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November 20, 2008



Welcome back Sara!


YAY Sara, WELCOME BACK! And Congrats on the 'nearly' completed move! (I have moved MANY times in my know how hard it can be...though I never had kids in tow. That would surely add a few points to the difficulty factor!

Well...Turkey-day is NEXT WEEK can that BE? Xmas soon to follow...and then...CYCLING SEASON! The teams will be in Solvang in January, Woo-HOO!! And if the weather continues as it has been, it's going to be an AWESOME training camp! This year we have added lights to our bikes, so our after work rides don't have to be cut short due to the STUPID time change and darkness! It's actually kind'a cool to finish our rides at 5:30pm in near total darkness. Something eerily calming about the tunnel-vision, nice temps (usually still in the 50's at rides end) and the humm of a few tires as we SPRINT down the final straight. Hopefully we can keep the longer rides going throughout the winter this year, so I enter NEXT season well ahead of my usual spring game. But the Holidays wreak havoc on ride we shall see. But THAT is my resolution for this winter. Keep the tires burnin! (Wasn't that an REO song??) Not sure if I will be able to check in next happy T-day to all! Stay warm up north, and if you read Fattys yesterday (Jill from Alaska was the substitute) there is NO EXCUSE not to ride, even in snow and cold! (of course, you need a Mt bike for this). And on a final note, next weekend is the Michigan/Ohio State game...hasn't been exactly a banner season for Ol' Blue..and I'm very afraid it's going to be more of a shellacking we are going to get this year. But it' such a rivalry, you never know! LETS GO BLUE!


(I hate my I.S. department that doesn't think commenting on your blog is an appropriate lunch time activity!!!!)

Eh-hmm, So happy Sara is here!!! So happy Bitch Kitty is online again!. Yay, the cool girls are back!

So does this mean all you IAers might soon return with some regularity? I know, it will take a bit of reorganization, and more than one or even two Sara posts (she's fooled us before with her tantalizing treats ;-), but maaaaybe, just maybe, we might get to talkin cycling trash, and other good stuff again. I mean, god, look at the wonderful fodder we missed! Palin, McCain, stock market crashes/recovery/crash again, job losses, fires, kidnappings, piracy on the high seas./..there's so much to talk about!

Any way, it's great to hear from you and that you are happily ensconced in your office. Look forward to hearing more.

Welcome back sweetie.


And Penn State is going to the Rose Bowl and I was clever enough to buy rights to purchase tickets to the game so come January 1 I will be sitting in Pasadena seeing the Nittany Lions rocking the house! Go Lions! Go Joe Pa!!!!! 82 and still going strong--good for him! I CANNOT WAIT to tailgate at the Rose Bowl, oh lordy, I'd better start increasing my alcohol levels right now so I am prepared by then!


Oh Sara, welcome back! again.... but moving has got to be one of the most unpleasant things that humans do! But it sounds like you found a great place for the kids to grow up.
Saw Brad Huff at the bike shop yesterday. He was working on the bike. I got a couple of hugs and chatted a few minutes. He looked great.


Oh Sara, so great to hear from you! I can barely keep all of the kid toys organized withOUT moving, so I imagine that moving the entire household was a real challenge. It really sounds WONDERFUL, though.

Sorry I haven't been around much either. I've been feeling quite under the weather and that makes me not even want to turn on the computer at night.

Matt, you leave the poor East coast alone this week ;)

So happy that you bumped into Brad, T. Did he tell you about his fall races? Sounds like he was doing pretty well, right?


Hey Sara the Inane Asylum!
Haven't written for some time but am always a regular reader. As I live a half hour out of Boulder I went to the Garmin-Slipstream Launch last Saturday. What a hoot! It was so fun to see the boys in their different versions of argyle. Last year they all wore the same suits,this year it seemed to be their choice but included the argyle. David Miller wore KNICKERS with pink?maybe maroon argyle knee high socks.Magnas sported a white suit and argyle tie, Zabriskie-jeans and a simple white tee shrit with the pattern going across the chest. There were argyle ties, socks, sweaters, vests and scarves. It was interesting to see the personalities played out in the clothes AND hair. The team was relaxed, funny, always teasing one another. An auction was held to benefit the local Children's Hospital and most of the bidding was done by the team members. An electric guitar was raffled off, the winner donated it back to the auction. The boys had a great time bidding against one another for it with Lucas Eusar(?) acting as the auctioneer. It went for $1000.00, I beleive it Bradley Wiggins who got it. The Boulder Theater was sold out that night and the atmosphere charged with energy. I stood the entire time and it wasn't until I got home that I realized I had been on me feet for close to four hours, I was so enthralled! Woo Hoo!Bring on the 2009 season.
Sara, I wish you and your family blessings on your new home. May the memories you make there be of joy and love. Congratulations on the move.


Make that: Sara AND the Inane Asylum!


Hey Ya'll, checking in from VA. So far, so disasters of any sort...tornados, hurricanes, meteor strikes...Nutin! COOL!!! Havin' a great time at the farm...drinkin beer, playin pinball, drinkin beer, shootin guns, drinkin MORE beer...ahh...what a vacation! Weather isn't too bad...a bit chilly for my tastes but survivable. Checked in on the webcams, the doggies are doing fine while we are gone (seems they sleep 24hours a day...well, prob 23 the doggie sitter comes over to feed them every afternoon and they are all excited then).

