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May 15, 2008



I don't know Sara...don't count DC out. He has a pretty huge fan-base too...(screaming/near fainting young girls, just like DA). In fact, he probably has a larger fan-base than DA due to his 'rocker' personna...he draws in classic rock and, alternative rock people such as myself. I do like DA though...he is a breath of fresh air and all, but he's no DC! But I do agree that DC would be better off NOT to win, due to aforementioned contract. The fact that he hasn't been in the bottom rungs on any elimination night suggests he has a LOT of voters (myself now included). But now for the dilemma next Tues I vote for DC as I believe he IS the best? Or do I vote for DA as he is younger and has more years to work off the sweat-shop AI contract? (he's young, he'll get over it). Tough call. But no matter how the voting goes, I think both will do 'alright' in the future...but I can see a HUGE career for DC! Paula already said it judging him one night: "I feel like I'm looking at the new American Idol".



Ooops, sorry Sara (you too, all you AI fans)! You know I love you!!!

Aren't I just the meanie?


Ok, I admit it; I didn't watch AI this year....but you guys have kept me up-to-date; almost like watching!! I taped my first DWTS this week. So, after Biggest Loser, I got kinda lazy with the other two. And this year we had Carrier, too! I mean, you can only watch so much tv, right???

Ok, today I leave on my annual trip to Iowa to visit my Dad. Maybe we can at least walk, the weather is going to be nice. He has a bike, but I haven't seen it, and he's 79 yrs old. I really wanted to take my bike, but I was afraid I wouldn't ride it at all, and I'd lose good gas mileage, and lose out on a ride.

So, I need to check the Giro results, and start packing!!


There is a great Two Johns Podcast with Chris Horner.


I'm cheering for DC, too! He has the ability to put his unique stamp on everything that he sings. I definitely think that they'll both have a successful career in the music business - regardless of which one comes out on top after tomorrow night. The raw talent that DA possesses really sets him apart from many others we've seen on AI, IMO. DC just has that something extra (personality & stage presence?) that might put him over the edge.

Thanks Nikki -- I'll head over there :)

Have a great trip, T!


OH, and Sara, that is a pretty nice pic you found ;)
I must admit that his hair used to drive me *crazy* at first, but its growing on me.


Just watched Cyclism Sunday last night (was busy on Sunday...riding...woo-HOO!). Man those crashes of last week...reading about them during the week was bad enough, but seeing them...yikes! Some brutal Stuff! Was happy to see Rocket Robbie vying for the win on Sunday...was rooting for him...but he didn't seem to be his usual self. Hopefully he's just not 'in form' yet, or if he's getting a bit long in the tooth...I think we will see him in his usual slippery fast form come July. Noticed Cavendish wasn't at the front either...but I think we WILL be seeing his name a LOT in coming years. The race should really start to get exciting this week when the hit the CLIMBS! Ahhh..the mtn stages. I am hoping to see Levi and Alberto step it up and show what they've got. We shall see soon enough.

And tonight we see the clash of the Davids on AI. Should be a "Humdinger" (per Simon)!


Hey Hey HEY! Good day for the boyz in (light) blue! Conti beat Levi in a TT?? WOW! I guess Levi really ISN'T in form yet! And Conti w/a broken elbow takes 2nd...missed 1st by 8 that is SWEET! And Kloden takes 3rd...what a day for Astana! It'll be VERY interesting to see what Alberto has for the hills...this could really be some race for prove his position in last years TDF was no fluke. GO ALBERTO!!


I guess I'll just chat amongs't myselves as I seem to be alone today.

Hey u doing? Hey..I'm doing GREAT Matt! How R-U doin??? Sweet man! Got in some nice juicy rides last week and we had some summer-like temps FINALLY! Hey..thats cool! Hows your weather now? sucks again..back to the marine layer covering us...chilly and other words...NORMAL. What about that big race over in Italy? You been keeping up on that? Oh fer-sure! It's going great! Exciting stuff! Astana is poised to go for a GC position in the upcoming stages if Conti's (and Klodens) form is good enough. And don't count Levi out big day in the mountains can change the race! Hey..that sounds exciting! It is!! Well OK keep working and I'll check in on the web! Deal! OK..I gotta get back to work now...u go ahead and take a break. Sounds good...later.


