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April 16, 2008




I'm still a little verklempt about nakigirl painting "Inane Asylum" on the road at the TdF. I'm glad we're gonna hang out here for awhile longer. :)


Sara, as always, you're the BEST! SO glad we'll have a "home" here for awhile longer :) THANK YOU

Nakigirl, that sounds like a pretty *amazing* trip - thanks for giving us your link. Bringing an Inane Asylum presence to the Tour would be too fun! I can't wait to hear about all of your adventures.


WooHoo!!! Sara, you are the BEST! And we will buy your book, when you finish it!!!

And promote your writing whenever possible!


nakigirl, what a great thing to do!! All I think about is how much money it takes, just to visit around the States!

I tried to find your blog, you'll have to give us a link ; google couldn't find it!!


Okay, I'm sure I'm the last one to check VeloNews, but a great interview with Chris Horner! God, I love him!!

susie b

WhooHoo! WhooHoo! WhooHoo! I can get back off the ledge now. :)

As Janann says - you are the BEST!

I feel like Donkey in Shrek - about eatin' WAFFLES! Huge, huge smile & I'm wriggling MY "ass" in my chair. :)

And Nakigirl, I will be scanning EVERY road on the TV during the Tour. To help save my eyesight, please give us a heads up on Stages & locations of said INANE ASYLUM tags. Move over 'Kilroy was here'! :) BTW, I've taped the last 4 TDFs & have about 40 hours for each year. I know I'm not alone in here on that. Anyway, Matt - please Tivo EVERYTHING next year & if you spy INANE ASYLUM, can you send us all a photo of it like you did for your truly deserving moment of fame? That will be my screensaver for SURE! :) :)

And can somebody PLEASE fill me in on AI last night as I missed it all. What did they sing, who was good, who deserves to go?

And Sara, do you think it's too early to call Amazon so I can "pre-order" your book(s)? Besides buying & holding, my other investment specialty is recognizing the next big thing & taking a position early. :)


"So the porch light will stay on. I hope you'll swing by every now and then to stop and talk a while."

Are you kidding??????????

Poetic, but gee Sara, we hardly leave! Well some of us psychos here, anyway....

I must admit, I was fighting an impending depression, kind of like Eyore with the cloud over his head. I kept sighing heavily and saying "woe is me, looks like rain...." Since there have been plenty of other things going on to justify my mood, I wouldn't fess up to it at work or at home.... I fully anticipated a rousing guffaw fest should I admit to my coworkers what this place means to me. They think it really really odd that I come here everyday and talk about cycling, TV, gossip, kids... and even odder that I invited Janann and her hubby into my house before going to see Floyd a year ago, or met Theresa not once, but twice in Downer's Grove to watch grown men ride bikes. I told them they just don't know how cute the riders are or smart and brassy Ms T is!!

Anyway, my 24 hours (give or take) of impending blues has been averted, and I am ever so greatful for that. (were you just fishing Ms Best?;-)


And Horner will be riding in Georgia afterall, so there will be plenty of sound bites from him! I fly out tomorrow and will be staying with the team the entire time, so lots of inside the team pieces, etc. Plus we're doing some contests, as we are at US Cycling Report, so watch for all of it kids: the IA will be represented in Georgia!!!!

And Sara, you are well-loved and deserving of such....doesn't that feel good?!


Awwwww, Cathy ur shure sweet, and right!

I received a timely email with a link to an article about women, unbalanced life and the unrealistic social expectations put on them:

It suggests ignoring them! Seems apropos for what initiated yesterday's blog.


Great news Cathy!
Can't wait to hear from you about the race. Have fun! Of course, I always look forward to hearing from Horner at any race ;) Be sure to tell him he had a lot of fans here.

susie b

Hope you have a great time Cathy! Who else will be on the Astana team there? And if you see Neal, give him a smooch from the IA, well, at least the females. :) Although, since cycling is "Euro" based, double cheek kisses are totally appropriate from the guys too. :)

And I can't BELIEVE I missed Mariah Carey night at AI! Darn it! Who sang 'Vision of Love'? When that single hit the radio years ago, they didn't announce who it was for several days. I remember arguing with a friend of mine who kept insisting it was Whitney. I kept saying - "can't you TELL the difference?!" I LOVED that song & bought her CD as soon as it came out. Played the thing to death. ("And I had a vision of love. And it was all that you've given to me..." :) Only song of hers I like better is... "All I Want for Christmas is You". Natch!

I bet it's going to be the Davids in the Final. What do ya'll think?


The song "we're so happy together"..comes to mind here in the IA....I'm so VERY glad the lights will stay on...good call Sara!

