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January 28, 2009



Love the chapter you shared and I want to read some more! I try to check in once a week so I don't get so far behind and I think I'm caught up again. Work is picking way up again so long hours are back. Yuck. Because I can't write I don't like to critique other's writings too much but I do know what I like, and I liked that - a lot! Drew me right in and left me wanting to keep reading.

Snow golfing?!? I cracked up laughing. We used to play frisbee golf a lot and in the winter we still could as the baskets were there all year. How fun! I enjoy living here in the Midwest but the cold gets to me after awhile. This winter just felt like it started earlier than normal and hit us hard up front. Now that were towards the end of Jan, it feels like we've had this for far too long. I love you guys in warmer states as there is hope for future winter visits but man, you're killing me with the sweet rubs of how nice it is! LOL!

We got about 3 inches last night. Those of you living a little further south, I hope you are okay with the ice storm stories I'm hearing about. The one that just hit sounds awful. Lots of power outages and such from the weight of the ice on lines. Thoughts and hugs your way that you're all okay - and have heat!

Saw emails flying yesterday that the TOM route was announced! It's going the opposite way this year. Starts in St.Louis and heads to KC. Jefferson and Rolla are a couple towns that stuck out. Here's a linkie...
I kinda like the banner pic! LOL. :-) I can't wait to go again. I've already got it on the calendar!

I'm getting psyched with the upcoming TOC trip. I've been so cold lately and some mishaps have me bummed but the thought of some sun and warmer temps is making each day worth getting up for! Can't wait.

I should've checked back here before sending my FB reply to you last night. Can't wait to see you too out at the race. :-)

I'm going to try and check back here more often now that we've got more writes from Sara (YEAH!) and it's a lot of reading if you miss too many days. Good stuff always though!

Stay warm everyone! Those of you in sunny warm states - send some this way!

Sara Best

Thanks nikki! Great to hear from you, have fun at the race and stay tuned for my Chapter Two.


They really surprised me with the route this year for the ToM! That's great, because it keeps it interesting and spreads things around. But no sleeping in my own bed!
I better get my vacation request signed!! I turned it in early enough!

Snow, ice, sleet...but we have POWER!!! The bootheel area and Arkansas got hit HARD with the ice.


Nikki, (and any others) I just saw some supercheap fares on smartertravel .com if you haven't gotten your tix yet. Oh, I wish my work schedule was out already!! I know that I will have to work the 14th & 15th (my usual weekend) but the 2 other days that week--if I got my request--I may be heading west!


Hey Hey HEY! He's BACK!!!!!TODAY is the official end of Floyds suspension! (thanks RANT for bringing it to my attention!) Just thougth I'd toss that out here as I know how most of you think about his situation. What a great day! Gonna slip in a few road bike miles tonight also...and hoist a virtual toast to him then (along with my official toast later on at home). BRING IT ON FLOYD!!!


"Back in the Saddle Again...." :)
Yeah Floyd!

So glad to hear you have power, T. I was wondering! I did notice that your dear town doesn't get the ToM this year (no Branson TT either), but it will definitely be interesting to visit new places. I thought the web banner was pretty cool, too, Nikki!

Oh, and Nikki - you KNOW that you have to feed us LOTS of information from your trip. Don't forget that I have _seen_ how connected you are to that computer and expect lots of reports from you in CA ;) Not that we don't expect to hear from the rest of you out there too!

That is indeed a pretty cute pic Sara!


Another great day for America....Floyd is back!!!!


Happy Ground-hogs day to the IA! As I suspected, Phil (the groundhog) has once again predicted a long winter. Sucks for most of you out there...Ya'll need to find a way to get OUT of the snow and cold (unless you LIKE it...BRRRRR!). There are LOTS and LOTS of houses out here just crying out for buyers (though right-now isn't exactly a banner time to be selling a place AND looking for a job I must admit). Everybody's gotta live somewhere....I just now I'll never live in snow and cold again. I'm 'tropical' now (well, sub-tropical actually). I rode both days this weekend (GRIN!) Just so you know what you're missing. Yep...we are deep in the throes of winter out here. Brutal. Brrr.

On a sad note, I see Michael Phelps is in a bit of trouble (go over to Rant's for the details)...appears he did a dumb thing. I don't suspect it will impact him greatly over the long haul though. That would be a real shame. Can't quite compare his faux-pas with, say..Michael Vick's..or pretty much any other famous athlete who gets into trouble. this is pretty small stuff, unless you are one of his sponsors I guess. Michael, Michael, Michael..what WERE you thinking?
Anyway, ya'll STAY WARM out there! Ice storms, snow, cold...that just stinks!


Oh, and it was a good superbowl yesterday too..for those who missed it (or don't care). I was really rootin for the Cards..I like it when a guy is traded away as a has-been and takes his new team to (or VERY VERY CLOSE TO) the top. If it weren't for that FREAK interception play at the very end of the 1st half it would have been their game I think. As it was, they really made it exciting. They sure did better than most were giving them credit for. And some pretty dang funny commercials too...Budweiser always has good ones, though I can't STAND the beer. And yo SUSIE, where ARE you?? Figure you'd have some good commentary on the game.


