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June 13, 2008



My God, Sara! That reminds me of what happened at the Sat am ride in Tucson, I forget what they call it. About 200 cyclists, and a deputy decides he's pissed and going to play "chicken" with the Peleton!!! No one was killed, but bikes were destroyed and people hurt. I know it's a pain in the butt to have 200 cyclists riding your road every Sat am; but geez, get used to it and go a different way!!
There is NO excuse for that happening!!

Okay, everyone, I did get on the site. And just for the record, #1, Nikki, I'm thrilled you are able to follow the races as well as you do, because I depend on you for info!!!
And regarding Tom's total SCREW-UP; I was so pissed, I was ready to take down his cover shot I have at work. But I did appreciate the news conference, and I think our Celebrity cyclist is learning a BIG lesson! Even if Floyd had did something "illegal" ; this is nothing compared to what Tom did!!

I LOVE Phil and Paul!! Everytime Oscar was shown on the camera, Phil piped up with how his never going to really be considered the '06 Tour champion. That's because Floyd gave him that 2nd podium spot!!! I'd still love to know what was really said at that breakfast they had together!


I'm yappy today....the Weather!! I feel really sorry for Iowa, I was born there, my Dad lives in Ankeny, and I have lots of relatives, including Grandma, etc. buried there. I hope they are still in their graves!! Cedar Rapids made the front page of the Spfld paper today.
We've had some beautiful days, but the WIND is always pushing something in. And today, thunderstorms all day. I have puddles in my yard, and I live on top of a hill of limestone!!

Okay, I think I got it all out now, I've got to start getting ready for work...

I love you, guys, too!!


Oh, doesn't that pic just make you gasp?!? I saw it somewhere a few days ago and could hardly BELIEVE it. Very very sad.

Damn. I was really hoping that Levi could pull this off after his ROCKing prologue. I haven't had a chance to read anything about the race for a couple of days, but from what Susie said, its not looking too good. What happened to Horner?

Anyone hear how Z is doing?

T, its crazy trying to drive ANYwhere up here. Both I-80 and I-360 are closed without many options of rerouting traffic, so we've been bumper to bumper semis up here that are just trying to get through the state! The 25 minute drive from Cedar Rapids to Iowa City is now a 4-5 hour drive on a 281 (!!) mile detour through Des Moines!


Just read about the DL stage today on VN. I've always liked Cadel Evans, but started to get really annoyed during last year's Tour with his whiny interviews (and, wow, his little girl voice is REALLY irritating). Sounds like he's ticked at Levi for not helping him today -- after Cadel attacked him and put time in on him the day before. Interesting logic...

Does he grate on anyone else's nerves?


Note to whom it may or may not concern: when you are from the deep south and checking blogs at work, it is possibly best to avoid exclaiming loudly "My God!" Excel spreadsheets rarely generate this response, so you are pretty much busted.


Oh, Libby! I hope they don't take your access away!

btw, Track camp day 2. This is it, guys. Bobby Lea killed them yesterday. And Taylor Phinney is setting all kinds of records. Brad said he broke the sound barrier. But, these times don't go into the record book. No UCI people around to make it official.

Whoever makes the track team, is the best America has to offer!!! They are damn fine cyclists!


Oh, Janann, as much as I want to "love" Cadel, he does make it hard. Not like some of our other Aussies that are super lovable!!!


First CSC picks up a co-sponser! Now High Road has a sponser!!! Team Columbia! Columbia sportswear. Okay, gotta start supporting the brand, on my next shopping trip!


T - I don't know about you but I am actually feeling nervous for the guys today on the track. Confused as to why Meatball sat up yesterday with Brad's comment that he would've been 2nd fastest. And then the question, if Lea had that time yesterday, does he take one of the spots? I so want it to be Brad and Mike. And I have nothing against Lea or Pearce but I have my two favorites. I've happily cheered for all 4 but now they're all going against each other.

And Taylor's not even 18 yet! I so want to see that kid on the track in person some day.

Libby - I have to agree shout outs like that tend not to happen with spreadsheets. Giggle fits from another site I read is hard to explain too when you're reading legal briefs. Tends to get some totally busted looks from co-workers.


