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April 10, 2008



Very interesting question Sara. Now that you mention it I wonder why Lance wouldn't have made this "request" sooner. Perhaps he is maturing.

I must admit I take perverse pleasure (yes I am going to hell and my friend Kathy said she's driving) in knowing that someone is slapping Greg's hand. Perhaps his response will reveal a side we haven't yet seen. Perhaps he will surprise us. Cycling is quite the soap opera, or is it the world and we just don't look under the rocks of other parts of the world?

susie b

Just to be clear for anyone who hasn't read up - Greg LeMond filed suit against Trek in March & Trek had 20 days in which to respond. Trek then announced they were dropping the LeMond line & countersued. And in a superb "Floydian" move, Trek posted the entire filing on their website. If you only skim it, you'll see that this is NOT just about money & GL will NOT want to settle out of court at all. This is his inevitable attempt to take down Lance the Legend. Page after page in that document is about Lance & who saw, who said what, about his 'doping'. GL must believe enough "softening up" has occured, what with Floyd's case, the other doping messes & revelations the past 2 years in cycling & other sports, the backstabbing by LA's onetime head cheerleader/agent 'Sports Illustrated', to get the general populace to accept Lance is not a saint but a "fraud" (quote by GL).

It is LUDICROUS for anyone with the semblance of a brain to say that GL's comments did not hurt Trek, his own brand or cycling in general, the past 8 years. True or not, his comments HURT the freakin business. He polarized the cycling community all these years & is now attempting to take it big-time, to America at large.

GL wants Armstrong in court. If he can't get the man himself on the witness stand, then his "image" will be good enough. GL wants a public spectacle with himself as the star, the "Savior" of sport. He wants all the anti-Lance witnesses to spill their guts on LIVE TV, while the cameras "catch" him looking ever so mournful. And I'm calling dibbs - everytime GL utters the phrase "this is what I've been saying for years", you need to do The Wave in my direction. I was going to say "give me a quarter", as I'd have the money for Team Gladiator in no time, but since I believe this court circus will kill pro-cycling in this country, there's not much point...

Personally, I'm hoping Floyd testifies. Clad once again in that sexy all-black suit & states Greg told HIM that "he'd do whatever it takes to ruin Lance & Trek". (Yeah, yeah, advice to Floyd - NOOOO phone calls during the trial).

Greg LeMond is one of the main reasons I started watching the TDF in 1984. I was a HUGE fan. I still hate Hinault due to 1985 & I literally cried when hearing about the "hunting accident". Just as I was thrilled 10 years later with another "comeback", I cheered & clapped til my hands were sore when GL beat my personal LEAST favorite cyclist - Fignon. (HATED that guy). I think the man could have truly been a LEADER in cleaning up his sport. AND bring even more fans to it. Driven by jealousy, he chose to take a different "approach".

In GL's lawsuit, it is attempted to show that GL is singlehandedly responsible for pro-cycling AND all it's attendant businesses in America. As I just wrote over at Rant's, perhaps it is preordained that HE will thus be the one responsible for killing it all off. The man sees himself as the Once and Future King. Of American cycling. Too bad he doesn't see that by his OWN HANDS he will be the King of Nothing.


I think it's about time Trek (and LA) smacked GL down a few notches. He can play the 'I KNOW' card all he wants, but in actuality, he DOESN'T know...he may SUSPECT, but that is a huge diff. I think somewhere here (in ALL sports) we need to draw a line as such and say something to the effect of "NOW"...anything prior to this date is of no matter...we can't keep going back and rewriting history due to some new revelation...(case in point: I just heard today they just pulled the gold medals from the Relay team Marion Jones ran on...consider how the OTHER 3 ladies feel at this moment...that must REALLY SUCK! And what did this solve? Rewriting the books once again. How far back do we go? Where does it end? For GL to STILL be going after LA seems just plain wrong. I myself have NO IDEA if Lance truly was the YODA Jedi Master of doping (which I personally think he'd HAD to have been to go thru THAT many tests over all those years and still come up he has said, "I was the most heavily tested athlete on the planet" for a # of years).

I'm very sad for GL to be in the mental state he must be in to do this (can't he SEE that no good can come from his chosen course?) What is his endgame? His goal? To once again be known as the 'Only American to win the TDF'? (Floyd is pretty much out, no matter what the CAS states, I don't think his name will ever be back in 'the books' as the winner of the 06 tour, sadly enough). Is that what is driving this? It sure appears that way to me.

