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June 23, 2008



I have vicarious happiness for you :D Good news is always so great to hear.


Sara, what a weekend! Although I forget Canada is a different country, here when you pass your bar exam, your ready to go! (I think....).
And Grace's b-d party looked like quite the event!

Okay, I rode 48mi yesterday, and this Sat. I'm supposed to ride 68mi. After 48, Susan and I were saying, just 20more miles, that's all we have to do!
The event is the Queen City Century....or 78mi, in my case!


OH, btw, the Tour of MO 2008 route has been announced. I know you guys are holding your breathe to hear all about it!!

susie b

Congratulations, Brad & Happy Birthday, Grace! And may I say they both looked adorable. As did Mommy. :)
BTW, are you still looking for a new house? You must be busy, busy, busy! Please keep us updated on the house hunt. I love house buying/decorating, everything but selling & watch most of those type of shows on HGTV religiously. Do you watch fellow Canadian Candice Olson? Love her. I also like the Toronto-based real estate woman who does the 'Property Virgins' show. And 'House Hunters' is an addiction. I'm almost always surprised with which house the people end up buying. Anyway, happy hunting yourself & post some pics if you decide to buy!

Ok, did ya'll watch the Tour De Susie ( ;)? I was once again able to watch the last 10k online on Friday & thus saw Fabulous Fabian break free & power through to victory. And btw, I didn't know he was married! He has an adorable little girl. And then he won again on Sunday, which I think was in his home town/area. How great is that! I was screaming for him the entire last K, but didn't think he'd be able to pull it off. So exciting. I do have to say though that for most of that race, the amount of spectators along the roads was very poor. I was shocked. Even on that big mountain top finish stage last week. I wasn't able to watch any of Saturday's Time Trial, so don't know if the crowds were better. And I have to confess I don't know anything about Kreuziger! I'd heard his name before but that's about all. Wow, he's another to add to a possible TDF Top Ten list. And I forgot to mention Cunego last week as a TDF contender, mostly because he's not a fave of mine. A couple years ago, he did or said something which really ticked me off & I've disliked him since, even if I no longer remember his offense. ;)

Speaking of the TDF, when is the Versus pre-Tour show? I can't find any info about it on the website. And what did you all think about the 2nd of the Take Back the Tour TV spots? Although it did pain me to see Floyd "starring" so prominently (especially on the lengthier version of the ad on Versus' website), I thought it was pretty good TV but think it would have been an even more effective piece if they'd shown David Millar going backwards into the Start House in his COFIDIS kit & then moving FORWARD out of the Start House in his Slipstream jersey. Plus, it would have matched the song's lyrics perfectly! That's right, in my spare time, I'm a TV producer. ;)

Hey, did anybody watch the US Gymnastic Olympic Trials over the weekend? I just love that stuff. I swear, as much as I am in awe of cyclists & all professional athletes really, when I watch gymnasts, I feel I'm watching an alien species! I don't know how they get their bodies to fly & twist through the air like that. It's just amazing. Our women's team are the current World Champions & the Olympic team looks to be even better as Chellsie Memmel is back in action. She, Shawn Johnson, Nastia Liukin, & Alicia Sacramone are all just fantastic. As much as I adored the Magnificent Seven in 1996, I think this year's team really IS the best in the world. Of course, you never know what can happen at the Olympics! If I remember correctly, one of the reasons the US won in 96 was because the Chinese & Russian teams made big unexpected flubs. But that's sports for ya!

And next, my boy Michael blasts off the starting block this weekend with the Swimming Trials. Whoo Hoo! I'm just thrilled we'll be able to watch on TV both the swimming & track Trials ALL NEXT WEEK!

