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February 26, 2009



A break in the DZ case!,5143,705287345,00.html


Thanks for the link, Cathy! It gives me some hope. And DZ and Randi, too!!!

Yes, Sara, Rory is that hot! That's why I have so many pics of him from the ToM!!!
And I got to the point I could recognize him with a helmet and glasses too!

I've decided that this year I'm going to the Joe Martin stage race in May in Ark. That means no Chicago this year...and Brad will probably get back the Crit jersey!
But I looked at the money flow, and a few other things, and made the decision. Arkansas is closer to home. The Tour of MO is completely different this year, and to follow it will not bring me anywhere close to home for a night or two. And take me to other parts of MO that I've never seen!

Oh, Rae, I don't think you ever gave us your email, for the IA group. Would you mind please? Maybe you can come to MO too!

Oh and btw, OUCH is fielding a team at Joe Martin that will probably include Floyd!!! I pray!!


And you can follow Rory on twitter too! he's


and he actually updates it!!

Isn't he the one that had a contest everyday at TdG? You'd go by the bus and say something to him in Aussie and he'd give you a prize? Something like that?

Paula Kirsch

Rory is OK, but he's no Floyd. Then again I am extremely prejudiced as you all know by now :-)



Paula, I agree; I hope Rory's not upset with me throwing myself at Floyd, if I get a chance!!


You girls *all* make me laugh :) Why would we ever think YOU were prejudiced, Paula?? Wasn't it great to see Floyd riding again???

I can't wait to check out your mom's books, Sara. I'm a huge fan of historical fiction.

I was just trying to catch up on all of the posts today -- could NOT believe all of the stuff stolen from DZ!! I really hope that finding the car leads to finding some of the rest of the stuff too. That sucks.

I loved your report from the race, Rae! Sounds like you had a great place on the mountain. I love talking to all of the other fans at a race - everyone is so interesting and excited to be there. You're right about the number of idiots running along the road. I thought it was great to see Lance send that guy into the snowbank ;)

I've only caught some of AI this week and so I didn't get to see everyone, but I'm thinking that next week the field will be narrowed down enough that I can actually keep track of everyone! I really does seem like a group that is more talented as a whole than in seasons past.


Oh, I think that it was last year that I came across some blog or diary by Rory S. & thought he was very entertaining -- so I looked for him & got some good pics too! yes, he's cute!

uh-huh, I wish more riders could "express themselves" as well as Lance did! Did you see the guy with the baby?! I didn't see this until after I was home & watching the replay! Crazy!

Janann, I was really torn between staying on the mountain or hanging out near a feed zone to try to get a bag or bottle for my nephews--but I am glad that I stayed up there, it was so cool!

Saw a teeny bit of AI last night--there was one girl-Megan-that I liked--but I didn't see all the contestants. I don't think she made the final. Now that it is narrowed down I will probably watch more.

By the way, for anyone of you ever in the Paso Robles area--I ate at a little fish market a few exits south on 101, by Trader Joe's, the Templeton exit, I think--had the BEST grilled swordfish sandwich EVER.

Theresa, I'll try to send you my address, thanks! I am sure MO would be a lot of fun!


Rae, your reports from the madness of Mt. Palomar were great! I actually considered driving down for that..but it's a bit far even for me. Just to make it to Pasadena I left my house at 6:30am to get to my brothers by 9 so we could be setting up our chairs on the finish line by about quarter past 10am. Which was a good time...much later and you'd already be away from the that real-estate went FAST! Our spot was primo for the circuits. AND had a blast roaming thru the madness that surrounds the finish stage area. Drove the Volvo that stops get to crank of the gas and head for a barricade...keep your foot on it no matter that your instincts are screaming stop...and all of a sudden the thing SLAMS to a stop. Very cool! And hey...the quickstep girls in knee-high boots wandering around...always tasteful! (are those cleated boots? Just curious...maybe being knee-high they would have some odd wind-shedding characteristics or something). Did NOT get my pic taken with them though...not exactly what I want to show Jeannie...."hey hon..lookie my pic w/ the biker chicks! Why don't you get a pair of boots like those??!"

Not sure that I"ve ever eaten at at the fish place at Paso...(but love good seafood...10 years in Hawaii really got me spoiled for fresh seafood). I don't get up there very often (usually passing thru to and from Sunnyvale). I do get up to San Luis Obisbo a biking is great up there! But they skipped SLO this year...and got the Paso finish instead.

