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April 14, 2008



OH Sara, I'll miss your wonderful writing and "hanging out" at your site, to which you graciously welcomed us all, each and every day more than you know!!

I don't have time to write much now but -- sniff, sniff :( -- this is a sad day for us.

Paula Kirsch

Dearest Sara, much luck to you in the future. We over at TBV are struggling with finding a way to stop our blogging too, it's hard when people depend on you for info and community. But as TBV himself told me over the weekend, this is the beginning of the rest of our lives, you sometimes just need to stop. So....take a deep breath, and realize that we will all be OK without you, but we will be better for having known you. I'll look forward to reading whatever you write, good luck and God speed.



Oh dear. I checked earlier today, and didn't see a new post. Then found this.

I know things change. I know we all have lives. I know your's has certainly changed a lot in the last year, and I have been grateful for every post you have penned, and every comment that has been left. Certainly we couldn't do this forever, and a few seemingly have already left (Camille, Darren, Larry, Paul? Philip hardly comments, though someone told me he still reads...). Maybe we could set up a message board, like the cycling boards do, but I think they need a mediator, moderator, you know, someone in charge. Facebook is an option, you can make groups there. But those darned things NEVER DISAPPEAR, your info is there forever.

The reality is, the magic of this place started with Sara. She provided a little catalyst, and the group ran with it, sometimes all over town. But some friendships have been forged, new sites introduced, other writers have benefited. All of which is pretty remarkable. The serendipity of our coming together was wonderful, and due both to the remarkable personalities of the readers, and the generosity of the author. Thank you Sara, you enhanced many lives, and certainly added a lot to mine.

Each day, I get up and check your blog. Even when you had't written anything new, it was a rare day when there wasn't a new comment. Some little gem of observation about life, bit of news, gossip about cycling, TV shows, other writers. I cannot tell you how much I will miss looking for you every morning.

It was truly a grand ride.


It just occurred to me that the "End of the Road", came right after "The Breakup...."


Okay, I had to check to make sure there was a 4 after the 1 in the date today. :-(

I'm sorry and sad to hear the news and I'm probably one of the newest here so I can't imagine how the rest of you feel. Sad news but one that is understandable with so many things going on.

I've really enjoyed reading the posts Sara. I hope you guys stay together and invite me along. This is a pretty cool group and even though late in joining, enjoyed reading the posts and the comments. :-)


Aww Sarwaahhhh!! OK that wasn't a boo-hoo but with a big smile on my face and an internet-based hug being sent your way!

It's been said so eloquently already and I'm sure more are to follow. But I'll say that even as I read your column and a little voice said "what will you DO each a.m.? where will I get my FIX?!" --- there was a much louder thought in my head. One that applauds you and plans on taking a moment to do the same in my life, courtesy of your fine example.

I didn't exactly know the history of the blog's inception. But I have enjoyed and gained so much.

Send a note when the novel hits!! And happy Belated bday =)


nnnnnnnooooooooooo! :)

Good luck with your writing (and riding) Sara...I'm so glad you invited us all over. It's been great fun....


Sara, like the others I'm high-fiving you for choosing to use your time in the best ways you can. With kids your kids' ages, your minutes get more and more precious the bigger they get and the more their demands on you, not to mention the wonderful professional goals you have. I'm really happy for you and I do hope we'll all get an email when your book is available.

Most of all, thanks for providing this space in the first place... we've had some fun. Thanks, Sara, and y'all take care out there :)


Sara...Thank you for having us at your site. Your blog has almost been like having the house down the street where you could always visit your friend's Mom, and feel better for it. Every morning, I read TBV and this blog before anything else. I have many friends here whom I have come to enjoy and appreciate.

I think it is truly the mark of a wonderful person who can bring out good things in people, and do so consistently. You have done this through this blog.

I'm certain that good things will always follow where you've been. Fortunate are those who have touched by your kindness and good natured spirit. Good luck in all things, Sara.



I'll miss you. I've never made a comment on your blogs but I've enjoyed reading them everyday. Take care and good luck.


So glad that Cat, Paul, and others have been able to eloquently state the thoughts that I didn't have time to even try to put into words earlier today.

You created a lovely safe haven for us here, Sara. Thank you.

Best wishes in all of your future adventures!


Sara, I read your post with dismay yesterday and am ashamed to say I thought only of myself. This is the first place I visit every day and I felt like an addict knowing withdrawls were in my future. In the neighborhood you have created I found the inspriation to: join a womens cycling team, sign up to ride the MS150, ride with clipless pedals, set a goal of 1500 miles ridden in 2008, watch DWTS and AI, attend the 2007 Tour of California, gosh your space has encouraged a lot of growth on my part! I certainly understand your need to make space in your life for more growth. I see you taking off and flying, and I wish all the BEST. Please find a way to pimp your first novel to us when it's ready. I want a copy!
Many thanks Sara.



