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April 07, 2008


Paula Kirsch

Happy Birthday Sara, glad you had such a wonderful day yesterday to celebrate it in advance!!



Congrats, Sara!! Happy Birthday to both you and Paula!

susie b

Happy Birthday, Sara! Are YOU wearing your Party Pants today or did you wear them while trying out those new Clippless pedals? :) And how fab that both the pedals AND your new cycling club are working out great!

And I just know you'll be able to do the Century this year! Plus, you'll be inspired by having just watched & written about the Tour. :)

Hey, Matt. Looks like we won't be getting our rematch after all. :( It's times like this weekend where I thank the Minnesota Vikings.... Come again? Well, let's just say I've wagered on a few sporting events over the years... Beginning with family & then with friends. In my mid-late teenage years, something happened that made me create a rule that I try to abide by to this very day - ONLY bet if I absolutely believe 100%. I came to this "rule" the hard way - losing money on the blasted Minnesota Vikings in the Super Bowl. Not once. Not twice. But threeeee times. But thanks to the purple ones, I saved myself from losing money on UNC, UCLA, & UConn (women) this very past weekend. Man, of the 4 Final Four games (2 men, 2 women's), I 'picked' the loser in three & ALMOST all four, as Tenn BARELY beat LSU (one point!). But, the good news is I was NOT feeling 100% on any of them, soooooo, let's hear it for those Vikings! :) :)

And what about that Tour of Flanders! I think I've seen it 4 or 5 times now & each time I sit & stare dumbfounded at the TV & wonder what masochist thought up that race and even more, what draws these riders each year, like moths to a flame, to submit themselves to the torture. 17 climbs. On cobbles. Early April in Belgium. Everyone who finishes should get a medal like in that "Tough Guy" race. Talk about TOUGH! These guys must laugh themselves silly about that "race" in England. And as an added bonus this year we had that poor guy hitting a road thingy & his bike breaking apart with, literally, the "wheels coming off". Whooo-boy, better than a NASCAR wreck. :) BTW, is that guy alright?

Question - between the Tour of Flanders & Paris-Roubaix, which is considered the hardest? And I have to confess, I love watching those guys gutting it up those 20% cobbled hills, the muddier the better. Maybe I'm part Belgian! Nah, just the THOUGHT of mayonaise on french fries makes me hurl. :)


Happy Bday (a teensy-weensy bit late)...and congrats on the FIRST RIDE OF THE SEASON...AND the first ride w/ cleats! NOW you get it! Glad that all worked out for the better!

I'm on work-travel again (up in Sunnyvale CA again). Drove up today....was PLANNING on doing a Mt bike ride this afternoon but was feeling rather whipped when I finally got in the room and unpacked. Brought both bikes too! (you want to see a LOT of extra stuff...bring a Mt AND rd bike with you on a road-trip!) Brought the new road bike, even though I'm still short one vital tiny piece of hardware...hoping it comes in early this week and can finish the assembly). Looks like I'll be working days though, so should be able to get in some SWEET rides in the afternoons. Weather seems look forward to that.

Susie, I was chuckling when UCLA lost, and then was really rooting for UNC to go down in flames also (boy they did too! Besides, I couldn't let you do the gloating thing, and misery loves company!) I NEVER bet $ on stuff like this, due to my uncanny ability to pick ONLY the LOSERS it seems. I'm sure UCLA would have had a FIT if they knew that I picked them...paid me off to pick somebody ELSE..hmmm...that could be a new carreer for me!

anyway....Libby, GREAT story about the pedals...I can totally see using that 'falling at my feet' line for the rest of my life if I could...NICE! And Stbk, happy belated Bday also! And speaking of Starbuck, WOW!! Battlestar Galactica season is FINALLLY HERE! And BAM! It opens with a winner! I can hardly believe this will be the last season! Dan it's a good show!

OK..I depart the asylum, be checking in every few in the meantime, GET on your bikes and RIDE! (and thank you Queen for the inspirational line!)


Uhh..that was supposed to be "Dang it's a good show" case you were wondering who Dan was)...guess I should proof read a bit better).


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sara and Paula!!!

So glad your ride went well. My husband informs me that he did splendidly with his clipless pedals, as well :) His favorite new piece a equipment, however, has to be the computer that will tell him the grade of the hills in our area. When he *knows* the hills have a 23% grade, he feels like he's REALLY got bragging rights -- instead of just saying "I hit some really steep ones today"!

Susie, the Tour of Flanders is always amazing to me! How do they DO that??? Does anyone know how spread out the field is when they finish? I loved this year's race because we were left guessing whether or not Devolder was going to be pulled in from that incredible break until almost the very end. And GH in 5th! Good for him!


OK, this just plain cracked me up and I had to share. From Racejunkie:
"Speaking of Boonen, major points to our barely-clad hero for his man-candy cobblestoned Specialized ad on page 11 in the latest Velonews, tho' I note that a few pages later Kristin Armstrong manages to look impressively kick-ass with her team kit actually covering her body. What, Thor Hushovd suavely gliding past a shop window with a panther at his side all winter wasn't enough? Y'know boys, between Petacchi's last-season's satin-draped pinup calendar, Thor's race for slinkiness, and now this latest foray into bike-porn-lite, there really ain't that much farther to go in the manly-man competition without, say, taking a ruler out--and please, we don't want to see that!"


