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February 04, 2009



Sara, isn't there anyway you can sneak down here for the TOC in the guise of YOUR JOB? I'd really be looking into it...YOU could do a Dugard'esqe road-trip following the tour for 9 days, reporting on would be GREAT!! (you still have time, though not much!)

As to the Phelps picture/'s my take on that. For one thing, he pretty much totally missed out on his teen years, as he was pretty busy becoming the best swimmer on the PLANET! he gets a stupid pic of himself with a bong..big whoop-de-do. Who doesn't have something in their past they think "gee...I wish I hadn't done THAT". Of all the BAD things famous people do, this is pretty small. AND, at least he immediatly took full responsiblity..didn't even try to dodge it with some lame "it was just a picture, I didn't even inhale" (aka a certain ex-president). He stepped right up and admitted he made a mistake. He's human after all, not a swimming cyborg. Sure doesn't make him any less of an amazing person in my book. Everybody makes mistakes. Hopefully we learn from them. STUPID is making the same mistakes over and over. As long as they are NEW mistakes...welcome to the human race.


Matt, you hit the nail on the head: "Everybody makes mistakes. Hopefully we learn from them. STUPID is making the same mistakes over and over. As long as they are NEW mistakes...welcome to the human race." That's why I have always objected to the "one strike and you're out" rule. Especially for kids. How can you learn without learning where the edges are? And your point about missing out on your teen years is really underestimated by most adults who got a chance to be a teen. That time is really important. We are genetically programed to take risks then, test the limits, try silly stupid sometimes dangerous things. It sets us up for adulthood. It is necessary!!!


Matt, wooweee is all I can say. Bobke and that roster? It's like Christmas in February!


Oh Sara, darling, you are not yet the mother of will see things a little differently once those wonderful, developmental years come to the Best Household! (And I hope you will still be blogging so we can share your world!)


Funny..the Amgen site only mentions Phil and Paul as announcers...I have to believe thats an Bobke IS in town as of this weekend (Paul sent an email out yesterday about an Amgen event... dinner with Bobke AND the Z-man (Dave Zabriske) down in Thousand Oaks this Sat evening). That would be kind of fun, except it's 30$ and for me about 120 mile drive each way. I get to have pizza and beer WITH Bobke for free on Monday IN a bike shop!! THATS pretty hard to beat!

I was only planning on making it to Stage 6 Solvang TT this year, but after looking at the route for Stage 5 (Visalia to Paso Robles)...looks like a bunch-sprint finish to me...boy oh boy I would REALLY like to see one of those! Cavendish, Boonen...BRING IT ON! So it appears I am also going to be sick on Thursday afternoon (cough cough). HAVE to get down here for this race!! The trip would be tax deductable as it's for your work, wouldn't it? (have to admit I'm not sure if Canadian tax laws are like ours in this manner...hope not...ours are pretty screwed up). Sure would be easier to report on the race if you are THERE!

Sara Best

Ah, I really would love to come down Matt, but as much as we love cycling, there are incredibly few publications out there that would pay to send someone to CA to cover the race - and I think probably none in Canada.

I'm afraid I'm stuck up here watching it on my little laptop screen. Sad, I know.

Matt case any of you (like me) have ever wondered about team names/sponsors and such...found an article on VeloNews the lowdown on most of the current pro teams and who/what their sponsors really are. NICE!

I've always wondered on some of them.


I came across a funny little show last night, but I was half asleep on the couch and didn't write down the name, or the station. I think it was Public Television. It featured two black ladies (actually caramel colored) who have been best friends for 30 years,and travel around the world to EXOTIC PLACES with a film crew following them. Well, "last night" they were in TORONTO! And the city looked beautiful.

You know, 35 years ago I traveled from Chicago across Canada to New England on the back of a 350cc Honda with my boyfriend. We spent many nights by the side of the road in a tent. When we discussed the route, I looked at the map and chose Sault Ste Marie over Toronto because I thought it sounded more exotic. Boy was I wrong. 15 years later, I finally made it to Toronto and discovered what a lovely city it is. I haven't made it back, yet.

