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April 24, 2008



I love this photo. The balloons look like jelly beans. Pretty.

'Pavé ben bery bery goood to me!'


Sara, you make me laugh and I am at work!!!! Shhhhh.

(He does look mighty cute, and he's got his clothes on!)


Just for grins, I Googled "Boonen dating," and the first two listings were posts from the IA! :)

Sara Best



Breaking radio silence just to encourage everyone to continue to send thoughts and prayers to Slipstream's Timmy Duggan. Ian MacGregor said Timmy's been reading people's get well messages, so go over to Slipstream and send him a few more!

Things were encouraging yesterday, but a little concern last night from Ian about some increased swelling and bleeding. So let's all keep pulling for him!


He's cute even with half his face behind a cobblestone!


Been thinking about the toes....yes I am slow. Remember how your feet felt when you went to a party in very high heels and stood in them for 4-10 hours, just cause they were so cute? remember how your toes got numb? This can be caused by pressure on the nerve(medial plantar goes to large toe, lateral to the small toe) and/or the artery (medial plantar, etc). So, undue pressure on this area can cut off the blood circulation or simply put pressure on the nerve. I think Matt and Philip were on the right track: cleat placement, snugness of shoes...don't listen to the nurse, talk to the riders!

Julie, radio silence?


Okay, I'm still here...just a little late piping in.
Cat, Julie, hasn't been "talking" to us lately in the comment,"radio silence"...get it?
On the toes issue, as you all know I do not clip in. But I still have problems with numb toes on long rides, and I think it has to be due to nerve compression. The "high heels" was a good comparison. Now that I'm getting to be a better cyclist, lifting myself off my saddle is much easier; and I wear Keen sandles to cycle in, big toe box. But I still have problems. So, it's NOT just cleat problems.

Julie, I talked to Timmy at Downer's Grove last year, and he's a doll; thanks for the link, I hope it's not a long term injury....

Kathleen, I saw jelly beans in that picture of Tom, too!!!


Hi T. I understand "radio silence." What I didn't get was why she had it in the first place. The choice of words suggested to me that she was actively avoiding conversing with us, and I didn't recall a falling out. To avoid any assumptions on my part, I took a more neutral approach.

So, Julie, what's the deal? Who ya miffed at and why?


Duggan's injuries were worse than just a clavicle fracture...shit, man. I'm glad I wasn't there:
"Duggan Update"
Duggan was by far the worst off of the three riders who crashed hard on Stage Three. The wreck happened just after a long descent when Health Net's Corey Collier got his front wheel caught in an expansion seam on the concrete at over 40mph. The bike stopped. Corey didn't. Duggan piled into him and Toyota-United's Ben Day also went down. Collier and Day remounted on spare bikes, since theirs were ruined. (In yet another hamfisted Medallist moment, both riders got fined for "excessive sheltering behind team cars" on their journey back to the field, which had mostly sat up to wait for them. Toyota director Len Pettyjohn didn't object overly to the fine, but I will: this strict adherence to the rules might be OK if Medallist, well, strictly adhered to the rules.)

Duggan, however, did not get up. In fact, when his team car reached him, Kevin Reichlin, a team physician who normally does chiropractic care for Slipstream's riders, saw that Duggan was having seizures, although he reportedly never lost consciousness. Duggan was immediately taken to a nearby hospital in an ambulance and reportedly suffered a broken collarbone and scapula and head injuries that caused some bleeding and hemhorraging in the brain. Mandatory helmet rules probably spared him (and all of us) another Andrei Kivilev tragedy.

Word is that Duggan is stable and improving. He is expected to make a full recovery and may be released from the hospital as soon as today to return to his home here in Boulder. I'll have updates as they're available.


Gotta love that pic of Tommy. Though kissing a rock has to be yuck!

Here is something funny I have found out - in France it is illegal NOT to have a bell on your bicycle. I would just love the gendarmerie to stop the peloton during TdF to do spot checks!!