Work has been real busy here on the road...(it alway is) I haven't seen ANY cycling or AI the last 2 weeks (though it was just last year at my hotel room in FL when I started watching AI to see what all the fuss was about). We worked late Tues so I didn't catch any of it this week either. However, turns out you can go to the AI website and view/listen to all the performances from this week (and all the other weeks back to the top 24). IMO, David C is still the hands-down most talented and I can totally see him as the lead for a great band...with David A next and then Brooke (I disagreed w/ Simon this week...I thought her song was really good). Then it gets hard after that, as the rest are all good but clumped closer together...I think Jason should have gone home rather than Kristy...but thats just my opinion. And if you go to the AI website to view the weekly songs, below the video window you can see comments people leave. NOW I understand how Jason (and last year that 'stink up the stage' Jumbalaya) managed to stick around so long...they people there talk about things like voting non-stop for the entire 2-hour period for one person! I REALLY think the voting would be better/more fair if only 1 vote per phone # were allowed...but again, just 1 guys thoughts. I haven't voted at all this year...but still think DC should win it. We shall see soon enough anyway.

And last night I FINALLY managed to get in the Maiden Voyage of my new road's a bit heavier than my other bike, but it's a steel frame which is the diff. I got this one because it's a travel bike..the frame comes apart and the entire bike goes into a 26"x26"x9" hard-case for airline travel. Has a nice, stable, smooth and very predictable ride...descends better than my aluminum cannondale CAAD-7 (was always a bit 'quirky') will sure be great to be able to take this steed with me on all my trips! And no sooner do I FINALLY get a REAL travel bike (which would fly for FREE on flights) and the dang airlines change the rules and announce they are going to start charging $$ for a 2nd bag! What a crock of doo-doo! At least for my work trips the Company will pay the fee. But it still stinks! We REALLY need to invent that stargate/transporter soon...airline travel is getting worse by the day it seems (and FAR scarier!)

And anybody else watching "John Adams" on HBO? Only one more week...what a great series! I obviously must have been sleeping thru my American History classes as a youngster! LOTS I didn't know, and this really brings the period to life. GREAT casting too! OH, and don't forget Battlestar G...I'm already in mourning for the end of the season...SciFi channel has outdone themselves! Losing BG will be ALMOST as bad as losing the IA! (ok, not THAT bad...but still BAD!) Happy Friday to all! Get out there and RIDE (or WATCH some riding if thats your thing). Only 2.5 months till TDF!


Oh, and Nakigirl..I am jealous beyond measure of your trip..a YEAR?? A whole freaking YEAR to travel around Europe? Crikeys! Thats just NOT RIGHT! I thought my 3 month vacations every year when I was on the ships was hard to beat...but a whole year! (you must have saved up a zillion-bajillion $$ for this one to take a YEAR off and travel!) Good for you...make sure you check in and keep us updated on the what/where/when of your vicariously thru others...thats what we (I) do! SWEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTT!Be safe out there!


OK..and ONE FINAL comment before I turn out MY all the (dare I say it?) 'irregular' IA viewers out there (you know what I mean...lurkers or whatever the internet word is) who finally chimed in after the 'End of the Road' post the other day, PLEASE PLEASE jump in now and then, POST UP! Really! In fact, ESPECIALLY now that Sara has told us the facts of life (that she has OTHER (GASP!) commitments in life besides us! ACK! Tell me it isn't SO!) Diversity! MORE INPUT! The waters fine here...nice and warm, just deep enough...and you're among we've all been 'committed' to the Inane Asylum! So step up (or is that 'Leather Up'?) and grab a bunk...just make sure someone sets the coffee maker auto-timer! (oh..and DON'T turn off ALL the lights...leave the porch-light on of if you don't that others can find their way home).


Oh Matt - LOL - I'm so happy when you have time to post!

I think you're definitely right about DavidC on AI. I haven't watched this week's show yet, was all set to do that tonight, but he's has been tops IMO for all of the other shows. DavidA AMAZES me each and every week when I think about him being SEVENTEEN! CRAZY! That is one talented boy. It made me simply laugh out loud to think of you checking out the AI website after your furious protests only a year ago to anything Idol -- I love it :)

Glad you're getting some riding in and so far keeping CDB powers under control ;)

susie b

Oh boy, lots to agree with today. I agree with Janann that I LUV when Matt has time to post! :) And I agree with you Matt, that all you lurkers out there, pleeeeze come on in & chat a spell. More commenters mean MORE energy & then who knows where the conversation goes! And you know, EVERYone looks good in LEATHER. :) :)

Ok, I had no idea you could see the performances on AI's web site. I guess it's been a few years since I checked that site out. Anyway, NO ONE sang 'Vision of Love'!! Wow. 'Course, that was probably a good move as NO one could compare to the original. I did like Syeesha on 'Vanishing', another of my faves from that 1st CD. I didn't have time to listen to all now, but hope to later.

And when I read about the John Adams miniseries being made, I was SO excited. Until I also read it would be on HBO. Sniff, sniff, I don't have HBO! I'm ALMOST as upset as when Band of Brothers was on HBO & it took almost 2 years until one of the other cable networks started showing it. I've now seen it at LEAST 10 times. I just love that miniseries & all the guys were SO believable as WWII soldiers. It's funny, but I 1st saw Damian Lewis (Capt Winters) on a PBS miniseries - 'The Forstye Saga' as this AWFUL man & couldn't IMAGINE him as a nice guy, let alone a hero & leader of men. I HATED his character on the PBS show. Well, he won me over from the 1st scene & I completely forgot about Soames Forsyte.