And btw, Woofdawg, I can't recall exactly but I believe you said you did a 20 MILE TT? Dang, that is a serious hunk of time to be 'on the rivet' of pain and suffering. Hats off to you...I'm just SO not a racer. Sure we kill each other in our 'friendly rides'...but to do it with a # on your jersey and a stopwatch marking your 'official time' is serious stuff. I've done my own 'personal' TT a few times...a 13 mile route..(and one time a 35 mile out and back). Man that is just SO HARD to hold on, metering your power so you can hold the distance, right on the edge of disaster. That is a HARD, LONELY ride my friend. (which makes the pros even MORE Inspiring...such as Levi's TT at the Tour of did he FLY over that course!) You are a stallion on wheels! I on the other hand am such a 'wannabe' (or more accurate would be 'lookabe' I don't intend to race, just like to watch and marvel at those who do).

And nice rant Susie. And did you see the ladies BB championship game the other evening? Nice end to the season. And NOW we have Baseball season (seems like the season lasts longer every year..pretty soon they won't even need spring training...they will have the world series and just start all over again w/ a week least thats what it seems like to a NON Baseball fan).

susie b

Thanks, Matt & as always, you're not so bad yourself! :) BTW, how is it up at The Hellmouth? Oh wait, that's Sunnydale, with a "D". Yeah, as a series-long Buffy fan, I just couldn't restrain myself on that one. :)

Oh & yes, FINALLY, BG! But you know, I'm not happy at all that Tigh & the Chief are toasters! I nodded off during the season opener, so I hope to catch the 2nd half when SciFi airs it again this Friday before the 2nd episode. What's your guess on Starbuck - appliance or human? Who do you think is The 5th?

And I caught the 2nd half of the Tenn-Stanford game. I was rooting for Tenn, but I think it's time for some other winners for at least 3-4 years. Like, you know, the TERPS again! The thing about women's basketball is that there is still a HUGE difference between the top 6 or so teams & all the rest. In men's bball, it's much closer among most of the Division One teams. It is better than 5-10 years ago, but too many of the very top female prospects still want to go to Tenn or UConn.

And I don't know if I ever revealed this to ya'll before but I'm a golf fan, so THIS is a big week - the MASTERS! It's a bit strange as while I've never actually played golf, I've been watching since about the age of 12 & we had one snowy/yucky weather Sunday after another. For years between mid-Jan & mid-June, I watched the final rounds of the men's tournaments. Still do watch several, but for the last 15 years or so, I mostly just get excited for the Majors. And I hate to admit it here, but I've read more golf books than cycling ones (probably 20 to 15). I've read golf fiction & non-fiction, especially all of John Feinstein's books. I've only seen 4 tournaments in person, but always had a great time. By far, my two favorite tournaments are The Masters & the U.S. Open & I'd love to attend a Sunday at one of them. To put it into cycling terms, it's about like being at Alpe d'Huez on a day where the TDF is won or lost. You can talk about it for years to all your sport likeminded friends & be the focus of lifelong envy. Unlike the Alpe, though, it's hard as hell to get into those tournaments unless you "know someone". Oh well, it's always so gorgeous at the Augusta course - all those flowering Dogwoods & azaleas. And when it's still brown & crappy outside my window, on the TV, it's all green & summery.


I also enjoy the Masters...I have played 'some' golf (was shooting in the high 80's back at the end of my Navy days..but haven't hardly touched my clubs since then). It's one of those 'sports' that just seems like it should be pretty easy, but is in reality pretty freakin HARD! Or Frustrating is another word. And as in all sports, the Pros make it look SO easy! I go out now and then and hit a bucket or 2 of balls at a driving range, and guess what? I'm pretty dang SORE the next day...even w/ all my biking and swimming I do. Diff muscles I guess...apparently not used too often in day to day life...and the golf swing (a good one anyway) is a pretty complicated thing actually. And the pros get to play courses at their BEST (ie: hardest). Greens pressed so flat and firm that they are lightning fast, roughs so deep you can't hardly find your ball, sandtraps deep, soft, and steep sides...pins placed at the WORST possible locations. And not to mention the $$ factor...trying NOT to think about the fact that EVERY SINGLE TIME your club touches a ball its costing you $..thats a lot of pressure! No Team to share the load. There's a book I read that talks about the rigors of being on the pro golf tour called, 'A good walk spoiled' (I think). MOST EXCELLENT read! However, I can't hold any sympathy for them...anybody who gets to play GOLF for a living deserves no pity, no matter how hard it is!