To follow up---I did the only thing I could do at that point--well, at first I tried "these standard deviations are way off" That didn't work. So I said, you gotta see this--so then I had a handful of people standing around my computer saying "My God!"

Gotta go.


Taylor got the record today!!!! Damn this kid is fast!!! He set the new Junior World Record in the 3oooM pursuit with a 3:16.65! Way to go Taylor!!!

Now we need news on how Meatball and Brad did...


T - help...
I found the results. Lea got one spot for sure. Does that mean the 2nd is decided when they announce the road team on 7/1?


Hooray for Taylor! He really is amazing.

You made me LOL today with that comment Libby. I think that has probably happened to us all.

Got my first ride in 3 weeks in today! It has FINALLY stopped raining, they've cleared the mud/rock slide from my trail and it was a GLORIOUS morning with wildflowers blooming everywhere. Wonderful.


WOW - just saw that Slipstream, CSC, AND High Road all have new sponsors! *GREAT* for the sport, but I'm going to be driven crazy trying to keep track of all the new names/jerseys during the Tour ;)


Nikki, read Brad's post on his blog. He, Mike, and Colby are waiting to see who gets picked by the coaches. I don't know why Mike sat up either!!! It's like something went wrong. He could have gotten the time the y were shooting for easy. With just 6wks in his legs since his rehab, I'm so proud of Brad, I could just bust!!!

And YEAH!! for new sponsers!! That is sooooo COOL!!


Anyone else got their issue of Velo News with AC all in pick on the cover??? Great issue. I'm surprised Ricco didn't have a stroke!! And Neal Rogers has some good things to say about Sara's favorite sprinter! And I have to agree with him, He is young, and the fastest in the last 100 meters!! I just wish he'd get his teeth whitened!!
And talking about sprinters, I didn't know that Robbie and Lance did not get along! Robbie told him once to "shut his mouth or he'd put his fist in it!!" lol

susie b

Oh man, everytime I see that photo, I get nauseous. I don't think I've EVER seen such a bike-auto "interaction" captured on film(whatever) before. You hope that it's Hollywood magic, but when you know that it's a REAL live action shot & that people died &/or were seriously injured, oooooooh (shiver). Be CAREFUL out there everybody! I know, I know, you never see THAT coming, but be alert anyway.

In happier cycling news, yes, how great that the 2 non-sponsored American teams now have title sponsors! And that "GC man" will have an additional meaning! (For Garmin-Chipotle, 'cause *I* AIN'T saying that all the time!).

Any rumors if Tommeke wants to transfer to Team COLUMBIA? Snort, snort, she snickers. Sorry, but I'm soooo displeased with Tom at the moment. After admiringly stepping up last week & taking responsiblity for his dumbass actions of the past few months, NOW he's resorting to a version of the Marion Barry defense. And here in the Washington, DC suburbs, well, THAT don't play. At all. So what is it Tom? Was your drink drugged & you were "set-up" or was the white line you were chasing not on the road but on the toilet seat? Why isn't this story getting more play? Did he lie to the police or lie to the media/fans? And WHY would you apologize in a worldwide press conference if you really had NOT willingly taken an illegal drug?! What lawyer would have suggested that? Granted, BONEhead, I mean Boonen, never actually SAID he did coke,etc, but what else was he really apologizing for?

On the other hand, too bad this didn't happen LAST year as I could have used him as a role model for my own "personal issue" in August. Just like Tom, "I am not perfect" & well, to be honest, "it's not easy being susie b". I'd then have announced how I was going to take a "little break" from blogging. Which, of course, meant that I'd be back the very next week. And by then, I'd have said, 'HEY, it wasn't really ME; no, noooo, someone else had been writing & using my posting name'! And people call ME a 'smartypants'. ;)

Anyway, back to the new sponsors, I, for one, am thrilled that High Road is dropping that name AND getting new kits. I just did not like either. I like Bob Stapleton, from what I've read about him, but that team/company name, good grief, it made we wince everytime I heard/read/wrote it. And I hated all that white on their jerseys so I can't wait to see the new ones. And with that new team name, I'd imagine they'll want to stay away from too much WHITE. Isn't that right, Tom? (Sorry Sara & Nakigrl, I'll eventually be more empathetic with your boy again, but the irk needs to run out in it's own sweet time. And besides, just like Tom, "I am not perfect." ;).