I turned on AI briefly last night (watched the reddish-haired girl do the Heart song..she was alright, but I guess I'm way to old for that hair to be anything but strange and annoying. Also heard the one guy (Chris?)...the new David Archuletto type is what I was thinking. I guess he was OK...but he was no David Cook. Thats about all I saw..then I got sucked into vacumming the whole house, as we had new area rugs coming in today, and it has to be spotless before anybody can come in. But that as I was rather energized as I got in a 35 mile ride after work last first decent ride in weeks (what with the rain/chilly weather we've had, and then my strep throat just in time for the ToC). Gotta get in a LONG hard ride this weekend...or Greg is gonna KILL me in the Solvang Century on 14 March.

Sara...very cool about your moms new book..I will have to pick it up and let Jeannie have a read (I don't really see that as my type of book)...after she's done I can tell her it's my friends mom who wrote it! That would be cool!

Have a great weekend everybody!

susie b

You're absolutely right - yowza! How did we (well, some of us :) not know of those studly looks before? And I tell you who else ranks on the HOTNESS scale - Greg Rast of Astana. Whoo-hoo. He's been around for several years so I have no idea why it's just now that I know what he looks like!

And thank you SO much Rae & Matt for your write-ups. I LOVED them! And if there's anything else you can remember or care to divulge, please write it up! 'Oliver' ain't the only one who wants MORE! :)

Ok, here's my fave things from the Tour of California :

1) A who's who of current cycling greats in the race! Sure, Alberto, Bennati, Rocket Robbie & the soon-to-be dayglo jumpsuited Piti Party Valvere were not, but all the other heavy hitters were there. At least for a day; ahh Fabian, Fabian, don't be such a tease next time! :)

2) Levi going for it in Stage 2. Man, just like Matt & everyone else here, I LOVED THAT! And it was so great to see how HAPPY he was with the effort in the post-stage interviews.

3) Levi's face in both the Prologue & Time Trial. Talk about "Ready". I swear, he reminds me of Lance when he gets like that.

4) Lance working for Levi & just seeming so damn happy to be back amongst the fellas & sufferin' on the roads.

5) Levi winning #3. Is it just my imagination or is Levi blossoming exponentially these last 2 years? Part must be from confidence as he has done so fantastic at the Tour & the Vuelta, but I think being around Lance the past 3-4 months has brought out something in him that has made him an even better competitor. And he certainly seemed the happiest I can remember - both after winning the TT & winning the race.

6) Watching Floyd on a bike in a pro cycling road race again. I was afraid we'd never see that after what he's been through. Most likely, he's not overjoyed with his race result, but with his bad luck in a couple stages & that this was not just his very 1st pro road race in almost 3 years & that he only just got eligible to even be on & train with a team, I think he did well. Unfortunately, without the TdGeoria, we won't see him again on TV until maybe a 1 hour wrap-up TOM show, months & months from now. I know many of you here adore the domestic racing, but since I want/need to see cycling on TV, I hope his team next year can compete in at least some of the races in Europe. More chances to actualy SEE Floyd ride.

7) Seeing The Money Man do it again. Twice. Can barely WAIT to see Cav, Boonen, Rocket Robbie, & Thor mix it up at the Tour!

8) I usually find those sideline runner-losers annoying in the extreme, but God help me, I laughed like a hyenna at the Sumo Guys. :) :)

9) DZ not only looking fully recovered from that horrific Giro crash last year but finishing 2nd. Plus, how cute is his kid? In the little Garmin outfit with Daddy on the podium!

And last, but NOT least -

10) Lance pushing that yellow-clad, PKimmage stand-in LAMEASS into the snow. Oh man, I wish I had seen that live but I only saw pics after the race was over. LOVED IT. Plus, it cracks me up as it looks like Lance just nonchalantly puts his arm out there & pushes the guy over as he keeps cranking it up the road without looking back. The fact that the Lance haters are using THAT as fodder for their tiresome, whiny, wankish vitriole, just reveals how out of touch THEY are with the average viewer & makes me LAUGH EVEN MORE.

Those placards are right - HOPE RIDES AGAIN.


Ok, nothing special, I was just messing around with my blog. I managed to post 2 pictures from last Aug in Downer's Grove, that you guys should like. One's Cat,me and Janann, And the other is Janann, Christian and ME!!
Take a look. And I posted a short post this afternoon too.
Click on my name!


Susie B, be sure to check out the victory party photos I posted on the team site--there are some cute ones of Gregy giving his best rapper pose!

Did anyone watch the races this weekend and did your CTV actually work? I am starting to hate that freaking company....I ended up watching a french tv station, which was fine in the end, but what am I paying CTV for????