As to BG, I'm not sure what to think of Starbuck now (toaster or not). As of last season there were just a few 'toasters' it seems half the crew is...or suspects they are anyway (are they?) It's surely gonna be an exciting finale season, thats for sure!


susieb, what don't you read/watch? I never watch golf, but for some reason last night, the tractor beam pulled me in as I was channel surfing before beddy-by time. (yes, I really said that...) Don't know why, I didn't know a single guy on the screen, didn't even know which hole they were on, but the tone in the voices of the announcers captured me. Then a lefty (with a bit of a paunch) teed up way to the left, over a big pond, and hit faaaaaar right, off the green. Not sure what he was doing but he overcompensated. Dang, and talk about some divots! They chew up that course!

Matt, wasn't that book by Frank Defore? Ooops, no, it was John Feinstein. Oddly enough that is the ONLY golf book I know!

Ok, no one rose to my request last year to explain the cycling construction (the players as in ASO, UCI-who I pretty much get-, the different races and why you can be excluded from a whole bunch at once...), so how 'bout golf?

Gosh, this is a fun place to comment. Cycling, sex, BB, cute butts, mindless TV, FB, sex, golf, music, hot thighs....'um, I'm sensing a theme here. Did we miss soccer/FB? Beckam is cute as is his cute (if superficial) wife.

Do you know that susieb and I talk about other blogs and we can't find one as fun as here? Good stories and then good comments. Nice group. BTW, to anyone who feels unwelcome or awkward about commenting, please don't. We all put our pants on one leg at a time just like you do!!

matt clubs are actually MADE so that to correctly hit the ball, you HAVE to take a divot...and the pros ALWAYS get to play a nicely watered course, where divots are possible. With that said, courses I've played it's nearly impossible to take a divot...typically it's like playing off a sheet of plywood! Try to take a divot and you will break a shaft and/or hurt your hands (I mostly have played military base; cheap!) AND the pros have their caddy go pick up their hunk-O-grass and put it back (golf ettiquete...put your divots back, fix your holes on the green, don't walk in another plyers 'lie' on the green...stuff like that). And Cat, yes, I think that golf book was Feinstein now that you mention it. I especially liked the part about if you DON'T get a tour exemption during the season and have to go to Palm Springs to play to qualify...the pressure there is MORE than playing for the dough in a you are literally playing for a CHANCE to make some dough. How a routine 2' putt becomes a knee-shaking, sweaty palmed, 2 minute ordeal as you look, check and recheck every possible angle, the sun, wind, moon, tides, and anything else that could possibly affect your simple 2 footer. I like the Masters especially cuz it seems every year some guy I've never heard of has the cinderalla story round or 3, and is in contention for the it when a 'nobody' takes the jacket! I'm a big underdog fan!

susie b

Yes, that's one of Feinstein's books & is not only one of my faves but I think his best golf book. I only really started reading about golf some 15 years ago & that book was one of my 1st & why I've been hooked ever since. I have to say I was disappointed with his book on the Open. But then, I've been disappointed with some of his more recent college bball books too. His two books on Bobby Knight are some of the best sports books of any kind & I keep looking to be blown away each time, as I was with those. Still, I keep reading Feinstein & by now I think the total is 15 books. And I have one yet-to-be-read book just waiting; about the Army-Navy football game.

But back to golf for just a little longer. Do you have any favorite memories of The Masters, Matt? My biggest 2 memories during the last 10 years include Tiger just shredding the field one year. But the one I'll NEVER forget was the total disintegration of Greg "The Shark" Norman on the final Sunday. He was WAY far ahead going into that round. It seemed all he had to do was stay upright & he'd be pulling on his 1st green jacket. Well, almost every single hole was an Oh My God, but for the wrong reason. You just could NOT believe your eyes. It was like a 3 hour train wreck. Anyone who was a golf fan at all just rocked back & forth & moaned looking at the self-inflicted carnage. The guy didn't just crash & burn, it was like one of those NASCAR or INDY wrecks where the car just keeps spinning in the air & hitting the ground, throwing off pieces as it goes. How anyone ever survives those kinds of wrecks is always the mystery as there is basically only a charred 2 ft chunk of car left when it's done flying & rolling. That was Norman that day. The TV commentators were speechless. After it was over, people on the course had that glassy-eyed stare, like when you've seen a disaster unfold before your very eyes & you can't comprehend what you just saw. Poooooor Norman.

