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July 17, 2008



So I guess the goofy shorts with the embarrassing graphic on the front are the least of Saunier Duval's worries. Very sad that an entire team is taken down because of one guy, and AGAIN all of this is coming down without a B sample. But don't be sad about it--this is what doping controls are about and what happens when a sport is cleaning itself up. Be happy that controls seem to be working. Just don't invest too much faith in a rider you particularly like....that might end up hurting you! And it breaks my heart to think that Astana has been left out when all these positives are coming out and the team has completely undergone new management....Contador and Levi should be there racing against Evans!!!!!

Okay, Sara, Ryder was interviewed just now and he has a NEW ARGYLE HAIRCUT! That is hilarious. He's so cute.

Sara Best

Ya, I just watched his interview as I was writing my post.

He seems to be in great spirits. I think that having CVV riding for a potential podium spot has given them all a huge boost in terms of moral.

And I agree, the haircut is adorable! He reminds me a bit of DZ with his crazy hair antics.

Sara Best

Did you guys see this video of Cadel getting angry with a reporter? Make sure you watch right to the end.

I have to say that I do sympathize with him. He's been through a lot this week what with his crash and then the enormous pressure and scrutiny that goes along with wearing yellow at the Tour.

I read somewhere that part of the reason he got so angry in this situation was because the guy was tapping him on the shoulder that he'd injured in his crash.


I have a hard time believing that Ricco's decision to dope was entirely hidden from the rest of the team. With the state of doping in the sport, it is nearly impossible to think that the other SD riders weren't aware or weren't doping themselves. Why else would they pull the entire team out of the Tour? Were they scared of further positive tests occurring?

Further, Beltran isn't an " unknown name in the peloton." He was an integral part of USPS and Discovery between 2006, when Lance was busy winning the Tour. Given that he is now just another former Postie or Disco boy that has tested positive from the Armstrong era, his test, if anything, casts an even bigger doubt on his former leader's wins. It is for these reasons that His positive test is quite significant.

I also think Ricco's positive test has a lot of significance because it was found to be a slightly modified form of EPO. The additional drug, CERA, gives a longer lasting effect to the EPO.

Doping is getting more and more sophisticated. While many are getting caught- and this could be seen as a good sign- it is really bad for the sport and indicates that cycling is still plagued with cheaters.

susie b

At the end of last night's Primetime show, Bob mentioned some "big rumors" & I knew, just knew then that someone big was going down. And I HOPED it was Slitherin. Because as you all know, not only do I hate his nonstop gloating & trashtalking, but I thought he & his entire team were doping at the Giro AND at the Tour. Who's a VEGETABLE NOW, you punkass snake?

And sorry, but there's NO way I think he was the only one doping on that team. What, suddenly Italy has ALL the best climbers in the world & no one else can even stay within a MILE of their wheels let alone in them?

And I suppose this just shows I am as petty as them but I am THRILLED that the ASO is embarassed. Who you gonna invite NEXT year, CP & PC? The rate that this race is going, there will be THREE teams left standing. Hey, Christian - you can stop killing yourself now, as YOUR team is in for sure in 2009!

I am sad that once again this beautiful sport will be mercilessly eviscerated by the mainstream press. If they bother to mention it at all. Poor ESPN will somehow have to make room on SportsCenter & take away 30 seconds from the gdamn FARCE that is Farve & the Packers. Talk about a freakin JOKE. Hell, it was less than 4 months ago that everyone, INCLUDING the Packer owners/mgt/coaches, were cryin' their eyes out & hangin' on to his leg as he was heading out the door. But God forbid, ESPN not cover this soap opera, second by second. Well, I guess they have to have SOMEthing on the air between the POKER shows. Yessiree, when I think SPORT, I think of sunglass wearin, chair sittin, pasty-faced card players exuding the ultimate their cards on the TABLE. Whoooo. Somebody give them some Gatorade.

susie b

Quick question. Anybody know what the record is for most sprint wins in a single Tour? Well, at least the last 20 years?


