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October 15, 2008



Hi honey!!!! Welcome home!

Gosh, somehow I have been so caught up in my own local stuff (typical of all Americans) that I didn't know you had an election. Even NPR/WBEZ (that liberal rag of a radio show)didn't mention it. Damn we are self absorbed.

So you are moving November 5th. Wow, that is sooon. And poor dear has to do it alone. *sigh* And raise the children, *sigh* And chop the wood for the winter? And not only skin and dress (ala Palin) but hunt down and kill that deer? *sigh*

Sorry, I not dissing you, just couldn't resist. You live in a country pretty much full of (mostly) civilized people (except those goofy Quebequars - I know, I spelled it wrong), have a lovely husband, a great job, two beautiful children AND A NEW HOUSE. Plus, regardless of the choice your fellow citizens made...they DIDN'T CHOOSE anyone NEAR as STOOPID as PALIN!!!!

Here's my latest favorite write up on her:

Friday October 3 2008

"Flirting her way to victory, Sarah Palin's farcical debate performance lowered the standards for both female candidates and US political discourse. At least three times last night, Sarah Palin, the adorable, preposterous vice-presidential candidate, winked at the audience. Had a male candidate with a similar reputation for attractive vapidity made such a brazen attempt to flirt his way into the good graces of the voting public, it would have been universally noted, discussed and mocked. Palin, however, has single-handedly so lowered the standards both for female candidates and American political discourse that, with her newfound ability to speak in more-or-less full sentences, she is now deemed to have performed acceptably last night."

"By any normal standard, including the ones applied to male presidential candidates of either party, she did not. Early on, she made the astonishing announcement that she had no intentions of actually answering the queries put to her. 'I may not answer the questions that either the moderator or you want to hear, but I'm going to talk straight to the American people and let them know my track record also,' she said. And so she proceeded, with an almost surreal disregard for the subjects she was supposed to be discussing, to unleash fusillades of scripted attack lines, platitudes, lies, gibberish and grating references to her own pseudo-folksy authenticity. It was an appalling display."


I am sure I will have to leave the country if they get this election.

Why are we so anti intellectual ( I know the answer to that, I am being rhetorical)?

Why do we insist on people acting all "folksy" and "down to earth" in order to fit the sound bite.

Why can't people in this country actually read history, read papers, pay attention to countries other than our own, and think about the big picture? ( I know the answer to this one too)

I never thought we would EVER have a president as dangerous and criminal as Nixon. I was wrong. We have traversed so far down the path of ruin, I think there is no coming back. We have accomplished in a little over two centuries what it took the Romans hundreds of years to achieve and lose.

Certainly Obama can't fix this in one term or even probably two, but McCain and Palin could certainly flush the toilet in a couple of years.

So, back to your we get to see a photo? Nothing to show where you actually live, just a little photos of the front, or the porch, or the yard...

Do hang in there and don't worry about us, we are very patient and perfectly capable of amusing ourselves til you get back.

Besides, we have Matt and susieb's rants to read!!!


Howdy Sara! Cat's right, we can entertain ourselves while you're busy -- but we do love it when you have a chance to check in :) Great news on the novel (so......if we donate to your kids' track - I mean hockey team can we get it emailed ;). You are going to be one BUSY lady in the next few weeks. Hope all goes smoothly!

It sounds like Kohl really handled himself in a classy way that belies his youth. He's young and caved to the pressure that he was feeling. I hope that he can return to cycling after serving his suspension in the same way that Millar has; contributing to a cleaner racing culture after his experience. It's interesting to me how my own feelings are so different in regards to him and Ricco due to the way they handled the situation (neither were favorites of mine either during of after the Tour). You have to respect someone who takes on the personal responsibility and says "Yes, I made a mistake" and is ready to deal with the consequences.

Funny that you quoted that article about Palin, Cat. I almost emailed that article to you late last night because I knew you'd appreciate it. Watch the debate tonight? I'm just hoping against hope that we don't have another election night like the one in 2000 where I felt like I went to bed in one reality and awoke in a completely different one. I had actually been wondering, Sara, after hearing about the Canadian elections how closely the conservative and liberal parties matched our republicans and democrats.