Matt you are so funny! I check here everyday and it's been quiet. So sorry you had to talk with yourself!

I'm glad you're doing great. I am so ready for the nice weather we had here a while back to come back. It's been chilly and cloudy. I'm still getting rides in, even against docs orders not to, but I really wish the sun would be out. The wind could chill out for a bit too. Chicagoland isn't called the windy city for nothing.

Alberto was awesome today in the TT!! That kid just impresses me everytime I see him. Does he ever have a bad ride? I just love watching him climb and can't wait to get into the mountains to see those guys go!


LOL Matt! I'm glad you found someone so interesting to talk with ;) I was battling your evil nemesis today and I must say that Mr. Wind was in fine form (and heading your way, Nikki, watch out). My daughter was in the trailer telling me to go faster.....she is lucky that I was too winded to talk!

You're so right about those scary crashes last week -- ugh! I saw that DZ had a new blog entry about his ordeal
I really hope that all goes well with his wife/son and that he can maybe still participate in the Tour. What is a Tour without DZ? (and Levi, and Contador, and Kloden, etc, etc ;)

Glad to hear that the Astana boys were kicking it today, as I came here first (of course) and haven't had a chance to visit VN or anywhere else yet. Can't wait to see what transpires in the mts!

Both Davids were awesome tonight on AI. WOW, does DA ever have an incredible god-given talent. He is just amazing at only 17! I still think that DC is the better all-around performer and showman. I'm hoping he wins, but will be happy either way. They'll both have great careers.


Janaan...glad you are on a first name basis w/ Mr. Wind...he is REALLY kicking it here today! Coming up the grade to work it almost blew my car off the road...not sure about tonights ride...(I"m ok w/ SOME wind...but tonight is supposed to be 30mph sustained...gusts to 40-50). I have a feeling I'll wimp out on this one.

And I agree totally w/ your assessment on last nights AI...David A was truly inspiring...though I still think DC already IS a rock star...he just oozes an awesome stage personna... and can see myself being interested in music he makes. Not sure about DA...what type of music will he do professionally? He most ASSUREDLY has an amazing voice, and like DC, seems to be an honest to goodness nice guy. So my hats off to both of them, no matter the outcome tonight (I DID call in and vote for DC a number of times though...a matter of principal). So my conscious is clear. I thought Simon was wrong on DC last night...I thought all the songs he did were right up his alley and he did them wonderfully! What a great finale that was!


Well, Mr. Wind was trying to throw me under a car Monday!! So I rode on the sidewalk....yes, I know what sidewalks are for...but I really was afraid I was going to get pushed into a car!!! Yesterday was better; but my calves are screaming at me.

Kristi Y. won DWTS!!!!!! Girl POWER!! Last year I wanted Mel B. to win..I don't know how the guys get the advantage. I'm glad I taped it and FF through the commercials...nothing like a finale to INcrease commercials! And I got to see some of the guys that got voted off before I watched any of it. And it was a great finale. I never could figure out who Kristi's husband was....was he the tall dude next to her mother?? Her parents were just thrilled!!


I was happy for Kristi also! I think it is SOOO much more difficult for a girl to win because they are the "showy" part of the dancing team. They do all of the neat spins, tricks, and elaborate moves that would be REALLY difficult to perfect, whereas the men (though they have to really learn to dance - don't get me wrong) have more of supportive role. Their professional partners can really make them look good. And besides, it seems like people are really taken with men who can dance that well, while they don't see it as much as an accomplishment for the women. Just seems to be the feeling I get. Yes, that guy was Kristi's husband. It WAS a great finale and I definitely agree that taping it and skipping the commercials is THE way to go :)

Actually, I also taped the AI final tonight so I'm glad no one posted who won yet. Matt, don't you think that DA could make some nice recordings in the style of that Elton John song that he performed last night? I think that there is a niche in the business for him. His trick will be finding *exactly* what will suit his voice AND will sell!

Susieb...........where are you??? Miss ya!


This is a good article about race injuries.


Latest news on Timmy will have him out for what looks to possibly be the season...


I missed the entire American Idol season but my daughter Madeline has been playing YouTube clips of David Cook for me this morning, and I just want to say that he is


He is a big simmering melange-y pot of wonderfulosity soup.
He will be BIG.
***BIG***, I tells ya!!
I'm talking
***********B- I - G************!!!!!!!!!!!!