About a year ago I discovered a web site called Daily dose of Imagery (
and sent it on to Sara 'cause it is all Toronto. I go there from time to time and see what is happening there. The photographer loves the trains that run on electricity down the city streets. Remember those?

Anyway, the show last night reminded me that I wanted to go back to Toronto. It's so close. And not American. A foreign trip with little effort and I don't even have to fly!

Sara Best

Yay! Come up Cat! Come and visit me! Toronto is a fabulous city and you're right, a great vacation option these days because you don't need to fly.

I could show you around!

You made me laugh about the "trains that run on electricity down the city streets." They're called streetcars and I think Seattle has them too.

Come visit me!!!


Madeline Vande Velde has arrived on planet Earth! Congrats to Christian and his lucky family!


A new little V-V! How wonderful.

My DVR just betrayed me. I came home at 5:59 tonight and the little recording light was ON, but now the recording of the VS ToC pre-show is nowhere to be found. Ditto for the Lance comeback special they did earlier this afternoon. I ask you, what can you count on in this world if not your DVR?


Yeah, baby CVV! What a wonderful addition to the world. Another talented and nice person to look forward to seeing grow up!

barbara, fire that DVR. I think that qualifies as high treason!


What GREAT news for the CVV family! Maybe a new good luck charm for the upcoming race?

Speaking of the Lance comeback special on VS (sorry you missed Barbara) -- I thought it was a really good interview and that Lance came off as sincere and forthright in his answers. I couldn't help but wonder, when he said that he would absolutely support whoever on the Astana team was riding strongest in the Tour, if that meant that Contador had better be working on his TT skills every day for the next 5 months ;)

The preview show for the ToC has me psyched for the race to begin. What an astounding field! The number of TdF stage winners, nat'l champions, olympic medalists, etc riding is phenomenal! AND we get some great early season racing coverage!! Woooo Hoooooo!!


BTW -- Theresa where are you???


Some nice photos of Floyd and his new OUCH team :)

Matt's going to be the BEST race! The starting list is simply astounding!

And last night was Bob Roll night at the bike shop. He is just SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny, and an excellent speaker! I could listen to his stories for HOURS! (he only talked an hour and a half..darn it!). One of the many funny things he mentioned (that sticks in my mind this morning) is that on Astana they have picked up a new kid...a SUPER talented climber named Jesus Hernandez (sorry Cathy if I got that wrong..working from memory here...just looked at the VeloNews team listing and can't even find he that new??) Anyway...apparently he's a real amazing kid that Johan found somewhere...and he routinely beats up the entire ASTANA team on training rides. So Lance has apparently named him "Sweet Baby Jesus" as in know..the biblical pronunciation. Of course his name is really pronounced 'Hay-soos' in the spanish pronunciation. Bobke says to keep your eye on this kid as he's really something...and he said he hopes he doesn't slip up and call him "Sweet Baby Jesus" on the air...we were all rolling...and someone mentioned to just call him "SBJ" if you ever hear Bobke call him SBJ you will know what that stands for. That and other stories...I did some video filming with my little camera...the first clip is about 3 minutes long...he's talking about the drinking that goes on when they are out on broadcasting tours. He says if you run into Phil and Paul out drinking, stay away from he will "Demolish" you. There was soooo much more. I will attempt to pass on the short video I did via email...maybe tomorrow.

gotta run...pesky WORK is calling! Have a great Tuesday!


Yes, SBJ is one of our newest riders, but he was named to the team last fall. He is a small little guy, but he's 27 and rode for Liberty Seguros with Alberto and then 2008 he did not have a team, but is the regular training partner of Alberto. I interviewed him yesterday at camp and he tries real hard with his english...and is a very nice young man. I'll have the interview up some time after camp.

FYI I did eight interviews yesterday (nothing like waiting until the last moment!) and even I was tired of talking after that! Popo, Chechu, Dani Navarro, Benjamin Noval, Jesus, Sergio Paulinho, Andreas Kloden and Dirk Demol. Plus I'd already taped Tomas Vaitkus and Gregy Rast, plus LOTS of, the race will be easy compared to camp! lol

We move to Sacramento this afternoon. I'll be posting contests in the next few days and we have some cool prizes up for grabs.

