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July 28, 2008



Hi Sara!! Welcome back! I was here earlier in the day and wrote a long comment only to discover, yes, Ms T, my organization has blocked commenting as well. BUMMER!

Of course I can't remember what I was talking about....

Two things: thank you again for leaving a place for us to play. It was so nice to have a spot to go to where there are people I know, whose tone i recognize, who say stuff and I don't worry about it, and allow me to say stuff too without judging or thinking it doesn't match the culture of the blog.

Also, Cathy, don't you dare go anywhere, you are our insider who gives us another perspective from "inside the peloton."

And Susie, thank you so much for your Susie's Sweets. They were clever, funny and entertaining as all heck!

The only thing wrong was a testosterone deficit. Matt was often busy, writing later at night and our regular guys never reappeared. BOO HOO. Darren, Larry, Paul, Waddy, Woofdawg, even the relative newbie, Chuck the Cyclist...where didja go boys?

I guess that was actually three....

I found my brain harboring a Pavlovian response to the closing of the day. I found myself thinking, "hey, pretty soon I will be done and can go home to, shoot. It's done."


Oh yeah one other thing. Can Cathy or one of us send you a copy of the stage(s) you missed? I have found you tube to be singularly unsatisfying. There is a rhythm, a little boredom combined with edge of your seat excitement in unpredictable combinations, to watching a full stage. In fact, there is even a big difference between watching the morning vs the evening versions.

Is there no place to purchase such a thing?


I echo that sentiment cat - - Sara, thanks so much for leaving up the blog! It was incredibly fun to read and reconnect with this interesting, wide-flung group of people. I sometimes think I *know*you folks! Goofy, huh?

Cathy's yahoo suggestion sounded fun and if anyone else wants to start something parallel over there, in preparation for the time when Sara pulls the plug, that might be a hoot.

I had a fave susies sweeties - but darn it escapes me right now.

hello? Hello?? echo echo echo - hear that empty tour tomb sound?!? =)


Sara, I just reread your interview with Ryder Hesjedal -- read it a long while back too, and I see he got 47th in the Tour. Not bad at all, he beat almost a hundred other guys! And I think he was less than 10 places below George Hincapie. Your boy did well! He seems very nice, I saw a couple of interviews with him over the past week or two.


Hey Sara! Welcome back! Hope you had a nice little vacation.

BIG bummer that you missed seeing the ITT in real time -- it really WAS a nail-biter. Thanks SO much for keeping the blog up for us! I've had a blast chatting about the Tour again this year with, yes, people I "know"! I'm in the same boat as Rae -- people in my real life world think I'm absolutely insane for paying attention to cycling and most likely didn't even know that the Tour was happening much less obsessively watch it multiple times a day to get perspectives from various commentators ;) You are all such fun to hash things out with.

I was wondering where all of the guys have gone, too. Matt, tell Greg we miss him around here.

I'm still trying to catch up on all of Neal's videos. I thought that the interviews with Cadel and Jens were very good, but haven't finished all of the rest yet. Dang - I'm REALLY going to miss his videos....

Susie, you have kept me chuckling for the past few weeks with your Sweeties list and I DO hope you might keep them up through the Olympics. You were just plain dead-on with so many observations and your excitement and passion is contagious! I'm hoping that the looming start of the Games will help distract me from the end-of-Tour depression. AND...we can also look forward to more of Matt's MEOWS, too, once the Games begin!

Yes, Ryder (along with Will and Pate) did EXTREMELY well during their first Tour! That team will have a great future.

OH, and I also plan on writing VS (even though I'm not sure they read emails) to let them know how pleased I was with their coverage, how much I enjoyed Craig who really asked EXCELLENT questions of Bob and Johan that would help people not well acquainted with the sport to understand it better, and again ask for MORE coverage of other races. Can't hurt, right?


Hey everybody...and welcome back Sara! Wow...what to do tonight? Spare wierd!

First off, I need to apologize to all (Cat, Susie, Rae especially) for how I must have come off over the last week (or so). Everybody is entitled to their opinions, and I believe that we inmates of the Asylum are such a wild and crazy bunch that we WANT to explain WHY we feel what we do. And we are pretty good (mostly) at accepting each others thoughts/feelings. SO PLEASE take this along those lines...

here goes...(I HAVE to say all this, and then I will drop it..I PROMISE!)

I just don't get it. (I think it somehow goes with the fact that men are from Mars, and women are from we SO don't think alike!)

Back in the Giro, Ricco (the new wonder boy)...diss'es his team...says (if I recall)..that he would have won if he had a better team. NOT what we want to hear..he is now the poster CHILD for ASS of the peleton! The anti-christ of cycling! Young punk, who the heck do you think you are? All of that (and this not knowing the future "Alleged" doping practices).