Oooh, I just remembered. Did you all know DZ won't be at the Tour?! I'm not shocked due to that horrific Giro crash but man, what a bummer for him & us. Hope he heals up soon & is ready to go for the Olympics. I wonder who Neal has lined up for the Video Diaries this year. I hope he has Christian VV. I think he'd be perfect. Maybe not as great as Horner, but I think he'd do very well. And I hope Neal does a lot MORE video stuff this year. Perhaps 3 rider video "diaries", plus the usual pre & post stage quickie interviews with various riders PLUS with what I'd like to see - no holds barred behind-the-scenes gossip & goings-on : feuds, trash-talk, injuries, flubs, the whole enchilada. What's the French version of that? The whole "croissant"? ;)

Paula Kirsch

Hey Sara, congrats to you and yours. Beautiful pictures, thanks so much for sharing them with us.



Your weekend sounds great Sara! Very happy for your hubby and thanks for sharing some pics of that little cutie of yours!

Quick news - Papa George and Momma Mel had baby Enzo over the weekend!


DZ was worried about his place on the Olympic team, since he's missed the Giro and the Tour Time Trials. But, I think the current TT champ of the USA should get a special spot!!
Congrats to George and Melanie!! Babies in the peleton!

And I love Fabian, if DaveZ can't have it, I'd LOVE to see Fabian get the Gold in the Time Trial!!!
But they better get the air cleaned up over there. They should have started years ago!!

susie b

COME ON, PEOPLE! Stop your slackin'! It's TOUR TIME! Well, actually, T-TIME, as I want to talk about the Tour AND the Trials! Comeon, comeon, comeon! And btw, where are Waddy, woofdawg & Larry? Are you all moved in, Waddy? Woof, are you training? Larry, isn't it close enough to July to come back NOW? And Greg, Paul, Philip, I know you're still here, right? And everybody else who seemingly have had writer's cramps the past few months! Let's get chattin'!

Anyway, guess who's comin' to the Tour? The Mouth That Spewed & Keeps on Spewin'! That's right, Lord Slitherin his own self. The jerk you love to hate. For those who didn't follow the Giro, you're in for a "treat". If he yaps at least HALF the way he did at that GT, he'll be pushed over one of those mountain "guardrails" for sure. I can't wait. :)

BTW, how nice of everyone not to point out that my Tour pick barely made it up the mountainous TT at the TdSusie last week. Doesn't exactly shout YELLOW JERSEY, now does it? Yeah, well, he was "saving himself" for the Tour. :) But hey, there's not a TT like that in the Tour this year, right, right? He should be good to go! :)

As I've been dragging my feet in naming who I think will be on the final podium, I've instead been listing (in my head) all the other things I WANT/HOPE to see happen in this year's Tour & now, I'll spill some of them here :

1) Big George wins a stage.

2) One of the Slipstreamers, I mean GC, I mean GarMEN to win a stage. Pick a stage, any stage.

3) CVV to finish the Tour in the Top 10. And in a prearranged deal, JV will have his sideburns waxed off. (Top 16 would have seen them shaved off, but Top 10? Wax off, Daniel-son! Oh wait, he's not there... ;)

4) Rocket Robbie & Beaut-i-ful Bennati to go head to head in the battle for the Green Jersey, with Sara's BESTboy getting in the 'way' of a shared sweep. In the end, I'd love to see Robbie win the Green overall one final time before he rides off into the f*ckin Swiss, I mean Belgian-Australian, sunset. ;) Oh, Robbie, you knows I luvs ya.

5) Fabulous Fabian will win not just one of the TTs but in a repeat of last year & the recent TdSusie, come out of nowhere to win what normally would have been a "sprinter's stage". Rocket Robbie will later be overheard stating his unhappiness - "well, f*ck, that guy's a very unpopular rider! If f*ckin people don't know how to behave themselves, they're f*ckin better off being sent home..." ;)

6) On the 2nd Rest Day, two of the new-to-the-Tour media, the National Enquirer & The Daily Mirror, will somehow beat L'Equipe to the punch & announce "SHOCKING, PREVIOUSLY UNREVEALED OP blood evidence for ..... yellow-jersey wearin' Valverde, whose response, as he was being hustled into a waiting van & out of the race faster than a, uh, speeding green bullet, will henceforth be the new meaning of OP - "Oh, Pisser!". L'Equipe then beats both those butinsky tabloids with the 'unconfirmed report' that the UCI threw a Piti Party for the ASO that "lasted well into the night". ;)

