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March 19, 2008


susie b

That's a really good PSA! And please, all you road cyclists on busy roads, be ever vigilant. Every time I read about cycling-related tragedies, besides mourning those mentioned, I worry about you all. Did you read Austin's article last week? It was very good.

In happier news, I just wanted to mention that it's the strangest thing, but for a little over a year, whenever I get really angry or upset at certain someones, money just falls into my lap! That's right, people. You are "talking" once again with a Lottery winner! Unfortunately, our dreams of the Gladiator cycling team &/or the 'Inane Asylum Pro Tour' can not yet be realized. Sadly, the check that arrived yesterday only allowed me 1.5 seconds of a "life of luxury". Pretty much like last year's. We need to keep dreamin. Or I need to keep getting pissed off. ;)

And speaking of money, besides March Madness there is one thing I love about the 6 weeks leading up to April 15th. On the road I travel to & from work, for the last 5-6 years a tax prep company has "advertised" its services at one of the intersections EVERY morning & evening rush hour. They have a guy/girl stand there with a sign. AND he's in one of two outfits. Either Uncle Sam, with the red & white striped pants, blue jacket, top hat & fake beard. Or my favorite - the Statue of Liberty. In this one, he's in a greenish flowing gown, wearing a BIG crown & holding a battery-lit torch. I especially love it when the guy/girl has put matching green theatrical makeup on their face & arms. It's ridiculous but I now look for these people every March - a new harbinger of Spring. And ALMOST makes me not curse Tax Day. I said ALMOST. :)

And sorry JoeB, I will try to now focus & get my mind off my new-found wealth (;) & send out karmic good wishes to Floyd. Wonder how long it will take this group to come to a decision? Anybody know past with CAS verdicts?

susie b

Alrighty, my office is 3/4 packed. Tomorrow is the day. The thing about having a big office is that you have MORE crap to have moved. All our furniture, bookcases, file cabinets, & computers go with us. If I wasn't such a control freak, I could have other people pack up everything, but I can't...let...go. The stuff on my desk is the worst as it's things I'm working on. Anyway, the bright side is I'm getting an even BIGGER office. Whoo-hoo. Which means the next move will be even worse. ;)

I may not be able to read anything here for the next couple days til I have network access again but I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for Floyd. And Happy Easter everybody.


Sawaaaaah. Did you get that from our other friend's site???? Naughty, but I saw it there too and tried it. I did not see that coming.

Hophophophop...< ..< ..< (bunnies leave presents where ever they go!)

RIP - our sweet bunny Joey died on March 10 at the ripe old dwarf bunny age of 8. But he is in Happy Easter-Bunny Heaven! (can you imagine getting attached to a non-vocal fur ball? neither could I and yet I did)


Good luck susieb!

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