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March 25, 2008



Sara, I agree about the CAS decision - a thorough review of evidence presented is a must (part of me doesn't believe the evidence will get the review it deserves).

From your post "This is his last chance." I actually think this is procycling's last chance to force the WADA to fix the lab testing protocol and system. A ruling in favor of the USADA and a suspension for Floyd only empowers them to continue with the abuse of science and the corruption at the sake of the riders and fans.

One comment on the Rock Racing Girls Team - I thought Barbara Kyle's post on role models was a pretty good point....

Sara Best

Aw shucks, thanks Joe!


AI was great tonight! Who is everyone loving? I have to say I am now rootin' for David Cook all the way. He reminds me of Daughtry without all the angst! And still love Brooke and Carly, those gals are old souls!

Thanks for linking to our site Sara. We can use the hits!


I think Michael was the guy to beat last night...though I still think David Cooke is the one to win it all. I liked HIS version of Billy Jean better than MJ's! It was quite a risk, I'll give him that. A bunch of good but not great performances last night (other than DC and Michael). Though Brooke (thats her name, right..the blond on the piano?) is in her element..and I liked her version, even though the judges didn't. She's got real talent too. Good competition this year! So who goes tonight?


So it appears that MD is throwing in the towel.

It's much more fun here anyway!


Barbara, when you say MD is throwing in the towel what I think you mean is that after months of careful soul searching MD has come to the conclusion that the towel is beneath him. Martin knows a lot about towels that the rest of us just aren't able or ready to know. He's seen too much. And that towel has probably been places it should not have.

At first, he thought the towel was ok. It did its job, had the possibility of introducing him to more lucrative towels. They built up a trust. Even watched some TV together just the two of them. But one day MD realized the towel was just hanging around. It wasn't pushing itself. MD had to think about other drying oprtions:air dry, blowdry, maybe a better thread count...

I'm just saying the rest of us would throw in the towel, in MD's case clearly the towel is at fault.

Apologies all around, I just needed to poke a little fun. I feel better. Sara, thank you for indulging me.


Libby! I am laughing my ass off right now!


Libby, that was great!!!

And it is more fun here, where we are not stupid, but choose to look at the bright side of cycling and life!!
Although Waddy finds all sorts of links for us; making me wonder if he is dressing enough Barbies, and helping his daughter learn to ride a bike! :)
(just kiddin', Waddy!)


Me too, Libby!!!! That is one of the funniest things I've read in a long time - thanks ;)

You're right about David Cooke IMO, Matt & Cathy. He really puts together some amazing arrangements that are PERFECT for him. I liked his BJ better than MJackson's too! Michael was great last night and I liked Brooke's piece with the piano, also. I don't know who will go.....maybe the girl who sings the country songs w/the long hair? She sounded good last night, but hasn't done so well on several of her other songs.

Sara Best

I like the boys. I like Michael and David Cooke and Jason. The only girl I really like is Brooke. Carly can surely sing but she just bores me a little bit.

I thought Michael and David Cooke were fabulous last night.

My guess is that Kristy Lee Cook or Chikezie will go home tonight.


What's that weird sound...? Oh yeah, the people at Tour of Georgia kicking themselves for excluding Rock Racing because they're,... popular.

Maybe there should be a cycling "Hall of Idiocy" it would be half full on opening day. Where would we put it? Anyone?

I sure hope Floyd is rewarded for all his trouble! It's been too long a road.


I feel kinda stupid (more so than usual) as I don't understand the MD and towel exchange?! Must be between you charter member Sara groupies....

Kathleen - my vote is to put the cycling "Hall of Idiocy" in the USADA offices (for the US 'Hall'). My European choice would be LNDD as they may as well have something there since they don't know how to run their equipment.

susie b

Who here would have paid to be with Floyd when he found out DICK Pound was being sued by the UCI? ;) OMG, talk about freakin PRICELESS! Quick, where's his "defense fund"?! I'm sure the money would be rolling in except for the "common knowledge" ole Pound, Dick liked to do just that... ;)

As for Rock Racing's girl team - if they were picked for their looks, then Michael Ball is just living "up" to my expectation. The less said about them the better. Except when I start the Gladiator Team, I don't want to hear any whining from the boys that I'm ONLY choosing HOT guys who look good in LEATHER!

