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June 09, 2008



Sawaaaaah!!! Damn, girl, you gave my current state a name! I just realized reading your post that I have been feeling exactly the same way. I didn't see the Giro. True, I could quite get the lay of the internet access, but truthfully, I just couldn't get it up for the whole deal.

I've been reading. A lot. Ask susieb, she has the list.

Dirt, has become important to me again now that spring is here. And of course the things that grow in it.

Pretending I have something important to say to the world has also been a current obsession. One as yet unpublished article and a power point, panel presentation, on Ethics and why does anyone care....To be delivered in exotic Springfield IL!

So, how about this, Sara? You do know we aren't only about cycling. Any interest in writing about life? You know, what was in your head when you got up, or standing in line for the groceries, or looking at your really really cute kids? Just once, or maybe twice. With a picture of your garden of course....


BTW, love ya. *muah*


Hey Sara, great to hear from you! SO glad that you're taking time to just simply enjoy life -- THAT is what its all about. Taking my daughter to the park (for sometimes hours at a time) has become a focus point of my summer (around the torrential rain and storms) and I've been determined to live in the moment with no worries about the laundry waiting to be finished or the mail to be sorted, but just REALLY enjoying the small moments that pass by so quickly.

Cat is right. While we all "found" each other through our interest in cycling, I've certainly enjoyed the many other 'inane' topics that we've covered here, too :)

Glad to hear that the clipless pedals are going so well! My husband LOVES his, but I've still been too scared to try them myself. Someday maybe.

Delighted that Susie prompted you to check in ;) We've missed you around here!

Sara Best

Thanks guys. While I've enjoyed my little break I've also missed connecting with all of you.

I think it's a great idea to broaden the scope of this blog to more than just cycling. Just as Janann said, that may be what brought us together originally, but we're all about much more than that.

The First 100 Miles can have so many different meaning beyond just my attempt to conquer a Century bike ride.

A new chapter in the life of the Inane Asylum - I love it!

Sara Best

...but we'll still dish about the Tour in July. That will never change.


Good to hear your "voice", Sara! You sound wonderfully UP (for someone in rehab). I am happy to read and discuss (inanely or otherwise) your thoughts on life anytime.

I've watched the VS coverage, such as it is, of the Giro and the spring classics, and it's hard to get excited with such minimal coverage.

On another topic - I am reading To Kill a Mockingbird for my book club, and thorougly enjoying it! I am doing a "hybrid" of reading the book when I can and listening to the CDs on my commute. Sissy Spacek is the reader, and she's awesome. I feel like I'm living in the deep South - a feeling that continues when I get out of my car and get whalloped by the 99-degree heat!

More than half the field dropped out of the bike race in Philly on Sunday!


Sara!!! Thrilled to here from you!! Yes, I too, have taken a step back from pro-cycling. I only get Velo News now; instead of 3 magazines. I watched Vs, but also, I'm inept at internet watching, like Cat, but then I'd rather be out riding, and hear how my favorites have done later. The Giro was a special treat. But I'm really happy following Brad's racing as getting to know his new teammates thru their blogs. Nikki, who is "The Bird"??

I'd love to see pictures of your kids and your yard and garden. I don't grow anything that doesn't take care of itself. And finally, my trees have been taken care of after the last 2 yrs of ice storms.
Now, if the the thunderstorms will stop, so I can ride further without getting caught in the rain!! This last weekend was Great riding weather, but Mr. Wind is still with us!!

Brad finished Philly with leg cramps in BOTH legs, the last 3km. He still finished well, 28th, compared to DNF for half the peleton!!!
And he did well with his Triple Crown points, too.
I wonder if he got extra money for that?????


Although, I have to admit, Sunday, I couldn't leave the house to ride, til the Philly race was over and I knew at least the podium!
Then I went on a "fat-burning" ride of 2 1/2 hrs.

susie b

YAHOOOOOO! And it's just in time, Sara, as your boy Tom has been self-destructing ever since you stopped writing about cycling. Coinkydink? I think not. :) Seriously, the boy's been caught speeding (& I DON'T mean only going 5 mph over the limit, I mean, BLOW [little inside joke there]the wipers off the car fast) twice in the past 2 months & the last time it was basically DRUNK driving. And now, it comes out he tested positive for coke 3 days before the Tour of Belgium. Velo says he probably won't/can't be suspended as it wasn't during a race, but HELLO, Jan got thrown off his team for Ecstasy after a night of clubing & missed the Tour that year. Granted, that was a while ago & the rules may be different, but what SPONSOR wants a cokehead getting all the pub?! I'm sure Specialized is fit to be tied today as they've assuredly ALREADY ponied up a chunk of change to advertize the recent Paris-Roubaix winner on even more TV ads during the Tour AND in all the cycling mags for June & July. It will be interesting to see what that company does. Bet that most Tour TV watchers in the US are only casual fans & thus not know the situation & thus leave the TV ads in place or take them off the air FASTER than even Big Tom can say "I'm SPECIALIZED"?