I don't think this election will end up being close. I think McCann will be soundly beaten. Even my conservative bro-in-law says he can't vote for him, which shocked the hell out of me. But my own misguided Republican brother called me when Palin first spoke at the convention and was all gung-ho about her. He said, "She's one of us!" I said, "Excuse me brother dearest, but that's just the problem. I don't want you or me serving as the VP of the USA." The comment from McCann last night that she's a role model for women had me jumping out of my seat screaming at the televison: "NOOOOOOO!!!!!"

I got my son registered and his first-ever sample ballot arrived yesterday--his first time voting will be in an historic election. And I'm proud to say I've raised a grand little liberal (for now, at least!).

Sara, you promised we'd talk about chocolate...we're waiting!!


Thanks for the update, Sara! Good to read your voice.

I am so tired of hearing John McCain say how "proud" he is of Sarah Palin. As if she's his daughter or she just finished her ballet recital or something. It is SO condescending... would a man say he's "proud" of his male running mate? The fact that there's actually nothing to be proud OF just makes it more ridiculous. I agree, Cathy, I don't want "Joe Sixpack" running the country. (Haven't we figured that one out yet?)

Oops, thre I go... better get back to work.


Hi, Sara!!! Good to hear from you!
I've missed out on Kohl's confession; but I'm really proud of him admitting his mistake, and the reasons that pushed him there. Good guy. I guess we'll have to wait a few years til he has the money to fix his teeth.:)

We better do better in the elections, Sara!!
I've got last night's debate rolling around in my head! OMG, I got uncomfortable for McCain, and all his squirming, and making faces, and saying "Joe the plumber" at least 15 times; and his "pride" in his running mate made me sick to my stomach....
Plus, he never said that the crazies that are yelling scary things at his or HER rallies, was over the top.
I was trying to act like I was working and reading NPR's fact-checking blogs, then got on twitter...and that was pretty funny.

I read an op-ed that said Americans need to figure out what kind of country we want....but I don't have faith in the American people to figure it out!

I think we need more bridges to fall and kill people, and maybe a few more cities wiped off the map from hurricanes before people start waking up. And if they don't get rid of the stooopid " no child left behind" and let the schools acually TEACH the kids something, we are going to be in deep doo-doo!
I read something years ago that stated that Americans lifestyle would eventually drop to the Euros lifestyle...more apartment living, not as many cars, all that crap.....and I think we'll be there before the American people realize what has happened to them!
AND I not dissing the Euro way of life, I'm just saying they don't live in 5000 sq ft houses in their 30's while starting a family...and have two SUV's in a 4-car garage.

I loved it when Mark Cavendish was exposed to middle america, and wondered where people got their groceries, when they lived so far from town!


Okay, credit to whoever said this first;
Palin's gender doesn't matter, she's just awful!!!


I found McCann's twitching and fidgeting to be incredibly disrespectful to Obama, and he interjected comments without waiting his turn more than once...did the dude flunk debate class or something? There are rules in debate so that everyone can be heard and equal time can be alloted to each side. I didn't have a real strong anti-McCain sentiment until last night. I never was planning to vote for him but I didn't dislike him, until last night. I really felt like he was a loaded gun and ready to explode.

On the other hand I liked Obama more and more. He's one cool dude under pressure. Everytime McCain tried to detrail his thoughts or rile him up, Cool Hand Luke just ignored him and got back to the issue. I really liked that grace under pressure. I'm almost tempted to call my bro and see if I can change his vote.

Now Sara, have you ever eaten really good, expensive chocolates like Godiva? I love those, oh so yummy. But I've totally given up all chocolate that isn't at least 70% and my life is better for it. Love, love, love the dark chocolate; think me needs some now!!!!


