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September 02, 2008



Don't worry about cycling, it still exists even when you aren't looking.

OK Sara, here's how you can redeem yourself for leaving the children all alone for the last few weeks, well month. ;-). We want pictures. Pictures of the new place. Pictures of your OH SO HAPPY family rejoicing in the new digs.

OK, OK, one picture will do....

If you give us the address, we can go on Google map and sneak a peek!!

Just kidding.

Congratulations on your impulsive purchase. gotta love impulsivity. See where it can get you?


Congrats, Sara! Now THAT is a way to add some excitement! My husband and I purchased our house either the next day or 2 days after we first saw it, too. We just knew it was right. Thankfully it was our first house and we weren't worried about trying to sell one, as well. Good luck with the polishing, cleaning, fixing, and most of all SELLING :)

Cat's right -- a pic would be lovely. And I'd love to see how the kids have grown.

Time just seems to FLY by, doesn't it? When we had a baby people were constantly telling us to enjoy the time because "they grow up too fast". We'd grin and nod, but couldn't fully comprehend what they meant until time really did start getting away from us. As a teacher, I used to use a tolerant smile with the mothers who were crying as they dropped off their kiddos for the first day of school, but I now fear that I'll be one of them. There was simply no way I could really understand until I had a child of my own. Such precious time...


BTW -- thanks for "checking in" -- we were missing you!


Hi there - remember me? I haven't been around for a while so it didn't bother me that you weren't here :-).
When my boys started school there were lots of tears but they were all mine. It really hit home that I had wasted the first five years of their lives by working and paying other people to care for them...
Congrats on the house - we have had 5 houses (for us) so far and I don't think any of them were planned purchases. Open homes are lethal! Our properties we have for renting out have all been very strategically planned though.
The only cycling I am aware of at the moment is my own - there were some really nice bike trails around Munchen/Munich... Europe is so well set up for cycling.


Hey, Sara!! I really would like to see a updated pic of the kids too!

We have our IA group following the Tour of MO next week!
I really wish Floyd would show up at a stage!!!
Congrats to Tyler and DZ on the USPRO wins!! Brad did some good riding there too.

Oh, I think there is some race in Spain, that is conflicting with the Tour of MO!!


Hi kids. Remember last year or so when we (some of we, anyway) were fretting about various impolite conversations that occurred at the blogs we were visiting? Well, check out this blog by a guy who is in love with Sara Palin (the comments get wilder and wilder the farther down you scroll, they actually use words like "anonymous troll, coward, anencephalic ass monkey!").

Go here for a good laugh:

Those of you interested in the ToM, but can't join that crazy IA'er from Missouri, go here:
(pretty good sound track)

Ms T, you and the crew can contribute your photos to the site as well!!


wow cat. That didn't make me laugh -- I found it fairly disturbing. A LOT of anger on that thar blog...

So good to hear from you Nakigirl! I'm assuming that the trip continues to be wonderful?

C'mon guys -- I'm gettin' worried!

I was SO very pleased to see that Levi took the TT yesterday at the Vuelta (in impressive fashion) and also got the jersey, even if only for a day! Wooo Hoooo!


Welcome back Sara, and CONGRATS on the new house! Moving can surely be stressful times, and I can't imagine compounding that with kids.

Yea Yea..I know...I've been MIA for a bit. The Olympics really drained me. Staying up late most nights...trying (unsucessfully) to keep up with all the interesting events. WHEW!! Glad it's over.

And btw; Cat, that email you sent w/ the little cartoon of "Michael Phelps at a very young age" is priceless! I was ROLLING with laughter when I got it...people at work think I have totally lost it. (I've already forwarded it on to most all my friends). I've kind of lost touch with cycling's always hard for me post Tour. I know the Vuelta is going on right now, but I just can't get into it..mostly because we have no coverage and I'm just not a cycling web-coverage kind'a guy. But I've been riding a fair amount, and our weather here has been pretty great. But now that Labor day has come and gone, it's just a matter of time before we start getting chilly in the afternoons...the arm, leg and foot warmers will be making their return very soon I'm afraid. And then the dreaded time change.

T and company, have a GREAT time at the TOM and we expect great coverage! It sounds like it will be a blast! I haven't even looked at the teams to see who will ride. There does seem to be a bit of conflict w/ the Vuelta...that is sad. But enjoy your race anyway!


Well, good to hear from you Matt and I'm happy that you've been able to get some riding in. Here is the web site -- just in case ;)

I'm ready to head out of town and am hoping for good racing (and watching) weather. Have a great week everyone!!


I think moving would actually be a good thing. We have been in the same house for >20 years, and we need a major purge of "stuff". My MIA status would be due to massive work load and lots of miles on the bike (which is now tapering off).