Susie...welcome back and thanks for your listing of things you liked...(you are apparently far more orgainzed than I am). One of my big hopes for this year is that George gets his Spring Classic(s)? win FINALLY! He is healthy (remember last year he crashed in the ToC and wasn't quite himself till much later in the season). Gosh if he can finally pull off a big win. That would really be something! And otherwise, it's shaping up to be a BANNER year in pro cycling. I can't recall when we've had SO MANY actual GC contenders for the big stage races. Columbia, Garmin, Astana, Saxo Bank, Liquigas, Caisse d'Epargne, Cervelo (and I'm sure I'm forgetting someone)...all with true contenders. Man is this gonna be a freakin GREAT season! According to Velonews, Carlos is gunning for a Giro win (does that mean he's not shooting for a repeat TDF win?) But he will have Lance and the Astana boyz to deal with there...likely to be a real team-shootout.

We had GREAT weather all weekend...FINALLY! Was able to log in some serious miles...the Solvang century is less than 2 weeks now..(Mar 14). If the weather is even remotely close to this last weekend it will be awesome!

OK..gotta get back to work..have a great Monday! final note: Nikki and Cathy..I blew it...the ToC came up fast and once again I forgot to coordinate/trade cell phone #'s so we could meet up somewhere for a meet n greet...oops! I thought about that during the Solvang TT but couldn't do anything about it...Sorry about that. Maybe next year!


Sara!!! You are so missing out if you had not noticed Rory before! He's a cutie. Plus he's still nice and he and TJ together are funny as ever. A few guys from last year that have moved up are not all that nice to fans this year so good on Rory and TJ for remaining the same great guys! His blog is pretty funny as well with aussie slang words and such. And yep, last year at more than one race, he had blogs I think on CN and had contests going with comments to him and TJ. Good, fun stuff.

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get here to write something. Work hit me last week when I got back harder than ever and it took a toll. I even neglected the Cafe that I usually live at. No one's here today so I'm using my lunch hour to read up.

The TOC trip was great. Weather was perfect Wed night-Saturday night. When I saw C Friday morning on his way to go pre-ride the course I joked that I brought him sun with me Wed night and he smiled and laughed and asked if I'd seen his sun burn from Thursday. Good fun.


Matt you and I were probably closer than ever Thursday and Friday. Thurs our goal was to try the sprint point and finish but when we drove through the finish we decided with parking so tight already (3.5 hours before the finish) that we'd stay there and chill. No worries on us missing each other though. It was crazy. I met up with different friends and it wasn’t always easy with so many there. Friday we parked ourselves on the lower slopes of the first hill from the start and watched every rider come by. I LOVE the sound of TT wheels. Goosebumps. :-)

T - I got to see Brad on Thursday and Curtis with Missing Saddle. Fun stuff. As we walked around the finish area, I finally texted Brad asking him if he was around. 2 seconds later - "Jelly Booth". Duh! So off I went. He came out of the booth and I got a big hug. :-) I teased him though as I don't think anyone knew it was him in there as they were waiting to spin the jelly belly wheel. It was great seeing him. I asked about the DSQ and then being let in and then not starting. That bug that went through the team got him a bit too. He decided not to push it. Good for him for taking care of his health first but so bummed for him as he trained hard and was ready for this thing. His Prologue showed that. Still really good to see him and the other guys too. Nick, Bernard, Kiel. All had smiles. :-)

As Janann and T know, I love taking pics and I actually feel bad about not getting anything like normal. I just was absorbing the sun though and running into people I knew and friends and riders that I slacked on pics. Plus I was working on an autograph book for a little boy. That late in the race and finishes and TT's tougher to get up close to riders was a bummer but it was all such a great time.

My pics are up at flickr and some are out on FB. If anyone needs links, just yell.


Okay, I have no idea where my posts are going. I’m going to not repost them in hopes it just a delay in me seeing them. So this would be #3 (trying to break them up so there’s not so much to read at once).

Cathy - I am so bummed I couldn't run into you. I tried emailing you everyday to see if you were anywhere near the bus at the finishes. I was even at the pressroom Thursday hoping to meet you. Big bummer.

I hope to write up something on my blog but some "ex" issues have me leaving it alone right now. I had a great time out at the TOC. I got to meet a load of friends from the Cafe, got to see riders I've gotten familiar with, ran into media "friends" met at TOM. It was fun. T & Janann - you guys will love to know Neil from Road remembers us. We greeted with smiles and topic question of the day. :-) Oh, and I ran into Luis. The one asking Janann for her email.

It was a great time and Matt, I am so jealous of the greenery and warmth. I got back that Sat night to 9 degrees. My body went into shock. Then with some lack of sleep (not really new) and a horribly long week at work, this past weekend was recoup time. I made up for many hours of missed sleep yesterday for sure.