What's going on with this guy? Stressed out from being his country's lust object/sports hero? Just livin' large in the LOE : Land of Obnoxious Entitlement? That disgusting place largely inhabited by ballers of various sports from around the world. (And their trashmouth bitch wives - see Mrs Kobe Bryant). Or maybe it's just the "you can't touch me as I'm SPECIAL(ized ;)" crap that so many male athletes learn at an early age. Has anyone read if there's something going on his personal life, some tragedy? Family member or close friend very ill or dying? Love of his life dumping him? Anything? If it's none of those, & he's just been doing all this crap because he's, as the commercial says, "I'm Tom Bone-in", then he's NO GLADIATOR & thus, no longer one of the guys I'LL be cheering for this July. Come on Rocket Robbie & Be Still My Heart Bennati.

But in happier cycling news. CSC's got a new sponsor so we don't have to worry about ANOTHER major Pro Tour team biting the dust. At least this year. And even better, at least for this totally biased USA cycling fan, Levi RIPPED IT UP in the Dauphine Prologue Sunday. Whoooeeeee! And TODAY, (spoiler!) Big George took the stage! Seemingly out of nowhere. The Eurosport guys were apoplectic as they didn't even see George til the very end. It was quite funny. Yesterday it was Valverde in a sprint finish. I thought I was having some kind of eyesight problem as I could NOT BELIEVE MY EYES. Valverde. In a sprint. That'd be about like seeing Boonen 'high' in the mountains. Well, wait a minute... ;) ;)

Anyway, I'm rooting for Levi to take it all. I thought he'd be so exhausted from that Death Ride (aka the 2008 Giro) that he'd be plum tuckered out, but he sure looked on form Sunday! Go Levi. And that Big George was able to win (& quite convincly by the way) a Stage, well, hell, the Dauphine couldn't be going any better! :)

And even though I'm still so enraged at the ASOles, I can't help but get excited about the Tour when I see Live aerial footage of the French countryside via the Dauphine videostream. Except the moto-camera guy apparently wants all of us webwatchers to toss our cookies as he keeps focusing his camera basically 1 FOOT in front of the leaders' faces/chests as they're ZOOMING along, seemingly straight at the camera. Everytime I click over to sneak a peak, I inadvertedly lean so far back in my chair, I almost fall out. Yep, yep, I'm a Fall Out Girl. :)

BTW, about a week ago I found out that MD won't be going to the Tour this year. I'm VERY disappointed. Yeah, yeah, most of us have/had some "issues" with the guy, but come on, there's no one who writes the way he does about life at the Tour. Or writes period, when he's on "form" himself. Apparently, the NITWITS at the newly merged Velonews-Competitor won't send him. I was looking forward to Neal's video clips & MD's 'dispatches' all on the same damn site. Save me some clicking-around time. How stupid is Velopress? They could have had THE yellow-jersy Tour website & now they'll just be pack fodder. Dumbasses. I have to say this is about on par with the ASO decision to barr Astana. Hey, are the head honchos at Velopress FRENCH?

And one final thing before my fingers need a Time Out. Did you see that Versus re-upped for 5 more years of Tour coverage? Yahooo! And no, there's no truth to the rumor that *I* wrote their new ad campaign - "SCREW THE DOPERS, POLITICS, etc." Nope, I didn't write it, but it sure is FREAKIN awesome. :)


Yo Sara...glad to hear you are both busy yet still 'out there'. I followed the Giro this year more than most...being as we had slipstream, high road and Astana all there. Too bad the coverage was once a week, they really could have given Le Tour a run for their money if we had daily coverage. I haven't followed much else since the Tour of CA back in Feb. Now like you, I'm waiting for July. And as to expanding our horizons here, I always thought we were much more than just cycling...wasn't that how we got the boot at that other place to start with?

And did anybody watch BG this weekend? WOW WOW WOW! Things are happening now baby!! The hub is gone, the toasters are mortal! Does that make them 'human'? HMMM?? And Adama and the Prez hookin' up?? I could see that coming. And Lee is the new Prez interim...what else will happen? Do they find earth?? Exciting stuff!

