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September 16, 2008



mmmmmmmmmm wine.......




mmmmmmmmm... food, wine, and chocolate!!!!


LOL! All of the above ;)

Sara, that is the best news I've heard in a long time! We're really not too picky about topics and will be looking forward to your writing again. Hooray!


Sounds GREAT Sara (the house, you being BACK, everything!) And hey...this blog has been about more than cycling since it's inception if you ask me...sure, it's a great starter topic...but we ALWAYS seem to wander to whatever topic strikes our fancy anyway..might as well make it official! I hope you aren't thinking of changing the name could remove the little moniker "Training for my first century" if you want...but I really like the title, and it just works on so many levels...(just my 2 cents worth)...

Good luck on the sale, I"ll have my fingers crossed it goes thru!

And just to touch on cycling...HEY HEY HEY! Contador is WINNING the Vuelta!! Man is that cool or what!! He is really a force to be dealt with..and he's only 25 years old! I think if he can stay healthy and with a strong team, he will surely be a donminant force in the Grand Tours for a LONG time to come!!! Viva le Contador!!!

(and I'm sorry, but Lance coming to Astana? WHY?? What would be his position in the team? Contador will have won ALL 3 Grand tours in the last year...I think we all know who the CURRENT and FUTURE team leader is (for all the Grand Tours anyway). Unless he plans to come back 'just to spread the anti-cancer' word...which he is insinuating...but I just dont' see Lance riding 2nd wheel very much. He's a leader/organizer, and rules with an iron fist. We shall see soon enough though!


Hey Sara, so pleased to hear you have an offer on the house. Fingers crossed it all goes through.

And please write about whatever takes your fancy, it's all interesting to us.



Sara girl, I cannot believe you got this far so quickly! This is wonderful news especially in the current market (thought I have to admit, I don't know how things are in Toronto). It is so damned hard to buy and sell at the same time, which is why I have lived in the same house for 28 years!

I agree with Matt (and Nakigrl, and JD and Barbara and Amy and Camille...where's susieb and T?), we haven't stayed on cycling alone. We roam around through life and politics, and personal vendettas, and music, and football, and sex (not enough of that in my opinion) and all sorts of topics. You can write about whatever the heck you want and we will follow along!

Just so happy for you sweetie!


Susieb is writing LONG LONG comments over at MD's.


MD still has a blog?


Ah, Matt, you crack me up.


To all my Canadian friends (and everyone else) -
I was in Ottawa this week for a conference, and the only bad thing about it was that I couldn't stay longer to enjoy the city! I've never been there before and it's just beautiful! We stayed at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier, which looks like, well, a big chateau right downtown. I love the big old buildings with spires and turrets that are next to new buildings, and the river and the canal, where you can run and ride in the summer and skate in the winter. We had dinner (with nonstop dancing!) at the War Museum right in the midst of tanks, planes and cannons. Great fun. So thanks for the hospitality, Canada!


Yeah, Sara!!!! I'm so glad you are going to continue to talk to us!!
Cat, I've been trying to recover from the Tour of MO this week! I'll tell it was more exciting than the Tour de France!! And I mean it! Mark Cav. is an absolute doll! He found MO friendly and he said he really was enjoying himself, and he looked it!
Christian in the yellow jersey was awesome. And Dom Rollin in the Climber's jersey was great!! And to top it all off, Brad Huff placed 3rd behind Cav and Ivan on stage 6!


Oh, and we got to chat with Tony Cruz and he didn't remember me from Downer's 07, when I helped him take his bag to his room in the Marriott! See, I don't scar these guys for life!

Sara Best

Barbara, I'm so happy to hear that you had such a nice time in Ottawa. It's a lovely city. I used to travel there a lot for work and I always enjoyed myself.


Hi all! I've been trying to recover from our week in MO, myself :)

As someone who shared Sara's opinion wholeheartedly last year about Mark Cavendish -- I've got to say that he is now one of my favorites. He was sincere and gracious every single time we saw him or that he was interviewed (which was a LOT). He was the rider most generous with his time, bar none. He spent more time *every* day signing autographs, posing for pics, and doing interviews than anyone else I saw at the event. He'd stop and really talk to people while signing an autograph and seemed truly pleased and amazed at the appreciative crowds surrounding the race. When signing and autograph for me he thanked us for coming to the race :) Even after spending an hour or so giving interviews after each stage he would still pose and sign his way through all of the crowds on his way to the car and I didn't see him brush off a fan or even show anything but a smile through the entire week of racing. And, EVERY single time he was interviewed he spoke mostly about what a fantastic team he had that was able to get him into the perfect position at the end of each stage. LOVE him!

Oh and Sara, Dom Rollin was an absolute blast to watch. What started out as a bit of a joke -- Toyota's big power rider in the mountains jersey -- captivated the fans and he had SO many people cheering him on. NO ONE enjoyed their time on the podium more than Dom did and since a beer company sponsored the jersey he got to drink his beer right on the podium every day. He was so much fun to watch and was also someone who spoke with all of the fans, took the time to sign *many* autographs, and thanked us for coming to the race. I wonder who he'll ride for next year. Did you interview him via phone or in person, Sara? He seems like an extremely interesting character and is one of my favorites now, too!

