanted us to go away but felt bad asking us to do that....)


BTW, weather has been so nice I've been riding my bike to work everyday! Wish it were just a little bit farther so I could feel like I was actually doing real exercise.


LOVE the weather we're having now, Cat!

Sara, I didn't know that you had a pool at your house. Wow - that would be a whole lotta fun AND a whole lotta chaos at once! You're braver than me, I think ;) The duck pics cracked me up -- we had photos of a whole brood being rescued from a storm sewer while on their way to the river in our local paper, as well.

I felt bad for Levi today.....
Carlos looked super, but Menchov looks like he is determined to hold onto this one. I was sad that Popo got caught -- it always breaks my heart a little, no matter who the rider is, when they have put such an effort in all day and still get caught in the end. But.....that's part of the thrill of the race.

I've been really enjoying Lance's daily videos and twitter posts from the race. I love how relaxed he seems and how much fun he seems to be having with his comeback. Good for him! I know that I'm not the only one who loves Jens Voigt (Lance's video guest this morning). Here is the link in case you missed it:
Watch the DZ video while you're there too!


Good Grief, Sara!! I didn't even look to see if you posted over the weekend!! The Duck picture is so funny/sad.

I think if Levi makes the podium, we can cheer!! As if we won't anyway. His lost time at least 2 days since the TT. Menchov is on fire! He has something to prove to himself and everyone else.

Lance's videos have been a kick! DZ had me LMAO...renaming his chamois creme after LA...And the "women's" brand he has coming out!!!

Jens is so much fun! 5 kids! no wonder he's still riding!!
I saw the video of Lance and Levi on the transfer from yesterday's "Stage from HELL". And Cathy, did he say it was bad luck to cut his hair during a race?? Or just not worth it?
He's so much fun for his fans; he needed those 3 yrs off, it did him some good.

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