Cadel...lots of pressure (ok..BOATLOADS! Goliath holding the Cycling world on his shoulders singlehandedly). All true.) He's the # 1 contender (mostly due to Astana dis invite, but even had they been there, it still would have been a toss-up I believe). Fights hard. VERY HARD. LOTS of solo time against the best in the world! Impressive! I'm starting to believe. Doesn't quite do the TT the world thinks he should have done. Falters. Less than Stellar performance. Takes 2nd overall AGAIN on the steps of Paris! (which is quite an achievement by any standard!) Yet ONCE AGAIN talks about his weak team. Yes, I took 2nd again. Yes I have a WEAK team. Hmmmm...seems to be the same thing to me, just VERY thinly veiled.

I TOTALLY AGREE that he was hammered on ALL sides the ENTIRE tour. COMPLETLY TRUE! How does a CHAMPION handle adversity? Was he gracious in his loss? NO ONE likes to lose. But he DIDN'T LOSE! Losing is the Barloworld guy who crashed 2 hours into stage 1 and dropped out with a broken arm (wrist?)! Even the Lanterne Rouge was a WINNER! He FINISHED the hardest freaking sporting event on the face of the planet! QUITE an accomplishment! But 2nd in the TDF? TWICE?? A MONUMENTOUS accomplishment! There's about a zillion people out there that would KILL for that honor! (not to mention the other 182 riders in the TDF). he was tired...I hear that a lot...THAT must be the reason he once again diss'ed his team.

Well, in my experience, being TIRED is much like being get a rare glimpse of the REAL person. Everybody HATED Ricco for badmouthing his team (even though it was probably true)...but for Ricco it almost comes off as 'he is so young and stupid'...(look at Cavendish from last year, his arrogance...and yet how we have totally forgiven him!) He HAS grown up this year...exponentially! NOW he is a pleasure to watch AND hear.

Cycling is a TEAM sport. If you are on a crappy team, aren't going to go too far into the history books..whose fault is that? the TEAMS? To use Pro Football (US style) as a comparison: I don't recall hearing Barry Sanders, Walter Payton, or Archie Manning (to name just a few Football LEGENDS) whining about the CRAPPY teams they were on! They made the best of it, and played their hearts out. TOTAL Class acts! Respected by the football WORLD! If your team isn't what you would desire it to be, then make a decision. Move on. Demand better. LOTS of teams would welcome someone of his caliber! He's a GC contender! How many times did Jan Ulrich finish 2nd to Lance? Did he whine about it? THATS WHY we loved him so (and were SO hurt by the doping allegations...same with Vino, maybe even MORE so!)

BUT THEN...the comment after the TT about the diff between 1st and 2nd place! GIVE ME A BREAK! Of ALL the POSSIBLE answers to that question (maybe something about 'barely missing the culmination of my lifelong dream by 60 seconds', or 'WE did our best and came up 60 seconds short'...ANYTHING along that nature...But NO!!! What he said pisses me off! A LOT! I truly can't think of a much WORSE answer! I almost fell over when I heard it! Couldn't believe my eyes and ears! In fact, it's not so much of a BAD answer as a SAD answer.

I guess I still have my Floyd rose-colored glasses on, and choose to believe that these guys do it for love of the sport! That they love to ride their bikes! They love the competition! Cadel is a seasoned vetran of the highest caliber. Which means that I expect SO MUCH MORE of him than from Ricco. Would George H say something like that? EVER?? I very much doubt it.

I was truly giving him the benefit of the doubt this year. I was HAPPY to see him put on yellow that day! It was a great moment in cycling! It actually brought a tear to my eye! I thought how wrong I was! But in the last few stages his facade started to crumble. How a person handles defeat shows SO MUCH MORE than how they handle victory. Carlos has been trying to win Le TOUR for a LONG time also I seem to recall. But I DON'T remember him ever being anything less than humble, modest, and sincere (even invisible). I would LOVE to see Cadel prove me wrong! I don't HATE him. I just don't see him as a champion (yet). He has to EARN that in my eyes. During one of the interviews this tour, (and I can't remember which rider said it...but it was along the lines of "to win the Tour, you need a leader, and 8 guys who will die for him". That really summs it up quite well.

OK..I have done MY ranting and I am done.

It WAS a most amazing race this year, to invoke the passion that it did (especially considering how UN-interested we all were prior to the start due to the Astana snub). I think the field was pretty level this year, the sport seems to have done a LOT in that respect (mostly due to the teams, not so much the organizers / race promoters). Next year, when ALL of the top teams are invited, it will be even BETTER! No matter WHO wins!

Anyway, I once again apologize to any stubbed toes or such that I have stepped on here...but I also had to get this off my chest.

ONWARD to the Vuelta! Viva le CYCLING! And GOOD NIGHT!


OOPS!!! And Camille too! (I SO apologize!) Didn't mean to slight you by forgetting to mention you by VERY sorry Camille!

I'm so tired...yea..thats it..I'm TIRED!! (that, or my 2 remaining brain cells seem to be slacking AGAIN!)


Matt, we're cool, don't worry! :) Some of us around here get a little carried away with our 'passion' for things! haha I guess it beats apathy, huh? At least no one can say we're unfeeling. :) Feelings, we got! :D

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