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January 08, 2009



SARA!!! Glad to know you are still thinking about us! One of my 'daily' internet sites is Rant...(Daniels blog). I haven't yet bought his book but will be it does look very interesting. I did purchase Jill Homers book (she was one of the guest-writers for Fatty's site back in early Dec or so)...lives up in Juneau Alaska...and did the Iditarod trail ride (something like 360 miles of the Iditarod sled-dog trail on a MOUNTAIN BIKE in FREAKIN FEBRUARY!!) Anyway...that is also VERY good! It's called Ghost Trails...and reading it takes me there with her, trying to imagine what would motivate ME to get back on (or pushing in many cases) a really really heavy mt bike thru snow up in Alaska in the middle of winter. (I did some winter Mt-biking up in southern Wisconson years ago....made my own studded tires, chains...all in all it still really sucked in the big scheme of 'biking'). I can't fathom having a bike full of equipment that WILL be used to keep me alive in the Arctic...and trying to make it move that far under only my own power. I equate that with SERIOUS winter Mt. climbing (McKinley, Everest...stuff like that..with a huge potential for death).

Anyway...I will surely toss out my 2 cents worth when I finally read it And WELCOME back to the living Sara!


I just finished Jill Homer's book this morning! I was going to write about it, but you beat me to it, Matt. Jill writes really beautifully, and what a story she has to tell. I started out thinking I would read it in chapters over a longer period of time, but I found myself riveted. The only thing more unimaginable than doing such a race is doing it AGAIN...


Hi Sara!


Both books sound really interesting, though snow biking would definitely NOT be my "thing" at all!

We got to meet "Rant" when we went to the FFF in Chicago :) His site is excellent and I can't imagine his book being any less so.

So glad to hear from you Sara!


oops - I forgot to say how good it was to have you back, Sara! Happy New Year!

Sara Best

Thanks guys! It's always nice to talk to you guys. Sorry I haven't been around more.

My problem is that I'm very focused on working on the novel right now and I find I don't have much to say that's not writing-related and I'm assuming that would bore you guys to death.

That's why I'm sort of left wondering what to do with the blog.

I'm thinking about just having it change directions along with my life, but who knows.


Hey Sara, nice to hear from you.
I actually have some writing related questions, should I ask them here or email you?


Thank god! SO good to see a new post from you. Happy New Year Sara.


Why can't you talk about writing? I have an article I need to get published, but I can't seem to get back to edit it, nor commit to the hellish process of finding someone willing to publish it! Mostly I get really discouraged reading all the darned pesky requirements they list in the back of the magazine, you know so many words, on this type of paper with these notations, blah blah blah. Why can't you just send it and they can change it if they want???

Heck Sara, we all read, so why not hear the writing part?

You know we aren't so shallow as to only want to discuss cycling. Sex would be good. Getting any of that while you write?


Sara!!! HI!
I agree with cat; we read anything you write! re: DOPE
I did purchase a copy. Rant is one of my favorite blogs, and he went to MU journalism school! But, I haven't read it yet.
That snow bikin' book sounds cool, too.

Sara Best

nakigril - no problem, send me an email and we'll chat.

cat and theresa - okay, if you guys are game to veer away from cycling a little with me then let's go. I hope I don't bore you to death - tell me if I do.

Cat, that's great that you're working on an article for publication - keep at it!


Yo Sara...let the direction of your blog go where it may (let go of the wheel and see where it turns!) I'm pretty sure everybody here is ready to go with the flow...Ya' gotta be able to adapt...thats life! Ever-changing.

Write about whatever suits you at the moment. It might end up being even BETTER than before! (Thats one thing I like about Fatty's never know what he will talk about). If the topic doesn't float my boat, then I'll just be quiet (for a change). Yeah THATS gonna happen! I say BRING IT ON!

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