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February 19, 2009



Boy VS sure has a crappy track record this tour...they are ZERO for 4stages. Once again my DVR cut out last night before the I had to once again wait for the hour broadcast from 8 to 9pm. I wonder if new people in VS have been working on this one? Zero for 4 is pretty bad. Don't recall this happening the last few years. Maybe once or twice. Oh well.

And today is the Paso finish. And here's my dilemma...I've had a wicked sore throat now since Sat..went to the Dr. on Tues, told him I'm pretty certain it's strep (had it before...a few times). He did a throat swab and said will call me if it comes back positive (24-48 hour test). I may not be a rocket scientist (wait..actually I sort'a am)...but I've been hacking up bloody gunk for almost 6 days now, NO OTHER SYMPTOMS...what else could it be? In my Navy days they would just start me right away on antibiotics and by the time they get the confirmation it's on it's way out. And it's contagious too...there'in lies my dilemma. I will be beating up my Dr. today for the prognosis...but I was PLANNING on leaving at lunchtime and heading to Paso for the finish. Do I still go? Even if I don't know for sure what it is? (and what about tomorrow in Solvang, and actually I was planning on heading down to Pasadena w/ Greg on Sat too)...this SUCKS is all I can say! I wait a whole freakin YEAR for this chance and come down with this at this exact moment in time! I'm TICKED!!! WHO GAVE IT TO ME?? I WANT NAMES!!!!

Maybe if I go to Paso anyway and wear a mask (like the Japanese do when they are sick and go out in public)...tell everybody what I have...they might just back off and give me a little bit of space right there on the finish line, ya think?? I'm torn. What a horrible decision to make..go and risk spreading it around, or watch it on TV when it's just 60 miles up the road. Life is not fair.


I'm here, I'm here. Well, here as in Cali. Woo hoo. I'm so excited. Meeting a friend for some breakfast then off to a sprint line and the finish.

I have a couple days to go back to read up on tonight when I get back but Matt I hope to see you tomorrow!


Matt, I agree, life is not fair. But if you are at work, exposing them, what's the difference? If you feel go enough-go...but you do need the meds asap or the next two days, you might feel worse.
The children of the US spread strep with abandon, every day, it's nice that you care for your fellow man. Take something to cover you mouth, except when you are screaming at the finish!


Matt, there is a new "rapid strep" test that they can do right in the office and see the results in like 5 minutes. Too bad they didn't use that one. I really hate this deal where they won't give you the meds till the test comes back, meanwhile you're not catching it at the best time to make a difference!

I say go and wear a mask. Just don't give any germs to Nikki!


It's decided then...I GO! (well, I think I would probably go even if I accidentally cut off my leg and just sewed it back on...or was in the process of sewing it on...I WILL have some free time available on the finish line while I await the riders). And tomorrow I"m riding the dang course even if I have to strap my lifeless body on my bike and have Greg pull me. Then I will set up on the climb and shout (however meekly it will be) for the riders.
I also have decided that if I can find some chalk, I will write "win Susan" for Fattys wife...and maybe "IA" near it...(along with "LEVI" and "FLOYD") if you see that on any televised portion today or tomorrow, that is me! more ATTEMPT at my Dr, then I"m otta here. It's only a lousy sore throat..thats not gonna keep me away! So THERE! Everybody have a great day! I hope to have a cool pic of a screaming bunch sprint today! Is it Boonens turn? Or can he BEAT Cavo if it's an even leadout? Hate to say it, but I think nobody on the planet can beat Cavo if he gets a good leadout. Boonen missed by inches yesterday..had his shot too. WHAT A GREAT RACE!!!!


I'M SO JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!! Have fun and tell us all about it!


Bob Roll shaved his head after Fatty got his readers to contribute $5000 to the LAF!

Gotta love Fatty for thinking things like this up, and the readers for making it happen! He was hoping to collect $5000 by the end of the ToC, and got it in 20 hours.

Great finish today! I got home from work at 6:34 (this alone is a miracle) and just caught the end of the race. My DVR only ran till 6:30 (the scheduled ending time), but today VS stayed with it till it was over.

Is it me or is Craig Hummer particularly annoying these days? And what's with those awful shirts? Not flattering and they need ironing.


Barbara, thanks for the VS update...I think I'll tape the 1am show and maybe it'll have the complete finish. My DVR shuts off on scheduled time, too.

Matt, we,ll be watching for you!
Nikki, have a GREAT TIME!!!

Oh, Mark Cav is something, isn't he??!!!!!


Have fun Matt and Nikki! Can't wait to hear about it! I'll be looking for you both :)

GREAT finish yesterday with Boonen and Cavendish! Cavendish really wasn't much challenged today - he is amazing. Loved Jens taking off from the pack at the end. Can't wait for the TT tomorrow!!


Matt - I'm wearing the same shirt I have on the main pic of my blog if you see me today - say hi!

T - Saw Brad yesterday. Got a big hug. :-) It was good to see him. Have some pics but haven't had time to upload. Should tonight to facebook some for sure. :-)

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