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June 30, 2008



Haven't been round much lately and now that I am, I just feel gutted. I was so sure they would find in Floyd's favour.
Can't really rant about it because I just feel speechless.


Damn it......

I put off even checking until this afternoon so I could live in my bubble of hope for a bit longer. What crappy news.

Glad you're back Larry! And glad we'll have the Tour to focus on soon.


Today's CAS decision is filled with arrogance, incredible one-sidedness, and flat out a mockery of anything resembling a system of justice. The decision should have just been one sentence - What WADA says and does can never be wrong.

How incredulous to state that he should be penalized for putting up an aggressive defense that cost USADA money - what does that say to anyone who wants to challenge a decision against them! I'm sure we all feel very sorry for poor Travis and all the money he had to spend to depend poor science.

WAFS. Who would have ever guessed that the USADA panel that refereed Floyd's case was actually somewhat competent compared to the CAS panel!?

Truly a dark day for cycling - the world got a glimpse of the WADA power structure today - nothing fair about any of it.

Pepe LePew

Golf, welcome to our world! It all sounds so familiar. Wait until one millionaire golfer tests positive and buries Tygart with legal bills for USADA. They'll never be able to afford to prosecute another athlete.


Larry.... wait, uhhh, Larry... I know I know that name...

OH!!!!! Larry from ***CANADA***! Why didn't you SAY so! Whew, that helped me, thank you.

Gimme a big ol' Scottish clannish bearhug, Larry. I knew you'd be back. Knew it!

Dugard... Dugard.... wait... that sounds familiar toooo.

Sorry, it's not coming to me. Ask Catherine, she remembers him! She tries to act like she doesn't but the other day she showed her true colors, ha! Catherine, you never fooled me, girl.

Larry, welcome back. I hope you enjoy the prospect of the Tour with no Dugard, no Lance, no Floyd, no dopers we love to hate, just generally your basic oatmeal-flavored Tour where we have to create our own mental waftings of romance from across the ocean.


But it's good to stretch the imagination occasionally. Maybe between the group of us we can conjure up some Tour je-ne-sais-quoi. Let's all eat at La Madeleine every day, and peruse our Guides Michelin, french phrase books and, oh yeah, there's that little bike race thing!

I have greatly exceeded my allotment of space already.

One more hug from Larry and I'm outta here... I like your kilt, by the way.


Ahhh said it so well...dark days indeed. I am so disgusted..I REALLY TRULY thought the CAS would be on the up and up. Surely any athletes under the WADA umbrella who come up w/ a false positive will just take the ban after seeing how things will go should you choose to fight.

And Pepe, thanks for the link on the golf drug testing. It doesn't say, but I can only assume the PGA isn't under the WADA umbrella of at least they have a CHANCE! It was amusing to hear some of the golfers whining about the testing procedures (someone has to WATCH you go into your little cup...waaah waaah!) Get a grip...welcome to the REAL world! Dang...when I was in the Navy we got tested all the time (I was pretty sure the Navy thought my middle name was 'Random')...pretty humilitating procedures, but they are required to thwart the very creative efforts of the cheaters, who will try ANYTHING to not get caught. And that I'm out of the service and work in the aerospace industry (w/ a crazy level clearance I might add), I only get tested every other year during the routine physical exam...and that isn't even a suprise. But I imagine they are only testing for recreational stuff on us...not too much call for steroids and such here.

And so...we move on. TDF time! I have my fantasy team selected...picked my starters for the first few stages. I fly to Virginia tonight...ahh..vacation! I have been working a lot of hours good to have a few days off. I watched my TIVO copy of the VS pre-tour show last night...starting to get a tiny bit psyched! Though I still feel a huge loss by Astana not being there...just seems so WRONG! Floyd's guilty, Contador unable to defend his title...the universe is all askew!

Oh, and Hey Larry...glad to hear you are alive and well up there! Welcome back!

OK, everybody have a safe and fun 4th of July! Blow something up (small scale) in honor of the USA's birthday! Thats what I always think of on birthdays...explosives!


Okay, I need some ramping up, IA. I am so feeling the blues that Astana is not there and that wheel-sucking Evans is wearing Conta's me out kids. I need/want to feel the love for the tour!

(BTW, I do get to go to the end of the Vuelta, so if Conta does the triple I will be there! And if he doesn't who cares, I'm in Spain and hubby is joining me for an extra week of holiday!)


