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April 04, 2008



First of all Sara - Happy Birthday! I hope your ride on Sunday doesn't cause too much pain so you actually feel older on your birthday!

Your Sunday ride - 24 miles is plenty long for a first ride of a season. Long enough to remind you that those areas that make contact with the old bike seat aren't accustomed to that damn thing! Monday should be the test of what other parts are seemingly out of shape. But - can't beat that first ride of the season! Good luck with the clipless pedals.


I met my husband thanks to my first ride on clipless pedals. (This was a mountain bike ride.) He likes to tell everyone that I fell at his feet repeatedly. That just gets funnier and funnier. Anyway, after the ride he bought me a bunch of beer and the rest, as they say, is history...


susie b

Happy Birthday, Strkbuk-Paula!

Hope you have a great day!


omg, I feel like I've been on another planet since friday. My sister, her 3 boys, and my 20yr old cousin have been with me this weekend.
My cousin is leaving the 14th for boot camp, Marines! So we spent the weekend together. I t's just us, the maternal side of our family, the six of us. No bike rides, a walk, and finding a place to feed everyone. You know the pizza place that has the huge arcade in the back?? God, I was in hell for the sake of my 10 yr old nephews!
But, we were able to tell Casey things we wanted him to know; like we are never going to see him again. Found the pictures of his great-uncle who was a marine in the Korean war. And some things for him to take to boot camp with him, that keeps the family connection going.

btw, the XO computers were a HIT! The boys just worked on them, figuring them out on their own.
Back to my own life now....


Happy birthday to the Aries amongst us. Is today the day Sara? and I think I jsut missed Paula's. A big birthday WooHoo! to each of you. (special hug to Strbuk as she has suffered the slings and arrows for too long now).

Ms T what fun! A bittersweet sendoff for Casey. That name is big in my family; two of us carry it as first or middle names. I think it was a family surname at one point.I hope he keeps safe.

Libby, what a funny story. I can imagine any husband talking about the other falling at one's feet! What an ego! ;-) At least he kept it clean!

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