Cadel was angry because that was his bruised shoulder! I read yesterday, that someone else touch (poked, patted, slapped on the back...) and got a similar response. He's so bruised! But I do want to watch the video.

debi, I know the two Sanchezs(not by sight, but different kits!) I swear it was Sammie in white shoes whatever day it was...that so important after the news today....
Ricco is a fool. Maybe he used it after the Giro?? Such a great young talent(even tho' I'm not crazy about him!). And the Team was taken off guard, and it withdrew on it's on.

Interesting point about doing more testing...ASO probably doesn't want to spend the money; or the lab would be overwhelmed!

I am warming up to Cadel more. He's really showing more of his personality and smiling more!



I too am happy for Cadel but I did laugh at that smack he gave the anonymous hand/microphone poking him.

I have this image of cyclists, attempting to not stand out and appear too aggressive in the race, for fear of it putting a target on their back for testing.

Puts a whole new perspective on the "no, you take the lead, NO, you lead out, NO, YOU make the chase, thank you."

A little dark-humor. But I have this feeling we just know so little. We're so removed that the negotiations and fear, (not to mention the irrationality that goes along with being on drugs AND being willing to be a person on drugs!), that have to be going on, must be of Greek mythology, soap-opera proportions.


I agree w/ Susie...all of a sudden Saunier Duval had the climbinis't fools of the world? (and it's 3 stage wins for the team this tour, isn't it? 2 by Ricco and then stage 10 by Piepoli/Cabo in the 1/2 finish). about Rabobank all over again. I bet the ASO is just beside themselves...take back the tour..yea, right. Lets see a nice commercial taking the white/polka-dot jerseys OFF of Ricco play a few hundred times. I also agree that I have an almost impossible time believing the team wasn't in the know fact, if I was the ASO, I'd test the entire TDF team right now, even though they have pulled out. They should test the entire peleton in fact. Pre tour, and every few days...cost be damned...make sure everyone knows we are testing EVERYBODY 3 ways to sunday during the entire tour. Wonder what the Giro is thinking (were they testing for this new 3rd generation version of EPO back in May?) I wonder what the feelings would be if the ASO came out this afternoon and say they will sampled all riders or you can drop out now untested. How many riders would be left? You want to stop this, test everybody all the time. Every major race, test everybody. I don't see how else to stop the madness. Either that or let it go. It's like prohibition...we proved you CAN'T stop people from doing what they want. You will catch some and stop some, but surely not all. Same with our war on drugs. People will do whatever they can justify to themselves is matter what the rules say.


susieb - I'm a little confused? Is it fair for me to say you're not sure if you like Ricco?

Plus - Italy doesn't suddenly have all the best climbers in the world - the best climbers in the world were left out this year (see CMehl post).

Adam - are you related to Betsy Andreu?


Actually, wasn't Ricco outclimbing Contador back in the Giro? I seem to recall that AC wasn't quite able to hold his pace...and if it weren't for the new and improved TT abilities of AC (not to mention a kick-ASS team surrounding him), Ricco would have probably won the Giro. Though he won't be winning much of anything for a few years now. Outcast, humiliated, jobless...(and btw: whatever happened to NOT releasing ANY info until AFTER the B sample confirms the A?) It seems under current WADA law, a positive A sample dooms you immediatly...guilty until proven innocent, which is a sham statement if there ever was Floyd has proven that even if you DO prove your innocence, it won't matter and won't overturn the guilty verdict handed down by so many people.

I would just wonder what would happen IF one of these B samples actually came back negative (or Non-conclusive)...would we ever hear about it? If it came out, I would think the rider would have a lawsuit, as he was pulled from the race, and he and his team were unfairly discriminated against. Imagine if Ricco's B sample were to come back negative (I'm just sayin)...his whole TEAM has paid the price. How do you get back what is lost? I would think that if an A sample were shown positive, they would automaticly test the B sample on a fast-track...get confirmation before ejecting the rider and ruining him and his career. Just my 2 cents worth...

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