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March 17, 2008



Happy St. Patty's day all! (and Happy Bday GREG! Man are you OLD this year!)

Sara, thanks for bringing this story to our attention! Gads it just AMAZES me that there appears to be absolutly NO consideration for extreme 'out of the ordinary' events in the drug testing community! (did you read Lances books?) He talked about them literally walking out the door to HAVE A BABY, and WHAM, there is a drug tester standing at the door for an out of season test...and it's the same story: provide a sample RIGHT NOW or get suspended! And apparently the screaming wife in labor doesn't mean anything. I understand the underlying reasons, but somewhere there has to be common sense applied...would getting a sample the NEXT DAY be any different in the big scheme of things? SOMEONE in charge should be able to make that call I would think (what is the sequence of events here? A riders name comes up on the wheel of fortune, and BAM, a tester is sent out to get isn't there someone the tester can call and say "hey, the guy preparing to bury his kid for crying out about we do this next week, or just SKIP this one completly even?" The athletes are required to be flexible, so should the system.

Nice that we had RANT here last week...I love his site (it's the next stop after here every day...then TBV).

And hey...TWO MORE days till Floyds REDEMPTION hearing starts! THINK THE GOOD THOUGHTS! They just HAVE to see thru the smokescreen that USADA/WADA have thrown up! At the VERY LEAST see a reasonable doubt as to whether to wreck a mans career or not. FOCUS people..FOCUS! Hammer the CAS with positive energy! It's the last shot at justice for Floyd and family! The system just HAS to work!


Un****ingbelievable. This trumps Lance's story about the testers knocking on the door as they were leaving to give birth to the twins. They had to track this guy down to do this! I agree, Sara, this is a line that shouldn't be crossed, and isn't it the judgment of the tester that should be called into question? Just doing my job, my ###.


I think Floyd told a similar story in his book about a tester showing up right after they found out about his father-in-law's suicide...


Sara - you're right on about Mr. Van Impe. What a crock of crap! I can't remember which team it happened, but the female cup holder went on the team bus with the cyclists in various stages of undress and demanded a sample. NO regard for privacy of the other cyclists. Now we have a case where a grieving young man is harassed. It all just shows you how the WADA has become an empowered bunch of misdirected zealots on a mission - it is the 'red' scare 50 years later (tells you how old I am). Let's clean up the sport but let's do it correctly with respect, sensibility, and science.

Matt - may all our good karma be used to help Floyd. I've been wearing my 'What is Fair is Clear' Floyd hat for the last week. The sport of cycling needs him to be exonerated to help get PED testing back to fixing the credibility problem with the labs and getting good science to the forefront.

May god be with Floyd! Amen.

susie b

That's what happens with 'Zero Tolerance' & '100% Compliance" policies. Always sounds great on paper but NOT SO MUCH in actuality.

And yes, it's the birthday of Mr "Bag O'Rocks" himself! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GREG!

"May the road rise up to meet you & the wind always be at your back"!

Come to think of it, that's a pretty damn good birthday wish for ANY cyclist! :) :)

Have a good one, Greg!


Uhhmm Susie, the part about "may the road rise up to meet you" prob doesn't go too well with biking...I'd personally MUCH prefer the road NOT rise up to meet me, but to remain right where it's at...UNDER my wheels at all times! However, "the wind always at your back", now THERE'S something that would be QUITE nice! (in the Navy, it's "Fair winds and following seas"). For road biking I think "Tail winds and NO cars" would be a little slice of heaven!