I am on travel again...back up in Sunnyvale for 2 weeks...just started a new book..."The Art of racing in the rain"...a story narrated by the family dog...what a NOVEL Idea!! It looks great...will let you know my thoughts when I get done. OK...everybody get out there and smell some roses! I plan to smell them from 2 wheels over the next 2 weeks! (brought both bikes again). Nice weax plan to GET ON IT starting tonight!



You nailed how I feel---for years have loved mountain biking and that culture. However, as the years and the work hours and the kids add up (and thank goodness for all of it, I'm very lucky)but as it all adds up, the biking time tends to decrease and you are left following cycling via the internet etc.

I think of movies in the same way---going to see a movie, discussion over wine post movie--fantastic. Speculating over Brangelina's latest gas pain, not so much.

Having said all that, I doubt I'll ever be able to watch the peleton flow through a field of sunflowers or rip down a ribbon of pavement in the Pyrenees and not be moved.

I'll always watch the tour. Just like I'll always read MD, miss his posts from the tour, and also make fun of him in my head (and here) for how seriously he takes himself, and how it always bites him. For example, he seems to now be featured at competitor below lots of triathlon coverage and the stunt runner---but thank goodness he doesn't have to suffer a lot of inane discussion.....


Oh, most importantly--very nice to hear from you.


Welcome back to hello's Sara! I was wondering how many comments we could do on one thread before it blew. :-)

T - The Bird is Bryce Mead also at JB with Brad. He's from here in IL. Funny as hell and I am so happy he's back to chatting with Jones on everyone else's blogs. Those two cracked me up over the winter months. They lived at another's for a long time and then someone there got snippy with Jones and he vanished for awhile. Happy they're back. Good laughs to be had by all with them.

Susie - I think Jan was back in 2002 and WADA was applied from 2004 on? I think he got nailed from the German Federation, and not UCI peeps. Not totally clear so no quoting me but I think that was it.

Unlike most, I love following cycling these days. I watch (well actually listen) to as much as I can while at work. I work enough hours that no one ever says anything. If a stage sounded really great I'll watch highlights on demand at night. It's like listening to the radio and I love it. I listened to the Giro everyday and watched all of the Philly races. Now its the dolphin. Love the stuff. I step back every few days but it's my mental break from work.

My major withdrawal will come in September as work will be full force again.

Hope everyone is having a good week and Yeah for George today! It was like you could hear him get the okay for the stage when he took off. Good stuff!


*sigh* feels like home again.

Love you guys.

susieb asked me, and I wonder too, where's Waddy?


Big WOOO HOOOO for both George and Levi! And but OF COURSE we will continue to dish over the Tour in July -- that is not negotiable ;)

I hadn't heard that CSC had found a new sponsor - that's great news! Who is it? And you're right, Susie, whatever 'issues' we've had with MD it is definitely disappointing that he won't be at the Tour. I haven't read his blog for quite awhile now, but the Tour coverage probably would have drawn me back in...

I'm with T - would love to see a new pic of your kiddos, Sara. Are they in any organized activities this summer or are you playing it low key?

If you find that good weather, Matt, send some to the midwest please!


Jaanan...we have awesome weather up here in Sunnyvale (at least since Monday afternoon when I got here)...didn't get a ride in last night...ended up working overtime...(thats good...helps finance my obsession....I mean hobby!) But the bikes are ready and in full standby mode...any night I don't work late I will get on it! This morning I didn't even wear a jacket in to work (we start at 6am)...NICE! Figure it's in the high 70's/low 80's in the afternoon....sunny...I would send some over if I could...the rest of the country seems to be taking a real bath...the news is very sad. But soon enough here in CA we will be getting whomped with our own disaster (it's SO VERY DRY...gonna be a horrid fire season out here...we didn't get nearly enough rainfall this winter....again). I second the big WOOO-HOOOO for big George and it when George pulls out a win..he can't have too many more races left in his legs...maybe one more Tour?? I can't follow racing while on travel...very limited computer time during the work day...we share terminals...gotta run now in fact...have a great day all!


A note for fans of MD's writing... nice blog about 2 weeks ago about his trip to London with his about-to-leave-for-collega son. I'll miss his Tour coverage, but there is always a lot to read during Tour time.

Have to call Verizon and get my FIOS installed before July!


