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February 20, 2009



I would like to comment about Svein Tuft's legs. *DROOL* That's all.


Hey, and how about that Cameron Evans??? Who ever said Canada didn't have good cyclists?

DaveZ...he's going to win a stage race one of these days inspite of himself!!!


Did y'all see Baby Z on the podium? Way to raise the cute level, Dave!

I was over at Dave Hildebrand's site and while I was waiting for all the photos to load, I was "stuck" staring at Z's LEGS. Yum, DROOL!

Just once, I'd like to hear someone on VS mention George Hincapie's name without the "BIG."


Matt - nice work getting 'Win Susan' and 'Hi Fatty' on the road in California!

So I guess you went. ;-)

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