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March 27, 2008



Mini-Phinney did well yesterday too!

And after a lot of hard work and more hours than I care to admit, we've launched the new Astana web site today. It has lots of cool results/photos/race recap sections where you can follow the team at a glance. There are lots of photos of Levi and Horner.


Theresa sent me over here thinking I would probably enjoy the site. This is awesome! Great writes Sara!

The link to the Astana site is great. Huge cognrats to a job really well done!


CMehl - great new Astana site!!! Finally a home for us ex-Paceliners and faithful ex-Disco fans! Now a forum....

Congrats on getting it up and running.

BTW - track cycling is hard for me to get into - likely because I don't understand WTF is going on and all the different types of races. Do we have any knowledgeable track ppl who can point to a reader's digest version of the ins and outs of track cycling?


JoeB - try this out...

It's not the best but I think it might help with some basics.


Sorry - the link didn't come through. ...hoping it does this time -


Too funny, JoeB! A "reader's digest version of the ins and outs of track cycling" is exactly what I need too. I'd probably like it if I had ANY idea what was going on. Thanks for the link Nikki -- and WELCOME!

Sorry for all of the abbreviations we use. That must be tough to follow sometimes! MD, Dugard, Marty, and "that other blog" all refer to the same place. Where we all "met" you might say. While I first became hooked on the topic of the Tour and MDs great writing style, I stayed because of all of the awesome folks that "hung out" and contributed to the site through the comment section. When he put an end to that fun and Sara invited everyone over here to play..........most of us thankfully took her up on the offer and her promise that NO topic was too INANE for her! ;)

So great that the Astana site is up and running - bravo!

A little AI story .....
My 2-yr-old is just learning her numbers and when watching Dancing With the Stars (her FAVORITE show) she loves to yell out the numbers that the judges hold up after each dance. We were watching AI on Tuesday night and she was REALLY ticked off that the judges did nothing but yack and held up no number paddles. She ended up yelling at the TV "SHOW THE NUMBERS!!!!!" Not sure if that's funny to anyone else, but it cracked me up :) BTW - her faves are Michael and David C too.


SWEET Astana site Cathy! It's been added (and moved pretty high UP in my 'daily sites' fav's folder, of course!).

Nikki, thanks for the I to am unrefined in the coolness of track racing. (Though if it's anything like the Olympics speed skating event with 4 guys slugging it out on a REAL short track, then I'm IN! LOVE That event...Apollo I loved to watch that guy fly on skates...he's so slippery! That has to be my NEW fav winter Olympic event!)

Anyway, I'm kind of in a cycling TV slump right now...haven't watched ANY of my TIVO'd events (especially Paris-Nice)...guess it's my own little protest against the ASO for disinviting with your feet so they say, and so far, I am. Not that it will do any guy NOT watching the VS broadcast..who is it hurting but ME?)

And March Madness continues...Susie, I'm looking at UCLA to go ALL.....THE......WAY!!! But NC does look good too...that would be a pretty awesome game. Hope your office move is complete and you have life again! Moving (personal or work) is so taxing, mentally as well as physically. I'm also in the process of building up a NEW bike! (woo-HOO!) I bought a 'Ritchey Breakaway' frame (comes apart, so the entire bike fits into the included suitcase...only 26" x 29" x 9" you can take it WITH YOU on airline travel for FREE!) It's a full-size standard geometry road bike, steel frame (can't afford the Ti version) w/ carbon fork. I'm still wheeling/dealing for a few last components, but the frame/case came in last night (YIPPEE!!!!) so will start building today...ahhh...I'm SUCH a material guy! It's gonna be a SWEET RIDE! Doing a Campy Record 10-spd build.


Hope the article link helps. Unless, you're at the track, watching them go in circles can be kind of boring - except for the Madison. The speed and exchanges are thrilling. Meatball and Colby Pierce are in the event tomorrow and it should be good!


Oh,Lord, I'm late to the party!! Nikki has already made herself at home! Julie found her for me on facebook! A Packer fan that loves that not a good fit here or what??!
Nikki curious about our posts and the banishment from MD site...Susie, Cat, do you guys have links to those fateful days in Jan 2007 (sorry, Nikki, told you wrong year!)???

Check out Nikki's blog, all things cycling, a girl after my own heart. AND she has a picture of her and Christian VV from Elk Grove!! Gives my the feeling she's not so far from Cat's house, and our get-together in Downer's Grove this August! C,mon, Janann, you guys want to come, I KNOW!!! That baby that's due will still be there when you get back to Iowa!!

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