Oh I forgot to share this tidbit with you guys. In my recent travels in Spain hubby and I ended up in some small fishing villages in Northern Spain. We had a delightful server for our table one night and ended up chatting and chatting with her. She was young, prob 21, and shared with us she only earns 4euro an hour, and you don't tip over there! yikes! But she also started talking about gun control and she commented that, "It's just so crazy. In America you go open up a bank account and they give you a gun!" Rob and I looked at each other and said, "You mean instead of a toaster?!" But then we realized she really believed this--someone in passing had one day commented on guns in our society being so prevalent and in making a joke (I presume) this young lady actually believed it was like that here.....I felt sad for us, that something like this was plausible enough (although ridiculous to us) that foreigners would believe it to be true!

I think electing Obama gives us a new face/image to the world, one we desperately need right now. I hope it happens.

susie b

Up until last year, I also would have been sympathetic to Kohl. Not now. Hell, no. I see this guy & doping in cycling as just another example of greed & entitlement. Same damn thing that's the root cause of our economic & societal mess. Can't afford it? Don't qualify? So what! Just hop on board the entitlement train. Yeah, that's right, *I'M* SPECIAL. And besides, if I wasn't 'sick/injured/fightin with my spouse/mournin my dead dog', I would be this freakin great anyway, so who am I "really" cheating if I take a little "help"?

Boo-freakin-hoo, the guy was worried he wasn't good enough due to things not "his fault". Sniff, sniff. Well, maybe he WASN'T good enough & never has been. What gives him the right to CHEAT his way onto a Tour team? Possibly taking away the slot of a QUALIFIED rider? And then cheat all the other Tour riders out of the podium & KOM limelight. His actions didn't just cheat Menchov from standing on the podium in Paris & deprive the viewing public of seeing the Russian actually crack a smile. No! Who KNOWS how things would have played out if he had not been there & done as "well" as he was fraudently doing. And he cheated the fans - by having them root for a guy who was a FRAUD & not for the guys who deserved their praise. He cheated the other riders of not just the final outcome, but also of TV time & media attention & the notice needed to get their OWN new contracts. Changing the 'official' standings & any money winnings now does NOT change what happened in real time. It can NEVER be done over.

And to dope THIS year? After the past 2 years with sponsor after sponsor bailing & teams folding? After the HYSTERIA over doping in this sport? No, UNLESS his cycling income was to save his family from eviction &/or death's door, I have NO sympathy for the lyin, cheatin, scumbag little shit.

And I'm not talking just about Kohl, but ALL of these dopers. In any sport. I AM glad he told the truth for one reason only - we can move on & not have to worry that the lab screwed up. Again. But telling the truth NOW does not erase his crime. It was NOT just a "mistake" or an "error in judgement". It was fraud. It was theft. And because he finished as high as he did - it was grand larceny. I do not think these dopers should go to prison, but they need to be penalized. And most of all the doctors & other enablers need to lose their licenses &/or position or connection they have with the sport FOREVER.

A line has to be drawn somewhere & at some time & that time was 2007. I do NOT CARE that doping was accepted & expected in this sport before. That is the past. The sport needs to change NOW or it will cease to exist.

I also have no sympathy for anyone so greedy, so delusional, so filled with their OWN sense of freakin entitlement that they think they DESERVE to buy a $500,000 house for NO MONEY DOWN on a $65,000 income. With an ARM yet. Or some other type of nutso loan with a balloon payment. Did someone put a gun to their head to buy that house with that mortgage? Should *I* have to bail this nitwit out? Should *I* have to help him keep his house? Should any of us? NO!

And let's look at the mortgage industry, the banks, the housing industry. They are just as if not MORE culpable. They all made BILLIONS. The housebuilders kept raising prices & the mortgage banks created 'fancy' loans to allow more people to "qualify" for them, which, of course, lined their own pockets. And the investment banks made money by packaging & trading these loans. And the state & federal govts looked the other freakin way because THEY made money on closing fees & various taxes. And *I'M* supposed to bail all these FRAUDS out? It's GREED, GREED, GREED.