While it was GREAT to see so many talented riders, it was by far the highlight of the trip to see CVV take the yellow jersey. What a gracious, well-spoken guy. It was wonderful to see such a nice guy who has ridden for others his entire career able to so thoroughly enjoy winning one of the biggest races in our country with amazing support from the crowds and his teammates. He was simply beaming.

I just saw that Levi took the TT at the Vuelta and gave Contador a run for his money! GO LEVI! What IS going to happen next year at Astana, do you think?


I see JD was doing her usual EARLY morning compositions! So glad you guys had a great time, though I knew you would. I assume you spent the week with Nikki too. And I'll bet she had just as much fun! Who else came? Did you run into anyone you know?

God T, it must be so much fun to have a new (3rd year?) stage race in your own state, and get to watch it with friends. I imagine this will become an annual event! Sounds like you all had a blast. Did all of you make it to every stage? I wasn't sure you got the time off. I seriously considered going, but had plans to go to Savannah to see number one son, and SC to see cousins, but the hurricane killed that idea. I was packed and ready to go when my cousin called to say they were being evacuated. I was beat to h*ll by three killer weeks at work, so was secretly happy not to be driving. Instead,I spent 4 days in MI at a 1920's inn by the lake. It was a peaceful and restorative time. Loved it.


Sounds like a nice break, Cat!

Yep, Nikki was with us and we made all of the stages (despite Hurricane Ike). A blast - wish you (and Rae)could have made it!


this was the 2nd year! And even better than the first!!
I still haven't recovered, and had time to look at all the pics that have been posted, even Nikki's and my own!!

If this year didn't make a statement on what a great event this is for MO, our politicians and residents had blinders on!


Hey, I was sorry to not see the race in person, but you really didn't have to send Ike up to visit me! Just got the power back after 7 days without.

So I missed the final stage of ToM online and the last week of the Vuelta, too; but I am happy for the outcomes of both races! There are so many riders that deserve support and jobs, I hope that the big sponsorship shake-out settles down soon.

I think there are a few fans of Dancing with the Stars here--I just want to say, I will be hoping that Kim Kardashian is voted off 1st no matter how she performs. I just can't stomach her claim to fame.


Ike was a nasty one, wasn't he? Glad you're back up and running with power! We missed you in MO, though.

Yes, I'm a DWTS fan! I didn't get to see everyone tonight - just the last 5 or 6. Susan Lucci looks like a caricature of a human - with her tiny skeletal body and big head sporting overloaded make-up. She moved like a skeleton, as well -- CarrieAnn even told her to gain some weight so she didn't look so frail out there! The big football player was really good and I can see him making it quite far - was it Warren Sapp? Who did you like Rae?

I just read that FABIAN won't be riding in the Worlds TT! He HAS had a killer of a season and racked up a wealthy number of wins, but I thought he'd want to defend that jersey for sure. It didn't seem like there was anyone who could beat him for much of the year. I'll have to pick someone else to cheer for.......sniff.


On DWTS last night...was Cloris Leachman drunk? I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cringe. So I kind of did both :)


So Lance is going to Astana. Feel kinda sorry for Alberto and Levi, it can't be good for them. Oh and Kloden too.


Here's a link, that was in the comments section of the Boulder Report that Cat sent us.
It's good. Dinner with Papa!


I can't get to your site's blocked by the company servers. And yes, it does appear official..Lance is joining Astana for the 09 season. Hmmm...we all knew it was going to happen from his first announcement...but now what? Alberto, Levi and Kloden all have a pretty serious knife in their back. Who is working for who next year? Not really sure what the payoff will be for Astana...especially if Alberto walks...(as I think he just might, unless he can get some sort of guarantee that Lance will be working for HIM, which I find very unlikely). Same for Levi...his pro peleton years are winding down very quickly also...does he want to do MORE super-domestiquing? I'd think he would also be interested in a team supporting HIS chance to win the big races.

And Lance has his own personal anti-doping system (well, it sounds like it will be for the entire team also)...headed by Mr. Catlin from the UCLA/WADA lab...they intend to publish all results. Hmmmm. So lets just say a certain french lab comes up with a positive for Lance one fine day...but the independent testing doesn't show it. What then? WADA, USADA and the CAS won't give a darn about it, as it won't count. It will surely be very interesting next year, I'll give it that! Maybe Astana will hold their pre-season training camp back in Solvang like Postal/Disco did...where I can sneak down there and see them....even RIDE around and ride WITH them (momentarily...VERY momentarily I would imagine)....somehow I missed doing that all the other lance-years).

And of course, it's a LONG TIME between now and pretty much anything can happen. Any predictions out there for whats gonna happen next season?


I was thinking the same thing about Lance, Levi, Contador. Did you read the comments that Contador made about Levi on VN yesterday. I've always really like AC, but if he starts dissing Levi after LL has been extremely gracious and professional throughout the season, which MUST have been many degrees removed from that which he had envisioned for himself after placing 3rd in the Tour last year, I'll be disgusted with him.

You're right, Matt. If nothing else, Lance's return will make for a very interesting year indeed!

Rae - I'm pretty sure that she MUST have been drunk LOL! That was crazy. Brave of both her and the show to have her on. When Len told her to "mind your cleavage" I fell over laughing!

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