Susie B - NZers (and Aussies) are eligible for a two year work permit for the UK until they are aged 28, so lots of young kiwis head there to work after university. I however, am really excited about a whole year of NOT working.

Go right ahead and live vicariously through me and feel free to post comments over there - mostly the comments are just from my mother (sigh).


Oh nakigrl! We will be there! It takes a little time to fit a new internet route into one's schedule, not to worry! I have been over to visit, but haven't dropped a comment yet.

Maybe I am just dreaming about what life would be like without work for a year...traveling parts of the world...with the people I love most in the world...
(gazing into the distance reality suddenly hits, and the commentor shakes back to reality) But I have many fires to tend to here, ah well. Look forward to living vicariously through your adventures!


Hi All!
To add to the Timmy Duggan updates, both Slipstream and Ian have reported he is doing much better (in respect to all the goings on and the injuries). Timmy even had an entry today on the team site! He's being monitored still but looks like he will be able to head home in a couple days. That crash sucked big time! And any of you that saw him on the tarmac could see - he was not in good shape. Very scary!!!

TdG coverage was god awful this week and today's blew big time. Slipstream's Trent Lowe had a great race and finished 2nd overall. The team won the TTT the other day too!

Hope all are well and have enjoyed the weekend!!!


I agree Nikki, you would never had a clue we had a stage race on US soil!!


Sara - thanks for thinking of us ;) What a beautiful picture...

My brother got married over the weekend and we were all in the wedding, so I haven't had the time to watch all of the coverage from the TdG.....oh wait we can't see it til next week anyway ;)

Thanks for the invite Nakigirl. I hesitated to comment there in case I was jumping into an established conversation among your friends/family. Can't wait to read more about your amazing trip. Living vicariously indeed!

Nikki, your blog always makes me smile, too! Thanks to you and Cat for the TD updates. I've been too busy to check around and I was wondering how he was recovering. OUCH and SCARY!

You have any cute stories from the race, Cathy? Anyone still watching DWTS? Not sure who is going to go tomorrow -- Christian? Marissa?

You getting some bike riding in, Matt? Just for you CA folks -- it was snowing this morning and is supposed to be 25 degrees (!!!) tonight.


Hi Everyone! I'm back from the TdG and I slept 12 hours straight last night! I know I didn't push one single pedal stroke but chasing after a stage race for a week is exhausting no matter how you do it! I'll be sure to share some stories this week, just give me some time to regroup, go through the pile of "real work" on my desk and then I'll share some funnies.

Two things I will share right now, however are: Horner went and had a big mac right after riding Brasstown Bald (YUCK!) and he actually stopped on the climb and posed with a guy who was running beside him trying desperately to get a photo!! Too funny. And the other thing (I'm going to use initials here, but email me if you aren't sure who I mean) is this: a famous sports writer with the initial AM who writes for SI told a mutual friend of ours that I didn't like him! Now this is far from the truth, but perhaps I slammed something he wrote one time on MD's site....anyway I thought it was funny that he would comment on it! I sent a message back to him via this mutual friend that, No, actually I respect and admire his writing very much but that I don't like his on again/off again love affair with cycling. Our sport needs a mainstream writer to love it always, warts and all!

And btw, I had a blast staying with the team all week. It was great fun, lots of laughs, and at our party Saturday night we all hoisted a glass and shouted "Losers!"


I love Chris Horner!!

Cathy that was great, anything you remember that you can tell us will be great!


The AM story is comical!! You put him in his place!
Bravo, Cathy!


What T said!! I am so sorry I couldn't find you at the finish in Savannah. It would have been very cool to meet you Cathy, and shake your hand. I'm starting to think maybe I can meet at least 1/2 of the IA gang in the future....I was almost up to three!