I am joking. Not about the leather part though. :) :)

And JoeB, I'm just now catching up on the past week & couldn't agree with you more on Barbara K's comment! Sara rules!

Hey, did you all read Bonnie Ford's recent Slipstream article? I liked it much more than the 1st. Not so many snide comments about other teams as just info on what it's like on the bus, in team meetings & in Vaughter's car during a stage/TT. I'm looking forward to the next installment.

As for AI, I'm sticking with DTK even if that was not the best song choice or performance, and I still like the other 3 in my Final Four too - Brooke, Carly & David Cook. I think Kristy should go home tonight. She was one of my faves in Hollywood but she's not been impressive since. I did like Syeesha for the 1st time last night, but I just love that song, so she would've had to have really stunk up the joint for me NOT to like her. :)

And you know, for the past couple days I've been feeling all nostalgic over a certain blog (especially for the Tour), as the man CAN write in such a way that I'm just flat out reduced to a gushy mess. But damn, Libby, THAT was funny! :) :)


Libby! I could see the towel, it was "talking", it had friends, it looked depressed and haggard. So darn funny!!!!


Sara, It was an interesting interview with Matt White. Rookie, that's the operative word:

Pez: How many Primaveras did you ride?

Matt: I rode six, but I only got over the Poggio with the leaders once. With one-and-a-half kilometres to go a guy in front lost the wheel and I finished just off the back of the lead group. I was riding for Stuey (O’Grady) that day and he got third, so it was a good day.

Pez: Who’s gonna win?

Matt: In my book, there are only three guys who can win – Oscar Freire, Filippo Pozzato and Alessandro Petacchi.

Pez: Hushovd? Cancellara?

Matt: Hushovd’s a podium possible, Cancellara might get the gap, but it’ll come back – he can’t win, no chance.

No chance for Fab, eh? Insert foot in mouth, Matt.


Boo hoo. I feel so sorry that people weren't nicer to Dugard. Maybe he will write better without a bunch of riff raff flogging him all the time... wait, that only started recently. I seem to remember he once had a loyal following that thought he walked on paper.

What I find amusing about this is he is still going to write at, so why the big deal? If the style was the issue, he could have changed it at Active. Instead he is moving to Competitor.

And Camille made a suggestion for a "members only" blog, so he would be free to visit the muse. We know who will not be invited. Fine by me.

Boy, it sure would be nice to hear about Floyd, eh? It has been eerie how silent it is. I haven't been following cycling in a serious way for very long, only since 2004, but the last 2 years sure have been weird. What other sport arbitrarily bounces a team with some of the best riders in cycling. With two of the previous TdF winners? Too weird.

JoeB, Libby is just playing on words. There's no secret hand shake there. The history lies with our previous following at Martin Dugard's blog. Many of us started reading during the 2006 TdF and eagerly followed him to a more permanent place in the fall. It was fun for a while, but he got cranky and took it all too seriously. Anyway, as I have mentioned before, Sara invited us here, and here many have happily remained. glad you are enjoying it here too.



Yes to what Cat said. I was just poking a little fun at a writer who is undeniably talented, but the ability to laugh at himself is not one of his gifts. I now happily enjoy Sara's blog, but don't say so often enough because the people who "pay" me expect me to "work." Annoying.


Cat and Libby - thanks for explaining the history - I kinda wondered if MD wasn't Dugard from previous posts here. Like I said, I'm not the smartest so some things must be spelled out for me...

So, the Sara groupies were previously MD groupies...hmmmm. So was it 'him' that infatuated you (like your men in cycling), his cycling knowledge, or was it the tdf and cycling? Let's answer that honestly. And what was the catalyst for him to dump you? The towel?


Libby, VERY funny - VERY clever, my favorite kind of funny! One of the many things that I enjoy so much about our little chat room here!

JoeB, Libby was paraphrasing a lot of what MD told us when he kicked us off his blog, when he told us our comments were too silly for him.

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