6) Somehow, although "no one seems to have seen exactly what happened", wheels were touched & DOWN WENT RICCO, right over one of the road barriers in the Alps. L'Equipe, not wanting to be out-scooped again by those pesky English language papers, quickly publishes the peloton gossip that it was a case of "fagging". Unluckily for the L'Equipe-connected ASO, this seemingly little innocent typo (the correct word is 'fragging') raises the ire of the French GALA (not to be confused with the Gala held in Paris at the end of the Tour...) whose members start picketing the remainder of the Tour Starts & Finishes. Where Slitherin (newly nicknamed 'Schlecky the 2nd') could be heard telling anyone who would listen "I'm not gay! My teammates, if you can call riders of such limited ability, teammates of MINE, once again didn't do their job & look after me properly!" There were no comments from other SD members, but interestingly for the rest of the Alp stages, Red Birds were painted on all descending curves in the roads...

7) On July 18th, Marty Dugard will realize he can NOT POSSIBLY live another July day without his daily 1 lb fix of french cheese, so calls his saintly wife from the airport, flies all night, rents the only car left at the Rental lot - one of those Smart cars (which may not be so smart if you actually want to get UP the Alps...) - drives for another 9 hrs straight to arrive just in time to scarf down some Camembert & start blogging about Life at the Tour for the final week of the race. As only he can. And suddenly, after a year of revelations, disappointments, & unjust 'inane' actions by those in & out of the peloton, all seems right with the world. :)

Ok, that's all for now as I have to get back to work, but what do YOU ALL want to see happen at this year's Tour?


Ah, Sara. What wuuunderful milestones they are girl.Congratulations!!

susieb, you are special.

T, got my TdM in the email box this week. Wish I could come down and spend a day with you and Janann. JD, you are going at least one day, right?


Oh my god Susie I am so laughing my ass off right now. I so look forward to your writes and never disappointed! Still giggling away!!!

I'm super psyched with the Tour coming up. I wish I could be watching Levi and Horner there but that's out my control so I quickly move on.

The GMen announced their team today and I am super excited for Will and look forward to watching C move up the GC ladder as he so should have a great Tour!

The Ricco news has me awaiting sound bits of him already. He is so flipping hilarious when he opens his yap! Can't wait to hear the first tidbit!

I too hope Papa Georgio wins a stage and in a big way! Add in a stage win by the GarMEN and some awesome attacks resulting in Fabian spoilin' some sprinters efforts and I will be in heaven! Add to that some fun time Schleckie tag teaming attacks and I might just be able to describe utopia.

So can't wait to get this started and I'm so looking forward to chatting with you guys through out. I'll be glued to the TV and computer for 3 weeks!!!


susieb - my god the keys on your keyboard must be worn out! You can put down some serious blog on these pages!

So TdF - my interest has dwindled due to ASOholes. More interested in Vuelta and the AC triple crown (knock on wood - i.e., my head).

My pick - Menchov. I wonder why they don't have Gesink in the lineup?

Don't want to see Evans on the podium -

Poor Tom Danielson - high hopes (great white hope) and no results. Injuries, injuries, injuries.

Charmin-Chipolte just isn't my favorite team - blame David Millar and the holier than thou attitude. Thus I can't get excited about them in the TdF.

Way to fire us up susieb!


GarMEN has some of my favorite riders. CVV and DZ, Will, Danny, Mike Friedman, and I like Julian Dean, too. The guys that I met in Downer's Grove last year, and the ToM are great guys. But Highroad is really growing on me. Denis Menchov sounds like a good pick to me. It ought to be interesting.