Can't wait to hear your tales of the road. it always gives the races an additional demension. I have to admit, without T at my side, I had a rather limited race experience. One thing I know, taking pictures ruins it. You can't see or hear a thing. Don't know why the hearing goes, but I got so focused on framing and avoiding peoples heads blocking the way, I blocked everything else out.

Really very funny to hear about AM's comment. I don't remember you ever saying anything to indicate you didn't like him. I thought only "girls" worried about that kind of stuff anyway!! LOL. I guess guys want to be liked too (we knew that!)

PS Sara, so glad you are still here. It would be so lonely in the internet without you. BTW, feel free to use the pics I sent you if you are at a loss for a photo to post. I have some of the paceline as well...


Very quick update on Timmy is that he was released from the hospital last night and should be flying home in the next couple days. I will never like hearing of crashes that involve "head" injuries. But it looks like he will be okay in time, less being bummed that he will be missing his 1st Giro.


Thanks Nikki!!!


Wow, lots going on! Thanks for the updates to all...I've been working and sleeping pretty much the last 2 weeks not staying updated like usual. Did manage to sneak in a road ride tonight...(pain and suffering...thats what it was..but the descents were a friggin blast!)

And hey...seeing talk about AM...I picked up a copy of Sports Illustrated the other day at work..and lo and behold...a NICE article about Taylor Phinney by him...I was stunned! Stuff like that will bring more fans to the sport! (and I didn't realize that his Dad is not doing quite so well...early Parkinsons I think? But he's making the best of it...which is all anybody can do in this gotta play the cards you're dealt).

AI...I did a quick online listen last week...they voted off the wrong person (again)...Jason should be long gone...reminds me of last year...but both Davids rock the hut...and, is she coming on strong on the home stretch! They're my top 3 picks. I'm watching tonights show, again Jason shows why he SHOULD have gone home long ago...David C is ALREADY a rock star IMO...he has it all, could sing pretty much any song you want and make it great...and David A WILL be there (rock star) long as he doesn't lose his sound...he IS awfully young. Brooke seems to be struggling...but is doing better than Jason...and Syesha is right in the mix for the top 3. Not sure about the 2 songs per night though...really rushing thru the show...(but sure beats a 2 hour show!)

OK...I'm as caught up as I'm gonna get...Keep posting're my CNN of cycling insider news! I'm still mostly in lurker status for the rest of this week..finally get to head home on Friday (whew!)


Hey Matt, nice to hear from you dude! There was a benefit for Phinney in 2004 not too long after he was diagnosed. It is a strange disease that progresses differently in people. The medication management is pretty much based on response and is only to control symptoms. I have a family member diagnosed in 2000. doing OK, but it is challeging. really restricts what you do and how much.

Phinney has a Parkinson's Foundation if anyone wants to donate.

susie b

Ah, so many things to comment on!

Thanks Nakigirl, I will be commenting at your place soon. I now click on your site EVERYday right after Sara's & LOVE reading about your family's exciting adventure! I just haven't been able to comment anywhere the past week due to heavy workload.

I'm still watching DWTS but no one else is CLOSE to Kristi's level. I think the judges are scoring her MUCH more stringently so as to TRY to keep the drama. There's no way Jason Taylor is as good as Kristi! I do like Jason & am impressed with how he's done, but come on. :) And I think Shannon got booted for her reaction last week, not her dance ability. I forsee Kristi, Jason & Marco in the Finals & if Kristi doesn't win, it will be a FARCE.

As for AI, you are SO CORRECT Matt! It was pathetic last week that Jason or Brooke didn't get booted off THAT show! It should be either one of them this week as I thought they both did VERY poorly last night. "I Am, I Said" indeed. (I LOVE that song & not only did Brooke butcher it, but her voice itself sounded terrible!). Plus, I just don't like Jason's attitude, it seems like he's always SMIRKING these days. And you're also right Matt, that Syeesha has gotten stronger the past few weeks. I think both Davids are very good & very different. Little David has such a great voice but needs time & maturity to get better at the performing aspect. I do worry about his age & that he'll be chewed up by the music/Hollywood industries. I almost wish he'd waited another year before coming to AI. He's like Bambi & the 24hour media/web sleazemongers are like the big bad hunters...