You've been doing a great job with the blog over the past couple of years. Sorry to see you moving on. Best of luck in all your future endeavours. If continue to write as well as you have here, I'm sure you'll accomplish everything you want to as a Writer.

- Rant



Thank you so much for sharing your great blog, and your adventures in and insights about cycling, with us all. Congratulations on mastering clipless pedals by the way--you've inspired me to try 'em again. Best of luck with all that you do, I'll be looking for your novel, and I hope you continue to enjoy both your writing, and your riding, for many years to come!




Sara, I understand your life getting in the way of the blog. Besides the community that we have formed, you have many readers that never post; and then some of us who chatter everyday.

I'd love to see you post some of your work. But in the mean time, those of us that have become friends, due to your space, need to find a place for us to get together and not lose touch, and that includes you!!
Lives change direction, I've found a pull in my life away from the computer to more time for fitness, too.

Oh, God, I sound so selfish!! Don't mean too, Sara!!!


Sara! Words cannot express... Yours was my first blog check of the day. I'm going to miss your unique yet down to earth take on our wacky sport and the quality of your writing...

The cycling neighborhood of the blogosphere will be lacking without your voice.

Bon Chance with your business. It is indeed your calling!


Hey, I like the idea that Sara has of using the rest of her "rent' here. I still think it would be a good idea to consider bringing articles from other sources to this location (why do double work?) as you have done in the past, so we may comment in this "little" community (how big is it anyway?) and continue to have fun.

What do you think Sara? Don't want to stretch you too thin, so if you took your other work and simply posted it her as well, then we'd have our cake and eat it too!

You know, I tried to be magnanimous in my earlier post, and in my email, but honestly, Dugard was my first, but Sara was the best. I love it here. TBV, Rant, Fatty, and many others offer a lot to the world of cycling and have really smart, witty and informed readers, but no one had the ability to write in such a seemingly simple and direct manner as Sara. Adoring without fawning. Irreverent but admiring. Saucy but intelligent. And Sara has the ability to modestly but firmly point out her perspective while leaving the other person his or her right to express theirs. You are truly a lady, Sara.

And darned sweet to look at too. Where's Larry???? Get in here, dude, and put in your two cents. (He thought you were cute too, so I'm appealing to his macho nature to sway your intentions)


I have always enjoyed your posts, and also the responses of the regulars here. I chipped in but rarely, yet felt that I was getting to know a nice group of people. I will look for your work on USCR. You are making a good decision for you & your family and that is the best way to sign off. Thanks!


Holy CRAP! (sorry, but thats pretty much what I thought to myself this morning as I did a quick check-in to my FAV web spot). Wow...I'm stunned...feel kind'a like my house disappeared while I was gone...and I will wander around, not quite sure where to go from here. I just got off work a bit ago (a LONG 13 hour day) and had to come back to the hotel and re-read, just to make sure it was real.

Sara, thank you SO MUCH for starting up the Asylum for all of us inmates who needed a place to vent, rant, socialize, and just feel the warmth of the online version of 'Cheers', (where everybody knows your name).

It's been a GREAT ride, and just one of those things that you knew had to end someday, but would never be ready for when it finally happens. I'll always be looking for your name on cycling articles (like I also do for Cathy)...and also wait patiently for the news that you have your book out. Even though we've never met in person, I feel that I know you (along with many others here), and will be saying "I know her!" when I get a copy of your book! (any chance I can mail it to you for an autograph, as long as it's with pre-paid return shipping?)

I do want to hear (one way or another) when you finally DO complete your first century! I have absolutely NO DOUBT that you will do very-well in your chosen path. I hope your business thrives and you are literally rolling in the dough in the near future.

I really appreciate it that you will keep the lights on 'just a little bit longer' so that we can hopefully find our way to some new playground before it goes dark.

And finally, I just have to say it has truly been an honor and a privilege (and a WHOLE LOT OF FUN!) to be invited here to play in your safe, friendly playground ( no matter HOW inane the banter was at times). And so, with that all said...I wish you Fair winds and following seas (from a retired sailor)...on your retirement from the blogging world...(for now). Or to make that more cycling oriented, keep the rubber side DOWN! Peace be with you and yours, my sister of the Internet!


thanks for the blog. your insights really helped me enjoy the TDF and pro biking. made it like a real sport, in that i mean, something that other folks talk about. i was hoping to see all your comments on what's his name, the immature sprinter, and his career.
and hey, i don't have near the obligations that you do, and i can hardly keep up my own blog.
good luck to you. but always be wary of those pedals.. it is not natural.. i almost fell again the other day.


I was saddened to read this - but excited for you and your career as a writer.

To those of you who asked questions - yes my children and husband are with me. It is normal for NZers to go to Europe in their 20s. Murray and I never got around to it, so now we are travelling with children. Hard work, but a fantastic experience. And yes NZ is a great place, but it is kinda at the arse-end of the earth (scuse the language). If anyone is interested I am occassionally blogging about my travels at

When you are watching the tour de france later in the year - look out for Inane Asylum painted on the road.

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