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March 07, 2008



You look like your momma! I can see so much to read on her blog - can't wait to peruse it. Anyone who uses Gobsmacked.... =)

By the way, I was behind a truck the other day and saw amongst the many stickers, one that said


Made me really laugh and while my research on google seems to show it's just a rebuttal by some of the wristband culture, I thought it was a good play on words.

Our Bike Expo is this weekend, can't wait!


Jessica, there has been a Livewrong wristband out for a few years too--it's black of course! First time I saw one was at Tour de Georgia, worn by a mechanic for a USA-based team. I laughed my ass off.

Sara, your mommy is beautiful! And she sent me an email after I posted on her blog so now I am a big fan. Let's turn her into a cycling-journo, what do you say?!!

Matt, are you riding the Solvang Century tomorrow? (You and 2500 of your closest friends!) Beautiful weather today--hope tomorrow brings more of the same and of course TAILWINDS!!

Happy weekend, all.


Oh Sara, your mother must have been very young when she had you!! I'll definitely give her a read.

I LOVE TTT's!!! Even if the Team isn't very good, it's just poetry in motion, and one of the most beautiful disciplines in cycling!

Brad is not going to Manchester for the World Cup track...he's still dealing with his knee injury. Poor guy.


Sara, why does your mother look like your older sister?? I plan to share her site with my Mom (who used to look like my older sister).

I have really missed TTTs!!


I've missed the TTTs a LOT -- so glad we'll get to see one here soon!

Boys, be sure to give us a good report from the Solvang Century again this year. Can't be as fun as our Identity Guessing Game of last year, but can't wait to hear all about it :) I'm wishing good weather your way!


New Chris Horner interview:

susie b


I'm so sorry, I forgot to check my Birthday List for this month til today! Hope you had a great day yesterday, & I guess with you, it's probably only 50/50 whether you actually put ON a pair of (Party) pants. ;) :) :)

I found out a week ago that my assistant & I are moving to different offices & I've been crazed ever since trying to get my regular work done on top of cleaning out &/or packing up all the bookcases, file cabinets, & desks that will be coming with us. Yeah, yeah, excuses, excuses.... ;)

Anyway, hope you had a FAB day! :)

Oh, & speaking of moving, how is YOUR packing going? And isn't it great the internet allowed you to "preview" houses! Think how much time & effort that must have saved!

Wouldn't it be tragic if the internet was suddenly gone?! I'd be distraught! The other day I was viewing videos of Bode Miller's & Lindsey Vonn's recent ski races at WCSN & I noticed they have a TV network now but it's only slowly being picked up by local cable providers. It said to write your cable company if I'd like to see it in my area so I wrote Comcast an email. They (Comcast) then CALLED me yesterday! Once I put my gum back in (;), I told the guy what WCSN was (they didn't know!) & how it would benefit their cable customers. I love WCSN. 24/7 of all kinds of sporting events, EXCEPT the Big Three. Sort of like Wide World of Sports on steroids! How ironic in this day & age... ;)

And isn't it AWESOME that Bode & Lindsey may both win the World Cup Ski titles this year! In fact, I think the Americans are having the best ski year I can remember, with multiple male winners in various races & Julia Mancuso doing great too. I just wish I could have SEEN some of it on TV.

And Sara, your Mom DOES look like she could be your sister! As soon as I get the chance, I will go to Amazon to read all about her books.

Hey Matt, I know you are probably swearing you will be strong this year & NOT succumb to Idol's siren call, but you just HAVE to watch at least a couple times to hear this David kid! I don't believe there's anyone this year that will rouse your comical disgust, but I still want to hear you weigh in on this year's bunch. Especially the David kid!

And Matt, as for your various mishaps on Saturday, need we remind that you ARE Cosmic Disturbance Boy. I think what we had there was a build-up of energy since you hadn't let loose your powers the past several months. Let that be a lesson. ;)


susieb is right, Matt. You still are CDB so good thing that power didn't extend the flu you had and didn't "blow YOU out" while you were riding. Bad enough to have to do a nature call standing on the side of the road, but without TP? Whoo boy!

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