Can we redo the ground hog thingy. I so don't want a longer winter. It's been long enough. LOL.

How are you doing Janann?!? All things are going smoothly I hope. :-) I will be taking my computer along with me so no worries on fun stuff. Just not sure if I'll get much time to update while there. Very short trip for me but I promise to have the camera with and promise to update. :-)

I was out of town all weekend so when I finally got home last night I watched Cross Worlds and had the game on in the background. From the little I paid attention to it was exciting. :-)

Work is really picking up and the back (possible fracture) isn't feeling much better but TOC is just around the corner. Bring on the SUN!!!

Happy Monday gang!


Oh, bummer about Michael - I hadn't heard that. I hope that things work out OK for him because he really does seem like someone who has his priorities in life straight (despite this "indiscretion"). I certainly enjoyed watching him swim and found his interviews to be top class.

Yes, Susie, you really need to stop in now and again!! We miss ya!

Matt, you'd better hope that Nikki doesn't bring the cold and snow with her when she heads your way or you'll be sorry for all of your weather bragging ;)


RE: Michael
Rant is right, if you're in the spotlight, you're in the spotlight. What I think is sad is that there are people who are more than willing to be a part of tearing down... the newspaper quoted a guy who was at the party who said something close to: "It clearly wasn't the first time he's done this. He picked up that bong and knew exactly what to do with it and he seemed very comfortable wtih it." Just in case Michael had come out and tried to say he only tried it once, I guess. Who needs this?

Apparently Speedo and Omega have already come out and said they are not dropping him as a spokesperson, but the other sponsors are still "deciding."

We've all seen the research that says that the part of the brain that senses and processes danger doesn't fully develop till you're about 26... that's why kids are so stupid. Athletics puts them in the spotlight while they're still in the stupid stage.... and then they get all kinds of money and fame, etc. It can be pretty damn heady. I'm with you, Janann, I hope it works out OK for him.

Related topic - on sensing and processing danger. Is the "danger" the wacky weed and its effects on the body and mind, or is the danger getting caught? When I drive 79 miles an hour, I stay under 80 because I believe somehow that this reduces my likelihood of being stopped (and it works, I even have an "arrest-me-red" car and I've never been stopped!) The fact that I am also putting myself in harm's way, increasing the chance of an accident and increasing the potential for that accident to be serious doesn't come into play. (I work in HR in a hospital and this comes up when we are discussing things like nurses not washing their hands between patients, not triple-checking labeling on medication before giving it, and many many more.)

GO FLOYD! How I would love to see him come to ToC and kick butt!


Take two minutes to read this start list for the Tour of California and then go to a travel website to book your trip because THIS is going to be cycling heaven! Just read those them out loud and shout for joy!!!


Yo Cathy..I was JUST going to post the link to VeloNews with the ToC rosters but you beat me to it...HOLY SMOKES! This looks like a TDF roster! Surely everybody is bringing their 'A' teams! Woo-HOO!!!! Man is this going to be GREAT!! Only a few GC tour contenders not in attendance!

And hey...Bob Roll will be HERE in my little town again at a local bike shop (Main Street Cycles in Santa Maria) this coming Monday evening at 7pm. He came here last year too the week before the ToC...talked for about an hour, and then just hung out for awhile with the crowd..signing autographs and such. The shop has beer and's a regular Bobke-party! SWEEEEEEETT! He is one funny man!


Dang -- I wonder if I can still find plane tickets and convince someone to watch my daughter.....or and figure out how to get out of work. That ToC start list is AMAZING!!! Have fun all! I can't wait to watch it (Hooray - thanks Lance) and hear about it from everyone who will be there!

I'm feeling much better Nikki (almost human again) and eating at least one meal a day :) Thanks for asking. I was thinking about you today because I found my pics from Downer's Grove - what a fun weekend!


Wow what a start list!! Is the coverage on VS going to be like the TdF or just snippets like the TDU? I'm so jealous of all of you who'll be there in person!!


Last year we had an hour a day on VS...WITH Bobke too! So it should be the full Tour VS I know Bob Roll will be in town. Sad he didn't get to do the TdU, but with only half hour a day, Phil and Paul are enough I guess.

Hope our weather is good...we have forecast rain and chilly (for us) all the rest of this week going into early next week...with any luck it will shift back to 'normal' for the duration of the race. I still remember the stage down the coast last year that finished in San Luis Obisbo. It was windy adn raining (and COLD) all day. The riders came in well over an hour past the slowest projected finish time, and they looked like they were war survivors. We were walking into the finish area and Bobke walked out of the VS trailer for a break and we got to talk to him..he said they were riding into a 35mph headwind with the rain...I can still remember the one guy who finished with foam all over his face and the 1000 yard stare. Sure wish I had thought to get a pic of was spooky. What a horrible day in the saddle THAT must have been. Sure hope we can do better this year!


Live coverage, I think the last two hours of the race (don't quote me but I think this is right)

The schedule should be on the Versus site; my tivo is already finding the first three stages.

I head to Santa Rosa tomorrow to join the team for camp and then the sure to check our site for reports starting Thur night or Friday (once I get settled)

And we're launching a very cool cooperation program with Livestrong today where you can pledge money based on miles raced by your favorite Astana riders--very cool!

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