Of course, the guy's worth a couple hundred million now, so I guess he did alright. ;)


I want your memory, susieb.

Hey Sar, do you think you could ever write post about golf. I think it would be hysterical. Imagine this, watching one day of some tournament and analyzing it as if it were a stage race. And not really knowing anything about golf. But then maybe you do, so it wouldn't have the same niavete.


Hey, I'm a golf fan, too. My mom got into it and we watched a lot of golf together in her last few years. She was a big fan of Phil Mickelson and never got to see him win a major. Here's what I love about golf - nobody, NOBODY, ever has it all figured out.

I love the Masters and the US Open - best memories are the 97 Masters when Tiger broke almost every record in the books in his first major as a pro, the year he won whichever major was on the same day that Floyd won the TdF, and the year that Davis Love won (the US Open?, alwasy on Father's Day) on his late father's birthday with a rainbow in the sky behind him on the 18th.

At least I'll have something to watch while I'm doing my taxes this weekend!

Susie, Thanks for bringing up a topic that saved me from having to rant on GL.


Another heavy sigh in a two years long procession of heavy sighs. I swear for the life of me I couldn't figure out what Greg LeMond thought he would accomplish with his actions. The effect on his reputation, however was rather predictable.

Sometimes, no matter how righteous one's intentions may be they end up looking like a trouble maker stirring the pot just to get attention.

Greg LeMond used to be one of my heroes. Now, sad to admit, he a lot of ways.


(that was 'affect'...ahem)


Kathleen, funny you wrote your addendum. I thought you had used "effect" properly, and was going to say so, but then I went on a search(naturally, because I hate to be wrong on paper) and found this: "The majority of the time you use affect with an 'a' as a verb and effect with an 'e' as a noun." I copied it from Grammer Girl. The site was linked from a number of other websites so I thought perhaps it was true, and it was the simplest one line explanation I found. (

So, I started out thinking one thing, and now I am unsure! What do y'all think?
Also found:

I love this one:

"When you affect a situation, you have an effect on it."

Oh boy, what fun language is! Got more?


I think "effect" is right to. Two. Too. :)


LOL! Thanks. I used to know this one instinctively but when I looked at it it looked wrong so I checked the dictionary and...oh bollocks!

You get my meaning and that's what matters, yes?


Okay, I have to weigh in on golf. As much as I love Tiger, Phil Mickelson is the coolest guy ever to come in 2nd and 3rd. Just like George H.!!! I loved the Masters when Phil got his green jacket; I was bawling. It was like watching Stuey win P-R last year!!

I like Frank Deford and John Feinstein, but haven't read any of their books, just heard them on NPR.

Well, I read my email from CSC...two of the biggest cycling hunks duking it out in the velodrome! I have to find some video, and read the coverage!!


Okay, guys, if you haven't read Julie's blog lately, you've got to read about P-R!


Hi everyone - havent been here much lately as I am taking a year off and travelling round Europe and dont have much access to the internet. But I have been missing reading Sara and all your comments.
Watched P-R yesterday. First by side of road in a section of pave and then actually in Roubaix. It was amazing and can only say that Tom is even better looking in real life!
Keep up the good comments and rants, I hope to be back reading your regularly soon.


I think nakigrl has something good going on and I wonder if her twins (?) are with her too? Sounds fun to be traveling but my first stop would be NZ!

That was a good link Theresa; a good read at spinninwheel.

And NOW I think I've finally got my head wrapped around Effect vs. Affect. I think. Maybe this time it will stick =)

Happy monday all; lets just hope it doesn't include some jaw dropping expose courtesy of Greg LeMond. I think Trek did the right thing, 'tho I hope it wasn't because Lance pushed them to do it. Who knows WHAT goes on behind the scenes!


nakigirl, I'm so envious!! What a COOL race to be at!! Let us know where you are whenever you have a chance!

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