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February 04, 2009



Duh, um... I meant "watch out". ;-)


Amy, the very same things cracked me up earlier when I was watching that video of the press conference with Lance LOL! I thought he did a good job articulating his response and keeping his temper under control while still letting everyone know exactly what he thought - very impressive.

Svein was VERY impressive at the T of Missouri last year (GREAT TT) and I'm expecting big things from him on Garmin!

It's difficult for me to wish good weather your way, Matt, after all of your bragging this winter ;) BUT........I will anyway in hopes of great racing conditions!!


Funny how we had such great weather, right up until the teams start showing up for training camps. Not that I'm blaming the teams or anything...but it was this way last year too.
But no matter...rain or shine, they will RIDE! And TODAY is the day! (I'm working a 10 hour shift will check out the DVR action when I get home...that is if Jeannie won't mid a little cycling on V-day! I checked out the prologue start list...Levi has jersey #1 (as expected)...and Lance is #2. No pressure there. RIDE LEVI RIDE!!! Ahh it's going to be a GREAT RACE!!!


Here are the last 15 riders off:
Thor, Rinaldo Nocentini, Robert Gesink, Kim Kirchen, Boonen, George, Tyler, DZ, Lance, CVV, Fabian, Basso, Michael Rogers, Floyd and Levi

If that isn't TdF quality I don't know what is. WOW!!

It's overcast and breezy at the moment but not raining and the forecast doesn't predict any showers until tonight. Heading off to the press room soon--bring it on!!!


Damn, what FUN watching the ToC today! I am SO HAPPY to be watching this classy race!

Not only is Bob Roll funny, he can explain cycling like nobody else.

Who the (%&$^ is that WOMAN COMIC they have on VS? She's got to go, not funny AT ALL.

And how desperate are they for sponsors - Enzite, natural male enhancement? I felt like I was watching some 2am movie. But whatever, at least it's on!


Brad finished 15th!!! And the last 10 minutes were pretty exciting! No one can beat Fabian!!
Saw some of the podium before they cut the show, I was cracking up, now that I've been to a few podium presentations and found out that anything can happen!!

Broken bones, suck.
But, I trying to suck it up. Worked with my trainer this week, I was whiney and annoying, so I got a talking to...Jackie got my attitude back on track. Also a new cast helped a lot! I went to my first spin class least I burned some calories. It was a little awkward.

LOVED seeing cycling on tv again; Floyd looks good!


Did I miss some comments, T?? WHAT broken bone? How?

I was thinking of you every time they mentioned Charles or Charlie Huff on both the VS broadcast and the ToC video on the computer LOL! He really put in a GREAT prologue today, though -- right up there with the big names!

AWESOME race and WHAT a lineup there at the end! Fabian seems unbeatable in a flat TT like that. He's incredible. Levi was certainly pumped up before he left the ramp - you can tell he WANTS this race win. Can't wait for the next stages!!!

Thanks for the race report, Sara :) Is it just me or does DZ look pissy on the podium ...... again? That is a hell of a podium and he beat some GREAT riders today to get 3rd.

I tried to post a few minutes ago and my comments originally showed up but now don't seem to be here, so I apologize if BOTH comments show up later.

T -- did I miss some comments somewhere about a broken bone? What happened?? BTW, I thought of you every time they mentioned Charles or Charlie Huff both on the VS broadcast and the ToC online video LOL! He really put in a great prologue today, though, right up with some big names!

Fabian rocked again! He seems almost unbeatable on a flattish TT course - amazing. Levi was certainly pumped when he left the start ramp and you can tell that he REALLY wants this race win.

AWESOME to see Floyd racing again even if it wasn't his day in the prologue :) Bring on the rest of the ToC!!


I KNEW that would happen -- sorry.

Susie - your sweetie is back with new videos :)


Janann, when was the last time you were on facebook???
I haven't had much computer time the last two weeks. Jan 31th I broke my left wrist.....on the damn ice! If it hadn't been only 41/2yrs since I broke the right one, I think my head could handle it better. I'm suffering from PTSS!!

btw, I shot off an email to VS about the NAME thing! Charles is his DAD!!


Right from the most famous Springfieldian:

Love that boy!!


hey...I just saw on Velonews that Floyd had a flat coming down into the finishing circuits....which is why he dropped back. WHEW! I was wondering what happened...what with the sketchy video coverage and almost completly wrong time gaps from race radio about Mancebo at the front (what a HEROIC ride that was..congrats to him for a WELL EARNED victory under totally crappy conditions!) Anyway...back to Floyd...he was with the Astana chase group looking good, and then all of a sudden he was off the back by himself with no explanation.

And did anybody else think that Hummer totally sucked? I 'kind of' liked him last year in lieu of Troutface. But to have HIM M'C'ing the race while Bobke did litte stupid inverviews here and there was just plain stupid IMO.

And in case you don't have anything else to do, Fatty is going to do live blogupdates on his site..(I just read all thru the weekends...very humorous...wish I would have known that YESTERDAY when I sat watching people at the finish line, while Hummer kept saying totally dumb-ass things pretty much non-stop. I guess his job was to fill the void of NO race video. (and was it just me, or did Hummer, Phil AND Paul all look rather 'rode hard and put away wet'?) Tough day for VS...but still glad they have the won't complain TOO loudly.

It was pretty cool to see Lance taking turns driving the chase group. And Horner...he is THE man! Apparently HE is the one who stirred the chase-pot and got them rocking when Mancebo's lead got too high...he sure is a classy rider! Would love to see him score a stage victory sometime.

Sure hope our weather picks up some..the early forecast I saw this morning calls for rain today and tomorrow...with partly couldy/mid-60's after that for the rest of the race. I'll take it! No more rain? THANK YOU!!!! (we've had enough...UNCLE!)

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