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February 15, 2009



You're kidding, right?


I like this new Lance better I think. He's having fun, spreading the word about cancer and serving as a mentor to the young dudes. His legacy is set, so really he doesn't have anything to prove. How cool would it be to see him wrecking the peloton ala Jens Voight...turning himself inside out for one of his teammates? And tenth place in his first time trial in three years against the cream of the cycling crop....? I think that's great. Just my two cents... :)

Sara Best

Don't get me wrong, I think this Lance is just as great as the old Lance. You're absolutely right that he has nothing to prove so more power to him for deciding to put himself through everything that competition at this level requires.

I just still don't get why.


I don't know why either, but his comeback is the reason we're seeing cycling on tv instead of bass fishing, and for that I'm eternally grateful :)

Of course at the moment, the weather in California is terrible, so we're aren't seeing ANYTHING!!


I'm with Sara on this one.

BTW, I had heard nothing until today, then learned about it in the Chicago Tribune of all places, about Floyd and Amber's separation and impending divorce. I understand things finally cracked and he filed for divorce. Because of the way I feel about Floyd, and the fact that Amber is such a very cool woman, it makes me very, very sad. I hope all his time spent living monk like in Idyllwild prepared him to get what he wants from racing. And centered him enough to survive divorcing Amber.

Doesn't matter who filed I suppose, either way it's crappy and sad. I just thought if either of the two of them would feel the need to get out from under everything they have been through, it would have been Amber. Maybe Floyd is acting the gentleman. Wouldn't be out of character.

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