Lindaloo...thanks for checkin in...very cool on the Garmin lunch/auction..what a blast that sounds like! Too bad we don't get anything like that where we live. The closest will be the training camps in Jan down in Solvang..but the boyz will be in training mode, not fun mode. Still hope to get down there once or twice to see them hit the road...maybe follow them for a few miles till they drop me. Anyway...happy Thanksgiving to the IA! Football today...and beer, and turkey...ahh..(and shootin!!) My poor Michigan got CREAMED last weekend in our annual shootout w/ Ohio State..they played so poorley that I can't fathom who would win if they played my lowly Raiders...maybe a tie at ZERO? OK..on with the festivities! Suck down some tasty coffee, watch some of the parade...and on from there! What a great day!


WOW LindaLoo!!! What a cool chance to see the team Launch! I remember you went last year too.

JD, Brad's not even talking next year yet! He just wants off the bike for awhile!


Jes hoping the lull here is due to the holiday and not the economy, or the Mumbai terrorist attacks, or some other catastrophe like....GIVING UP.

So, hope everyone had a restful if not delightful holiday. Mine was very good.. Only the three of us, but everyone was in the kitchen, which is my favorite part of holidays, being in the kitchen cooking. It's actually my favorite part of any party. You'd think that would indicate a big kitchen (nope) or lots of home cooked meals (nuh uh), but I have this dream that if hubby and number one son entered this kitchen with the excited idea that we were on an adventure called "what can we create?", that I would cook more. Silly, no?

In truth I just love it when I make something and the recipient goes, "yum, this is gooooood!"

That happened this Thanksgiving. Even I said so.


High heat Turkey. That's the ticket.


Yeah Sara! Happy to read you are moved, even if not fully settled in yet.

Fun loving winter weather here. Made the commute a pain this morning and I'm not looking forward to the drive home, BUT, if it wasn't for the drive, it would be kind of pretty outside. Everything is white and the snowflakes last night were huge which were pretty to watch. One positive of snow - if it's snowing, chances are slim it's any cooler than 20 degrees. :-)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I'm already wishing for another 4 day weekend.

Hey T - you run into your sweetie Brad, you visit, and all we get is like a couple words about it? What is that? I'd echatted with him a bit while he was in China and the group really sounded ready to hang up the bikes but what a great way to end the season for them. :-) Hope you say hi and give him hugs for us too!

It's December already - can you all beleive it? Stay warm!


I just saw that Fuji is assuming sponsorship of Saunier Duval. Do you think they will get rid of those obscene shorts? Please?


Hey, guess what? That email about a computer virus I sent out recently to ya'll scored a note from Greg! He sounds like he's doing well, and misses us, but life has him beezy.

He mentioned, maybe joining the Team Fatty and riding his bike to San Jose (did fatty say to do that? I musta missed somethin'.). Anyone else had this crazy thought? I did but it disappeared the second it formed in my head. I hatehatehate raising money (a fact for which I am sure I will go to hell) and I don't ride farther than 20 miles....

What a loser.


Cat, I hatehatehate to raise money, too. I really got turned off when a lot of my friends did Team in Training and I learned that half the money they raised paid for their trip to Alaska to run the marathon. (In fairness, I also know a number of people who tell their donors that they have already donated the cost of their trip.) I will donate money to any good cause, but I won't ask my friends to give money on my behalf.

Amy, I second the motion to get rid of the S-D shorts!!!

Too tired to contribute an original thought, but I'm still here!


Yay Barbara!


Category: That's our boy.

What do you call that phenomenon that occurs when fans/idolaters shift their focus from the "once was" to the "coming up" or the "doin' it now?"

Consider our discussions, not too long ago, about how Lance's return to pro racing would effect the career aspirations of some riders we do love...

Here's a link:


Great link, Cat!! Boy, I'd love to see CVV finish higher than Lance!
And Lance was awfully damn lucky during those tours. 2003 was the only one he almost lost, and he managed to physch out Jan! Jan could've beat him, even with his epo.

Floyd's coming back domestically; and I can hardly wait.

Well, guys, I've been really busy since Thanksgiving, I've missed you all! This weekend I might just get some time cruising the blogs!!


Hey Sara! It's time for a new post. But nothing about the economy or the (surprise!!) recession, or terrorism... and I'm so tired of everyone being sick...but it keeps me in a job!

You can always throw a picture of the kids up there and we'll love it!


Oh, and Matt, I love the doggie-cam! I know exactly what my cats are doing....they are sleeping 23hrs a day!


What doggie cam? Huh? What am I missing?

I am avoiding chores and checked out a couple of facebook postings. Here's a REALLY good one:

"Paula is thinking that poor Floyd finally lost it LOL. Only read this IF you LOVE "The Big Lebowski"


For some reason, it dropped the important part, the link:



Well, it's been snowing most of the day here, and to avoid chores I've surfed the net, ate hubby's French pancakes, then read the paper, and went back to the net to Christmas shop. Look what I found! (how can I wrap this up for my DZ deprived friends?)


OH Cat, that video is absolutely priceless! Thanks for the link!!

I'm still around, too, just not on the computer very much lately (though if I intend to have any Christmas gifts to pass out in a few weeks I think I'll be on the computer a LOT in the next few days ;)

So good to hear that Lindaloo and Barbara are still with us, as well. We'll get a good conversation going again soon, I'm sure.

We're getting ice and more ice which is supposed to be followed with 4-8 inches of snow......ugh. Might be headed your way, Cat.

Stay warm everyone!

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