Did y'all notice that Phil and Paul, during the last few VS cyclysms, have gotten much more adamant about "we'll NEVER call Periero the 2006 TdF winner" - last summer they seemed to be taking the PC route, not so much this year. Wonder if that will change during the Tour?

Susie, you ROCK! I don't know how you manage to type so much, but I love reading all of it!


Me too! Susie, your little rant about dear TBoonen and the SPECIALIZED commercials had me giggling ;)

Isn't it ridiculous that we are experiencing a deluge of monumental proportions -- entire cities evacuated, bridges washed away, crops and cropland ruined -- while CA is SOOOOO dry? If there was just a way we could channel some of this WATER out there!!! It really is insane up here. My city is fine (all of those HILLS keep us high and dry) but most of the towns in almost 1/2 of the state are disappearing - literally. We're supposed to get from 1-4 more inches tonight.....


Boy we sure could use it! The fire season is gonna be horrific this year...we just went thru the driest feb/mar/apr in recorded history...already fires are burning (there is another one in the Santa Cruz mtns not far from here going today...they just had a rather bad one a month or so ago). I slipped in a nice canyon ride last night...boy was it hot and dry! And it's only gonna get worse as we get into summer.

susie b

Thanks Barbara & Janann, ya'll are so sweet. And thanks, Nikki & Theresa & anyone else who answered some of my Giro questions last week & endulged my Beach Boy interlude. :)

Dauphine SPOILER. I'm bummed today as I was able to watch about the last 15 minutes of today's Stage & it's not good news if you're a Levi/Astana fan. :( This little race has been shocking me almost daily & I don't know if I can bare to watch tomorrow. 1st, Levi did a fantastic Prologue & that shocked me as I never thought of LL as a short course specialist & especially after just completing the Death Ride a week before. Then, Valverde of all people wins a sprint. Big George then snatches a win (cheers) but Horner has to abandon (tears). Then Piti of all people wins the TT. When did Valverde become a TT expert?! I mean, I know he's not roadkill in the Time Trials like Slitherin, but damn, I was SHOCKED! And now today, sniff, sniff, Levi was dropped & is now over a minute behind Piti & half a minute behind Cadel.
I'm hoping this was just Levi's "bad day" & he'll come roaring back tomorrow, (maybe like The Killer did in Giro stage 19, only actually take the yellow jersey :).

I SO much want Levi to win this race as SOME sort of compensation for the unbearable injustice being done to him & his team by the ASOles. If I was Levi, I would be so angry/depressed that I would be crap on the bike. I know they're all "professionals", but to have possibly your LAST chance to do well in the world's MAIN cycling race snatched away from you for NO fault of YOUR own, god, that has to affect you psychologically.

And then for that shithead Lefevere, the guy who wanted to SUE Floyd, who went on & on how what Floyd 'did' made him sick, who HIMSELF is long linked to doping in this sport, that THIS guy says Bonehead should be allowed into the Tour because, hell, drunk driving & snorting COCAINE is not like "tesing positive in a SPORTING case"! [exclamation, mine]. Yeah, what's a little 108 mph drunken jaunt endangering yourself & EVERYONE else on the road. And so what if he BLEW off his team, sponsors & fans by being so gdamn stupid to actually partake in an illegal drug not just during the season but during the all-eyes-on-him-in-Belgium buildup to the Tour & especially when this sport is on freakin life support. Yeah, at least it wasn't a, HORRORS, "sporting" positive.

Since my original reaction to the Tom news, I had actually been feeling more empathy & was worried that this young man's life could be careening out of control. I was satisfied with his press conference & hoped he'd be able to move on from not just this drug result, but that he'd change at least some of ways he's been living his life recently. And deal with whatever drove him to act this way. But reading Lefevere's comments just infuriated me. Tom screwed up. He let his team down, his sponsors down, his fans down, & he let himself down. Since I currently do not have a Tour GC fave, I was looking forward to the sprint finishes even more than usual for this year's Tour. I, like many others, greatly anticipated a hang-on-to-the-edge-of-your-sofa four-headed duel between Big Tom, pinup Bennati, Rocket Robbie, & Sara's Bestboy Cavendish. Tom BLEW it & not just up his freakin nose. What I do find interesting is that supposedly it is the sponsors (of course) that want Lefevere to push getting Boo-Boo into the race. Are THEY excusing his behavior or just can't accept that THEIR fiscal investment just went up Boonen's nose?


Awwww, suze, you said Boo-boo! That's my little pet name for him.
Superficial aren't I?

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