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July 16, 2008



Sara, take care!!

And if I had to have emergency surgery(not that I want it) THIS would be the time to be laid up at home!!! Go Nikki!
Tell John or email Christian that He's got this group of avid supporters that love him dearly. I have 2007 CSC Team poster over my computer, and my CSC fan membership is stll active, even tho' Christian and DZ are gone; and DK went to Team Columbia.
I can't find the interview right now, but CVV said on stage 10, he was sorry that he didn't follow B Kohl up the road. Menchov and Cadel were messing around with each other. And Christian said they lost time because of it. I figured Cadel was hurting, and not crazy about chasing Kohl if he didn't have to, but I don't know what the deal was with Menchov.

Debi, enjoy the Neal Roger's videos.

And Sara, it's great to have you talking to us regularly again! I love your persepective on all things, cycling or not!


Sara, Ryder's got an interview with Neal on VN tv, and a NEW haircut!! He looks great!

Sara Best

Thanks T! I just went and watched the video and I'm lovin' the argyle hair!

He sounds like he's really enjoying his first Tour and I'm so happy to see him back on track with his career like this after coming so close with Phonak before they blew up.

susie b

Feel better soon, Sara! And you're right,I don't know how those guys even get ON a bike let alone ride it up a mountain when they have either stomach or "bowel" problems. Or crash injuries, etc. But, like all pros, they make it look easy!

It's funny, but for years & years, when I was only able to watch the Tour (& no other pro-cycling) in those weekend summary shows, I was always just dumbstruck that these guys were racing over a HUNDRED miles EVERYDAY for 3 weeks straight. I just couldn't get over that. And it's a bit sad, albeit expected I guess, but ever since 2003 when I started living in the Tour Tomb each July, I've lost a bit of that awe. However, in its place is a much greater appreciation of what the various guys are actually doing out on the road &/or the various race tactics & objectives, etc. When I do think back how ignorant I was of this race & the sport, I cringe. It's only been the last 8 years or so that I've really understood ANYthing except the guy with the fastest overall time won. :)

And then I had to laugh at myself last week, as I was very grumpy when there was no Prologue & almost no real sprinter's stages. I USED to dislike the flat stages & barely paid attention! I guess it wasn't until around 2005 that I started actually looking forward to the mass insanity of a bunch sprint. Don't ya'll think the sprinters are being gyped this year? I don't think I remember such a sprinter-unfriendly Tour before.

As for CVV. I am actually AMAZED that the "contenders" & their teams & most of the press STILL don't seem to be considering Christian at all. If it was still the 1st week & before the 1st set of mountains, I could understand, but now? What I think is SO great is that here is a guy who's spent most if not all of his pro career in support of others. And now, when he's closer to retirement age than starting age, he's burst forth as this unrealized GC talent. Talk about your Cinderella Story. CVV's to-date results have so FAR surpassed anything I & many others even hoped for him & it's so freakin great I can hardly stand it. I am specifically happy FOR him & all his longtime fans, such as Nikki. And however it ends in Paris, CVV, his team & his family should be so proud of his effort.

The other thing I love is that IF this was some other longtime pro suddenly emerging like this, you'd scoff/snicker/flat out discount him as a doper. NOT this time! And it's a RELIEF.

And sure, there's still the Alps to get through, especially Stage 17, & he could have a bad day or just not be able to keep up with any super excellerations. But his confidence keeps growing & the team is totally dedicated to keeping him protected & hopefully, will be able to help him out a bit more on the next climbs. And whatever happens, it's been a thrill to be able to root for him.

Especially since Slitherin is apparently the new 'Tour heir apparent' & I absolutely DETEST that jerk. If that guy starts winning Tours, that would be the end of the Tour Tomb for me. Not even Neal 'hot & sweet' Rogers could keep me watching. And since you were on your cycling sabatical during the Giro, Sara, you may not know, but compared to this ass, Cavendish LAST year was a friggin joy.

And debi, I'm sorry about Barloworld. After Duenas was kicked out this morning & those 2 other guys abandoned on the road, it's been a tough day for your team.


+1 to Susie b's comments!

I'm almost afraid to hope for CVV...

Cadel Evans has grown on me just a bit--he doesn't seem quite as pettish as last year--maybe success is making him more graceful.


Oi yuck! Hope all in your house feel better soon. If there is anything worse than having the stomach flu it is tending to kids with the stomach flu while you don't feel so great yourself!

Listening to Ryder & Dean's interviews got me to thinking just how FAR Slipstream/Garmin has come in the past year! Every one of them handles themselves with professionalism and grace; you'd never be able to tell that it is the first Tour for the Team as a whole and for many of the riders. I'll bet its especially satisfying for you to watch T, as you were SUCH a big fan before they got so much attention on the national/international stage. GREAT for American cycling!

I see that Cavendish is hanging in there so far!

OH, and I got a kick out of Robbie being in charge on the road for the Lotto team while they were deciding which breaks to let go. His TdF experience could really assist the team in their defense of the jersey!


Speaking of Cavendish -- Bruce talked to him yesterday and has a darling pic that makes him look like an adorable youngster instead of a tough-as-nails trash-talking sprinter. He continues to praise his team each time i see him interviewed (take notes Ricco) which is awesome and is really the way he has won me over this year :)


oh, i just can't believe the implosion in the barloworld team. dumb, dumb, dumb as they come, those dopers. although there was an interesting bit on - an interview with Rasmus Damsgaard (CSC's anti-doping dude) in which he stated that the ASO and AFLD aren't doing enough to catch the dopers.
quote: "I am afraid that if ASO did an EPO test on all riders in the peloton tomorrow, 10, 20 even maybe 30% of the riders would test positive for EPO," hypothesized Dr. Damssgaard, who thought it would be up to ASO as to whether the Tour de France would see more positive doping tests.
"If ASO continues doing only random tests, there will probably only be one or two more caught. However, if they work harder and start collecting a larger quantity of samples to test for EPO, we will see more positive cases," Dr. Damsgaard explained. end quote.
SCARY or what?

T, there are 2 sanchezes in the peloton - luis-leon sanchez who rides for caisse d'epargne (yellow shoes) and samuel sanchez who rides for euskaltel-euskadi (white shoes? - not certain, i haven't noticed)

thanks for the neal rodgers info - will check him out as soon as i have a moment.


OH MY GOSH! Did you all see the news? RICO (aka Slitherin) is positive for the new version of EPO! Saunier Duval has pulled out (or forced out...not sure yet) of the tour! The morning group show (Craig, Bob, P & P) were discussing it..and even mentioned that now his amazing Giro 2nd place is suspect! WOW WOW WOW!!! So much for his rising star! Career over for the next few years....get a real job. Amazing! (and you just have to wonder how many OTHER SD team mates were also on it...and if the team knew). Susie you must be gloating, but I feel it's a tragedy, although one of his own doing. (that, and I now have to go thru my remaining fantasy tour stages and remove him from my select riders).


Debi, thanks for that info from CSC's anti-doping guy...I agree. In fact, I think the tour should do a full sweep of the peleton PRE-race, mid-race and at the finish! Or even one every 3 or 4 days...full peleton!


Or maybe the reason they DON'T do a full sweep is they really don't want to know?

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