Meanwhile, the riders that are not, going to be at the Tour are favorites all around. So, I'll be watching the domestic scene to see what my Jelly Belly boys are doing, and Chris Horner is going to be in the states racing, way cool.
And are we sure that DZ is sidelined for the Tour?? And where are some pictures of the baby???

susie b

Thanks Cat & Nikki. :) And thanks, Theresa, for your input & who else do you see on the podium besides Menchov? And thanks to you too, JoeB! I had sadly been thinking you had moved on so was very happy to see you're still here. And I didn't realize Gesink wasn't coming til you mentioned it. I'd only glanced at Rabobank's list the other day & just assumed he'd been on there. Is he injured? Otherwise, that's a mystery to me.

As for the rest of ya, you're SLACKERS! SLACKERS, I tell ya! (All except Janann, who I know is on vacation :). Matt, MATT - where are you?! Still up at the Hellmouth? You'll be home in time for the start of the Tour, won't you? Come on, I've been drumming my fingers on the desk all damn week waiting for you to weigh in. Are you doing the "Fantasy Tour" this year? Who did you pick?

While I've been WAITING for ya'll to "gather your thoughts", I went back to the IA archives this morning & read through many of the Tour posts/comments from last year. I'm up to the day Vino got his ass kicked out. And btw, how, I say, HOW did he only get a 1 year suspension? Freakin FARCE is what that is. And speaking of dope(r)s, how many will now START taking EPO as apparently (going by that NY Times article), they can't catch you if you do! Which makes me wonder all the more what was "found" in Lance's 1999 piss 6 YEARS later.

Anyway, while I'm WAITING for the rest of you to get Tour Fever (FEVAH! In the mornin, fevah all through the night.. :), I'll now chat a little about my Tour disappointments. BEFORE the race has even started!

1st & foremost of course is that Astana - specifically, Levi, Beach Baby & Horner won't be there! I still can't believe it. I'm just hoping one of these days we'll find out who paid off whom & for how much for that to happen. Let's see, who would have the most to gain at keeping out Contador, Levi & Kloden? I don't for a minute believe it is for past doping done by a previous version of Astana & I don't believe it's just a vendetta against Johan. Nope, I think it ALLLLLL has to do with money. The ASO is all about money & power. And people can CHEAT in many other ways besides doping. In the peloton & out. I'm not saying necessarily that some team's owners or sponsors are responsible, just that MONEY for sure is the reason.

2) And I'm singing that "sad, sad song" for all the following who WON'T be racing around croissant country next month - DZ, Bonehead (I mean Boonen), Bobby Julich (did you all see that interview he gave Versus during the 1st Sunday of the TdS? Sooo sad), Michael Barry (I thought for SURE he'd be there this year! I love his Rider Diary on Velonews & was so looking forward to what he'd write during the Tour), Tom Danielson (I like G-C, but doesn't TD's omission kinda contradict the whole "winning isn't everything" mantra?), & then this morning, I found out that my new crush Bennati isn't coming & well, I'm just crushed. It completely messes up my friggin VISION of the head-to-head sprinting battle with the Rocket! Sara, steel yourself now, as that means 'YOUR' boy will win at LEAST 2 of the stages. Bet on it. And we think he's cocky NOW! Come to think of it, I guess this means the fight for the Green jersey will be a battle of the Mini-Men, a sort of a war of INVERSE "epic proportions". ;) Show 'em who's boss, Robbie!

There's always disappointments during the Tour, of course, but I don't think I've ever had this many BEFORE the race even started. In 2006, everything happened the DAY BEFORE the Grand Depart, so I was more shocked than disappointed. I was both, but definitely more shocked. And worried that they would cancel the Tour! I laugh now, knowing nothing short of a natural disaster or a war IN France, would keep the ASO from having their cash cow paraded around the country.

One final thought today. How many media articles during the Tour by both the msm AND the cycling press do YOU think will be titled "There Will Be Blood"? ;) ;) If we throw in all the blogs, it'll crash Google's search engine. Let me jump in early & state that on Stage 17 (Galibier & Alpe d'Huez) - there WILL be blood. Then again, there WILL be blood on the 1st day, all those hyper newbies & a packed peloton. Any guesses on how many minutes into the stage before the 1st crash?