I still have a MTB weekend at Mammoth Mountain coming up, and then try to stay in shape until the beginning of the bike season next year.

This year I set out to ride my first double century, and ended up riding 4 doubles. We repeated Death Ride as well (didn't seem so hard this time). There were a half dozen centuries as well. One of the highlights was riding with Matt, Greg C, Mark, & Scott along the CA coast. Spectacular, Matt!

My girls are long past the age where we get sentimental. We are in the stage where it goes something like this, "OMG! You're going back for a Master's? Next Fall!? Doh!!" Thee's only so much this checkbook can take (I'm thinking of Scotty say, "Aye, Captain, she can't take any more!" One just finished, and two more to go.

Wish you all the best!


Big congrats on the new house Sara! I hope your current one sells quickly and painlessly to ease the stress a bit. Buying/Selling homes can be a bit much sometimes. I hope all goes well.

I'm currenly trying to fly through a very long to do list before I head out tomorrow morning for TOM. I'm so looking forward to the break from work and time away from here.

Looks like Garmin's roster on their site is finally good to go. It was changing a lot this past week. All the article I read about Will being at Univest defending his title were getting to me as he wasn't going to be there as his knee is acting up. I'm going to miss him at TOM for sure.

Hope everyone is well. I'll be attempting to update my blog regularly from the race including pics. There will be live streaming of TOM from Universal Sports so check it out if you find a few minutes.

Janann and T I will probably see you at the stage finish Monday. My friend and I are going to watch the womens race so we aren't going to the start. Anyone there already keep an eye out for the riders as most are in town already.

Huge good lucks to Brad, CVV, George, Garmin, Columbia, Jelly Belly and well actually good luck to all the riders. Here's to some great racing, limited crashes, and all out good times!

Catch you guys through the week!


Sara, let me add my congrats to you for the move - I can imagine buying a pair of shoes or even a car impulsively - although my impulse buying generally runs to chocolate - but a HOUSE? OMG. I just celebrated 25 years in my house. I've remodeled the bathrooms and kitchen, put in a home gym and painted some rooms for the second time - really hope my bedroom is NEXT - but I can't even imagine moving!

I just got back from a hiking/biking vacation in the North Cascades (Washington) - a great time and beautiful sights. And my bad knee held up the whole time!

Have fun at the TOM, everyone!


I think Paul is crazy.


Nice to see you back for a moment...

Matt, too.

I think susieb is hibernating early. Wrung dry by lack of sleep and Olympics over load?

Have fun in Missouri T, JD and Nikki! Looks like the weather will be good.

Sara, go out and buy a statue of St Joseph. Then bury him. Most everyone I know who does it, succeeds in selling their house. Or maybe the one's who don't, keep quiet.


Lance un-retiring?
Is it for real? I checked my calendar, and it's not April Fool's Day. But this is just exactly what he said he would NOT do... I find it a bit hard to believe. Maybe it's the only way he can think of to get off the party circuit.


Barbara, I just heard the same thing...(saw the NBC story about it briefly)...I also find it hard to believe...and if true, I think it's a HUGE mistake. Always go out on top...don't overstay your welcome...I very much doubt we'd see the Lance of 7 TDF wins. Not that it's impossible, but VERY improbable. And it's a LONG time between now and next season. We shall see.


I think Lance is crazy.

No, really. It's a bad idea to go back. Can't recapture what was, and not young enough to create something new (sorry but when it comes to the TdF, 36 ain't young). Besides who's willing to give up their chance to win and join the All Lance All the Time team?

Sorry, he is a remarkable athlete, but I have enjoyed the unpredictability of the TdF the last few years. There comes a time when you need to put your own ambitions to the side and mentor others to achieve theirs.

My guess is he isn't the most patient teacher. I also imagine that his brain wants and craves the physical reward of really pushing his body, in public competition. The LAF can't give him that. And for some reason even Leadville can't give him that

Too bad he hasn't allowed a good woman to help him find his next (neural) path. And stick to it.

BTW, for those of you interested in another opinion of Sara Palin:


Astana has denied the story.

While it would be VERY exciting to see Lance be "Lance" again, I seriously doubt he could do it and I would hate to watch Lance being "not Lance". I love that he came out and made Leadville competitive - but now it's time to have fun. Do Leadville, Ironman, whatever.




Many Congrats on all the fantastic changes Sara! And good luck with the selling; plant a St. Anthony in the yard. (wait, I just re-read and Cat said that too.) I think it helped my girlfriend who just signed papers today.

OMG and What The Heck Lance? I suspect he can't contain his frustration from the sidelines and thinks he can strategically best the other teams so.....compusively, back in he jumps. I haven't read one article yet, I just had to see what y'all thought first!!