Floyd's mother would find something to say that would probably be more profound than, " CAS sucks!!"
I think with the Olympics going on, CAS just found Floyd an annoyance, and give him a good thrashing for being so uppity. Don't fight the system. Floyd's still my hero, and I hope he doesn't leave cycling for good.

I'm trying to get some excitement going for the Tour. Missed the Pre-Tour show, but watched the guys racing Tour of Penn. I saw Holloway win that Stars and Stripes jersey last August!
I was great fun to see the youngsters giving us a great show. That's Cycling's future. Made me feel warm and fuzzy!

Now, The Tour. George will be there. So will Danny Pate; and with GarMEN and High Road (without Michael Barry, for some reason...:(
Remember Camille, read Bruce Hildebrand, Cathy's friend at He's going to be there. And with all the top boys gone, it should be an interesting Tour, with the Jersey changing hands as often as their bike shorts! Hey, maybe a French rider will win!? Christian Moreau?
We do have CSC, also with Fabian, and the Schleck boys. And Stuey!!!

susie b

I'm all verklempt! My 'brother' LARRY has come home. :) :) And yes, I'm as VERBOSE as ever. Although let me just say that compared to the GUYS that comment at Rant's, I'm a freakin mute!

Anyway, so glad you're here, Lar. Did you see me askin for ya last week? I hope all our other missing IAers are just tardy, waiting to make an entrance & then we'll be good to go. Ok, Lar, who do you pick for the Final Podium? In fact, I'd love to see everyone's Final Podium picks, along with the Green, Mt & White jerseys.
Here's mine (although pleeeeze rememember, it's not necessarily who I WANT to win, just who I THINK will) :

Podium : Whiner of Oz, Piti Party Pooper, & if his team does not get thrown out of the race, "I was with Chicken in the Italian Mts last June" Menchov.

4th-6th : Mr Excitement Sastre, one of the Orange Men (Sammy or Zoomin Zumar, hear me now, but listen to me later - the EE boys will have their best ever Tour & could knock someone off the podium!), Baby Schleck (if he didn't kill himself trying to help Carlos) or MY man - DK (short for Double K - Kim Kirchen).

Green Jersey - Rocket Robbie
Polki Dots - Soler
White Jersey - Baby Schleck or Kreuziger

And yes, unfortunately, MD won't be "the man on the ground" this year. Our eyes, ears &, uh, stomach into not just the Tour but all of croissant country. I guess it's a done deal, but I'm still hoping when he sees those aerial views of the French countryside, he won't be able to constrain himself & will grab a bag, one of his sons & post those tantalizing dispatches (especially the ones that drive Julie crazy as they aren't about the race action itself, sorry Jules but those are my FAVE! :) at least for the last week. I could be wrong (hey, it COULD happen ;), but I think the Tour for Marty Dugard is like dance to a dancer, when they hear the music, they just have to get up & move. To all the TDF riders - PLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC, WHITE BOYS!


Thanks, Theresa, I'll look for Bruce. I missed the Tour preview too, darn it.

susie b

Ok, so Chicken is suspended for 2 years by HIS cycling federation - Monaco. Well, duh, he lied to the UCI. But the verdict I'm waiting for is from his suit against Rabobank. If that judge (or jury?) comes back & says the Rabo mgt did NOT know where Ras was, then there's no such thing as "the truth". Menchov was WITH Chicken for part of that time. Do you honestly think Rabobank did NOT know where their two biggest stars were in the 2 weeks leading up to the Tour?

Anyway, cutie patootie NEAL is over in Girona, interviewing the guys pre-Tour - George, CVV, & Vaughters, so far. It also turns out that Big George & G-Man Maggie B will be doing the Tour Video Diaries this year. They should be great. I wish CVV was doing it too, but I guess there's only so much time before a stage.

BTW, I was thinking. You know how George has, in the past, named a few things after one of his greatest cycling achivements? Well, I've decided, somehow, someway, George has to win Stage 17 (Galibier, Alpe d'Huez, etc) . 'Cause, come on, "Baby Huey" sounds like destiny to me. Baby Huey Hincapie. I like it! :)

And the USA Olympic cycling team was announced. I'm very happy that DZ is on it, but I think they should save DZ for the TT (he IS still recovering!) & instead have included Horner on the Road team. What do you all think? George (5TH Olympics! :), CVV, & Jason McCartney are on the Road team too. Plus Levi, who is also doing the TT. I'd be happy for any of them to do well, but, geeez, I really want Levi to take the Gold. Would make up at least a LITTLE for having his possibly last chance at the TDF yellow jersey so cruelly denied him. I believe in Karma & CP/PC will pay for this one.