Welcome to the clipless universe Sara! What a great way to start a new year.


Happy B-Days to Sara and Paula! Glorious birthday celebrations to both of you. (And happy 22nd annv to me, too, whoa!)

My bike chick pals and I have always called Devolder "Studd Leggs" because regardless of the freezing weather in Belgium races he never seems to wear leg warmers and just shows off those fine legs of his. And boy did he show them off yesterday--what an amazing win for him! And great to see George up there in 5th (Go Big Hink!) and was especially happy to see a guy from my team finally flip off the camera/moto when it almost killed him near the end. Those motos were insane!

Went to Redlands Classic this weekend, took my son Dane as my photographer and he shot over 1500 images in two days and loved it! Some of his photos are in the articles we've posted on USCR. One funny thing happened to me. I was standing in the podium area on Saturday waiting for the ceremony to begin and saw this OLDER guy who was kind of chubby standing there in his Rock kit. I kind of laughed to myself, thinking it was some wanna be cat 4 or 5 racer hanging around. I was mucho surprised when I later looked up to see the guy on the top step of the was Santiago Botero!!! I'm not sure I'd ever seen him without a helmet and I didn't recognize him at all! Great, great race, and it's been going strong for 24 years. Nice!

And Contador took the stage win in Pais Vasco today and looked effortless on the final climb. That young man is a joy to write about! It's going to be a good week!


Happy B-day day late Sara! Welcome to the 33 club. :-)

Janann - that clip is too funny. I've often joked that my cycling mags are better than any playboy type mag. They even come wrapped in plastic most of the time! :-) Of course I get them for the articles, never the pics... -yeah right! By the way Road has an awesome issue out on TOC with really great photos.

Gomez appears to have escaped with little more than a doubly-broken elbow. Now that is luck after hitting that little island as hard as he did. He just missed a motor bike as well.

Not sure which is hardest but Flanders has more climbing than P-R. P-R certainly has more publicity and hype. I was up at 4:30 Sunday to make sure I was on to watch Flanders Live and I am so glad I did. It was awesome!

Cathy do you have links to the pics you took? I watched some of that live as well.


Happy birthday to you, Sara, and also our friend Paula. I start every morning at this site, plus TBV. Thanks to you both.

Sara, riding more each week will see you to your goal. More times that you get out on the bike will show little adjustments that need to be made, so that when the big day comes, you'll be ready.


susie b

Thanks Nikki, for the info on Gomez. I'm so glad he's alright! I do feel kind of guilty saying I love watching crashes like that but they're just so shocking & dramatic & I can't help myself. I still remember that crash from Milan-San Remo last year. Ooooof! Oh, & that crash in the 2006 TDF where that T-Mobile guy & 2 others go flipping over a guardrail & down into the bushes.

Ok, I know most of you here aren't big college basketball fans, but last night's Championship game is an example of why people LOVE "March Madness"! I didn't really have a fave going into the game, but you have to pick a side or it's just boring. CBS then shows the coach of Kansas giving his team the pre-game talk & I was so taken by him, I decided I'd root for Kansas. It was a pretty close game til the 2nd half & Memphis starts pulling away til they're 9 points ahead with only about 2 minutes to go. It's not looking too good for "my" team. Then, the momemtum shifts & Kansas starts playing better & Memphis can't hit free throws. There's 10 seconds left & Kansas is down by 3. Kansas throws in the ball down at the Memphis end of the court & they bring it up, 3 seconds left. One of the TV guys, Jim Nantz or Billy Packer, announce that Kansas had hit only two 3-pt shots all night.... Swoosh! They're tied! Pandemonium - game goes into OT! Kansas has the momentum & they go onto win. I was happy but you have to feel for poor Memphis. They were 3 SECONDS from holding up the trophy & having their OWN "One Shining Moment".

The guy (Chalmers, I think is his name) who hit that 3 pointer had THE moment. It's what those bball guys live for - sinking the winning shot in the BIG game or in this case, saving the game by forcing it into OT. Memphis was just gutted by that. You could SEE it on their faces. Man, the rest of his life, Chalmers will be reminded of that "shot". Here's hoping Chalmers is able to deal with the "afterburn".

susie b

Hey Janann, in case you don't see my email - Sheryl Crow will be on DWTS tonight. I'm expecting a detailed report on how your daughter reacts! Does she know already? She will be jumping up & down for sure. :)


Damn, I missed Sheryl Crow!! I'm still following The Biggest Loser, next week is the finale. It's very motivating for me. like my HTFU wristband!
This year it looks like we may have a girl win!!!!!! HOW COOL is THAT?!!!


Oh, and re: the Tour of Flanders and P-R, I think they both are equally hard. The terrian is so similar, except one's in France, and has more advertising. Although I do love that race, the velodrome finish is so cool!


Flanders vs P-R - Flanders has a lot of cobbled climbs, P-R has loads of cobbles but mostly long, flatter sections for torture. I will be cheering loudly for Meatball come Sunday morning to have a great race.

CVV won the time trial today at Sarthe - very cool for him!


Great! He has been TTing REALLY well of late!

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