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March 28, 2008



I am excited to learn more about track racing, thanks for cluing us in and giving us a book title. I will definately read it!


Certainly off the bike with this link but something I thought would be good to share:

The vid might be a bit melodramatic (i'm not sure I can take the voice-over seriously when its Ari from Entourage but the message is important to me).

have a great-weather-for-riding weekend everyone! It snowed in Seattle today.

susie b

Janann - I just LOVED that bit about your daughter's consternation with the AI judges! That's right, SHOW THE NUMBERS! :) :) :) BTW, what would she do if Sheryl Crowe shows up on either show as a guest performer?! :)

And speaking of DWTS, I don't think any of them, except maybe Kristy, are as talented as last season's bunch. Maybe they'll surprise me. Kristy's one of my all-time favorite skaters, so I was going to root for her anyway, but I do think she's really good.

And thanks Matt. I've got all the computers & desk areas settled, but I still need the 3 bookcases unpacked. Just didn't have time to deal with that last week as I had to get back to my "real" work. And I'm hoping for a Carolina-UCLA Final! WE need a "rematch"! :) I also hope Davidson gets to the Final Four. JW at NBSports wrote that saying you love Davidson is like saying you are "pro-puppy". Loved that! :) But one of the reasons I'd LOVE to see D in the Final Four is that for the last few years the "experts" have been spouting off that a Cinderella like George Mason could "never" get there again. Man, I LOVE to see the "experts" choke it back. :)

Meanwhile, my lady Terps are still in it on the Women's side. I know TV is desperately hoping for a UConn-Tenn Final but I'M not! :) Fear the Turtle, people - they're snappers!

And can someone please tell me who the Jonas Brothers are? Are they from the Disney channel? They must have all the prepubescents in a tizzy.


I just got these in an email this morning from Dick Nigel. All fans who couldn’t make it in November have to check these out!


susie! Lovin' our Lady Terps! Tonight, 9pm, vs. Vandy. M-A-R-Y-L-A-N-D, Maryland must Win! Toliver is cool as ice. And Coleman and Langhorn. So much talent on that team. Hoping they play to their full potential. It's all about who's peaking in March!


Thank you Nikki!

JD, your daughter really does rock. What a mensch. She's knows what's important.


This has got to be an April Fools joke, eh?

Judge Judith Sheindlin to decide Landis' fate

By Kirk Mawlazes, North American Editor

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) announced today that a decision in the most recent Floyd Landis vs. USADA arbitration hearing would be impossible to render, due to a lack of openness in the proceedings. The CAS panel said that since no decision will be reached by them in their closed deliberations, they are handing the final decision off to a third-party single adjudicator with the ability and infrastructure to make it as public as possible, to be agreed upon by both parties. And after discussing with each sides' counsel, the judge named is the honorable Judith Sheindlin.

"Both sides are interested in as much public transparency in this case as possible," said court spokesperson Petri Hawkins-Byrd. "We will do our best to make sure a fair decision is rendered and that the public gets to see every aspect of the hearing."

Sheindlin, a former family court judge, has served as an arbitrator for the past 12 years on her syndicated television show Judge Judy. This will be the venue for the final decision and is expected to air as a special month-long series on her program. "Both the USADA and Landis camps have acted like children at times in their previous hearing," Sheindlin said. "So I think it is fitting that a family court judge finish this case."


My last post came from CN, but this is VeloNews' April Fools.

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