SusieB... can you post everyday. I love it when you do!

I am entering my week before the tour - the one in which I try to back off some following as once it starts, I'm glued 24/7 for 3 weeks and then some. Of course my attempt to chill won't ever happen as the gossip leading up to it is too fun not to follow. :-)

T - DZ is out of the Tour and it's serious hope the back can mend this next month so he can do the Olympics. I'm thinking that fracture is one tricky thing to heal from though so many good well wishes his way as I want to see him back and soon. I'm already missing the daily diary video's between him and Horner. :-( US is to announce the Olympic team on the 1st. I've asked a couple times for pics to go up on his blog with the baby but I can undstand the hold off. I've now turned my attention to George's Iphone pics in hopes he puts one up of little Enzo soon. :-)

As for the Tour I am totally psyched. I'm already missing Levi, Horner, then Barry, and now Benna (truly some hotitude gonna be missed!).

I love our GarMEN and I'm thrilled for Will making the team. I still have a pretty loyal following for SexyBack and I'm looking forward to seeing the Schlecklettes light it up in some tag team attacks. I love little Andy and I'm excited to see what he can do. As for GarMEN, I'm looking forward to some fun animation and I would love to see C get a top 15 or better. Just a year ago he became a dad and it amazes me at how fast this past year has flown by!

I'm off to watch the Tour of PA recap to see how the kids are doing. Great race to check out if you want to check out the up and comers. :-)


Okay, Susie you just rained on my parade!! WHY isn't Micheal Barry going to the Tour??????
That sucks!!! We were to have two Canadians in the Tour, I guess I haven't been to VeloNews in the last two days. Damn. And I'm bummed about DZ.

I just read at TBV that MONDAY is the DAY!! CAS is announcing their decision, and I'm not holding my breath because I don't want to be disappointed. I MISS FLOYD!!!! After he had a spill on that one race, (where his bike got trashed on the road, and he had to ride a borrowed one!) He didn't show at the next event. Now I'm worried about him too.

And on top of that, I'm having major nerves about riding 70mi tomorrow, with 50% chance of thunderstorms, and I'm starting to think about dropping back to 36 miles. But they both start at 7:30am. I'll be functioning on about 4hrs sleep, but last night and the night before I got plenty of sleep....what is my problem??? I'm being such a whiney baby, I'm reminding myself of Oscar baby (the rider the ASO says won the 2006 Tour...) can't stand him, that's how annoyed I am with myself!!


And, Gesink should be on the Tour team!
Thank God for George, Will, Danny Pate, and Christian!!!

susie b

Thanks, Nikki. :) Yeah, I had PLANNED to back off Tour stuff this week also so I could get ahead at work, but everyday there's been so much news - Team rosters with surprise inclusions & omissions & the like that I can't stop checking Velo & CN constantly throughout the day. Next week, I'll be consumed with the Olympic Swimming & Track Trials, so I'm trying to read up on everything Tour-related now. At least that was the plan, but since I'm now convinced all Hell will break lose the closer we get to next Saturday, when the UCI will give a whole new meaning to "boob job", (um, for you lazy asses who haven't yet looked at the parcours, the Tour starts in BREST ;) I'll probably be just as (if not more) glued to the cycling websites.

But before I get to that, I need to correct an omission of my own - from the list of riders I'll be missin from this year's Tour peloton - SUNSHINE Gerdemman of Team Columbia! (And we have GOT to think of a nickname for that team!) This, even after looking at my FAVE podium shot of ALL time just yesterday morning which Sara had so graciously posted for me last year. In addition to the London Prologue, Fabian's come out of nowhere stage win, & Levi's epic final TT, that moment of Sunshine on the podium with his arms raised up in that VICTORY "V" is one of my fave memories of last year's Tour. I'd even gotten a bit verklempt yesterday when I laid eyes on that pic so I have no excuse for how I forgot the poor boy a few hours later. Maybe my short-term memory was affected by my misted-over eyes? ;)

And T, I don't know why Michael Barry is not on the "Juan Valdez" T-team. I can at least understand a bit of why TD was kept off GC ("not 100% yet"), but when looking at a few of the others on Columbia's Tour roster, I don't get why Michael is not on it. (BTW Nikki, I love your nickname for the GC riders - "G-Men". That's great!)