And yes, I thought that was a great article by AM about the Phinneys. He posted an update article yesterday at that talked about the successful surgical procedure Davis underwent a couple weeks ago. It was to help reduce the tremors & it's really helped him, so that is great!

BTW, I was 2 weeks late reading all the April Fool's articles & I thought the stuff on Velo News was the funniest. I think those guys must have a competition to see whose article can prompt the most disgusted outrage & they sit around all day just reading the emails as they roll in. THEY were funnier than the articles! One of the VN pieces was about the Phinneys supposedly selling their eggs & sperm to produce "Champion Children". The emails had me on the FLOOR. :)

And thanks for the TdG tidbits Cathy & I eagerly await for anything else you can pass on. BTW, I loved your Mehlting Pot pieces & also enjoyed that Broomwagon guy you have on your other site. He was a hoot. And I honestly don't know how journos & other race "helpers" get through a Grand Tour. What they do is an endurance event itself!

And I have to tell ya'll about something I did that was SO dumb that you'll wonder how I function. In my defense the past 2 months have been stressful/hectic with work & other things. :) Anyway, we do our timesheets here online & 5 weeks ago I had a problem trying to add a row for what we call "floating holidays". I called the group who helps with this stuff & a guy supposedly fixed it for me. Now, my time sheet has always had rows for my regular unit ops that I charge my time to, vacation, holidays & sick. The rows have always been in the same order on the sheet so I don't even look at the words. I just go right to each day & enter 8 on the top row. So, yesterday for some reason I decide to check my vacation balance. There's a box that pops up & shows the hours you've accrued every week & when/if you've taken any. I'm scrolling down the list & it said I'd been taking "vacation" hours EVERYDAY for the past 5 weeks! I called the "Helpdesk" people & they remotedly access my timesheet & said, well, "you don't have a Unit Ops row on the sheet anymore". That guy who "helped me" several weeks ago had replaced the 1st row with "vacation" & I never noticed. ;) ;) ;) Yesiree, I'm a SMARTY PANTS!

susie b

Oh, & Matt - are you watching the PBS series - "Carrier"? What do you think? I'm finding it fascinating. I do wish the documaker would have put the person's name & rank/job on the screen when the various people were talking to the camera. Help to keep them all straight. And this is lame, but before this show I didn't realize they didn't all wear the same onship work outfits! Well, I knew the pilots wore "pilot gear" but it seems ALL these different work groups wear different color shirts! Must come in real handy on the flight deck to see what type of personnel is where. Do other ships have all these varied colored shirts too?

Matt, do you get to pick the kind of ship you'll be assigned? Is it more desired to be on a carrier or a different kind of ship? And when your deployment is 6 months, how long do you have off when you get home? And you were in the Navy when more & more women started showing up on the ships, right? Did that cause a lot of tension & unhappiness at 1st?

I do wish the show explained more how the various people learned their jobs, how they got assigned to them & if they can change jobs, etc. Tonight's the final episodes & I hope they give us updates on all the main "characters". BTW, I also didn't know a pilot could have HIS assignment end during the cruise. Is that true for any other job besides pilot? I guess I just thought EVERYone stays onboard for the whole cruise unless sick,etc.

I'm taping all the episodes & trying to watch as much as I can as they air. I did miss either the 2nd or 3rd episode entirely & large bits of the others as I've tried to watch DWTS, AI & other must-see shows this week too. I'll watch all of 'Carrier' in a straight shot eventually.

Matt, does it surprise you that the Navy gave the ok for this project? I'm relying on you to tell us how accurate this portrait is of onship Navy life. Is there anything the documakers are leaving out? Good or bad?

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