And hey...March Madness is UPON us! Let the games begin!

susie b

LOL! Yeah, I guess you're right. I was just thinking it meant it would be EASIER to ride on the road, no strain, etc, 'cause the road's right there under you & not going straight up like Alpe d'Huez! :)

Sorry, Greg! Certainly don't want to wish the birthday boy any ROAD RASH! :) :)

And Matt, who's your pick to win it all? I have to go with my ACC brethren, North Carolina. And even though I barely watched any college bball this year for some reason, I was still unhappy to see only 4 ACC teams invited to the Big Dance. The Apocalypse is surely upon us. :(


Yes, Amy, Floyd did have a tester show up after the suicide of his father-in-law. Amber was beside herself. The tester told Floyd that WADA wanted the sample on the DAY of the suicide; and he refused to invade their grief that day, and waited a couple of days. Too bad the tester in Belguim could'nt have shown the same restrait, and told them, NOT that day for Kevin!!
It's like they take pleasure in getting cyclists at the most emotional times of their lives, to stick it to them!!!



Definitely sending GOOD THOUGHTS Floyd's way, Matt! Been wearing my FFF hat this week too, Joeb. That's gotta help, right? ;) I second what you said "The sport of cycling needs him to be exonerated to help get PED testing back to fixing the credibility problem with the labs and getting good science to the forefront." Amen, indeed.

That was a pretty unbelievable story regarding the drug tester. I'm all for cleaning up the sport, but it seems that nothing is sacred.....very sad.


Velo News has a great interview with Bobby Julich posted today, talking about doping control at Paris-Nice. Said it was awful, giving urine, blood and HAIR!!

Excellent info from BJ, really humanizes what these guys are going through in cycling to prove they are clean.

susie b

I just read something at another blog that made me laugh. And also made me question the very point of blogs. Why does anyone have a blog? To pontificate? Educate? Irritate? Any other "ates"? Entertain? Gather like-minded people to discuss the issues or events of the day? Rattle the bars of this prison that is our earthbound existence? Put readers into a cult-like stupor whose only utterances are to kiss the ass of the bloghost & never but NEVER challenge the host, let alone expect interaction with their lowly selves? (Yeah, I agree, that last one's a keeper... ;)

I guess it's like most anything - it is what you want & MAKE it to be.

Thanks again, Sara. For making THIS a place where we all like to be. In my still relatively young bloglife of 1.7 years, I've perused a couple hundred blogs by now & the best by far, even though each are different, are the blogs of Sara, Fatty, & Rant. ( I don't count TBV as a blog, it's more like an official cycling website!)

Although I do have to confess I got a kick last Fall out of reading the insult exchanges on Stewart Mandel's SI college football blog. Those SEC, Big 10, & PAC 10 alumni really like to, um, discuss each other's intelligence levels in the most entertaining manner. And then there were the helpful suggestions about how each could "better" themselves. I tell ya, made me tingle all over, seeing such selfless concern for their fellow sportsfans. ;)

And I bet you thought the participants in the never-ending "Lance doped- No he didn't!" debate stood alone in their concern for their fellowfans! Or that the ASO & UCI reigned supreme in THEIR concern over their sport & its athletes. That's what I like about sports. Brings out the best in each & everyone of us. I'm feeling all a-tingle once again.

trust but verify

Not a blog? Official? Man, oh man, that's scary! Sara and Cathy each have more paid journalistic experience than any of us at TBV. We're just a bunch of curious idiots over there, who don't take some things at face value, arguing with other idiots who take some things, but not others as revealed truth.
(tip o' the day: )

It's more like friends over coffee here, which is nice.



Funny......"friends over coffee" is almost exactly how Sara described the blog to me the first time I entered the conversation here. Susie is so right -- its by far the best blog I've found. Thanks Sara!

You're being modest TBV. What an incredible wealth of information you (and your cohorts & contributors) have assembled for us! I can't begin to comprehend all of it, but certainly appreciate the resources and visit daily. Glad you drop by here from time to time, as well.

I actually stopped by this evening to add a link to that Bobby Julich interview, but Cathy had it covered already :) Speaking of BJ, I have to add the link that Julie sent to us (for those not on the email list). I LOVE this story!


Great find Julie and thanks for sharing it JD. Here's were it originally posted and it's got pictures in the middle of BJ with the yellow wheel! (can they get sanctioned for outside assistance?);post=1678871;page=1;mh=-1;;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC


I really like "do the test." That 'bout says it all about life doesn't it?

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