Hey, did any of you watch the US Open last week/weekend/Monday? What a tournament! I watched part of Friday's round here via NBCsports & then ESPN's webroadcasts, and when I left that night, things weren't looking too good for Tiger. Of course, little did I know we were only just pulling our harnesses down into the locked position as the roller coaster was just beginning to move out of the Starthouse! Man, anybody who had bet on Tiger to win was ultimately a winner themselves, but whew, you'd have had heart failure before you could cash in! Bogey here, bogey there, eagle, chip-in birdie, eagle, bad knee, will he be able to finish, more bogeys, more 'arian' holes, tied at the end of Sunday so 18 MORE holes, and then STILL tied, so into Sudden Death, & finally he holds up the cup. Plus, I loved that it took place on the West coast as we Easterners got to watch a lot of it in Prime Time! Whoo-hoo! I do think, except for a British Open here or there, we'll never see Tiger in so much tall grass again. In fact, if you add up all his missed fairways in other tournaments of the past 2-3 YEARS, I don't think they'd equal what he had at this year's Open. Even though I know it was due to his bum knee, it was still bizarre to see him there. And over there. And over there. You know, he drew a LOT of people to golf with his TOTAL domination in the 1997 Masters but I think he, at his MOST vulnerable but never-give-up best, brought even more this past weekend.

Gosh, I almost posted before writing what I originally stopped here for today! I hadn't planned on watching any of the Tour de Swiss this week, but for some reason, I decided to check the Velonews Live Update after I finished a conference call this morning. I clicked in & there was only 10k to go, so I went to Steephill & even though the Denmark feed had been blocked to outsiders since the last day or so of the Dauphine, I clicked on it anyway & whaddya know, there the race was! Frank Schleck & a guy in light blue were off the front & soon it was less than 5k to go & it looked like Frank would take over the yellow jersey. Just as I was rolling that around in my head & thinking how happy Theresa would be, Frank overcooks a turn & flips OVER the barricade & we can't even see him as it's some kind of ravine! I'm thinking he could be dead & THEN he pops back up out of nowhere & eventually gets back on a bike! As he came across the finish, he was kissing some kind of patron saint medal of cycling I'm guessing. He should, as if that had happened on other turns I've seen in the Alps, he wouldn't have been popping back on a bike for months yet alone in the same race! Luckeee! Anyway, I'm thinking he lost concentration for just a moment as he was imagining himself in yellow. Understandable but hopefully he'll never repeat THAT error again!


I was watching ctv, covering the race for the team, listening to the commentators say Schleck really wasn't a very good descender when WHAMMY! Over the edge he went. I was stunned. He was there one moment and then gone, his bicycle bouncing on the asphalt with a hard-charging peloton coming that way. No sign of Schleck as the camera moved on with the leader, then back to the peloton avoiding the bike. But soon enough they did show him up, getting a new bike. I couldn't believe he was ok. He rode in kissing the pendant on his necklace, which turns out to be a guardian angel pen his mother gave to him! And can you imagine how brother Andy felt when he came upon the scene and his bro is MIA? It was wild, so glad he was okay.

All that good news with sponsors makes for an uplifting start to the TdF soon. (Wonder what UCI or ASO will do to mess up the good feeling?) I so love Columbia clothing--made well, comfortable and sensibly priced! And I was hoping beyond hope that Garmin would get rid of that ghastly butt-ugly argyle but NOOOOOOOOO! It's here to stay; they think it's cool! (It isn't actually, but what would a tech company really know about cool anyway?)

Tomorrow's stage in Suisse will be good, even better than today's I think! Watch it!


Loved the US Open! Tiger just keeps on finding new ways to win. On Monday, we were finishing up a team meeting and our boss asked if there were any other "concerns" to talk about, and one guy, with a straight face, said "yes, I have a big one." She asked him to go on, and still with a straight face, he said, "Rocco and Tiger teed off half an hour ago and we're not watching it." Turned out everyone was interested, so we kept checking in and letting everyone know... and watched the last hole live on I am so glad they kept it interesting - to say the least!


