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January 15, 2009



I will join in for AI in a few weeks--I don't think I can sit through the audition stuff and all the weirdos. I like it when they have the number down to 10 or so and I will then willingly commit to the next 2-1/2 months. Does that comply to your demands, Ms. Sara?! UNLESS there is some really hot guy on there that I need to see now, in which all of the above goes out the window and I defer to Sara's opinion to jump in right away!


Nice to see you writing again, Sara! (Just do it, usually works for me!)

I'm with Cathy, though, I can't take the first several weeks of AI. Same way with Project Runway--just can't cope with too many contestants.

Hey, I read the post from a few days ago, and have to say, shortening the To Do list is often hard but has big rewards sometimes. I spent 20 years as a single parent and had to learn that the world would not fall apart if I let some things go--or asked for some help sometimes (that part was very hard)--but my little girl would sure feel it if I didn't. Even so, I love (and sometimes hate) my job and probably gave a bit too much emotional energy to it at times.

Currently -3F and supposed to be -15 by the time I leave for work in the AM. Thank heavens the sun came our for a while today and evaporated some snow from the roads. Biking is just a dream at this point--I wasn't going to go to the ToC this year, instead was going to spend the money for a professional conference but---the list of riders who will be there is so fine--and surely it won't rain as much this year--so I have been checking airfares the past week, thinking about whether it would be worth it for half a week, and hoping that I could get a few obstacles out of the way in time to make the trip. So I may just do it! I sure would like to meet any of you who will be there!


It's cold outside
but Sara
turned on the lights
and I
feel all warm inside.......


My computer room is a 3-seasons room and is currently about 32 1/2 degrees (just enough to keep the pipes from freezing and my aquarium of pond fish from freezing). So, needless to say, I CANT write much before my fingers get numb.

Just wanted to say that I made my husband watch AI this week too (without even too many complaints) and I'm with you about Cara, Sara (hee hee). Like her a lot! The first 6 shows aren't my favorites either, but I like to watch a little bit of them to see how some of the auditions go.

Loved the poem, Cat ;)


Hey...I tuned into AI just long enough to see the burly bouncer-looking guy do a song...he was OK was the strange purple-haired girl w/ too much metal sticking out of her face (who really thought she was good apparently) and she sang 'somewhere over the rainbow' I believe (and was HORRIBLE!)...thats when I switched...I'm with the rest of you..can't handle the prelims...but when it gets winnowed down some, then I'll tune back in.

We are currently watching '24' (a friend has all 6 seasons on DVD and loaned them to us)...I remember ya'll yak'in about it last year, and somehow I never started watching. Boy was that dumb! WHAT A GREAT freakin SHOW!! We are totally RIVETED!!! (and we are only thru the first 8 episodes of season 1). So we've got a lot of catching up to do. I also like the new show "Leverage" with Timothy Hutton...but Jeannie isn't into that one. We both like "Criminal Minds", and hey...WOO-HOO! BG starts back up like next week!! MAN oh MAN is the finale season gonna be GREAT!!

And then, the icing on the cake: CYCLING SEASON is upon us! Too much going on, too little time! It's gonna be a GREAT year!! Hopefully in 2 weeks our weather forecasting quadraped will give u snow-belt folks a break and predict the early spring. But don't hold your breath. And think warm thoughts!

Rae...that would be cool if you make far Nikki is coming out, Cathy and I are already here...anybody else? A little fun and sun in Feb?? Think about it!


Oh, Matt! I LOVE "leverage"!! and Burn Notice, too. AND "The Closer". Gosh I hope Brenda marries Fritz and doesn't get cold feet at the last minute.
I'll try to comply with Sara's rules...but the prelims give me a stomachache!


Spring? What's that?

Oh JD, what a bummer. Can't you move the dang thing into another room?

My big excitement today is I called my Mom, read some LA and DZ twitter, looked at some financial articles, sent a couple of emails, and cleaned my kitchen drawers (first time in about 4 years).


We have about 14 inches of much do you have? Matt and Cathy, sit on your hands!


Can't wait for Mad Men to come back (July 27th!!!! BooHoo). In the meantime I've not stuck with anything. Checked out Nip/Tuck (hoping they would be a little less weird so I wouldn't bail again mid season), but haven't really committed to any show again. The writer's strike took out such a chunk of time, I lost interest. Actually, around that time I picked up my summer reading schedule again, about two books a month. Makes my brain feel better.

Anyone read "Bridge of Sighs" by Richard Russo (wrote Pulitzer Prize winner Empire Falls which I haven't read)? Enjoyed that one a lot. Presently reading "The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao" by Junot Diaz. Odd but compelling book about a Dominican Republic "ghetto nerd" in Jersey. Trust me, he won a Pulitzer...


Cat, our snow just melted. We were in the freezer, and then were surprised with a dusting of snow. It's warmer today (30's with the SUN) but the north CANADIAN wind is whipping everything around.

Sara, is there anything you can do about keeping your "clipper" fronts to yourself???

I've been thinking about getting Rosetta Stone(before the Phelps commercials!) to learn spanish since we have hispanic citizens. But my heart still belongs to french. I took it in HS, College(1 semester) and a year, in the late ' lost decade..or the last 5 years anyway.
So I'm really thinking of springing for it. But, I want to make sure I don't get it and leave it to collect dust.


Theresa, I was able to access Rosetta Stone online through my library a few years ago--I was trying to learn a little Italian (but the little Spanish that I know kept asserting itself). I don't know how similar the online version was to the commercial product, but I wasn't terrifically impressed. The choice of vocabulary for the first lessons seemed kind of random (horse, airplane). Maybe it was meant to target children. However, I've never tried any other learning program, and I didn't stick with it very long, so maybe not a fair assessment. Actually, the combo of repetition and pictures was not bad. I should keep on with spanish--I learned it in dealing with the spanish-speaking patients in San Diego when I lived there, and we are starting to see more now in Ohio.

We have about 8 inches on the ground now, but tomorrow I am driving up to Toledo where there is over 20" I've been told.

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