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March 10, 2009



Writer's Block (oops, someone has that...)

The Best: Writing
The First 100 Pages
From Journalism to Novels: My First 100 Pages
What (is it)about Writing?
So, You Want to Write...
Writing: Like Mother, Like Daughter
How to Find the Best in Writing
Writing in Toronto
Stream of Conscientiousness
Use a Pencil
Writing on Velum
A Road to A Novel
Why I write

OK, that's enough....sorry, I got carried away!


The Write Stuff


or maybe

"Write or Wrong?"

Sorry I can't stay to VERY busy last and this nice!

Matt more quick comment...

HOW ABOUT Contador in the Paris-Niece opening stage TT!! WOW WOW WOW! Did he fire a shot across the bow of all potential GC'ers (both at Paris-Niece and the TDF) that he is going to kick some cycling booty or WHAT!!! Man that was AWESOME! I think Cadel will be shaking in his boots...Conti can outclimb him but couldn't take him in the TT's...that appears to be a thing of the past. The Reign of Contador's TDF Wins has barely begun I'm thinking. He might be the guy who takes away Lances record. He's sure young enough..if he can stay healthy. Ride Alberto, RIDE!!

Oh...and that ship you've been hearing about in the news (The USNS Impeccable)?? It's one of the group of ships I used to sail on. We had some run-ins over in that area with Chinese fishing boats (drift nets). They tangle up in our gear and we haul it onboard to cut the nets away...and the fishing boats get rather testy. Sure glad I got out of that job. Need to find out if I know anybody on the tech-crew from when I was sailing (a mere 6 years ago). Have a great Weds everybody!

Matt more..then I REALLY gotta get back to the launch pad.

"Write you are!"


"Write Away"

(haven't checked to see if anybody else has these...they are just pouring off my brain..gotta stop now! Later!)


Hi Sara, glad to hear from you! busy is good!

blog names, hmm..
A Novel Experience

Penciled In


I also like the play on your name--Sara's Best

I don't know about such things,(I'm so not in the world of blogging or having to sell my work, but you'd think I'd know something: two of my cousins are authors--but I know nothing) but if it is to be a platform for promotion it seems to me that simply your name is a good place to start.

Talk about exciting races, did any of you see yesterday's Paris-Nice stage? WOW! and I felt so bad for Rabo and Flecha after working so hard to create the opportunity just to lose it to Chavanel--but also happy for Chavanel (okay, I'll admit it, I just like the sound of his name --is that why they called him the French housewife's favorite?)

Today was fun too, cause Christian Vandevelde got the win!!!


Lunch break...

"Write Again"??

ok...back to work.

(Rae...I like that.."Sara's Best"..neat!)

And way cool for CVV...wish I could have seen it! I LOVE it when the big guns step out of the conservative shoes and ATTACK to WIN! (like Levi back in the ToC stage 2 I think)...WAY TO GO CVV!!!


Sara Best, Hell Yes!


Best of Times, Worst of Times. Sorry, I'm having a Dickens of a time deciding.


gosh I'm not creative at all!
Love Christian's stage win!!!

susie b

LOVED CVV'S WIN! How exciting & totally unexpected, at least by me! Thanks so much Rae for the heads up here because as soon as I saw your post yesterday I went over to & was able to view the final K (via Sporza). I didn't get to see him take off solo from the Break, but at least got to see the last couple minutes & his win & it was GREAT! Especially after what had happened on Sunday!

And speaking of Sunday, you're right, Matt - WHAT a TT ride by AC! Boy, was THAT a shock. I know he's improved quite a bit in the TT the last few years, but wow. Little shout-out to LA? "Can you hear me now? CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?" :) :) :)

And Matt, I hope you are fully recovered. I was not able to write at the time, but I was very concerned about you during the ToC & when you didn't update for a couple days, I thought the worst, so I was GREATLY relieved when you wrote up your adventure!

Ok, here's what came to mind for Sara's new blog as I was driving in this morning. And Gary, my very 1ST thought was Dickens too! :)

Best at Writing
Giving My Best
My Best Shot
Writing Up is Hard to Do
A Writer's Life for Me

But I think that Dicken's quote BEST sums up the life of a writer! :)

BTW, anytime you want to gift us with Chapter Two, we're ready! :)


Yo Susie...good to hear you are still alive and kickin'....are you ready for March Madness?? Woo-HOO! Who will be the tiny school that makes the tourney this year? I LOVE that small unknown schools can actually get a shot at the title. If only College football could come up with something similar.

Another title thought Sara:

"Write here, Write now".

OK..back to work for me...what a week!


Susie - that is EXACTLY what I was thinking while watching AC burn through that TT -- a message to everyone (and Lance of course) that the TT is not a weakness anymore! That was amazing!

SOOOO happy for CVV too! That is a great win for him early in the season. He is really riding with confidence!

Sara's Best is nice

I also liked the suggestions from Rae and Matt:
A Novel Experience
Write Here, Write Now


AI -- I'm loving Adam and think Danny is pretty great too! Anyone else?


I stayed late at work & didn't get to see AI either night. maybe I can catch up next week.

Working those long shifts has the advantage of giving me days off though, so I can see racing over the internet--today, the mountaintop finish for Paris-Nice--can't wait to see what AC does today!

Sara, I found one of your Mom's books, it is next on the reading list!

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