And Cathy, if I were you, I'd be bummed/angry too. I'd be pacing around the house, muttering evil things about the ASOles. But, at least you'll be over in Spain when Beach Baby stands atop the Final Podium (with Levi right below) & completes the Triple Crown of the GTs. Ole! And to all true cycling fans, the 2008 TDF 'winner' will always have an * next to his name. Try to sit back, enjoy the show, & wait for the karma to kick in. 'There will be blood'. ;) ;)


Camille, Camille...hmmmm, sounds familiar, but just can't place her...oh yea, the one who doesn't write til she has something snarky to say.

I can appreciate a good write, but see no need to talk to a person who doesn't respect those who admire him. Such was the case with the D. I'm not an apologist, and not kissing ass by commenting there, just saying what I thought.

Matt had it right from the beginning, just took some of us a little longer.

BTW, weren't we done with this loooooong ago? Some people just can't move on. Let it go.


Okay, Truce! Tit for tat time is now over.


Sorry, Sara.


And I meant that in a completely non-snarky way, Sara. I'm sorry space got taken up with this nonsense.

Back to the Tour talk...


Quick note on Olympic team, I believe they only get 5 guys, they all ride the road together and then two of them ride the TT. I'm hoping Z's back is healing and he can get back up to form. I would imagine that if he thinks he's on for the TT but not in it enough for the road he would start and pull out at some point. Another month for us to find out how he's doing.

T, I'm sorry Brad didn't make the team but I am super happy for Mike. From what I've read, Brad sounds really happy his best friend is going. :-)


CMehl - my TdF interest is lingering too, but it is starting to get there. Not as nerve racking when your favorite team isn't part of it.

I'm already fired up for the Vuelta - sounds like you'll have a great time - and maybe witness some history with a triple crown!

As Astana fans, we should not look at the TdF shun as anything but the ASO's loss. Astana has been brilliant this year - look at the recent string of national champions!!

Don't you think that ASO wishes they did things differently - how could you not want the defending TdF champion and now Giro winner in your race? Talk about press and fan hysteria!

So CMehl - sit back, relax and watch the Tour without bitting nails or emotional highs and lows - sip some wine. Enjoy the race from the tactical side and see how leaders emerge. That's my plan. I'll be checking out the Vuelta stages during commercial breaks.


Wasn't awarding Evans the right to wear #1 in the tour meant as an outright INSULT to AB & Astana?!!!

And I do not understand leaving CHorner off the Olympics team--except he has explained it himself before--he just has never been plugged in to the "system" here. This just is not fair, there should be a better way than this, especially after his performance in the Tour last year!


Hi all,

#1 Fatty has a really funny open letter to the tour organizers over at his site. It is a couple days old now.

#2 Does anyone know of a web site that will do a live internet video feed of the tour?


Thanks Libby, for that Fattie heads-up. SO FUNNY. Some of the commentors suggestions have me on the floor. "team leaders shouting on megaphones, riding alongside". HA

I think Cadel will do *something* this year. I know there is a lot of hoo-ha about him but he strikes me as ambitious. Of course, if I get the chance, I'll be screaming for "my" Robbie and dropping the F-bomb at anyone who throws an elbow during the sprint.

But secretly, naively, I'll be doing a dance for George having a good race. Or as I now call him, The George. He's my "The Google". There was a great photo caption typo in Velo News where an enthused fan "chased the George Hincapie..."

Please realize all this nonsensical typing is because I am trying to avoid thinking of Floyd. Head. In. The. Sand. With. Sadness.

But here comes the Tour de Circus - I don't for a sec think it will be a tame affair.


Jessica, you got it girl!! George was the STAR of the Tour of MO, plus the winner. Of course Levi got a lot of attention too. But if I rooting for anyone to do anything special it's George.
Oh, did I mention I met Rich Hincapie last year too?? Not that he remembers me...

We'll count on Bruce H. to give us on the ground reports, and VeloNews, Neal baby, to give us the best video diaries.

Okay, you guys are perking me up!
And on the Olympic team, Mike Friedman has been awesome this year. And Brad's young enough, he can wait 4 more years. I still heart my Brad!!!


Well I have arrived in Brest. Preparations seem to be underway for some big sporting event - can't think what it is though... :-)

Don't want Cadel to win - as a nzer I can't support an aussie. So Robbie is out too.