Wow guys. I have missed a lot! Somehow I haven't turned on my TV for a month. A Month!! Hubby has been watching baseball, but I missed all the races, the Open, the last episodes of a few shows I used to watch BEFORE the strike. That strike pretty much cured me of TV for a while. Goin' on 6 months now.

My happiest moment reading here was hearing that Team High Road is changing their NAME (WOOOhOOO!) AND their kit?! WOW WEE! Wht a relief. Talk about 70's retro in the worst way, those kits were terrible. I hated the type style back then and even more now. The colors were horrid too. Who ever designed/approved them is hopefully in some ditch somewhere. How many people do you think laughed at them or told them they sucked before they finally gave in? Can't wait to see what they come up with.

Poor lucky Frank. Jees.

Hey, Funny story. I got on the elevator in my hospital heading out of the ICU and there on a cart is this cutie with a bitch patch, and a bag with a Velo news sticking out of the pocket. The TdF issue! Damn, I said, is it that time already? Yup, he replied, July 5th is comin' up! As I suspected by his build (hot) he rides, but said he was too old to race. No way Jose, he looked about 12. But more legal. (Man, I'm such a slut.)

Don't worry, I behaved myself.


Today, I'm sure ya'll have heard that Tiger is having surgery on his knee. Reminds me of Floyd and his hip, winning the TdF o6!!!

Susie, dear, I enjoyed your post so much!!! You pretty much covered everything!! And Tom better pay the price for what he did. Even Jan Ullich had a 6 month suspension for using "party drugs"!!!

susie b

TdS SPOILER alert! Once again, I only was able to watch the last 10K today (Thursday), but since that's when the major action happened, I think all I missed was some glorious Swiss countryside. Since this Tour started, I have been hoping Kloden will pull out the overall win & he looked pretty good today as he came in 2nd on a mountain top finish, only a couple seconds behind my TDF 2008 pick, Kim Kirchen, so I'm happy with both. Kirchen had just BECOME "my" TDF pick over the weekend as I needed to pick SOMEbody & I am not happy with either Piti Valverde or Whiner Cadel as the 2 leading contenders. I WANT to like Cadel & would love for an Aussie to win the Tour, but as ya'll said above, his whining last year just turned me completely off. Maybe I'll warm up to him again during the Tour, but it depends on how he handles himself not just on but OFF the bike. And Valverde is the symbol & reminder of the mess that is not only OP itself but my own distressing uncertainty about catching the dopers : do you use positive & verified tests only or this out of competition "proof" such as phone recordings, blood bags, copies of doping regimens, etc, etc? From what I've read the past 2 years, the links to Valverde in OP were pretty much the same (or even stronger than some) as several of the other guys who were kicked out of the 2006 Tour. So, WHY was he allowed to ride then & why is he STILL allowed to ride? The UCI TRIED to get him blocked from last year's World Championships & CAS overturned it. So, why is the UCI fine with him riding in PRO Tour events now? I don't know! What I do know is when I look at Valverde, I get a headache.

I do find it hysterical though to imagine OP-connected Piti as THIS year's TDF winner. It ALMOST makes me want to see it come to pass. And only THEN the OP bloodbags would finally be DNA identified & guess whose would be found? Such a PITI. ;)

Anyway, so there I was on the sofa this past Sunday, perusing my newly arrived Velonews TDF special mag & moaning that I didn't have a "pick". You HAVE to have a pick! At least I have to have someone to root for or I lose perhaps not all interest, but at least my Tour Tomb passion. Plus, it's been SO long since I HAVEN'T had a pick, that I was pretty damn glum. So, I looked through the TDF mag & watched the Versus coverage on Sunday where KK was interviewed & that's how he became my pick. Basically, all I know about the guy is that he's on George's team, has a nice face, & finished in the top 10 in last year's Tour. :) Anybody know what kind of guy he is? I can't be rooting for a jerk! Or a whiner. Or an ass like Slitherin. And I'm not saying I think my guy will neccessarily win, but he's who I'll be rooting for (I may add others to my "fave" list as the race progresses) since the two guys I WANT to be rooting for are viciously, pettily & vindictively being kept out of the damn race. But I digress. ;) I think I like the Schleck brothers too, but Andy is probably too young & inexperienced & after yesterday, I don't have the guts to watch Frank (if he was my pick) coming down the mountains!