And in addition to Floyd's, I also hear that the Rasmussen verdict may come down next week. And whoo-boy, THAT will dump crap all over the ASO's devil-deal with Rabobank. When that jury states the Rabobank management knew exactly where Chicken was before the Tour, it will FINALLY come out that the Rabobank guys MADE THAT UP per ASO's REQUEST to get Rasmussen out of the race. Let's just say I wouldn't pack my suitcase for a 3 week trip if I was Menchov, as ASO will have no recourse but to kick the team out of the Tour before it starts.

Yeah, I know, "so, Suze, if you're so freakin clairvoyant, what else is going to go down in pre-Tour shenanigans next week?" So glad you asked! Well, I knooooow that just like Bullwinkle, the UCI have "something up their sleeves" & will drop it like a dirty bomb 1-2 days before the Grand Depart to cause total 2006-like chaos at the Tour. Possibly the unveiling of the Tantalizing 23's identities & what the blood passport tests revealed about one or more of the Tour contenders. Posssssibly Valverde, who's connection to any suspicious tests will allow the UCI to strike at two birds with one stone - a payback on Piti, who they so desperately wanted OUT of last year's World's & were instead humiliated by the CAS ruling AND even better, to embarass the ASO as one of THE top two Tour podium-probables will have to be yanked (ever so reminiscent of last year's chicken plucking) out of the race. Right in front of the world media. Perhaps on the same day that the ASO plan to 'educate' & entrance all the journos with how their "LESS IS MORE" testing at this year's Tour will actually somehow, you know, prevent doping. Yes, absolutely, if you want to catch speeders on a highway, you don't actually go out on the highway, how silly! You sit in front of the Corvette dealership as such "targeted" surveillance will surely catch ALL the speeders...

And if I'm wrong, well, maybe the ASO is hiring. I'll fit right in. ;)

Anyway, good luck tomorrow, Theresa! Please be careful with the thunderstorm. DON'T take chances with Mother Nature. She wins more than the 'house' in Vegas.


Hi everyone! Just wanted to quickly mention that my friend Bruce Hildenbrand will be in France blogging for Active, and this guy can read a race like no other. We can swarm on his blog at times and he often writes back! Shock!


Hey all, contrary to what you may have been thinking, I have NOT fallen off the face of the planet. Just been busy....been home for a week, and digging thru the rubble of life...that sort of thing. But all is well in my neck of the woods...though I can't say the same for the rest of North America...Theresa, Jaanan, u must all be sleeping with life preservers at the ready...gosh it's crazy 'over there'...and here in CA, we can't BUY rain...we are in drought, and there are over 1000 fires burning already! We are sucking the smoke down here, as the wind blows south...such is life.

Susie, your rants as always are amazing...I have not been doing so well following cycling this year, even though THE RACE is just a bit over a week away. No fav at this time.

Cathy, be sure to give us a link to your friends sounds great!

And Monday...Floyds FINAL verdict...any predictions? I hope and pray it's in his favor but with that said, I wouldn't put a dollar on his chances. I like to feel they (CAS) are above reproach and politics and such...we shall see very soon. They have overturned a few recently, but this one is 'the biggee'...mucho's ramifications if it's overtrurned...lots of egg on lots of important peoples faces. I'd LOVE to see it overturned, and not only that, but make WADA/USADA pay his court costs...woudln't THAT be something! But I won't be holding my breath...too pessimistic at this point in the game.'s Sat, and I'm in for a 10 hour shift...have a great weekend everybody!