Somebody email me next time I'm missing someone on AI like David Cook, okay?!


OK..for those who haven't yet watched the AI finale, I won't give it away here. But the show was pretty good (albiet a bit long...2 hours). I think the highlight of the night was near the very beginning when the 2-Davids sang "Hero" (by Chad Kroeger from Nickelback). It was pretty impressive...their harmonies and overall arrangment was just plain awesome! A LOT of star power on the show too...Seal, Bryan Adams, ZZ Top (I really thought DC did a GREAT job on Sharp Dressed Man!!!), Donna Summers, George Michaels...and I thought Brooke did a very nice job on her duet w/ Grahmn I forgetting anybody? Some of the arrangments didn't go so well together though (I mean the top 12 doing songs together...duets and such. And just before they announced the winner they went back thru the judges for any last words...most impressive was Simon actually apologized to DC, saying he went back thru the tapes after Mon nights show and realized that he was wrong on his critiques...and that the overall night was MUCH closer than he said on the show. Then he said that for the first time, he doesn't care who wins, as they are both great and was an awesome season. Wow...Simon has a heart! Who would have known! And then...(I recorded this on my Tivo..but DIDN'T have it record any extra time)...Ryan said "and the

Well, my recording lasted JUST long about 3 hear the winner...but I didn't get to see ANY of the reactions and such...CRAP! How did that part go? How did the non-winner David take it? I am sure with they both are very nice guys and both will surely do well in the music field. And are right...DA will do very well if he gets into the right genre for his talent...he doesn't need much of an accompaniement...his vocals are awesome. It all depends on what songs they come up with for him (look at last years winner Jordin...she has ONE song out I believe...Tattoo...and I hate to say it, can't stand it...but I never was in her ideal demographic crowd anyway. I think Blake would have done's like they are trying to figure out what to do with her). OK...this was a long one...back to work for me!


Camille, where have you BEEN? We've been talking the 2 Davids for WEEKS now! Sara even posts his picutre last week! You gotta start taking notes I guess!


Still in the non-telling mode in case someone hasn't watched yet: the David that won was incredibly humble and kind to the other David, you could see a nice friendship was there. And the winner was so overwhelmed and raw in his emotions it was a special tv moment in my opinion. The winning song was called This is My Moment or something like that and it was!! It was a good song for the ending, actually.

I thot the way they did the finale this time was way better. I mean look at who they all got to sing with! And DC with ZZ Top was the highlight for me--that was great. Plus George Michaels sang with so much emotion--i was crying along with Paula!

When can we post the winner????!!!!! It was a great season, both really are winners! I will buy music from both those guys and Michael Johns too!


Matt: if you go to the homepage you can see the end of last night's show. It's about 3 min long, which is prob just about all that you missed. The video plays on the right side of the page, The Time of My Life (really is a pretty good song, too)


Hey Cathy...I had looked at the AI website yesterday morning and couldn't find it...maybe they hadn't updated it yet... Just checked it out...and WOW!!! he just blows me away with his version of 'The time of my life'...what a great way to finish the season. Man oh man...he is gonna do GREAT! Happy Friday everybody!


Okay, I'm glad you reminded me that David's last name is still a secret....I found out in the paper that he is from Blue Springs MO!!!!!!!!!!
How coool is that????
KC has been having a ball watching AI!


I don't think we need to keep it secret's two days gone past now. So it's DAVID COOK and he rocked the house all night! Both were really great but I think Cook will be a star and also be able to handle the fame. Love the story about his brother going to try out and David getting pulled in too. And how at the end of the show Wednesday night the camera cuts to the brother mouthing "That's my brother!"

Congrats to the Missouri boy!!


Right on Cathy!

And hey Hey HEY!! The REAL RACE starts tomorrow over in Italy!! The MOUNTAINS BABY!!!! YEAAAAAAA!!! Ride Conti, RIDE!!!!

AND it's a 3 day weekend!! Woo-HOO! Too bad our weather SUCKS...but hope to ride either road or mt bikes all 3 days...not a bad way to start the summer!!! Have a great Mem-Day weekend all!

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