So, I'll be rooting for Kirchen, but who do I THINK will WIN? Hmmmmmm. I think "my guy" could definitely end up on the podium although I don't know about winning. At least this year. Valverde & Cadel looked pretty good in the Dauphine, but I just don't think Piti is strong enough, especially mentally. Cadel has Popo this year to help him in the mountains AND the entire team to buffer him on the flat stages as poor Robbie is on his own this year. But he's never been the odds-on favorite before, so we'll have to see how he handles it. Of course, if he doesn't do well, he's already got that nifty excuse ready - his "bad knee". ;) I guess between Piti & Cadel, I'd pick the Aussie. Ok, who else. I don't have a feeling about Sastre, anyone a big Carlos fan? Seems like a nice guy, but he's just not my pick. What about that EE guy, Zubeldia? He's been finishing in the Top 10 for the past several years like Sastre. Can he finally make it on the podium? Possibly. Winner? I don't know but I doubt it. I think Gesink is a future podium guy but it's just too bad he's on THE team that SHOULD actually be barred from this race (Rabobank). But then again, so is Menchov. Between Sastre & Menchov, I think Menchov is stronger, but I just don't like him that much. Let's see, is Bruseghin of Lampre coming to the Tour? He did great in the Giro. Is he the one with the donkeys & donkey-fans? They were a riot at the Giro. But I'm wary that he or anyone could do great in both Tours back to back. At least in these 'dope-free' times. :)

So, who does everybody else like? Do you realize we're only about 2 FREAKIN WEEKS away from the Grand Depart?!

Starting this weekend, I will be watching almost NON-STOP televised sports between this Saturday thru Sept 7th (maybe even til 9/21). Beginning this Saturday, 3 of the big US Olympic Trials will start up - 1st, gymnastics on Sat & Sun, then between 6/28 - 7/6 is swimming AND track & field. Both televised on either NBC or USA network EVERY night in PRIME TIME or late night! (Go Michael! Go Katie Hoff! Go Dara Torres! :) At the same time will be Wimbledon (6/23 - 7/6). And of course, the TDF starts 7/5. After the Tour, there's 10 days to both decompress from the Tour & get geared up for the OLYMPICS which start on 8/8/08 at 8:00 PM eastern USA time. The closing ceremonies are 8/24; the day before the tennis US OPEN starts. I hadn't PLANNED on watching any of the Vuelta but since I'm now hoping Beach Baby can pull off the Contador Grand Tour Slam, I may not be able to keep from clicking in as long as some Euro country opens up their videofeed. Man oh man, it's going to be a thrilling yet exhausting summer! Can't wait! :) :)


Holy CRAP! (I'm referring to Susies long posts)...GRIN!!! Haven't been getting much pc time lately (still in sunnyvale on travel..working lots). I did catch as much of the US Open as possible (we did gather round a pc on Monday during the playoff...boy was I rooting for Rocco...I love to see the underdog pull it off). Of course you have to love and admire Tiger...he does it again. But I think Rocco has nothing to be ashamed of...he hung in there with THE BEST for 5 full rounds. What a grand time he had, and he 'almost' did it.

Haven't been keeping up w/ bike racing at all...but I am keenly aware that July 5th is coming fast. And sorry to say, for the first year in a LONG TIME, I don't have a fav.

Uh oh...gotta get busy...managment has been spotted in the area...yak at ya'll later...and happy friday everybody!


I'm out of town this week but when I get home it won't be long before the Tour!!! Yeah!!

Have a great week everyone!


Did anyone catch the coverage of the Philly bike race on VS this afternoon? It was great to watch them riding on roads I ride on almost every week, but wow, the announcers were annoying! Almost as annoying as the Rock Racing logo swishing in EVERY MINUTE.

Watching the Tour de Suisse right now - beautiful countryside! They're complaining of the heat - it's 91 - HAH, it was 99 in Philly for that race!

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