Okay, I'm NOT riding in the rain. I'm still in my pj's at home. I called my buddy last night, and told her I was calling in sick for the ride today! She was relieved. Except for a couple hrs it has been raining non-stop since early this morning. Matt, we would LOVE to send some of this your way; flood warnings are a way of life now, and I'm praying that July 1st marks the long dry summer, so I can get some riding done. We have reached our total rainfall for the year, and we're marching past it. The Tour of MO, is in Sept, Thank God, maybe the rivers will go down by then.

And Susie, the last Velo diary of Michael Barry's (which is on his website, too) says he's going to the Tour. If the ASO kicks Rabobank out of the Tour, there goes the Dutch!


OH, Cathy, btw, I went to Bruce's site yesterday, and plan on following him thru the Tour!!


Hello all! So glad to see a new post and love the photos. Congrats to your husband -- I hope you had a celebration worthy of such an accomplishment! Looks like Grace had a lovely 6th b-day party.

Oh, Susie, you've been priceless this week! I think the combination of the Tour followed immediately by the Olympics might push you over the edge into some kind of excitement-induced manic state (or has it already?!??) ;) LOVED your list of top things you'd like to see at the Tour this year. Keep that enthusiasm coming - I always love it and you'll keep things lively around here.

What a huge BUMMER that we will not only be deprived of Horner but also of DZ during the Tour! That is just not right....
I haven't had the chance to catch up on any cycling news yet, so thanks for keeping me informed y'all. Why would Gesink NOT be at the Tour after his performances this year???

Definitely hoping for some great performances from George, Cancellara, Robbie, CVV. I'd love to see Jens take a stage, too. (BTW -- he would be a GREAT video diary pic, even though not American!) Menchov is a good pic. Cadel gets more and more annoying to me as the months/years go on, so I'm not cheering for him. It's still quite difficult to believe that Levi, Contador, and Kloden won't be at the race. Stupid ASO. STill, I know that I'll get caught up in it just the same, despite the loss of those I wish were there, because it happens each July :)

Camille and JoeB - glad you're still around!

Cat, yes, we're planning on hitting probably all but the last stage of the ToM this year if all goes well. I was excited to receive the email with all of the routes finally listed! T, do you have any info (or rumors) regarding who the other teams will be besides High Road (oops, Columbia, right?) and Toyota? Dyin' to know!

Matt, glad to hear that all is well. Hope that they get those fires under control, although its just going to be a never ending battle without a little RAIN! I've got a few flood pics I'll try to send via email.

Sorry to hear about more rain down your way to cancel your ride, T, but glad you're not out in it!


Matt - you must be working too hard and too long these days not to have a TdF prediction. You need to adjust your priorities!

Does anyone else have to pause and eat or use the restroom while reading the susieb novel length blogs? I swear I have started one or two of them and had to return the next day to finish them. I've started to take notes so I can remember what she said in the beginning!

Here's my TdF podium - 3rd Evans (he couldn't decide which Schleck wheel to suck); 2nd - Schleck (either one); and Menchov.

Other predictions - The Chicken is victorious and Rabobank folds; Floyd wins and USADA releases press statement to say they new they didn't have a good case but they felt his image as a rebel wasn't good for cycling and they really won cause they ruined his career (which was their goal). Travis Tygart resigns and joins Joe Papp and Greg Lemond in announcing they have accepted Jesus Christ in their life and will start a cycling evangelical cross country tour - riding Trek bikes. Betsy Andreu will be a guest speaker at each tour stop describing how God empowered her to become Lance Armstrong at times thus explaining how she knows her was a doper.


Sara, congrats to Brad and Grace and also to you - because they didn't reach such momentous milestones alone!

Watching the Tour of PA on VS... looks like their TdF preview is Sunday (June 29) at 5:00 Eastern.

I haven't been paying enough attention to have predictions, but I sure have been enjoying everyone else's - the serious and the outrageous.

Susie, your posts are so much fun!

See y'all (virutally) in Brest.


LOL predictions JoeB!!

Thanks for the schedule for VS, Barbara. I was getting headaches this evening trying to navigate their site and find that information. The BEST news is that having a TdF preview show on *tomorrow* means that the Tour will begin before another Sunday rolls around!!! Hooray!

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