Go those Schleck brothers!

susie b

JoeB - go get some snacks & stop off at the potty, now. Or reverse the order. ;)

Sooooo glad to see you Rae, Libby, & Jessica! Podium Predictions, please?

Come on, everybody, you know I'm just gonna hound you like I did for the bdays. :) I am relentless. Let's see those picks! If you don't even "have the legs" to guess, then it's the gruppetto for you! And for god sake, don't be a wheelsucker, even Cadel has seen the error of his ways! Attack! Attack! (Attack = offering up your podium picks). Pretty please. :) It's FUN! Take a chance to show you're podium worthy!

Libby - check steephill
or cyclingfans

as they'll have it if there is anything accessible in the US.

And thanks, Nikki, for the info about the Olympic team. I had wondered how many could go.

Did you all see that Rasmussen at least partly won his case against Rabobank? He won over $1 million for WRONGFUL TERMINATION, not that he didn't lie to the UCI, but that his team had to have known where the heck he was & thus had no legal right to fire him during the Tour. I am FURIOUS that cyclingnews buried it & from the way THEY wrote about it, you wouldn't even realize what the judgement said. What is their problem? Does the ASO now own them too?! Too bad for Menchov, but Rabobank should NOT BE ALLOWED to start in this year's Tour. They LIED. At least to the public. Whether ASO knew the truth is up for debate. I think they didn't care, hell, it might have been THEIR idea for Rabo to say Chicken lied to them. Anything to get him out. Karma's comin & it's gonna be bad.....

Did you see the article on Velo where Saint Christian P. says the "cheaters are gone"! Yeah, testing LESS always scares away cheaters. Just like no cops on the road & no traffic cameras keeps people from speeding. FARCE! FARCE! FARCE! Where IS Austin Murphy anyway? :) Awww, I'm past AM's turn to the Dark Side. He's written some nice cycling-related pieces this year & I hope at least HE'LL have his fine ass over in France this month. You DID see that photo of him in his cycling outfit last year at the L'etape, right? I'm just sayin. :)

Which brings us to AM's past Franco carbuddy - MD. He wrote on his old blog yesterday that he will start writing there once again, at least throughout the summer - during the Trials, Tour & the Olympics. I, for one, am VERY happy. Partly 'cause when I bring up Beijing here, I hear nothing but crickets! That's ok if it's not your thing, it's just that it IS my thing. Along with the Tour. And besides, I've decided Tommeke is my new role model. No, not the snortin' & lyin'. But, admitting he's not perfect, saying he's gonna take a little break & coming back the very next week & stating he's "learned a lot". Smak the hand against the head - I should have done that LAST year! And hey, if Bonehead's sponsors can all rush to give a DOPER a 2nd chance, then why can't I have one? And MD? In other words, I'm wipin' out the entire last year. DO OVER! Who's with me?! :)

Seriously, it will be interesting to read his take on the Tour from a TV viewer perspective. Plus, since he's been most places where the race rolls through, he can offer up insights & stories. And, most people here would have to admit, there are very few sports journos who can write like him. And btw, I've written a couple comments there the past week and.... they're still there! Aww, come on, I'm a kidder. And really, the 2 MD posts I've read over there this past week are like OM (Original Marty) & not ACM (Active Captive Marty) at all. Go check them out.

And maybe, maybe, we'll ALMOST get back to the NIRVANA we had last year! MD to offer the on-site perspective, Sara & Cathy to add expert analysis & Sara's for a place to chat & have a freakin good time! Bring on the Tour!

susie b

Oooh, one more thing. Matt, hope you're having a great vacation! And please remember, I'm in MARYLAND - right next to VA. I'm checking the TV & local news constantly for your 'presence' & pleeeeze, keep your abilities contained, ok? I need to get a lot of work done between now & Sunday! :)

Ok, I lied. One MORE thing. There were 2 more World Records at the Swim Trials last night so Whoo-hooooo! Other than by Michael & Katie, so the team is not just a 2-person show. 8:00 pm (eastern) on USA channel for the rest of this week & then over to NBC for the weekend, I think. Be there or be square. :) And don't forget the Track Trials, which start up again Thursday & continue through the weekend. The High Jump & my other new fave Field event (Hammer Throw!) are yet to come. I hope they show more than they did for the shotput. Or this Smarty will turn into a Cranky Pants, faster than Tyson Gay runs the 100!


Susie! I have been too busy to write much but I am loving watching the olympic swim trials this week and am looking forward to it, too. I know lots of people competing and covering it, wish I was one of them!!!

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