For me, the use of PEDs, the mortgage mess, & the credit 'house of cards' just waiting to implode are ALL part of the same root problem - the *I DESERVE* mantra, compounded by the 'why wait' & 'who's it going to hurt' chorus. Not quite good enough on your own? Here's a little boost. Don't have the money now? NOT a problem. Charge it. Can't pay the eventual bill? Declare bankruptcy & start over. Let all the suckers who play by the rules foot YOUR bill by paying higher rates.

For the past several months, I have gone from bemused to irritated to disgusted to incensed. People who have done the RIGHT THING are now going to HAVE to pay the bill racked up by the deluded, the greedy & the criminal. Or watch our entire way of life disolve. If only the terrorists knew - they didn't have to blow themselves up; just tell us we "DESERVE" X & give us CREDIT. We'd destroy ourselves in no time.


NICE RANT Susie!!!! I totally agree with everything!!! It makes me ILL to think the gov just 'printed up' an extra trillion $$ to BAILOUT the banks and such. (we don't even HAVE the $$ they just make more. problem. Who cares if it FURTHER deflates the dollar in the world ecomony...we are taking the world down with us it seems...misery loves company!) Nice that the people we bailed out are the bankers and investors of the banks (mostly)...who made their millions and will now get away with it. Wouldn't want to teach people to be responsible for their own actions, now would we. What kind of example would THAT set? The problem I see coming up is that we (our government in total..the pres, the congress) have dug such a HUGE hole, that there is just no way to get out if it without huge pain. And when you figure that 40% of the people in the country pay ZERO federal income tax, that leaves the digging out to those who actually DO pay taxes. The only thing I don't like about Obama is he isn't being truthful about whats coming up. There is no way on the face of the planet he can give a tax cut to 95% of the people. Who is left to pay all the bills? We are ALL going to get hurt before this is over, and I just want to hear the blasted truth. But that doesn't get you votes. And the STOOPID no child left behind...(as Susie mentioned)...yeah, that makes sense. Lets make a program (gov run) with a test you have to pass before you graduate. Give it to all high schools in the country. If your school continually doesn't do well we will hurt you financially. Hmmmmm..might work well in Maine and New Hampshire, places like that. How about states like Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Calif where we have so MANY schools with immigrant kids that can barely SPEAK letalone read english when they are supposed to be graduating. How are they supposed to cope? They don't get to choose the kids enrolled. BOTH parties (and all of congress) is TOTALLY IGNORING the illegal alien problem. The one costing us BILLIONS of $$ a year right now. Wouldn't want to take a stand on that. Frankly I'm sick to death of the entire friggin system...they are all more worried about keeping their jobs than doing whats RIGHT, what they are PAID and ELECTED to do! Maybe Costa Rico isn't such a bad place to live...might have to start seriously looking around. We are so quickly headed towards Socialism here..(hmmm...the Gov now owns a large share of the banking that a GOOD THING?) Won't be long till you are jailed if you speak out against things. We sure seem to be headed in that direction. All our bitchin about China...well my friends, we are headed that way...everything will be run by 'the state'. Guess I'm in a crappy has been BRUTAL this last week, Big Blue (Michigan) nor my lowly Raiders couldn't beat a decent High School football team.

Thankfully my biking is going well...did a BIG ride last Sunday (Figueroa Mt near Solvang)'s a 4500' CLIMB over 10 miles...WOW is all I can say! I broke both sides of my high-zoot carbon handlebars in a rough dirt section on the climb..had to strap a piece of wood to them with an innertube just to finish the ride! (the 4500' descent with broken handlebars was quite the ordeal!) But our weather has been AWESOME, and we (so far) are up north of all the fires. Been getting in lots of miles, and I'm prob in the best shape of the year (my tour form in October??) But fall weather is coming fast..and I will be wearing leg/arm/ear/toe warmers very soon I imagine. We've had such good weather that I am quite spoiled at the moment.
Anyway...have a great weekend everybody!


Oh, and I forgot to say this earlier, but WELCOME BACK Sara..and congrats on 'almost' finishing your novel! That is AWESOME!

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