Over at US Cycling Report we hope to have our best coverage ever and I really hope you'll all check our site every day during ATOC. Sara will be providing the race report, we have two photographers on board, and several that will be getting interviews and color reports. We're trying to get our numbers up so visit us over and over and over!!!


You're site sounds like the place to be, Cathy! I'll definitely check it out. Is anyone else inSANEly jealous of Cathy's job out in sunny CA interviewing Astana riders all day??? ;)

Sounds like tons of fun, Matt! Can't wait to see the video. Bob is a one-of-a-kind guy for sure.

When do you leave Nikki?

susie b

Hey, all. Sorry I've been away so long - there are just not enough hours in the day! I do plan to be here (work) Saturday & hope to write up an opus then. Yes, I have much to rant about & have't been able to do so for the last 3 months, so look out belowwwwwww - she's gonna blow.

Anyway, did ya'll see "THE SIGN"? No, not of Spring, but that Lance WILL win this year's TDF. If I wasn't putting every single penny I get my hands on into stocks these days, I would place the bet right now. Why, you ask? Surely you watched the Westminster Dog Show? The winner was a 10 year old Sussex Spaniel (one of my personal faves, so I was hootin & hollerin a great deal at the TV, but I digress ;), who just happens to be the OLDEST winner ever in that event. PLUS, he CAME OUT OF RETIREMENT for this show. PlUS, he's from TEXAS. PLUS, he ALMOST DIED 4 years ago. Coinky-dink? I think not! :) :) :) So, the 1st SIGN has been seen. All the Lance bashers should start chokin' on their bile now, which you know, would get me hootin & hollerin too, but again, I digress.... ;)

Ok, I have to scoot, but I do need to say that I read your chapter, Sara & just loved it. I was immediately drawn into the characters & can't wait to find out the back stories on each one & read how the drama will unfold. And the "EELS for WHEELS" is priceless. Can't you just see the self-important, thinks-he's-slick promo guy coming up with that? Kills me. Later gators!

Oooh, speaking of Gators - how about my boy TIM TEBOW! What a football player.

And no, I've not abandoned my boy Michael. I have a LOT to say on that, but it will have to wait.


Hmmmm. Susieb, I think you might be on to something!

(Welcome back, you ahve been missed!)


So glad to hear from you Susie and can't wait to read some of your upcoming rants ;)

ToC starts SOON -- hooray!!


Hey Janann! I'm really trying to stay up on the reading here. Work is killing me though. Best bet is facebook to reach me as it's on the phone so I can dabble on it while in meetins. Oops.. did I just type that? ha ha!

I leave Wed night and will be out there for Thurs-Sat stages. I have to be back for work so I'm coming back late Saturday night/Sunday morning. Can't wait!

Happy Friday the 13th all!!!


Hey...what happened to Cathy's post about Lance 'ripping' the newsdude a new one? It was here when I checked in this morning. Anyway...I read the article on Velonews about the press conference...NICE Lance!! He sure isn't one to trifle with, much less push his buttons. I think that guy will be eating at the 'little table' of cycling journalistic opportunities for the forseeable future.

Our weather forecast for the ToC is horrendous so far...all the way into next Tues it's supposed to be rainy and cold (for us). haven't seen past that...sure hope it clears up some by Thurs for the Paso stage..and Fri for the TT.

And hey...if any of you want to read about something really intersting, go to Jills blog (Up in's the link: Fatty talks about her. She's training to do the Iditarod Trail ride again this year...a weasly 350 miles on a HEAVILY loaded Mt Feb! I've been checking out her site since the holidays when she guest-blogged for Fatty one day. Her level of personal pain and suffering is on a scale that I can't even imagine.

Welcome back SUSIE! Been wondering if you abandoned us. Looking forward to some classic rants!

OK...back to work. Busy Friday. Later Gaters! (oh...and yer-boy TeBow was (is) truly pectacular Susie).


Here's the video of the exchange. I love that there's an ad featuring GL right before it, and I also love watching George sitting next to Lance trying to keep a totally neutral face :)


What out for Svein Tuft! And after ToC, the TdF!

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