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January 13, 2009



Hmmm, a self professed goal oriented person setting a NY's resolution to set aside time without goals. How very Zen of you.


The former Mrs. Armstrong wrote about a similar subject today...


HOLY CRAP! I don't come take a peek for a couple days and there's posts(!!! that's right - with an "s") from Sara. Woo hoo! I so understand life changes and priorities changing. Heck I haven't updated anything on my blog for like 2 months. And Sara, whenever the need for the breaks come, I think we all roll here with out issues, BUT - can I just say it is so sweet and great to hear from you. I keep tabs with a couple on FB which is awesome but it's still good to see you here!

Okay, I'm coming down a little from my excitement. Missed ya Sara. I remember last year when the stars aligned and I connected with you guys and it's cool to see it wasn't a fad. Heck last year with T and Janann I had some of the best times I have had in years and it involved fun cycling which rocks even more.

Last weekend's trip to SD was awesome. My cousin is now a Marine and I loved being able to be there. I have to say though that I might hate you guys in CA as I am now in sub arctic temps after being in 70 degree sunny weather on Saturday. I'm so jealous of the life out there that includes sun and warm temps all year. People looked at me funny in the morning in shorts as they were all bundled up. It was maybe 58-60. Compared to what I left here, that was one seriously fun heat wave. When the sun came out later in the morning I was truly in heaven.

Hey Matt!!
I read your note on Solvang and I will totally be there. (Figure it's easier to comment here than going back.) I can't wait to meet you! I'm going out Wed night through Saturday night. Work is picking up so I can only get two days, thus making the decision to come back and not stay for Sunday's finish. I think I'm staying in Santa Barbara and driving to the couple of stages. I am meeting up with friends at Solvang so I can't wait to meet you too. We'll have to email some details as we get closer. :-)

Is anyone else going to be out there? If anyone else is thinking of going, there's a hotel and car option sitting here to help twist the arm. haha!


I keep a running 'to-do' list at home. It is usually chock full of projects in various stages of completion. (Thankfully Jeannie does the bills...she's an accountant/CPA...Woo-HOO!!! She just LOVES that stuff..and I can't STAND it!) It's true there's ALWAYS more stuff to do. I think thats just part of life. There are weekends when I don't seem to get ANYTHING done...and I feel I wasted the time or something...then other times when I just flat out ROCK on my list. But it seems that for every item I knock off my list, there are 2 to replace it. I think it all comes down to what I tell Jeannie when she gets caught up in the work scene (she is always worried about her work, thinking she needs to get MORE done). I tell her a sure truth in life: your reward for all your hard work will be more hard work. Her job will NEVER be done. She gets so caught up in it that she won't go to the dentist, cuz she says she can't afford to take a few hours of her HUNDREDS of hours of accumulated sick leave. Too much work to do. I on the other hand USE all my sick leave and vacation. I have a sneaking suspicion that I will be SICK for the Friday ToC Solvang TT...I can feel it coming on already!. You need to be able to push the list aside (or bury it under a mound of stuff) and LIVE a little...ENJOY the moment! The list will still be there...tomorrow, or next week. (well, you DO need to pay the least SOME of the house payment, electricity..stuff like that).

Nikki...glad you could make it out to our little corner of the world...we are surely in a wonderful heat wave right was 87 in Santa Maria yesterday (a record!) We rode last night after work...awesome! No tights even! It was still in the 60's when we finished at quarter to 6 (start at 3:30). Not too shabby...sorry to hear about all you northerner' can just keep that weather! Been there, done that...but no more. If I want frigid cold, I will open the freezer. I'll take year-round riding weather any day! It's worth the cost of living (rather high out here). See u in's gonna be GREAT!


Hi Everyone and Hellooooo Sara!! Yes, it's quite overwhelming to be in charge of everything when your children are young....but it gets better....and then they all move back home again once you think they've actually moved out for good! At least that's what has happened at my house! But seriously Sara, let things go when you can, enjoy your kids, find small ways they can help you, enjoy 15 minutes of personal time in the mornings....and get some exercise.

I will be with the team the entire ToC so will be in Solvang too and would love to say hi to those of you that make it this way. If someone will start an email we can exchange cell numbers. I have to work for the stage but am spending the night (at home) here Friday instead of moving on to Santa Clarita, so perhaps we could do a dinner at Firestone Brewery?

And best news of all, Sara has agreed to write the ToC reports for USCR so you will all get to read her awesome cycling-related stories soon!


I have given up on to-do lists. And Sara, you have a lot more stuff going on in your life than I do!

I'm so thrilled that we'll have a group of IAer's at the ToC!!! First hand info!!

And I need to check and see when they are going to announce the teams, Jelly Belly had such a good year in 08!!!!

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