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January 20, 2009



Didn't poor George look grim sitting there in the winter light while Obama spoke? The departing hugs and handshakes were very civilized but I too felt a sense of relief and anticipation, when they "left the building." I feel like it's Christmas and even though I know what my present is, it feels like it will be unfolding for a long time.

This is really the first time in my life I felt like I have a President I can feel proud of and relate to as a human being. I didn't "get" Carter until I was older and saw his good work afterward. Although I admire Kennedy, I was too young to appreciate him when he was in office. I truly disliked Nixon and thought he was a paranoid criminal. Reagan's appeal was a mystery to me. The Bushs? Nope neither one. I knew Clinton was smart, and did a lot of things that were good for our country, but there were a number of things I didn't admire him for. I must say, I would not feel great about Hilary as President. She was, is, so political, regardless of her incredible intelligence.

This man Obama, has a level of humanity, humility, keen intelligence and a level of class that is awe inspiring. As an orator, none can match him. With all that said, he is still seems approachable. What I love most is the fact that he really seems to hear what others say, regardless of whether they agree with him or not. Maybe it's because I am at that age where you seem to "compromise" the values of your youth. From my vantage point it is the time when you realize you don't have to fight everything, nor do you have to knock others down to make your point.

Can't wait to read more, Sara! Thank you for sharing with us.


Sara, a lot of people where relieved to see Bush go bye-bye.
I had to watch! I gave up my spinning class, so I could watch the whole ceremony. I had to leave for work about the time the parade got going.
Cat, you hit the nail on the head with the Presidents. Although I really liked Clinton, but disliked some of his behavior. I love Hillary, but I could see that she had too much political baggage. I'm glad she took Sec of State.


My husband said he read that the cost of the inauguration was something like 1.7mil (not sure of exact amount) to which I commented: "It was worth every penny to get rid of W"

Adios Jorge, hope we don't hear from you again.

Sara, haven't had time to read your chapter yet, so busy with the Tour Down Under, but I promise I will because I can't wait!!! I'm up til at least midnight every night covering the race--ugh, glad we're usually racing in Europe! The time difference is waaaaaay more friendly between Europe and California than here and Australia (16.5 hours!)

And many of you will be pleased to know it's raining in CA today so the good weather is gone at the moment....but I spent 4 hours at the beach on Sunday! lol


Hey...So I'm getting my early season fix of Phil n Paul...Woo-HOO! Half hour daily shows of the tour down under (thanks to Lance I have to adimit..we sure didn't get this race televised in prior years!)

So... what do you all think of all the new team Kits now that we are seeing them in action? I don't particularily care for Columbia's...too much like the now deceased Saunier Duval...couldn't think of anything more original than that? Don't care for Saxo Banks either..too plain jane...which is too bad considering how awesome their old CSC outfits were...nicely original and instantly recognizable in the pack. I do like Silence Lotto's new look...and I'm up in the air on Astana's...kind of a retro Postal look I guess. At least it's not yellow. Still a bit hard to pick them out in the group for some reason. Euskatel always gets Ultra-high marks, as they are SO VERY recognizable in any situation (but where do they get those ugly beehive helmets? Kind of an Octopus-head look...very strange design I've always thought).

OK..enough Kit-picking (HA!) It's good to have the Boy'z back on the road, mixing it up in high style again. And how about poor Rocket-Robbie in Stage 2? In the ultra slow-mo, you could see his arm just rip the camera right out of the grip of the dumb-ass holding it out in the way..cut him pretty good I gather. At least the person lost their camera as a little pennance (I'm sure it was ruined after it was flung into the air after the hit). Wasn't it Thor Hushvold that got cut pretty bad from a foam hand a few years back in the Tour? People need to be more aware of their actions. That camera could just as easily hit him in the face...maybe crush an eye socket or even put an eye out if it had been held just a bit higher. Figure the closing sprint is at or over 40mph...dangerous enough without stupid fans holding crap out in their way. Should find that fan and send them the Dr's bill. Or maybe I'm being too harsh...I don't know. Just hate to see them get hurt like that. Wrecks are bad enough but at least are part of the sport.

Just my 2 cents worth.


They should double-barricade all the finishes--too many people have never been on the finish line of a sprint before and don't realize what is about to happen when the sprinters come barreling in. Thor was cut by a PMU cardboard hand--they are foam now AFTER he was cut. We have one from 2005 Tour--they were made of that cardboard that is kind of thick but still lightweight...ouch.

