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July 23, 2008



From the land of might have been--IF I had managed my fantasy team perfectly, instead of leaving sprinters on the bench during sprint stages and climbers on the bench for other stages, I WOULD BE WINNING--of course, that depends on everyone else not being perfect, but let's not mention that, okay?


Don't feel bad Rae...I actually HAVE Chavenell on my team, and DIDN'T have him activated today for some strange reason! (that hurts when one of your guys WINS the stage and you didn't pick him that day!) My guys are doing ok overall...I haven't lost many points except for today. Still kicking myself for not picking Sastre and one or both of the Schlecks...I had them early on and then after one of my re-arrangments I fired them (I also had Cunego until the last reorg chance, and I fired him too). I kept George H out of respect, and high hopes for a mt stage win...but alas, he didn't get me many points this year.

I still haven't seen todays the internet here at hotel hell SUCKS again!!! It's really ticking me off..and I need to look for a hooters for tomorrows TT I think...but I also have to work, so we shall see how I feel. I don't know of any close by, and I hate to drive after having a few might just have to suffer thru here where at least I can pour a tasty Belgian White ale (or 2) from my mini-keg in the hotel fridge! (I live pretty good overall on the road usually!)

And SO...tomorrow is THE DAY! I'm happy to find out WHO will win, and starting to get very I find that I've waited for this race for a LOOOOOONNNNGGG TIME! Thankfully football season is right around the corner to get me out of my post-tour funk. I would LOVE to really get into the Vuelta...but they don't cover it worth a crap here in the we get the Sunday show and thats it.

I'll be sending VDV my energy tomorrow (OK..I admit SOME will be going to Carlos...I want both to do the TT of their LIVES!) Let it all out on the road...may the best man win! Good luck guys! It's been a blast!

Time for bed...I'm beat. Staying up late watching tour every night, getting up extra early for work up here is killing me. I'll be bored to tears come Monday!


I was really happy for Chavanell today to get his 1st stage win. NO ONE has tried harder and more often than him!

Matt & Rae, I did some of the same things. Leaving riders on the bench when it was a stage for them or having a breakaway rider on my team but NOT riding - ARGH! Plus I messed around a bit at the beginning trying to figure out how things worked. I hope they have it again next year.

Jessica - you say my name juh-NAN :) But, so many people have mispronounced it all my life that I pretty much answer to anything that begins with J. I've gotten mail for Joanna, Janine, Jeannie, Joan, and even Johan!

I'm missing out on sleep while trying to keep up with Tour coverage as well, but I'm also going to be very sad to see it end. You're right, Matt. We just don't get decent coverage of other events. I'd love to follow the Vuelta if we could see more than and hour or two each week!


susie b


1) Bonnie D. Ford. Because unlike Marty & Austin, she didn't disappoint me & is actually AT the Tour. Yes, Austin is writing about the race & mighty fine pieces at that, but it's not the same. However, the AM piece I mentioned the other day is one of my favorites of ALL cycling pieces I've read this year. Considering I've read the equivalent of 'War & Peace' on just this year's Tour alone, well, that's pretty good. :) Anyway, I've long liked Bonnie's writing on the Tour & think she does an excellent job explaining things to the casual fan, while including bits for the hardcore. In her piece that I read today (Fri), there was a phrase that had me flipping back over the printed-out page to see if I was actually reading She wrote that in this year's Tour, Menchov has been "the unslayable Rasputin of the peloton". LOVE IT! Think of his experiences in this Tour, that phrase just NAILS it & it's fun! It's freakin PERFECT! It's the kind of descriptive play of words that I love & look for in every Austin Murphy piece & am hoping he won't disappoint with this year's final SI Tour piece. Hey Austin, "Christian Vande Velde - Breaking Away". You're welcome. :)

2) Sylvain Chavanel. Because as Janann mentions, he's been trying for soooo long & today achieved that ever elusive & long-lusted for stage win in the Tour. But mostly, because he SHOWED his emotion about it. And sorry, Johan, but if I can't see a guy wanting it, appreciating it, LOVING it, then I don't care HOW great he is, his success leaves me cold. AND I've seen many an athlete SOAR to heights previously unachieved, all due to their EMOTION.

3) Neal 'Every step you take, I'll be watching you' Rogers. Because, damn, I had to wait ALL freakin day til after 6pm for today's Tour videos & I was getting worried & then so relieved when they FINALLY appeared. :)

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