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February 24, 2009



I'd just posted about my trip when you put this up.

Those thieves must have been planning ahead to get all that stuff in one haul! Poor DZ. Hope he gets the mementos back, at least. But probably not likely. I feel more surprised cause I don't think of Utah as such a high risk place (for burglary) but that is silly of me, I know.

Heh, Sara, I surely needed more places to waste time tonight--thanks for the twitter links!


Jayzuz! What the heck is the deal? Are people watching TV and figuring it's a free for all at these guys homes? Man this really really sucks.


I can't believe that those people took SO MUCH of Dave's stuff!! And some of it is not going to be easy to fence, because of it being personalized!! Olympics stuff would be obviously stolen!
Maybe Dave can get someone to stay at the house when it's empty.
That Sucks!

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