Be sure to watch Thur highlight show--it was some good racing last night!


Hey....a nice link over at Rant to a Lance article (THANKS Rant!)'s the link but you should be checking Rant out too...he's always deep into the doping side of things.

It's a LONG article but nicely written. Talks about most everything you could think about in LanceWorld right now.

Cathy...good idea on the double-barricades...that would surely be welcome at the finish I would think. MAYBE the organizers will think about it? And you're's probably just ignorance (don't mean that in a bad way) on the spectator...hoping to get a shot...and they prob can't even SEE the guys due to the crowd until they flash sticking the camera out is their only way to 'see' them coming. (thank goodness it appeared to be a 'pocket' cam vice a full blown 35mm type..that could really do some damage!)


Hey Matt, thanks for the props. Most appreciated.

Cathy, the double-barricades is a fantastic idea. That would go a long way to keeping people away from the sprinters, and it would keep the sprinters safe from wayward cameras, photographers, and other things.

I agree with Matt, too, that a full-sized 35mm rig could pack a mean punch. Especially with one of the long telephoto lenses attached.


Versus is going live for the Amgen Tour of CA!!

VERSUS' on-air schedule for the Amgen Tour of California follows:

February 7 Preview Show
5 p.m. ET (2 p.m. PT)

February 14 Prologue - Sacramento (live/same-day delay)
5 p.m. ET (2 p.m. PT)

February 15 Stage 1, Davis to Santa Rosa (live/same-day delay)
6 p.m. ET (3 p.m. PT)

February 16 Stage 2, Sausalito to Santa Cruz (live)
12:30 p.m. ET (9:30 a.m. PT)

February 17 Stage 3, San Jose to Modesto (live)
5 p.m. ET (2 p.m. PT)

February 18 Stage 4, Merced to Clovis (live)
4 p.m. ET (1 p.m. PT)

February 19 Stage 5, Visalia to Paso Robles (live)
4 p.m. ET (1 p.m. PT)

February 20 Stage 6, Solvang time trial (live)
4 p.m. ET (1 p.m. PT)

February 21 Stage 7, Santa Clarita to Pasadena (live/same-day delay)
5 p.m. ET (2 p.m. PT)

February 22 Stage 8, Rancho Bernardo to Escondido (live/same-day
delay) 5 p.m. ET (2 p.m. PT)


Yay Woohoo!!!! (for those of us who will be stuck in the frozen tundra of the midwest...)


Yes, Amy! I have 14 inches of snow (now compacted down to about 10-12 inches) in my yard....Brrrr and the arctic cold is coming this weekend.

Rant, is your Blackberry set to go off (like Lance) whenever your name is mentioned on the internet, or do you come her often? (sounds like a come on doesn't it? I feel like I can be a little familiar since Janann and I sorta-kinda met you at the Floyd Town Hall in Wilmette back when life was different)

Cathy, thanks for all the cool info you've been leaving us lately!


MATT! I love a man who can spend a whole paragraph discussing FASHION! My first thought when I saw the new Team Columbia kit was that le Tour will disqualify them for looking too much like known dopers.

So, what did you think of Michelle's outfits on Tuesday?


I waved at the TV too.

Just saw you'd published your first chapter! look forward to reading it tomorrow.


Barbara, I loved the inaugural gown, elegant and sort of a Greek goddess. The inauguration suit took a bit for me to warm up to. I thought it looked better up close than from a distance. I read a description by the designer and learned it had a wool lace pattern on it to "give it some depth." The color was lovely, but I couldn't figure out why they weren't freezing! Everyone else had outer wear and scarves. I also liked the afternoon scoop neck dress which they kept referring to as having a Chinese design. Couldn't see that, but it had lovely colors.

Didn't they look adorable walking down Connecticut Avenue holding hands? And when they dance, he looks at her with such love. She's got a lot of class!


I loved Michelle's clothes too--very elegant. She is a super neat woman-can't wait to see what good work she does. And their daughters seem so full of life and personality. Little Sasha giving her Dad the thumbs up before he took the oath of office was priceless! I love seeing a young family living in the White House and I wish them all the best. Bye, bye George. It's so nice not to hear from you day after day.


Double barricades sound so smart. I've not had the experience (yet!) of attending a finishing sprint but knowing what has happened to riders and spectators, I would probably be leaning backward to avoid being the cause of an injury. And thus, miss all the good views!

Happy New Years everyone!

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