Anyway, I guess I'll have to wait for the History Channel to air 'John Adams' or buy the CD package. :(

BTW, have ya'll been to Williamsburg, VA? If you like colonial history, you MUST go! Plus, you can see replicas of Jamestown & of one of the ships. Although I use the term "ship" loosely as it's SO damn tiny! The 1st time I went to Jamestown/Wmsburg, I was about 9 or 10 & as we were taking a tour of one of the ships, I just couldn't BELIEVE this little thing crossed the freakin ocean. So, I asked the tour guide - "isn't this just a MINIATURE replica?". He was NOT amused. ;) Honestly, I wasn't being snarky, I just couldn't believe this little thing crossed the Chesapeake Bay let alone the friggin Atlantic Ocean! And especially with all those colonists aboard - it barely looked big enough for a family of 5!

And Sara, I think I know the REAL reason you thought about closing down. You just couldn't get your fingers to type about Marky MarC. :) That kid seems to be winning a LOT lately! Maybe, MAYBE by the time he gets to the TDF this year, he will have stopped acting like such a bratty little twit... when he wins one of the sprint stages. Yes, I think he may pull it off. Hopefully, George has been a good influence. Well, however he acts, I just want Sunshine to have recovered enough to be there & that George wins a stage. If the latter happens, it would take SOME of the sting of not seeing Levi, Chris, & Alberto at the race. :(


well it would help if I got my own link correct... try this:

And no I am not rich, luckily the NZ dollar is quite strong at the moment relative to the pound and the euro. Also we are doing this on a budget - we are driving round in a campervan, certainly not staying at fancy hotels...

I hope you guys all keep hanging out here as visiting this site has become such a part of my life...


Thanks, nakigirl!
Matt, you make my day!

AND, drumroll please! We have our first FEMALE Biggest Loser!!!!! Awesome finale, and those people just amaze me. Hey, I lost 1.4lbs this week from the inspiration!

Cat, I'm still working on Janann for Downer's Grove, and now Nikki has offered her extra bed for me...isn't that sweet!?

Cathy, I looking forward for the Tour of Georgia, and all the great stuff you are going to write about. And do tell Horner how much we love him.....


nakigirl, Google didn't like that address either. I must be doing something wrong.....


I am so excited to catch the bumper on nakigrl's adventure - can't wait to find her site and read up.

It's quite the theme - living life fully - on this site lately and is very inspiring. Thanks for keeping the compact florescent on Sara!

I thought no one else was watching John Adams when I mentioned it a couple weeks ago - the first episode really pulled me in! And Matt, I too am embarrassed at how much my brain has *recycled* what was learned from history classes!! Ugh. There seems to be some disagreement about how he's being portrayed by Giametti and if he was accurately portrayed in McCullough's book on which this is based. I don't care - I love how much more aware it's made me and now I've ordered an out of print book on Jefferson. And no, it's not JUST because I have a crush in the character on the series....! tee hee

I've been taping it for my boss; I'd be happy to send you a copy of it too susieb!


Busy, busy work week. TGIF!

Can't wait for Amstel on Sunday morning and then ToG next week. Happy to hear Horner will be there although I can't help but to think that he'd have a great ride in Amstel if he rode it.

Next week should fill us all up on racing with free coverage of ToG and others streamed on Ctv.

I agree Theresa with BL!!! Way to go Ali. That was awesome. I have been hitting my goals and have a big one quickly approaching. It's not easy and I bow down to what they did!


Susie, so I don't forget: a friend is taping the entire John Adams HBO series so once I actually receive it I will make a copy for you! My hubby is a big history buff too, so my friend has recorded them for us (no HBO for us either)

Here I am on Tybee Island prior to the start of the race on Monday. It reminds me of Key West only much smaller and more families instead of gay guys. Since I live at the beach I forget the entire world DOESN'T so I am always a little amazed how much money people spend to rent cottages so they can go lay on the beach all day! But they all look like they are having fun, so more power to them.

My guys all got delayed, but have arrived now. Chechu told me he was traveling for 22 hours. The Euros all looked exhausted but they have a few days now to recover and get ready. I've only seen Chechu and Eki so far, but I guess I started with the best. Will give Horner everyone's smooches tomorrow.

Saw Tom D in the parking lot, he looks great and we did an interview Wed for USCR so watch for that. Saw lovely Tim Johnson from Health Net. I swear that is one handsome man....and met with friends to have pizza at an outdoor restaurant across from the sand. It was nice.

So all is well on Tybee Island! More as I know it!


OK, I am here in Savannah visiting my son, and I am embarrassed to say I don't know the ToG schedule to see if I can catch a little!!! Thank you Cathy for saving me from further embarrassment.....

Tybee is about 20 miles from where I am!


Theresa - don't try to Google me, somehow I am flying under the google radar!
Just type the site address into your address bar and it should work.

And please remember, I am not as accomplished a writer as Sara is...


Thanks to all that helped me with nakigirl's blogsite!! I forget that http stuff.....

Cat, just saw the Astana team in Savannah! I think she also saw riders from Team Type 1 and Highroad. She's on a mission to find maps of stage 1, for tomorrow!!

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