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January 26, 2009



Ahhhhh Sara...WE all knew your group would love your story. But I can only try to imagine how scary that must be. Though truth be told, I'm ok getting up in front of people. Wasn't always that way...back in the Navy I ended up being assigned as an instructor. I had to go to Instructor Training School first. Let me tell you, I have been thru LOTS of schools in my day (Military LOVES schools) but that was hands down the hardest! 4 weeks of writing up little Lesson plans, then standing up in front of the class 'teaching', all the while on video-tape for later review by the instructors. They tear you apart. And I am sort of a 'nervous Nellie' type of person. A fidgeter if you will. Can't sit still. Jeannie laughs that when I read a book, something is moving..hands, feet..something. (thats my secret to NEVER being able to gain a nuclear metabolism). ANYWAY...after 4 weeks of that, then 4 years of actual classroom teaching, I can get up in front of most any group now with only minor apprehension. But before that class I would just DIE! It's a very hard thing to do if you aren't accustomed to it (for most people anyway). So the fact that you not only had to get up in front of people, but then read YOUR book...kind of a double-whammy of fear. Well done!!

And I digress...yes..the bike races this year are now even BETTER at my house...we got a 46" Sony HD widescreen AND the new HD DVR. And oh my GOSH is the view stunning! Just finished watching the Tour Down Under last night. Gads, you can count the pebbles imbedded in the road rash now! (ICK!!!) HD is really something to behold! I think we're going to get GREAT coverage of the ToC...(thanks Lance!) I mean, how many of us (Cathy excluded) have ever followed the Tour Down Under before? This year it was a great race! Televised DAILY!

And to make all you 'snowbelters' feel a bit better...we are in the throes of winter arctic conditions ourselves! was like 36 this morning! And I didn't even ride this weekend! The temps were down in the FIFTIES! Holy crap! How can we be expected to go riding in THAT? I'm SUCH a fair weather rider! Thankfully it will be back in the 70's by the weekend...WHEW!! I was worried there! Been rather crappy since last Weds! (we even got some RAIN! What is that strange wet stuff falling from the sky? Is it SAFE? Everybody INSIDE, QUICK!)

OK..have a great week everybody! Was great to get an early season FIX of Phil and Paul. The game is ON!


I was thinking the same thing -- it was SO great to have a little P&P every night while following the Tour Down Under. Even though it was only 30 minutes a night - we loved it! I CANT WAIT for the ToC. As we get more cycling coverage, I'm increasingly pleased that Lance has made his comeback specifically to get us some more cycling air time ;) What stages are you going to make it to at the ToC, Matt?

Sara, I would be terrified to read my work in front of strangers! There is something so personal in that; it makes you feel so vulnerable and exposed. SO happy to hear it went well (I knew it would after you shared the 1st chapter with us). I'm eagerly anticipating the next installment.

Cat, I liked Michelle's afternoon ensemble better than her gown. It was a lovely gown and very elegant, but I have come to expect her in vibrant colors and I was a little disappointed. She does indeed seem to be a very classy lady and I too am excited to have such an "alive" young family in the White House!

Oh, and I HATE Columbia's new kits - ACK! They continued to improve on their kits all year last year (remember those ugly High Road kits that they started the season with??) and I was expecting big things. Yuck! I'm not a big fan of Saxo Bank either -- very plain and difficult to distinguish from the bunch.


Sarah, I would have been terrified & probably would have bailed; I'm glad that it was a positive experience for you.

Mrs. Obama's gown--and the romantic music for the "first dance"--reminded me of a wedding, rather than a 'leader of the free world' appearance.
but I liked the yellow ensemble, different but elegant.

Did the Columbia Sportswear Co. have anything to do with that new kit design? They ARE ugly, but at least they are some other color than black, white or blue! I think there should be a rule that each team has to have it's own distinct color, and stick with it! I can always spot Rabobank, Cofidis, and Liquigas--and that is why I like the argyle on Garmin (and wish it were more prominent).

I'm going to email versus to tell them how much I appreciated the shows ad the live stream of the TdU (even though I had to shut it off early to go to bed, had to go to work Sunday AM)and that I would have watched it even without LA!!

Sarah, do any of the links on cyclingfans ever work for you to see events not shown in NA? That's how I watched the Giro and the vuelta (and other races) last year, and heard that was more reliable than cycling tv. Maybe you can see the ToC that way--but yeah, the TV is much nicer--I wish I knew a way to connect the computer to the TV.

Boy Matt, that is tough living for sure--if you'd like me to come out and help you through it--take your rides for you and such--I'm sure we could come to terms--


Rae, it most surely IS tough out here. Going out for the Tues after-work ride tonight. Will probably have to wear a bear-skin coat (or something akin to that) will be down in the FIFTIES at ride time! My ears are probably gonna be cold! I might have to actually WEAR an earwarmer! What if it slips over my eyes on a descent? Do you glue it in place? Velcro? And not to whine, but it was in the 30's again this morning! If this keeps up, I might have to start wearing long pants, and SOCKS with my sandals for crying out loud! We could sure use some Global Warming out here right about now!

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