Any way I can score a peek at that funny Phelps at a young age email? I could use a laugh.


Read the article... he's serious. There is also a naked picture! He addresses every thought I've had since hearing the news, including the party animal reputation and the idea that he can put the doping rumors to rest for good. The big mystery is who he is going to ride for/with. The article doesn't address it at all, in fact in places sounds like he's going to do it without a team, but I think that's because the author doesn't know enough about cycling to wonder.

Sara, is this what you meant by "CRAZINESS"??


Barbara, I agree w/ your post about Lance not being 'Lance' if he comes back. I think he has EVERYTHING to lose and so very little to gain.

Lets just ASSUME for a moment that Floyd is indeed innocent (as MANY of us here still believe). Well...if that is the case, then the 'evidence' against him was fabricated/manipulated, and he was convicted on that...which has been upheld thru 2 appeals. We all know they (the French and most probably WADA) really REALLY wanted Lance (Floyd was offered a deal right after his A sample postive was announced if he came clean on Lance).

So...Lance comes back with something to prove (namely that he did it clean). BAM...he tests postive...and no matter what happens after that, everybody will be saying 'see...told you so..NO WAY he did 7 TDF wins clean..he's been cheating all along'. I would think if he does indeed come back, then every time he is tested he needs to do a double sample and have it sent to another lab on his own dime...not that WADA/USADA would endorse or even allow he could PROVE shoddy/imcompetent or even fradulent testing. How could he maintain/prove his innocence if he WERE to test positive? Floyd couldn't do it, (even though to many people he actually really DID prove it). And the deck is stacked even higher against the athlete now than it was. Pretty much NO WAY to prove innocence.

I'd much rather have my memories of SUPER LANCE, and his 7 untarnished WINS. As much as I'd LOVE to see him ride next years Tour of Calif (and the other races he said he will do), I think it would be a HUGE mistake. And thats even assuming he's able to come back at the level he was at, which is doubtful IMO.

DON'T DO IT LANCE! You retired at the right time (on TOP)...keep it that way! Find a new hobby. Take up ANOTHER pro sport. Go back to triathlons, where you started. WIN the ironman! Buy a dog sled team (and hitch yourself up and SHOW those dogs what real endurance really is!) Get serious about Mt biking so you can WIN Leadville next year. Take up endurance swimming..set a new record across the English channel..there's SO many things to challenge someone of means with time on their hands. And besides...Astana is already pretty loaded...I don't think Contador, Lepheimer and Kloden would appreciate being #2 to Lance. It's THEIR turn! You can't turn back the clock. Just my 2 cents worth.


I feel like Lance just put a knife in Levi's back! Seriously.
Astana would have to agree to it, but if he's willing to ride for free, they would probably say okay. But, the team is built differently. Shoot, if he wanted to do this , why not build his "own team" and do it as a Manager???

Meanwhile, at the Tour of MO, Christian VV is kicking butt!!!! That was such an exciting TT! Better than last year!
Brad Huff ended up 6th on the 2nd stage! I'm proud of him. But he still said he could have done better...I guess that is the attitude that produces results!


Re Lance: I just thought it amusing that the major media, when reporting his decision, all said "he WILL ride the TdF". Shows what they know of the sport.
Really, I'm not surprised that he wants to unretire--bike racing is what he's done, it's how he deals, and he needs to be a winner. (It seems to me)

Theresa, I wonder if he won't build his own team? Sort of like Team Type 1? but it seems like it's late to try to sign proTour riders.

Re the ToM: I saw the weather forecast and wimped out. Much as I would love to be there, 90degrees and 100% humidity is not something that I voluntarily subject myself to. So, those of you there, keep hydrated and keep cool and I hope you are enjoying yourselves!! Yesterday's stage was so exciting!

Also watching the Vuelta some too, and as usual wishing I could go see it in person. Cathy, you must be in a tizzy right now with all the news and Levi & Alberto poised to fight it out!

Oh, Sarah, buying a house is so fun but so exhausting at the same time! Hope the fun carries the day!


Matt, you are so right, it wiill be a very dicey situation for him.


Oh, what a great week of racing!!! Yes, it was hot and humid, with us praying for the storms to miss us all week. But it was worth it!!!
Yesterday, stage 7, Cav, got beat the second time this week! But he got the green jersey, and was gracious and friendly. MO fell in love with him!

Brad placed 5th on stage 7!!! He had a 6th,3rd place...PODIUM! and his 5th. I need to check his placings on the other stages!!

We were so much a part of the race, that many times we realized that we didn't know the results on the leaderboard!

Mike Sayers made me cry when he said good-bye to racing. Such a super cyclist!
And Columbia was loving the Team win!

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