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October 16, 2008



Oh No Sara!! Mars Candy???? I'm with Cathy...70% dark chocolate. I do love nuts (don't all the girls) in my chocolate, and sometime fruit, caramel, yeah, I love chocolate covered caramel too. Ooooooh ooooh, chocolate covered strawberries for an occasion! But most of the time, plain old dark chocolate. The good stuff, not Hershey's or some other waxy American imitation.

So, can we get advances in our email, like a certain someone else did when he wrote a story about a guy on an island? Huh? I'd pay, fer sure, for a preview. You know, just a chapter, or a particularly interesting few pages.... It could be the starter fund for the new house, or the kids college account.

Although actually, college is VERY reasonable in Canada. I tried to convince number one son to go to Toronto, but he wouldn't bite, "too cold," and "I don't know anyone there."

I don't know anyone there.... isn't that the whole POINT of college? New friends? People who don't know how dumb you were in HS??

Ah, well, we instead paid almost two year's salary to send him to Savannah. I recently found a place on his college web site that tells you what you have paid so far. Don't doubt for a minute that I copied it added the rent and air fares and car repairs and clothes and books and other unmentionable things, and emailed it right off to him!

He was unimpressed, or at least didn't respond.

So, If Lance is not riding in the TdF, what exactly is the point of his "comeback?" I thought since that was always "his" race, the one he trained for & lived for, that it would be the centerpiece of his campaign to focus world wide attention on curing cancer. I am confused.

The story about Kohl is just so sad. I do wish there was a real effort to mentor guys in racing, to support them. Though why I expect it to be different than the rest of the world is beyond me. I don't know why I still hold a rather naive view of cycling. Silly. Anything that involves making large amounts of money has a level of corruption. That's how it is.

OK, I'm off to make supper, Hubby came home and we are hungry!

Maybe... chocolate soup?


PS Sara Palin scares a lot of us. Certainly it put McCain in a different light when he chose her. And Barbara, you spoke the thoughts that were in my head last night when McCain said he was so proud of Palin. You are absolutely right in your assessment!!

Her "folksy" and flirtatious persona arent' enough to run a country. People who are leaders need to relate to the masses, but not be ONE of the masses. Why the heck do we admire and elevate our leaders? Because they do things WE CAN"T, inspire us to be better, and give us hope we can rise above our own shortcomings and failures.

Leaders do not show us that it is OK to have a colloquial and narrow view of the world. And leaders certainly don't suggest that it is OK to be an intellectual lightweight who will use charm to cover ignorance. Johnson acted like a "regular guy," but he wasn't ignorant or uninformed. Crude, yes. Stupid , no.

Paula Kirsch

Palin scares the crap out of you Sara? Try living down here baby! YIKES!!!


Mmmmmmmmmmm..........chocolate :)

While dark chocolate is wonderful and I would give my right arm some days after work for a Reese's PB Cup, I'm actually helpless to resist chocolately baked goods (i.e. Paula's famous brownies). Brownies, cupcakes, bars (make with real cocoa of course) are irresistable to me and I've been known to consume large quantities before even realizing what I was doing. Bad, bad, bad. I unfortunately love to bake and so now try to have a "destination" planned for most of the baked goods so they don't sit around my house calling to me and tempting me over to the dark side. I baked a truckload of cookies last night, but sent them off to the child care bake sale today - whew!

I hope you're right about the election, Cathy, but I almost am dreading election night because I'm so scarred from the last 2. I was determined to move to New Zealand in 2004 -- but that didn't seem to work out at the time ;) Sad commentary about how we're viewed in Europe with regards to guns. Every time I hear a story like that I just cringe because I know that we really probably have NO idea what people around the world think of us. I do believe that Obama would help us begin to repair our standing in the world, but the damage that's been done is huge.

Extraordinary rant, Susie. ENTITLEMENT is indeed the key word that has gotten us into much of the mess we're dealing with in this country. I even see it in the kids I teach -- and their parents. Their sense of entitlement is really astounding.

Can't wait to see what the new house looks like, Sara!


Happy, happy day, doing the dance of joy, skipping to my lou, etc.....Basso is riding the Tour of California and I, for one, cannot wait to see that gorgeous hunk riding in some lycra again. Happy, happy, happy.......


Okay, first: Cathy there was a bank that gave a gun away when you opened a bank account!!!!! How long since you watched Michael Moore's movies??

Now, chocolate...there is a candy shop that makes their own chocolate, 72% dark with blueberries!!!! Oh, Lord, it is wonderful!

Susie, your rant was right on! At the end of the 90's I had a friend and realtor trying to tell me I could sell my little "hovel" without doing anything to it, and move into my friend's house with no money down.....we're talking 82,000$ at the time; but it still scared me! I had credit card debt that needed to be paid off, and two morgage payments didn't sound good. Plus the Realtor told me 3 of my cats looked alike, so people would think it was just one cat!lol

I went to see the movie "W." last night. I found it very good, and downright disturbing. At the end I just sat there....kinda sick to my stomach.

I also was going for a BikeMO ride with my friend yesterday am. I was backing out of the parking spot at the motel, and heard a crunch....very sick feeling in my stomach. Damage to my bike rack, and my friend's front wheel. I bent it....and I'm paying for a new wheel.
She said next time we go to a ride, HER bike goes on the rack first!
Lordy, two custom frames, with special forks..and thank God it was just a wheel. I'm somewhat relieved that my cycling season is coming to a close. Just over 900 miles; and a wrecked wheel and a crashed bumper...but that was coming home from Downer's Grove.

I also watched the Frontline show this week on both Obama and McCain. 2000 was McCain's year, and not changing parties, and crawling to W. to make nice in 2004 thru 2008. McCain was screwed by W. in 2000; how could he possibly support him after that???


T, I love people with a good memory (surprisingly, most Americans don't have one). "McCain was screwed by W. in 2000; how could he possibly support him after that???" What is he thinking?

So sorry to hear about your accident. Damn girl, this was not a good year for you. What did you hit????

susieb, I am so glad you are here. You give great rant, dear. You and Matt keep us hoppin'!!

May I assume that sometime after November 5th we might have some more regular posts, Sara? "Please sir, may I have another?"

I am missing you and the friends I have come to love here. Yes we do keep the home fires banked, but clearly even in these volatile times (economy tanking, BIG friggin' election, never ending war, and Ms Palin, a Lance comeback, a new Floyd law suit) , we still can't maintain our momentum.....


Basso. Hunka, and good.


Speaking of, does anyone know where Woofdawg hangs these days?

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