Oh and Cathy – ditto on the CTV thing. I noted on a thread at the Café that it really seems like US viewing went from good to nonexistent from East to West coast. Saturday seemed like everyone had issues. Sunday East coasters got it but those of us west of the MI river got squat. I voiced my frustration in emails but that scenario got old last year and I’m not renewing if they can’t permanently fix the problems.


I watched both races on the free Belgian feed Sat and Sun--although I understand about 5 words of French, that's kind of fun in its own way. I had the cyclingnews updates going in another window & between that & the announcers' frequent use of the riders' names, I felt that I could follow pretty well. I was impressed with the camera work, too. Those races were very entertaining!Such narrow roads-- A different feel from the stage races, for sure!
From all I've heard about CTV, I've never been willing to give them money, but I've been watching the ToC free views this past week & they've been pretty good.

Was Brad in the JB booth at Pasadena? If so I saw him but didn't know!

It's funny, but before I knew that they sponsored a bike team, I always carried Jelly Bellies when I did long-distance runs (the regular ones, not the sport beans).

I try to NOT remember those Liquigas girls,they hurt my eyes! although they were better (by my own personal criteria) than the Rock girls from last year!

Yep SusieB,It is going to be a great cycling year--Cervelo is off to a smoking start, of course we expect greatness from Astana, will Garmin & Columbia continue to make the USA proud--
I am just a little afraid that Rocket Robbie is poised to take over Zabel's bridesmaid role, hate to see it although all the new talent is fun.

Glad you're having good weather for your rides Matt, it is currently 15F here, some 25 degrees less than it should be early March. I have a new bike that I've not even put the seat on yet because of the lousy weather we've had.


Nikki - hope you told everyone out in CA that we said hi :) Sounds like you had a blast and got really lucky with the weather. Great to hear about your trip. Thinking about Brad working the JB booth makes me laugh :)

I've never been convinced enough of CTV's reliability to give them my money either. I also like to see the races on TV, Susie, and am pretty hopeful that the "Lance Factor" will continue to increase our viewing opportunities on VS! Great list, BTW. I agree with your observations of Levi. That guy's entire body was SHAKING, he was so pumped up before those 2 TTs and in one of Nikki's FB photos of the TT he has a maniacal expression that says he is going to kick butt that day!


Matt - any good photos you can share with us this year? Your TT photos were awesome last year!


JD...I've got TONS of photos...just haven't quite gotten around to labeling them and sending out a few emails...somehow post-tour my time is slipping away more quickly...I've been franticly sneaking in rides whenever I can...with Solvang in less than 2 weeks. Feel like I"m not ready...but I always feel that way. I got in 82 hard miles on Sat and 52 easy spin miles on that really helped my mental state. I just need to be in good enough shape to NOT let Greg ride away from me on the final run into Solvang (about the last 12 miles). Last year I punished him good on that stretch..but he's in better shape this year...I was chasing him on the TT course...he looks STRONG! But we shall see how that translates after 88 miles. A tie would be ok too (I would consider that a 'win' at this point). We shall soon see how it goes. Hope our weather holds, and sorry about all of you still in the throes of winter...that sucks. Warm and sunny are GOOD!


Will this year's race involve any rocks in bike pouches????


Can't wait to see your pics Matt!

JD - walking up to the booth was kind of funny seeing Brad there but he was having fun. Not sure if he was in there at Pasadena or not. He was off doing interviews with Curtis. Some are up at his site now.


Yay--it's not sunny but it's WARM! Getting my bike out of the basement! that's after I clean up some of the downed branches & litter from the recent windstorms. Can't believe it was only 10F just 2 days ago.

There was a pretty long article in my local paper about Chad Gerlach--very interesting--have to hope he does well. Stories about "recreational" drugs and addiction hit close to home for me--my ex, who also was a cyclist, had such issues and unfortunately never made it to age 48. Makes me doubly want to grab Tom Boon** and shake him when I read about his misadventures.
Unusual for my paper to have ANYTHING cycling-related; I guess I shouldn't quibble that it is drug related (tho not doping).


Oh Matt, I can't wait for the big race report :) Maybe Greg can post one for us too -- somehow they seem to be a bit different at times....hmmmmmmm

Sorry to hear that about your ex, Rae. Sad indeed. I'm hoping that TB has had a wake up call and can get his act together from here on out.

We've actually had some spring like weather the past couple of days and I didn't realize how cooped up I've been feeling until taking a walk outside. It was heaven!! Bring on the sun!


Okay, I just spent about 3 hrs working on picture albums on facebook. Good Grief, what tedious work! I still don't know how to move pics around a lot. Sara if you see anything the IA would enjoy, please help yourself!


The nice thing about such a long gap between Sara's posts is that we get to keep Rory's picture at the top!

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